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IP-a d dress.com – What is my IP address and location
Free IP Address Lookup

Welcome to IP-Adress.com, where you can quickly and easily determine your IP address or the IP address of another device. An IP address (Internet Protocol address) is a logical address of a network adapter, and each and every network device has one. An IP address is a unique series of numbers that identifies computers on a network, so an IP address can easily be used to determine the location of a device or origin of an internet message.

Here, you can find your own IP address or use our Whois tool to discover the information of another internet user using their IP address. Maybe you want to figure out who sent you an email, or perhaps you’re curious as to who posted a message you read online. If you have the IP address of origin, you can easily use our free IP lookup Whois service to find out.

What is my IP Address you might ask?

If you ever find yourself wondering what your IP Address is, then think of it like this, your IP Address is your personal phone number to the Internet. It is the network protocol in the background that helps you communicate online using websites like Google, sending email, Facebook, and everything requiring an Internet connection. An IP Address is required to connect, and IP-Adress.com gives you the IP tools that can help you find your IP.

If you are wondering what “My IP” is, then look above. Your IP information is shown. Some of our other tools, like the proxy list, IP WHOIS, and IP lookup are all free online tools that you can use in your research and discovery. Bookmark, share, and get started with IP-Adress.com today!

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