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There are galaxies far, far away but

how big is our own solar system?

Solar system distances Solar system distances Solar system distances Solar system distances Solar system distances Solar system distances Solar system distances Solar system distances Solar system distances Solar system distances Solar system distances







Start of Low Earth Orbit





End of Low Earth Orbit




Inner Solar System

Inner Solar System

Outer Solar System

Outer Solar System



Edge of the solar system

Start of high cloud layer

Height of Mount Everest

Commercial aircraft cruising height

Bell-X1 Aircraft

Height reached by Chuck Yeager

in first supersonic aircraft

Chelyabinsk Meteor

Height of 18 metre diameter meteor when it exploded over Russia in 2013


Lego man launched by two Canadian teenagers in January 2012

Typical weather balloon height

Highest skydive

Felix Baumgartner sets the world record for skydiving, 2012

Highest living organisms

Low concentrations of microbes and spore-forming bacteria

Highest unmanned balloon flight

Meteors burn out

Only large meteorites

reach Earth’s surface

Lowest altitude of Aurora Borealis

Karman Line


Internationally accepted boundary between atmosphere and space

Iranian space monkey


Iran claims that Fargam the monkey was successfully launched into space in December 2013

Meteor showers


Small particles glow as they hit the upper atmosphere

First man in space


Maximum height reached by the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin in 1961

International Space Station


As measured on 27th February 2014

Earth’s gravity 86% as strong


Highest nuclear explosion


ARGUS III, a US test above the South Atlantic in 1958

Hubble Space Telescope


Concentrated space debris


Spent satellite fragments and

junk from rocket launches

Beginning of inner Van Allen belt


First of two intense radiation zones that can damage satellites

Farthest travelled by a dog


The Soviet space dog Laika, in orbit aboard Sputnik 2 in 1957

Earth’s gravity 50% as strong


Earth’s gravity 25% as strong


End of inner Van Allen belt


Near miss


Distance a 15-metre asteroid passed from Earth in September 2013

Beginning of outer Van Allen belt


Second of two intense radiation zones that can damage satellites

GPS satellites


Asteroid 2012 DA14


Distance a 30-metre asteroid passed from Earth in February 2013

Communications satellites


End of outer Van Allen belt




Faint UV halo around Earth caused by hydrogen atoms scattering sunlight

Asteroid 2005 YU55


Distance a 400-metre wide asteroid passed from Earth in November 2011


Average distance from Earth

Farthest travelled by humans


By astronauts Haise, Lovell and Swigert in an emergency return trajectory during the notorious 1970 Apollo 13 mission

Earth-Sun Lagrangian Point 2


Earth-Sun Lagrangian Point 1


One of five space probe ‘parking lots’ where gravitational effects of Earth and Sun balance out

Lexell Comet


Closest known approach

to Earth by a comet (1770)

7P/Pons-Winnecke Comet


Closest known approach to Earth by a comet in the 20th Century (1927)

Asteroid Toutatis


Passed close to Earth in December 2012

Sun (Brahe’s Estimate)


Tycho Brahe’s 16th-Century estimate of distance to the Sun

45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova Comet


Closest known approach

by a comet in 21st Century

Sun (Kepler’s Estimate)


Johannes Kepler’s 17th-Century estimate of distance to the Sun



Minimum distance from Earth


Minimum distance from Earth

Halley’s Comet


Closest approach to Earth (1986)



Minimum distance from Earth



The largest asteroid in our Solar System at 945km across

Sun (Cassini’s Estimate)


Giovanni Cassini’s 1672 estimate of distance to the Sun


Average distance from Earth. Lagrangian points 4 and 5 also

at this distance.

