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free work and life learning

Free career help, business training, organizational development – inspirational, innovative ideas, materials, exercises, tools, templates – ethical, free and fun.

updates, ideas..

Quizballs 434 – 20 general knowledge questions and answers – (4 Oct 2016)

Quizballs 433 – 20 general knowledge questions and answers – (27 Sep 2016)

Quizballs 432 – 20 general knowledge questions and answers – (23 Sep 2016)

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Are you interested in any of these new initiatives.

We are seeking collaborations with progressive ethical organizations to advance some exciting new developments:

  • Charities working on extending L D to the developing/disadvantated world .
  • Government entities working on extending L D to young people. especially unemployed/disadvantaged.
  • Employers interested in piloting new L D management solutions – do you want your own branded in-house platform, hosting the best content and tools on leadership and management development, with sophisticated tracking, badges, and internationally recognised qualifications and accreditation.

If your organization – anywhere in the world – is interested in any of the above please contact us. These initiatives are in partnership with (see next note) – with whom we already partner to offer online leadership learning qualifications. Please forward this item to anyone you know who might be interested. Thank you.

Businessballs/Accipio elearning partnership – The Accipio organization, an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and Chartered Management Institute (CMI) centre, offers free audio-visual interactive eLearning modules, aligned with internationally recognised qualifications (ILM or CMI). You can attain learning points for each leadership and management eModule, and gain a Level 3 Award, Certificate or Diploma. Register with the awarding body (via Accipio), then secure enough learning points, and pass the assignments. Accreditation fees apply. Click here to access the eLeadership Academy.


Questioning is a powerful alternative to making statements.

A good question is often much better than a defensive remark, or a counter-accusation, for all sorts of situations. Using an open question (What. How. especially) is a simple and effective technique for resisting forceful or bullying pressure. Using questions, rather than statements and guesses, is also very effective for building trust, diffusing conflict, understanding situations, managing other people, teaching, training, and parenting. Traditionally, questioning is regarded as mainly a selling skill, but it’s powerful and productive in virtually every circumstance involving human cooperation.

Anyone can be a leader – inspiring others, helping others, making a positive difference to someone or something. Leadership is most effective and easiest when it is adaptable. Explore different theories of leadership – they each offer adaptable methods, styles, etc.

What’s the most powerful rule of negotiating.

Have an alternative.

Be able to walk away.

This simple principle is often ignored, particularly because as buyers or sellers we all tend to focus and fixate on a single option, which quickly creates a dependence on it, which produces pressure (including time/deadline) to agree a deal, which weakens our position, and strengthens the position of the other side.

Nudge theory helps us understand why we fixate on a single option, and why the apparent desirability of a single option increases.

The Psychological Contract are additionally very useful models and tools in planning and assisting others through change.

Pareto’s 80-20 Theory is very useful for problem-solving, decision-making, downsizing, optimization, streamlining, and all sorts of evaluation and change, in business, organizations, and personal life too.

  • Understanding yourself, and how your priorities change through life.
  • Understanding this in others.
  • Teaching and exploring this with others.
  • Understanding how to motivate and relate to people of different ages.

Acronyms are brilliant and entertaining devices which offer all sorts of opportunities to add interest and amusement – and crucially impact and memorability – to training. writing and presentations .

And the acronym is just one of scores of fascinating language curiosities and effects. which help bring spoken and written words to life.

Businessballs offers other useful glossaries too:

For example see the business dictionary and the glossary of common Latin terms – again these are super resources and inspiration for training and communicating in most situations.

additions and updates

See additions and updates archive for more materials and random browsing.

Quizballs 432 – 20 general knowledge questions and answers – (23 Sep 2016)

Quizballs 431 – 20 general knowledge questions and answers – (14 Sep 2016)

Quizballs 430 – 20 general knowledge questions and answers – (7 Sep 2016)

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ARK – A Random act of Kindness – an acronym that changes lives and worlds – (16 Jun 2016)

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Litotes and Meiosis – ironic under-statement – fascinating additions to the grammar/language glossary – (26 Apr 2016)

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Quizballs 392 – 20 general knowledge questions and answers – (6 Jan 2016)

about businessballs

Businessballs is run by Alan Chapman, in Eynsford, Kent, England.

