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Free Resume Templates

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Free resume templatesCheck out our other free templates and printables websites.

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An Indispensable Tool For Your Job Search

So you’re looking for a new job! Regardless if you have been laid off, a first time job hunter or simply looking for a better, higher paying career, the first thing you need to do is create or update your resume.

An exceptional resume will help immensely in your job hunt. It can make you look more professional and convey your skills as well as giving the hiring manager a good first impression of the job seeker.

Before the internet, those looking for jobs had to either deliver their resume directly to companies they were interested in or send by mail. With the internet, job seekers can now simply post their resume online and instantly be seen by companies all over the world.

With today’s software, resumes can now be personalized for each job application. If your resume is interesting and appealing to a hiring manager, you will at least be given the opportunity for an interview, and that will get your foot through the proverbial door, which is a huge hurdle for many job seekers.

There are numerous resources available online to help with resume creation. You will find sites that will allow you to create your resume online, some will post the finished resume to job sites, others will write the resume for you for a fee and sites like this one that offers free resume templates to help you create your own.

There are variable fees depending on the route you choose, ranging from free or nearly free to hundreds of dollars. If you are looking a low cost solution, I invite you to download and use our free templates. They are completely free and the only cost involved is your time and the cost of paper and ink used to print them out.

Available Templates

Click on a thumbnail below to open the download page and view a larger graphic of the invoice to open, view and download the template(s) of choice.

Free resume templates

Template Formats

Word: you will need Word 2007 or newer to open with all formatting and to be able to edit.

Corel Draw: Corel Draw 7 and Corel Draw 15 versions are available to download.

Publisher: Publisher 2007 is required to open and edit the Publisher files correctly with all formatting.

InDesign: InDesign CC is required to open and edit files.

Recommended Templates

Below are templates from our other sites that you will find invaluable for running your business. Most are simple and won’t cost a ton of money to make your business look good.

Calendars: these are some of our most popular downloads and are perfect for planning your busy personal or business schedule. Clockwise from top left, 2 month calendars, 3 month calendars and 6 month calendars. Five calendar colors to choose from in PDF format.

Free resume templates

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