Juno Probe


As of 14 February 2014. Bound for Jupiter on a mission to investigate its atmosphere and deep interior

Inner edge of main asteroid belt

& Earth-Sun Lagrangian Point 3




Minimum distance from Earth

Outer edge of main asteroid belt




Minimum distance from Earth

Cassini Probe


Orbiting Saturn since 2004



Minimum distance from Earth



Minimum distance from Earth



Minimum distance from Earth

New Horizons Probe


On its way to investigate Pluto and the Kuiper Belt

Inner edge of Kuiper belt


Icy region beyond the planets containing frozen water, methane and ammonia

Outer edge of Kuiper belt


Termination Shock


‘Wind’ of electrically charged particles from the Sun becomes denser, hotter and slower

Voyager 2 Probe


As of 21 February 2014.

Launched in August 1977 and contains a gold phonograph record with greetings from Earth to any living being it might encounter.

Voyager 1 Probe


As of 21 February 2014.

Launched September, 1977,

and is the farthest man-made

object from Earth.

You’ve now reached the outer edges of our own solar system

It would take you about 23 million years of continuous scrolling on this scale to get to the farthest regions of the observable universe, another 435,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 km

or 46 billion light years away.

We think we’ll stop here.

Live long and prosper

Everything in space is moving constantly, and distances are variable and dynamic over wide ranges. Data are rounded to a maximum of 3 significant figures. In most cases, we have given average distances for simplicity’s sake. For planets, we have given minimum distances – the closest the planets come to Earth over the course of their orbits. Other distances (termination shock, heliopause) are uncertain and estimates are given. Some distances, particularly the location of probes and other man-made spacecraft, are based on time-specific readings taken in February 2014. Travel times are based on travelling in a straight line – spacecraft rarely do this in practice. Asteroid and comet measurements are diameters. Distances are from Earth’s surface. Object sizes are not to scale.

Solar system distances

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Facility Maintenance Management Software, eMaint, facility management software system.#Facility #management #software #system

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With eMaint’s facilities management software, submitting work and material requests is as easy as sending an email or filling out a web form. Whether they’re sent from customers, internal staff, or tenants, responding to work requests in a timely and efficient manner has never been easier.

Put an end to worrying about whether or not inspections or projects are completed on time, contractual requirements are being met, or your equipment availability is being optimized. From managing work requests to keeping track of your tenants’ keys, all of your facilities maintenance challenges can be solved with eMaint’s best-in-class facility management software solution.

by tracking failure rates and downtime on critical assets.

by providing mobile work order access and a user friendly interface that documents proper procedures and machine parts availability.

through visibility to the status of work requests, anytime, anywhere.

by providing a secure login to building and property maintenance software so labor and material costs can be updated upon completion of the work.

with eMaint’s contact management tool and web-based work order tracking that allows access anywhere.

track all labor and material costs and timelines for major renovation projects.

Work Order Tracking

Work order tracking allows managers to schedule and provide technicians with a planned job, with procedures and parts needed to work without delays or interruptions. Labor, parts and purchases are easily tracked on the work order, allowing you to quickly track the costs associated with repairs to your equipment. With eMaint’s automatic email alerts, facilities maintenance teams will never miss a scheduled PM or inspection.

Reports & Dashboards

eMaint’s report tools can help facility managers gain up-to-the-minute information on all corporate assets, as well as track and analyze key performance metrics critical to your operations, including percentage of downtime vs. goal, PM completion rates, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and more. In addition to building reports, you can present your data in a way that is meaningful to you using eMaint’s robust dashboard tool.

Mobile Facility Maintenance

Managing maintenance for facilities requires juggling work requests, work orders, assets, inventory, contractual agreements and making time for it all. With eMaint’s mobile solution, managers can perform inspections, manage work requests and schedule work orders from their mobile device. Reduce time-consuming data entry for technicians with the ability to attach barcodes to assets or parts and scanning them into eMaint.