For more information see:

PSA Security Network Company and Product Info from #associations, #research #and #training #organizations, #dealers, #integrators #& #installing #companies

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PSA Security Network

Company Details:
10170 Church Ranch Way
Suite 150
Westminster, CO 80021

PSA Security Network® is the world’s largest electronic security cooperative representing security system integrators. By combining purchasing power, resources of large vendor groups with the strengths and personal attention to detail of locally owned companies PSA system integrators improve security performance through their access to the latest electronic security products, education, certifications, best practices and other resources to develop cost-effective security solutions.

Associations, Research and Training Organizations

Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide

SD I goes 1-on-1 with Bill Bozeman on PSA Security Network s struggle to find the cybersecurity products that will make their integrators profits

Buyer’s Guide

Finding ways to re-imagine parts of your business is a key to long-term success

Buyer’s Guide

Conference/expo to move to downtown Denver; vendors honored on Tuesday

Buyer’s Guide

Clear, concise and effective messages never go out of style

Buyer’s Guide

A comprehensive look at the workshops and sessions targeted at security dealers and integrators

Buyer’s Guide

Learning how to make anxiety or worry work for you is a key to success

Buyer’s Guide

Making a sale starts with proper client interaction

Cloud computing information, news and tips, cloud computing training online.#Cloud #computing #training #online

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Search Cloud Computing

Cloud computing training online

Bring multifactor authentication to the Azure cloud

Choose and manage a public cloud storage service successfully

Follow this guide to choose the right public cloud storage service for your needs and to get strategies for cloud storage management and cost optimization.


How cloud automation, orchestration go hand in hand

IT shops aim to reduce manual management tasks, which is where cloud orchestration and automation comes in. Learn how these two technologies differ from but also depend on, each other.

Get Started

Compare Azure Activity Log vs. Diagnostic Log

Azure has two logging services — Activity Log and Diagnostic Log – and both have distinct features, like the ability to monitor platform-level events versus guest OSes.

Microsoft acquisition adds native HPC to Azure

Microsoft’s acquisition of Cycle Computing brings native HPC tools to Azure, while the company also seeks to simplify serverless architecture deployment.

Cloud computing training online

Cloud computing training online

Download: Compare the cloud services of Azure, AWS, and Google

These three vendors offer services ranging from big data in the cloud to serverless computing and more. Read on for a vendor-neutral comparison by our experts.

By submitting your personal information, you agree that TechTarget and its partners may contact you regarding relevant content, products and special offers.

You also agree that your personal information may be transferred and processed in the United States, and that you have read and agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.

Trending Topics

Public cloud providers Evaluate

Choose and manage a public cloud storage service successfully

Follow this guide to choose the right public cloud storage service for your needs and to get strategies for cloud storage management and cost optimization.

Data security in the cloud Evaluate

Secure cloud access with identity management tools

Bringing new application types and integration points into the enterprise, cloud can complicate user identity management. So, how can you be sure your data is secure?

IaaS cloud deployment Evaluate

Rethink your uptime strategy with multicloud

To keep users happy and ensure high availability, IT teams can implement a multicloud approach. First, though, they might need to sell the business on that strategy.

Cloud management and monitoring Evaluate

How cloud automation, orchestration go hand in hand

IT shops aim to reduce manual management tasks, which is where cloud orchestration and automation comes in. Learn how these two technologies differ from but also depend on, each other.

Open source cloud computing Manage

Use Heat, environment files for OpenStack orchestration

OpenStack admins use Heat templates to streamline cloud resource deployment. What are the templates’ main components, and how can we use them in more flexible ways?

Platform as a Service and cloud computing News

Azure App Service adds firewalls to mollify enterprises

Azure App Service Isolated brings dedicated space and broadens the reach of Microsoft’s PaaS offering to assuage enterprises wary of public cloud.

Featured Authors

Cloud computing training online

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Potty Training At Daycare And Preschool, Free Potty Training Charts, when should potty training start.#When #should #potty #training #start

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When should potty training start

When should potty training start

With 61% of children between the ages of birth and 6 years in daycare, it’s important that parents work closely with their child’s care provider while potty training. When you child is ready for potty training, the right potty training guidance and supplies can make all the difference.

