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VSDC Free Video Editor

Publisher’s Description

When it comes to video editing nobody wants to spend hours mastering nuances of video cutting techniques. All we usually need is to place several pieces together, add some fade-ins and outs, include subtitles and do this with as little efforts as possible. At the same time nobody wants to compromise with the final quality of the video. Indeed, simple not necessarily should mean primitive. VSDC Free Video Editor is a simple and easy to use video editor featuring a lot of functions even a pro editor wouldn’t be ashamed of.

With a full support for dozens of video codecs and formats including but not limiting to AVI, MP4, MKV, MPG, WMV, 3GP, FLV for video; MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC, PCM, OGG, AAC, M4A, AMR for audio; and BMP, JPG, PNG, PSD, ICO, TIFF for images, VSDC Free Video Editor provides one of the easiest ways to combine multiple source chunks in different formats into a resulting high-quality video. A bunch of filters can turn even a commonplace video sequence into a classy pro-quality movie, while thousands of video and audio effects conveniently grouped into four categories help you making your video to look and sound more dynamic. Not only does VSDC Free Video Editor offer powerful video editing capabilities, it is also surprisingly easy to use. Forget video conversion back and forth between different formats – the program fluently reads all of them; and the output video is as easy to write to a DVD disk as to transfer it to any connected media device, like iPod, iPad, Sony PlayStation, Xbox or a smartphone.

What’s new in this version:

Version 5.1.2:

  • Program’s interface complete restyling – switching to a modern flat design
  • Optimized advanced multi-color Chroma Key
  • Enhanced text editing
  • Adding the H265/HEVC codec as an import format
  • H264 and HEVC hardware acceleration
  • Interface localization into Spanish

A product easy enough for newbies

2016-09-21 00:13:47 | By Jenny.vitara

| Version: VSDC Free Video Editor

Hello. I’ve been using VSDC to learn how to edit videos, and it works so nicely I upgraded to the Pro version, so thank you for putting out a product easy enough for newbies to learn but powerful enough for experienced people to take advantage of.
After using this thing for as many hours as I have, it’s pretty amazing that there’s only one thing I’d want to change about it. 😉
Thanks again. Have a good one.

A feature suggestion: I’d really like it if the program remembered the timeline-zoom level when switching back and forth between the effects tab and the main tab–or when switching between any tabs, really. A lot of times I’ll need to-the-second accuracy when moving or placing the cursor, but if I put an effect in and switch back, it’s zoomed itself all the way back out.
Not a huge deal, but when editing longer videos with lots of cuts and effects, I spend a lot of time moving sliders instead of editing stuff.

A good editing suite

A great tool for a practicing musician

2016-09-20 06:04:03 | By Kali_lighter

| Version: VSDC Free Video Editor

A while ago, I discovered what a great asset it can be, for a practicing musician to record themselves. to kind of keep practice documented. and be able to look closely at what I actually look and sound like, as a way to mark progress.
I tried a lot of different video editors, and I have to say VSDC is the most powerful and user friendly one, I’ve come acrossed!

Language can be changed only after closing and repeat launching of the program. But it’s not a significant disadvantage.

This is a truly user-friendly program with a great deal of functions. Thanks for having made it and keeping it free!

I found the Editor exceeds standard array of functions.

September 15, 2016 | By RedJackA

2016-09-15 23:53:04 | By RedJackA

| Version: VSDC Free Video Editor

I found that your VSDC Free Video Editor exceeds standard array of functions required for my modest editing goals, but faced with a long video conversion: a 7:30 minutes video (a part of which was accelerated at 800%) was exported during 45 minutes.
But having a look at the exported video, I noted that the playback of accelerated fragment was smooth (the result that I never had in Movie Maker). Such a good quality of the exported video made me think that a long conversion was processed for a good reason. Therefore I have three questions:
1. Is it true that the accelerated video is converted longer to make a high quality (smooth) playback?

2. I have been going to pay for the Pro version, when found out that it’s an annual subscription. But is it really worth it? As far as I understand, Pro version will use 100% of CPU resources opposed to the free version. What’s the principle of hardware acceleration work? Is it connected with a video card performance?
3. I read that money can be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase. Does it mean it is the “trial period” during which you can try out the program, and if it does not live up to expectations, “cancel the purchase” and return the money?

Excellent free alternative to overpriced Adobe Premiere

2016-09-08 04:25:17 | By YangMelisduko

| Version: VSDC Free Video Editor

So glad to work with a program of such a high quality. Believe this editor may become a serious Adobe After Effects rival over time. For example, only this program enables to make text movement like in Star Wars. Moreover, the program is truly free: no trial periods, watermarks on the output file – everything runs perfect.

As for cons. Despite impressive array of functions, the program doesn’t have enough guides, so one needs to search for tutorials on YouTube

VSDC catching Pikachu

2016-09-07 23:48:58 | By Ric_monkey

| Version: VSDC Free Video Editor

Hello there! My name’s Ric, and I’m currently promoting my Youtube channel with PokemonGo gameplay series. PokemonGo is not a traditional desktop game, so one needs imagination and tricky video editor to make a decent gameplay.
Frankly, it’s for the first time I used free editor for my work and have no regrets about it. I widely used chromakey and transparency options, not speaking about video and audio effects, and I shout admit VSDC is with comparing with Vegas, Movavi and even Pinnacle. Nice work!

I don’t like preview playback. Sometimes the video’s flickering, though the issue disappears after export. Anyway, a note for the developers.

A surprisingly good piece of software for editing routine of any complexity

Easy editing tools

Not actually free

I did a whole bunch of work editing a video, but then when I went to export it, it said I had used a pro feature, so I had to upgrade actually get my video. Since I had no idea which “pro” feature I had used, there was no way to fix it, so the whole thing was a waste of time.

Am impressed by your free softwares which I make use

2016-08-22 01:31:35 | By Castlertor

| Version: VSDC Free Video Editor

1. The Video editor user interface has been changed a great deal over the previous version, but a few incremental tweaks here and there do make it easier to work with.
2. Has finally is added a plugin that I’ve been waiting – the Warp Stabilizer, for instance, uses image-synthesis algorithms to correct for camera shake. It’s well used for individual life moments

free professional-grade product

Although, I recommended the free version to my followers.

I ve chosen this editor for my first film contest

2016-08-17 02:18:02 | By Nick_rogers

| Version: VSDC Free Video Editor

First off, let me say that I love the software! It is quite intuitive and very powerful yet flexible. I have really enjoyed using it and am constantly learning new aspects of it or developing different ways of doing things. I’ve done a short stop-motion/animated film that I want to enter in a competition. I had rather rough format restrictions – to have a Full HD quality with certain size limits. VSDC Free Video Editor (thanks to support team!) helped me to export a perfect quality movie.

I think plugin support will be an evident step ahead.

The software which I recommend to my colleagues.

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