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School Bell System #bell #timers, #time #switch, #master #clock, #program #bell #timer, #programable #timers, #programmable

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BellMinder is a fully automatic school bell system that is used to solve the common daily problem of ringing a bell on time every time and only when required. Unlike other School Bell Systems on the market, BellMinder is a custom developed School Bell System specifically designed for automating school bells, from the most basic schedules to the most complex. A full year time schedule can be implemented in minutes and schedule changes in seconds. BellMinder has a unique School Bell Program that’s based around a clear, easy to follow year planner format. It enables you to assign multiple reusable schedules, using your office PC, by days, weeks or months. Whether your school operates a manual system, audio based, industrial electronic timer or is controlled by your Alarm company, BellMinder beats them all with accuracy, functionality, ease of setup, flexibility and running costs. You can even activate our ‘School Lockdown’ feature to respond to emergency incidents that can occur in modern schools.

If any of the follow are familiar to you, then you have come to the right place:

  • Is it difficult to adjust your existing school bell timer?
  • Is timely bell ringing at your school important?
  • Are your bells a neighbourhood nuisance at times?
  • Would you like flexible control of when the bells ring?
  • Is School Bell Ringing taking up valuable staff time and elevating stress levels?
  • Do you require an emergency situation warning alert.?
  • Parent interview days are a drag, pressing the button every 10 minutes.
  • I have to switch off the automatic timer for exam week. The timer is too hard to change.
  • It a panic when we change for daylight saving time, the Bell Timer instructions are difficult to understand.

Think of how useful some of these features will be:

  • With BellMinder you are no longer limited to just daily timetable schedules. Now you can configure in sports day activations, exam schedules and parent teacher interviews. In fact any event that you can think of can be programmed in seconds.
  • With BellMinder you can implement alternative schedules that run in the background and can be called into service at the press of a button.
  • These are especially useful if you run Snow Day timetable or a wet day time table. No need to remember to switch back to the main schedule for the next day – BellMinder automatically takes care of that for you, BellMinder has an emergency situation alert feature.
  • Automatically daylight savings and Leap Year aware You can even print hardcopies for school and staff notice boards.
  • This School Bell Timer can operate independently of the PC once programmed.
  • BellMinder can maintain schedules for many days during a power loss.

Why Switch To BellMinder – When I have my own Bell Ringing Solution?

Below is a list of common solutions and their associated problems that BellMinder WILL solve (guaranteed!).

“We ring the bell manually and it costs us nothing:”

  • Although on the surface this would seem like a very economical
    solution – calculations have proven that by the time you calculate the lost productivity and time associated with the continual tie of ringing a bell, BellMinder will pay for itself in a matter of months!
  • Despite the best efforts of staff/students ringing the bell – it doesn’t ring on time for a large percentage of rings.

“We have an electronic timer already.”

  • Most are seven day timers that are not Daylight Saving or Leap year aware.
  • Techenz believe that we have the ONLY bell ringer in the market that can handle all required scenarios. Most School Bell Timers or Software do not handle Snow Days or Rain days (or a multitude of other ring scenarios) or being able to schedule ahead 14 months. 14 Months may sound like an unusual number but once again this is based on industry investigation. Most schools schedule the year in advance and don’t want to have to worry about the bell during the end of year holiday period – BellMinder lets you ignore the bell during the busy start-up period right thru to the end of February.
  • Programming a traditional timer is quite a time consuming and frustrating process – we can schedule an entire year in only a few minutes.
  • A PC based solution has inherent reliability issues. Everyone who uses a PC knows the associated reliability issues – a single reboot/crash could/will cause havoc on a ring schedule.
  • The PC is usually dedicated to the task, so to save money the oldest PC is used, which is a high point of failure. Then no-one wants to touch it.
  • During power cuts the schedule loses reliability. Someone needs to remember to switch it back on.
  • Audio based solutions are the most expensive to implement and less effective than Bells. Playing sounds or voice from outside is usually distorted from within a classroom of noisy students. This makes it a low ROI.

The bottom line is: NO OTHER SOLUTION WILL SOLVE ALL THE REAL ISSUES ASSOCIATED WITH A RELIABLE RING SCHEDULE. We guarantee after installing BellMinder you will be entirely satisfied that the solution has delivered the most hassle free set and forget solution in the market place.

Who Do We Sell To?