Be sure your child is ready. Before you begin potty training, make sure your child is ready. Your child should show the following signs of potty training readiness:

* Expresses an interest in the potty

* Express the need to go potty (verbally or through body language)

* Able to dress and undress

* Uncomfortable in wet diapers

* Stays dry for two hours

* Imitates family members

* Interested in big kid underwear

* Has regular bowel movements

Introduce potty training. If your child is in daycare, he or she will probably notice that there are other children around who wear cotton underwear and use the potty. This kind of light peer pressure can motivate your child to want to use the potty. Start introducing the idea by watching a potty training book or video together. Be sure and tell your child’s daycare provider that you are beginning the potty training process. You child’s daycare provider can help by watching for signs of potty training readiness and answering questions from your child.

Discuss the plan. When you begin potty training your child, discuss your plan with your child’s daycare worker. He or she has probably potty trained many children and may have some useful tips and tricks. Make sure your potty training methods are similar.

Set potty training rules. Work together to set some basic potty training guidelines. For example, agree that your child will not be punished for accidents and that you’ll give stickers as rewards for using the potty. The potty training process will be easier for your child if both you and the child care worker are providing the same potty training guidance.

Progress reports. Speak with the childcare provider often to exchange progress reports. Both of you need to be aware of any successes or potential problems. If the daycare worker tells you that your child used the potty earlier that day, be sure and tell your child that that you heard about his or her success and that you are proud of him or her.

By Danna Henderson

Danna Henderson started ZIP Baby in order to provide parents with comprehensive potty training information as well as a large selection of potty training products. For more information about potty training, or to browse the potty training store, visit the Bedwetting Advice & Store

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Hospital Training Programs, Courses and Career Options #clinical #informatics #training #courses, #hospital #training

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Hospital Training Programs, Courses and Career Options

Hospital training programs offer instruction in fields such as surgical technology, medical technology, and phlebotomy. Find out what kind of requirements you must have in order to attend, course information, certification options, and more.

Essential Information

Training programs for hospital work, such as surgical or medical technology or phlebotomy, are offered through hospitals and colleges. Some schools offer the classroom portion of these programs online, and work with cooperating hospitals or healthcare facilities to provide the clinical or practicum coursework. These programs may take anywhere from a few months for a phlebotomy program, up to four years for a bachelor’s degree in medical technology.

Most programs will require a high school diploma or equivalent for entrance, and some may show a preference toward students who did well in high school math, biology, and chemistry courses. Depending on the program, students may have to complete cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training prior to enrollment. Graduates of these programs may need to be licensed to work. However, licensing requirements vary by state.

Surgical Technology Hospital Training Program

Individuals who want to enter into the surgical technology field must complete a hospital training program, which can take about 1-2 years and can be offered as certificate, diploma, or associate degree programs. During a program, students typically learn how to assist surgeons and other staff members during medical procedures. Students typically participate in classroom lecture courses and then apply what they learn during hands-on clinical rotations. Common coursework may include:

  • Medical terminology
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Surgical pharmacology
  • Surgical procedures
  • Patient care

Medical Technology Hospital Training Program

Medical technology careers include those that focus on clinical laboratory testing. During bachelor’s degree or continuing education certificate programs, students can learn the skills necessary for collecting samples, setting up test equipment, conducting laboratory tests, and reporting results. The continuing education hospital certificate programs typically require students to have completed a relevant bachelor’s degree for admission. Many of these programs can be completed in one year or less. Courses often cover different types of laboratory testing. Students can participate in classroom lectures about testing protocols before participating in laboratory clinical rotations. Coursework in these programs can include:

  • Urine analysis
  • Microbiology
  • Hematology
  • Pathology
  • Transfusion services

Phlebotomy Hospital Training Program

Individuals in phlebotomy hospital training programs learn the skills to safely take blood out of the body for medical testing. Students also learn how to make patients comfortable throughout the blood-drawing process. Several training programs can be completed within 6-10 weeks, and each program usually consists of classroom lectures mixed with on-the-job-training. Many phlebotomy hospital training programs start off the first few weeks of the program with only classroom lecture coursework. The remainder of the program is usually spent in clinical rotations under the close supervision of a trained phlebotomist. Course topics cover the following areas:

  • Blood collection techniques
  • Intravenous needles
  • Blood sample testing
  • Laboratory computer systems
  • Biohazard safety procedures

Popular Career Options

Although there are many medical technology positions within the healthcare field, industries such as law enforcement or scientific research also utilize workers trained in this career field. After completing a surgical technology training program, graduates are capable of working in several locations, including operating and emergency rooms, dentist and doctors’ offices, medical testing and organ donation facilities, medical laboratories and blood banks. Phlebotomists can work in various roles in setting these settings. Possible job titles for individuals holding at least a bachelor’s degree can include:

  • Surgical technologist
  • Surgical technology sales representative
  • Operating room technician
  • Clinical laboratory scientist
  • Forensic laboratory technician
  • Medical technologist

Career and Certification Information

Although certification is voluntary for workers in the surgical technology field, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) stated that certified workers are more likely to find job opportunities ( ). Several allied health boards provide certification programs for surgical technology workers, including the National Center for Competency Testing, which offers the Tech in Surgery-Certified designation.

The BLS states that medical technologists may be required to obtain licensure depending on state guidelines. The licensure process often involves completing education and training requirements, as well as passing license examinations. Some states may require workers to complete continued education coursework yearly to keep licenses active. Professionals in this industry may also pursue voluntary certification within their specific medical technology field.

Continuing Education Information

Voluntary certification programs related to phlebotomy are provided by several recognized allied health boards. Phlebotomists who wish to advance into management positions may need to pursue bachelor’s degrees related to clinical laboratory sciences.

Hospital training programs vary in length and are offered in fields like medical technology training, surgical technology training, and phlebotomy training. These programs may lead to a certificate, diploma, associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree, depending on the program.

  • Medical Office Assistant
  • Health Information Coding
  • Nursing (Practical)
  • Health Information Technology
  • View more
    • EdD in Organizational Leadership – Health Care Administration
    • MBA: Health Systems Management
    • MS in Health Care Administration
    • Master of Public Administration – Health Care Management
    • MS in Health Care Informatics
    • MS in Nursing: Health Care Informatics
    • BS in Health Care Administration
    • BS in Health Sciences: Professional Development & Advanced Patient Care
    • Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Health Science
    • View more
    • Master of Arts in Health Care Administration
    • BS/Health Information Management
    • BA/Health and Human Services – Health Care Informatics Systems
    • View more
    • Doctor of Strategic Leadership – Healthcare Leadership
    • Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership – Healthcare Management
    • Master of Business Administration – Healthcare Management
    • Master of Public Administration – Healthcare Policy and Ethics
    • Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management

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    The Best Way to Send and Receive End-to-End Encrypted Emails #deep #web #search #engine, #hacker #news, #the #hacker #news, #kat #cr, #how #to #hack, #best #password #manager, #hack #facebook, #thn, #kickass #torrents, #latest #hacking #news, #tor #browser, #computer #security #breaches, #data #breach, #it #security #training, #android #hacking

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    How many of you know the fact that your daily e-mails are passaged through a deep espionage filter?

    This was unknown until the whistleblower Edward Snowden broke all the surveillance secrets, which made privacy and security important for all Internet users than ever before.

    I often get asked “How to send encrypted email?”, “How can I protect my emails from prying eyes?” and “Which is the best encrypted email service?”.

    Although, there are a number of encryption tools that offers encrypted email service to ensure that no one can see what you are sending to someone else.

    One such tool to send encrypted emails is PGP (Pretty Good Privacy ), an encryption tool designed to protect users emails from snooping.

    However, setting up a PGP Environment for non-tech users is quite a difficult task, so more than 97% of the Internet users, including government officials, are still communicating via unencrypted email services i.e. Gmail, Yahoo. and other.

    But here is good news for all those non-techies, but privacy-conscious Internet users, who wish to use encrypted e-mail communication without any hassle.

    Solution ProtonMail .