  • We will sell via any of the following means:
  • Direct to the chools/Institutions.
  • To Electricians/Installers/Technology Providers.
  • How Do I Buy A BellMinder Or Find Out More?

It’s easy to buy a BellMinder or find out more – use any of the following means: Contact us and we will provide you with the easiest means to purchase a BellMinder or will answer any questions that you may have. We have Credit Card,

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Best Business Security Systems

Businesses are something that thieves tend to go after, both during business hours and after business hours. Unfortunately, there are also employees within the business who have light fingers and are stealing from the business. That is why business security systems are so essential, to protect the business from the inside thieves as well as the outside thieves. Below are some things to consider when choosing business security systems. Using one of the top security systems and security system equipment can the first step to preventing a burglary.

When you are looking for the best business security systems, there are a few things that you should consider to find the right security system for your business. Some of the common features you will want to consider include:

  • • Video – will you want to have video cameras? Are video cameras something that you need included in your business security systems?
  • • Audio – Sometimes having audio surveillance is going to prove to be invaluable. You might want to consider this when you are looking at business security systems.
  • • Motion – If the business has to deal with precious items or cash, having motion detectors is a good idea to have in business security systems.
  • • Monitoring – If your business is going to be without any human being, such as overnight, it might be a good idea to consider monitoring when looking at business security systems. They are able to contact the authorities if there’s a fire, a break-in, or another disaster.
  • • Back-up – A lot of companies who provide business security systems which offer audio or video options are going to offer storing of the data. It’s really important to to have copies of the security system equipment information in case it’s needed in the future like as evidence in a court case.
  • • On-site Surveillance – Along with mechanical business security systems, you might want to consider having security guards for your business. If you think this is something that you want, think about what you need and how often you are going to want to have them patrol your business.

When you are considering business security systems, one of the things that you want to think about is the installation. There are a few questions that you want to ask when you are interviewing possible security system companies for your business about the installation.

  • • Do you include installation in the security system’s price?
  • • If it’s extra, how much does it cost?
  • • Is the installer who will install my system certified?
  • • Is it required to be there, or should I be there, while my system is being installed?
  • These are some of the things that you want to consider when you are looking at business security systems. There are many different security system companies who offer security systems for business and there are a lot of things that a business should consider when they are searching for the right system. Take your time and see what security system is right for your business. This is one of the most important decisions that you are going to make for your business and it can help your business from losing money.

    By reading security system reviews from each of the best security system companies here on Security System Reviews you can find out which companies are best to protect your business.

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    Security System Topics is a team of home security experts that are dedicated to helping consumers save time and money while researching home security systems. Our security system reviews are designed to help consumers make the right choice without getting distracted by all the noise that is spread around the web. We focus exclusively on providing content about the home security system industry and always keep the consumer’s interest in mind. The rankings and ratings expressed on this site are the opinion of and are subject to change. To keep this valuable service free, we generate advertising revenue from the companies featured in our ranking

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    Oracle PeopleSoft Applications

    Oracle’s PeopleSoft applications are designed to address the most complex business requirements. They provide comprehensive business and industry solutions, enabling organizations to increase productivity, accelerate business performance, and provide a lower cost of ownership.

    Why Oracle?

    Oracle’s commitment to PeopleSoft continues. Building off a proven 25-year history of best-in-class solutions, PeopleSoft 9.2 delivers revolutionary innovation by creating an improved user experience that fundamentally changes how users interact with PeopleSoft.

    In addition to over 1,000 new features and enhancements that make it a robust solution and lower the total cost of ownership, PeopleSoft 9.2 takes the user experience to the next level with a more intuitive, easy-to-use interface that incorporates the consumer internet experience.

    Oracle’s PeopleSoft Human Capital Management enables you to architect a global foundation for HR data and improved business processes. PeopleSoft Human Capital Management delivers a robust set of best-in-class human resources functionality that enables you to increase productivity, accelerate business performance, and lower your cost of ownership.

    Oracle’s PeopleSoft Financial Management leverages best practices to achieve world-class finance processes, meet financial and statutory requirements, and efficiently delivers greater visibility into business-critical information.

    Oracle’s PeopleSoft Supplier Relationship Management is an integrated suite of procurement applications that dramatically cut all supply management costs. PeopleSoft Supplier Relationship Management reduces spend on goods and services, streamlines procure-to-pay processes, and drives policy compliance.

    Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Services Automation applications enables project-centric organizations and departments to establish core operational processes that support full project lifecycle management-across operations and finance-from project selection, planning and staffing, through execution, cost control, and analysis. PeopleSoft Enterprise Services Automation applications provide a single, accurate view of all project related activities so you can choose and prioritize the right projects, assign the right resources, proactively streamline execution, and track profitability via accurate budgeting, forecasting, and billings/charge backs.

    Oracle’s PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management (SCM) provides a cohesive yet flexible solution for the synchronized supply chain, driving efficiencies in cost savings over your entire supply chain including your plan-to-produce and order-to-cash business processes.

    PeopleSoft PeopleTools provides a comprehensive development toolset that supports the development and runtime of PeopleSoft applications. By leveraging metadata and other efficiencies within the toolset, application developers build and customize the PeopleSoft applications quickly and easily. Also, through the use of the delivered, robust, middleware options and the PeopleSoft Integration Broker, PeopleSoft PeopleTools is uniquely positioned to support the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), the new development standard.

    Related Solutions

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    Things To Look For In Host-Based Intrusion Prevention #intrusion #prevention #system #software

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    Host-Based Intrusion Prevention

    Updated October 20, 2016

    Layered security is a widely accepted principle of computer and network security (see In Depth Security). The basic premise is that it takes multiple layers of defense to protect against the wide variety of attacks and threats. Not only can one product or technique not protect against every possible threat, therefore requiring different products for different threats, but having multiple lines of defense will hopefully allow one product to catch things that may have slipped past the outer defenses.

    There are plenty of applications and devices you can use for the different layers- antivirus software, firewalls, IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems) and more. Each has a slightly different function and protects from a different set of attacks in a different way.

    One of the newer technologies is the IPS- Intrusion Prevention System. An IPS is somewhat like combining an IDS with a firewall. A typical IDS will log or alert you to suspicious traffic, but the response is left to you. An IPS has policies and rules that it compares network traffic to. If any traffic violates the policies and rules the IPS can be configured to respond rather than simply alerting you. Typical responses might be to block all traffic from the source IP address or to block incoming traffic on that port to proactively protect the computer or network.

    There are network-based intrusion prevention systems (NIPS) and there are host-based intrusion prevention systems (HIPS).

    While it can be more expensive to implement HIPS- especially in a large, enterprise environment, I recommend host-based security wherever possible. Stopping intrusions and infections at the individual workstation level can be much more effective at blocking, or at least containing, threats. With that in mind, here is a list of things to look for in a HIPS solution for your network:

    • Doesn t Rely On Signatures. Signatures- or unique characteristics of known threats- are one of the primary means used by software like antivirus and intrusion detection (IDS).The downfall of signatures is that they are reactive. A signature can t be developed until after a threat exists and you could potentially get attacked before the signature is created. Your HIPS solution should use signature-based detection along with anomaly-based detection which establishes a baseline of what normal network activity looks like on your machine and will respond to any traffic that appears unusual. For example, if your computer never uses FTP and suddenly some threat tries to open an FTP connection from your computer, the HIPS would detect this as anomalous activity.
  • Works With Your Configuration. Some HIPS solutions may be restrictive in terms of what programs or processes they are able to monitor and protect. You should try to find a HIPS that is capable of handling commercial packages off the shelf as well as any home-grown custom applications you may be using. If you don t use custom applications or don t consider this a significant problem for your environment, at least ensure that your HIPS solution protects the programs and processes you do run.
      • Allows You To Create Policies. Most HIPS solutions come with a pretty comprehensive set of pre-defined policies and vendors will typically offer updates or release new policies to provide a specific response for new threats or attacks. However, it is important that you have the ability to create your own policies in the event that you have a unique threat that the vendor doesn t account for or when a new threat is exploding and you need a policy to defend your system before the vendor has time to release an update. You need to make sure the product you use not only has the ability for you to create policies, but that policy creation is simple enough for you to understand without weeks of training or expert programming skills.
      • Provides Central Reporting and Administration. While we are talking about host-based protection for individual servers or workstations, HIPS and NIPS solutions are relatively expensive and outside of the realm of a typical home user. So, even when talking about HIPS you probably need to consider it from the standpoint of deploying HIPS on possibly hundreds of desktops and servers across a network. While it is nice to have protection at the individual desktop level, administering hundreds of individual systems, or trying to create a consolidated report can be nearly impossible without a good central reporting and administering function. When selecting a product, ensure that it has centralized reporting and administration to allow you to deploy new policies to all machines or to create reports from all machines from one location.