    ProtonMail. developed by CERN and MIT scientists, is a free, open source and end-to-end encrypted email service that offers the simplest and best way to maintain secure communications to keep user’s personal data secure.

    ProtonMail Now Available for iOS and Android Users

    ProtonMail has been invite-only since 2014, but now the email service has made itself available to everyone and launched new mobile apps.

    If you opt for a free account, you’ll get all of the basic features including:

    • A smart-looking app to access your end-to-end encrypted emails easily
    • 500MB of storage capacity
    • Sending 150 Messages per day
    • Two-factor authentication to access your encrypted email inbox

    To increase storage capacity, you can purchase ProtonMail’s paid accounts.

    NOTE Always remember your password to decrypt the email inbox. Once forgot, you would no longer retrieve your encrypted emails.

    Key Features:

    Even if someone intercepts your communication, he/she can not read your conversations because all emails you send or receive with other ProtonMail users are automatically encrypted end-to-end by the service.

    In addition, for communicating with non-ProtonMail email addresses i.e. Gmail users, all you need to do is:

    • Create a message
    • Just click the encryption button
    • Set a random password

    Once done, your encrypted email recipient will get a link to the message with a prompt to enter his/her same password in order to read it.

    Another friendly feature that ProtonMail offers is Self-destructing emails. All you need to do is set an expiration date for an encrypted email you send, and it will get self-deleted from the recipient s inbox once the date arrives.

    Why ProtonMail won’t have to comply with American Laws?

    In a previous article, I explained that ProtonMail is based in Switzerland, so it won’t have to comply with American courts demands to provide users data.

    In worst case, if a Swiss court ordered ProtonMail to provide data, they will get only the heaps of encrypted data as the company doesn t store the encryption keys.

    ProtonMail has gained an enormous amount of popularity during its developing stages.

    ProtonMail encrypts the data on the browser before it communicates with the server, therefore only encrypted data is stored in the email service servers, making it significantly more secure for those looking for an extra layer of privacy.

    Texas HVAC Training – Texas HVAC School #hvac #technical #training

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    Texas HVAC Training

    When Davey Crockett, who would become a legend at the Battle of the Alamo, lost his Tennessee seat in the House of Representatives in 1835, he famously said his constituents could go to hell and he would go to Texas. Hell is almost as hot as a West Texas summer, and the HVAC Schools of Texas have their work cut out for them.

    More than 150 years later, the quote feels as much like a statement about Texas’ hot-as-Hades climate as a reflection of its natives’ rugged individualism. Chronic drought is a fact of life in Texas, as in most of the Southwest. But contrary to The Lone Star State’s rustic image, this is an urban state with most of its 26 million residents living in cities.

    With a scorching hot climate for the vast majority of the year and the fastest-growing population in the country, Texas is an ideal place to launch a career in an industry that never lacks for demand in a state this close to the equator: air conditioning.

    The state’s size and population is reflected by the more than 50 schools that offer certification programs in heating, venting and air conditioning (HVAC). Nearly any part of this sprawling state has a school that produces many graduates every year.

    There are various levels of certification for those interested in this potentially lucrative career. Three basic levels of certification authorize graduates to perform most HVAC work in the state where they received their certification. However, there is also an EPA certification that is universal and allows graduates to work in all 50 states and even other countries.

    All certification programs typically last two weeks for those capable of participating in full-time classes 5-6 days a week, but part-time courses are also available. Those courses often last 12 weeks but allow the student to split their time for other responsibilities.

    As a state with a large Hispanic population, many schools also offer courses in Spanish.

    Course Costs

    The cost of an HVAC certification course can vary widely depending on the length of the program and how many of the related costs (textbooks and other fees) are actually included in the total tuition.

    A typical HVAC certification course costs around $2,000, though even community colleges offer a cost range depending on how many levels of certification a student wants to pass.

    Tuition at Austin Community College in Austin, for example, ranges from $2,144 to $4,355, according to the college’s website. At Cedar Valley College in Lancaster, the range is even wider, from $884 to $3,224.

    Most major metropolitan areas will have more than program, however. See what schools are available in that area and compare their pricing, but don’t forget to double check how many levels of HVAC certification are covered in each course.