        There are a few other things you need to keep in mind. First, HIPS and NIPS are not a silver bullet for security.

        They can be a great addition to a solid, layered defense including firewalls and antivirus applications among other things, but should not try to replace existing technologies.

        Secondly, the initial implementation of a HIPS solution can be painstaking. Configuring the anomaly-based detection often requires a good deal of hand-holding to help the application understand what is normal traffic and what is not.

        You may experience a number of false positives or missed negatives while you work to establish the baseline of what defines normal traffic for your machine.

        Lastly, companies generally make purchases based on what they can do for the company. Standard accounting practice suggests that this be measured based on the return on investment, or ROI. Accountants want to understand if they invest a sum of money in a new product or technology, how long will it take for the product or technology to pay for itself.

        Unfortunately, network and computer security products don t generally fit this mold. Security works on more of a reverse-ROI. If the security product or technology works as designed the network will remain safe- but there will be no profit to measure an ROI from. You have to look at the reverse though and consider how much the company could lose if the product or technology were not in place. How much money would have to be spent on rebuilding servers, recovering data, the time and resources of dedicating technical personnel to clean up after an attack, etc? If not having the product may potentially result in losing significantly more money than the product or technology costs to implement, then perhaps it makes sense to do so.

        Show Full Article

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      Megapixel Security Cameras & IP Cameras #megapixel #security #camera #system

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      Megapixel IP Security Cameras
      & Video Surveillance

      IP surveillance camera systems rely on megapixel resolution to provide higher-quality images than CCTV cameras, which can be important when trying to decipher individuals or items in surveillance recordings. The most common megapixel resolutions are 1MP and 2 MP. There are also megapixel security cameras available with pixel counts over 20MP. The higher the megapixels, the higher the resolution of the video will be. Megapixel resolution is not used with analog CCTV security cameras.

      Depending on your specific surveillance camera needs, the resolution on the megapixel ip cameras you use can be critical. With common 1MP and 2MP cameras, also available as 720P and 1080P cameras, a full frame rate of 30 Frames Per Second is standard. However, for very high megapixel camera counts (5MP and higher) the user must plan for lower frames per second and an increase in network usage because of the high bandwidth which is required to transmit information to the camera. For this reason, it is important to have a clear understanding of what resolution you need on a megapixel IP camera used in your surveillance system.

      Identify Your Megapixel Security Camera System Goals

      Ideally you want to install your megapixel IP cameras in a location where activity occurs as well as in locations where you may not expect activity. Cameras should be positioned to allow for the monitoring of a general area. Since only PTZ cameras allow remote repositioning such as panning and tilting, it is important to have your megapixel ip cameras properly positioned during installation for accurate viewing.

      For areas where the general image is all you need of a location, a lower megapixel security camera can be employed to capture the general activity. When there is a need to gather specific information about people or objects in a frame, a higher megapixel IP camera should be installed in the proper location. For instance, a camera monitoring the counter of a bank should be able to focus in on the customer area of the counter where individuals can be captured clearly for later identification. The higher resolution images can be essential in identifying a perpetrator’s face clearly. If a lower megapixel camera is employed in such a location, subjects may not be displayed clearly, making them much more difficult to identify.