    Matching School Ads

    Fortis Institute can give you the skills you need to train for a career in the healthcare field.

    * Programs vary by location

    * Please contact each individual campus for accreditation information

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    SANS Institute – CIS Critical Security Controls #computer #security #training, #network #security, #information #security, #security #courses, #security #events, #sans, #security #essentials, #intrusion #detection, #computer #forensics, #it #audit, #application #security

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    CIS Critical Security Controls

    The CIS Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber Defense

    The CIS Critical Security Controls are a recommended set of actions for cyber defense that provide specific and actionable ways to stop today’s most pervasive and dangerous attacks. A principal benefit of the Controls is that they prioritize and focus a smaller number of actions with high pay-off results. The Controls are effective because they are derived from the most common attack patterns highlighted in the leading threat reports and vetted across a very broad community of government and industry practitioners. They were created by the people who know how attacks work – NSA Red and Blue teams, the US Department of Energy nuclear energy labs, law enforcement organizations and some of the nation’s top forensics and incident response organizations – to answer the question, “what do we need to do to stop known attacks.” That group of experts reached consensus and today we have the most current Controls. The key to the continued value is that the Controls are updated based on new attacks that are identified and analyzed by groups from Verizon to Symantec so the Controls can stop or mitigate those attacks.

    The Controls take the best-in-class threat data and transform it into actionable guidance to improve individual and collective security in cyberspace. Too often in cybersecurity, it seems the “bad guys” are better organized and collaborate more closely than the “good guys.” The Controls provide a means to turn that around.

    SANS Supports the CIS Critical Security Controls with Training, Research and What Works

    To support information security practitioners and managers implement the CIS Critical Security Controls, SANS provide a number of resources and information security courses.

    Information Security Resources

    • NewsBites: Bi-weekly email of top news stories with commentary from SANS Editors. View recent editions Subscribe
    • Whitepapers: Research from SANS instructors and masters students. Download the latest papers related to the Critical Controls
    • Webcasts: Topical content presented by SANS Instructors, vendors, and leaders in infosec security. View upcoming webcasts

    CIS Critical Security Controls – Version 6.1

    To learn more about the CIS Critical Security Controls and download a free detailed version please visit:

    The SANS “What Works” program highlights success stories in cybersecurity – real examples of how real security teams have made measurable improvements in the effectiveness and efficiency of their security controls. While most of the press coverage focuses on breaches and other security failures, there are thousands of cybersecurity leaders quietly working hard and make advances against threats while enabling business and mission needs.

    SANS expert John Pescatore interviews the end user and decision maker and produces a Q ?>

    What is the Job Description of a Medical Assistant, medical assistant training utah.#Medical #assistant #training #utah

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    Medical assistant JOB DESCRIPTION

    Also Known As: Medical Administrative Assistant, Certified Medical Assistant (CMA), Doctor’s Assistant, Medical Office Assistant, Optometric Assistant, Clinical Assistant, Ophthalmic Technician, Optometric Technician, Outpatient Surgery Assistant.

    What is a Medical Assistant?

    A medical assistant is a multi-skilled professional and a valuable asset to a physician. They are an integral part of the healthcare team assisting in patient care management. They perform several functions, for instance: administrative medical assistants are tasked to update and file the medical records of patients. They also file insurance forms, arrange and organize hospital admissions and laboratory services.

    Medical Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

    When researching this allied health care profession you will come across three types of medical assistants, namely Administrative, Clerical and Clinical. Administrative and Clerical are often interlinked.

    Administrative Clerical Medical Assistants require medical knowledge, organization and business skills to perform duties such as:

    • Scheduling appointments and greeting visitors
    • Composing/Transcribing dictated letters
    • Completion and submission of insurance forms
    • Sorting/Handling mail
    • Patient’s charts typed up
    • Medical Records filing/updating/record-keeping
    • Accounts Receivable/Payable

    Clinical Medical Assistants perform back office or clinical duties such as:

    • Assisting during physical examinations
    • Maintaining treatment rooms
    • Sterilizing instruments
    • Performing ECG’s
    • Obtaining vital signs
    • Performing phlebotomy
    • Lab procedures.
    • Some states allow medical assistants to take x-rays without licensure.

    Some medical assistants prefer to specialize in one type although many prefer to perform both administrative and clinical duties.

    Medical assistant training utah

    If you want to make this profession to be your life-long career, you should consider taking the proper medical assistant training and continuing education programs. To really stand out in this career start with a training program found in community colleges, vo-tech schools, private colleges and even welfare-to-work programs can facilitate training in this field. You can opt for a certificate program or associate degree program in medical assistance and get your on the job-training as soon as you can.

    Once you have this under your belt prepare and pass the medical assistant certification exam. If money is really tight for you right now – start with short course that trains you to become a medical administrative assistant where most of your work is clerical rather than clinical.

    Later on you can continue your education as a medical assistant which often translates into more money and better job conditions. Become a specialist by focusing in any of the following fields:

    • Gynecology
    • Dermatology
    • Cardiology
    • Urology
    • Internal medicine
    • Oncology

    Each of the above mentioned specialty fields have specific duties and requires particular skills that can be easily acquired through proper training and education.

    Working Hours and Environment

    Because they assist doctors and other healthcare professionals in caring for their patients, they always interact with patients and other people. They work roughly 40 hours a week, Monday to Friday on a 9-5 weekday schedule. In hospital or emergency settings some medical assistants work evenings or weekends to cover shifts. If you are planning to work in this area, you can opt to work part-time or full-time or during the weekend. Most medical assistants are employed in physician’s offices and urgent care clinics but there a wide variety of other places where medical assistants are hired. In hospital settings they usually work in the capacity of a medical administrative assistant or medical secretary.

    As you complete college and graduate, your starting salary will average around $19K + per year. However as you gain experience, the salary will increase and average *$30,170 and by becoming a specialist in a particular area salaries increase to $40K +.

    Administrative Medical Assisting, 7th Edition, French L. et al., 2008

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    Inventory Lean Manufacturing

    The Mantra of Lean

    Inventory is a recurring theme in Lean Manufacturing. Many authors and lecturers on Lean Manufacturing say it is evil . This white paper explores the role of inventory and why it is so important to your manufacturing operation.

    Inventory- Asset or Plague?

    Inventory is probably one of the two biggest assets on your company s balance sheet. It is an important determinant of Return On Assets (ROA) and other measures of financial performance. Carrying stock is expensive, usually 20%-40% of the average value per year. It devours capital– capital the business may need for growth. It requires large warehouses and valuable floor space. It increases material handling. Large stocks require massive computer systems for tracking and control.

    Financial managers would never bank at an institution that offered a negative 25% interest rate and inconvenienced the business in many ways. But they readily place their money in the Bank of Inventory. This is because conventional accounting systems bury the true costs.

    Yet, inventory can serve many purposes. It allows continuous delivery while manufacturing focuses on long runs. It prevents the vagaries of maintenance and quality from interrupting schedules. It accommodates the variation of incoming orders.

    Is Inventory Really Evil?

    Excessive inventory is not a problem nor is it evil; it is only an effect. Just as obesity and fat are not problems; only symptoms of poor diet and insufficient exercise. The fundamental causes of high inventory, like the fundamental causes of obesity lie deeper. Some of the more common causes are shown below. Notice that the various remedies, taken together, constitute the core disciplines of Lean Manufacturing.

    How Much Inventory?

    We usually measure inventory in turns. : Annual sales divided by average value on hand. This ratio allows comparison of larger and smaller firms. It accounts for changes in annual sales volume and seasonal fluctuation. (While there are many variations of this metric, they matter little as long as you are consistent.)

    The table above shows average turns for several industries. Such comparisons are a valuable benchmark. they help rate your firm s performance against others in the same or similar industries.

    Averages are not all the story. In most industries, many firms cluster around the average. A few firms are far above. Lean manufacturers show turns of 200%-1000% of their industry average.

    Firms with outstanding inventory performance excel on other dimensions such as customer service, delivery and productivity. The accompanying chart shows the results from one of many studies that support this contention. The study examined four similar firms in several countries. The chart shows their WIP turns and productivity in units per employee.