      Unruly fans and illegal activity at MSU’s football stadium prompts need for increased stadium security to facilitate better crowd control and identify criminal acts.

      Customized Systems With Megapixel IP Cameras Help Protect Your Investment

      Working with a professional video surveillance expert that can provide customized megapixel security camera solutions for your home or business location is often the best way to ensure your investment in surveillance systems is worthwhile. Employing cheap surveillance systems kits sold at retail locations may not provide the right solution you need for your security concerns. It is important to take your time when choosing the megapixel security camera system for you to ensure safety and your home or business at all times.

      You may invest a lot of money into your camera and surveillance equipment but if it is not adequate for your needs or is not properly configured, it simply may not be effective. With pre-designed or customized surveillance camera systems, users will have many options in selecting exactly the right components which will be designed for your specific location.

      When considering the choices of megapixel security camera systems for your home or business, it is imperative to understand what your location actually needs before deciding which type of system to invest in. Choosing the wrong camera type for your security and monitoring needs can leave you with unusable footage despite a significant investment. Contact today to learn more about what type of surveillance camera(s) best meet the needs of your location so that you can be fully protected against property crimes and theft.

      Have Questions? Get Answers. Our security integrators are standing by to make sure your surveillance solution is the best for your business. Contact an expert today! Get Help

      For a Free Consultation Call: (866) 945-6808 (866) 945-6808 or WE’LL CALL YOU Request a Call

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      LEED Certified Buildings in Northern California (including the San Francisco Bay Area) #leed #certified, #green

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      NOTE: This webpage is not currently being updated. It was last updated in 2012.

      This chart lists Northern California building projects that have achieved LEED certification, to our knowledge—as of our last full update in Spring 2012. As of that time, we were aware of 764 LEED certified projects that are located in Northern California.

      This listing is primarily compiled from the information that is provided in the searchable Certified Projects database at (Note: Some LEED certified projects are designated as Confidential; such projects are not included in this listing.) If you know of a project in Northern California that has been certified by the USGBC but is not yet listed on this chart, please notify us .

      For the purposes of this listing, the Northern California region is defined to include Monterey County and all California counties to the north and east of Monterey County. (This listing does not include projects in San Luis Obispo County or any counties to the east or south of San Luis Obispo County.)

      The projects listed directly below are located in the San Francisco Bay Area. This section includes projects in San Francisco. the East Bay. North Bay. and South Bay. Below that is a section that lists projects located in counties north of the Bay Area. south of the Bay Area. and directly east of the Bay Area .

      Project Name and Location

      LEED Rating System and Certification Level *

      Click here to see a map of these and other green buildings in San Francisco.

      LEED EBOM PLATINUM (v2009)

      1 California Street

      1 Maritime Plaza

      LEED EBOM Certified (v2009)

      1 Sansome Street

      4 Embarcadero Center

      LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

      44 Montgomery Street

      45 Fremont Street

      50 Beale Street

      LEED EBOM Certified

      50 California Street

      50 Fremont Street

      LEED EBOM PLATINUM (v 2009)

      55 Second Street

      100 California Street

      LEED EBOM Silver

      100 First Street

      100 First Street management office

      100 Montgomery Street

      100 Pine Street Office Tower

      LEED EB Certified (v2.0)

      100 Spear Street

      LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

      100 Van Ness Avenue

      LEED EBOM Silver

      101 California Street (Hines building)

      LEED EBOM PLATINUM (v2009 recertification)

      101 Second Street

      111 Sutter Street

      LEED EBOM Silver

      114 Sansome Street

      LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

      150 California Street

      LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

      150 Spear Street

      180 Montgomery Street

      LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

      199 Fremont Street

      201 California Street, 6th Floor Suites

      LEED CI Certified

      201 Mission Street

      LEED EBOM Silver (v 2009)

      303 Second Street

      LEED EBOM Silver

      343 Sansome Street


      345 California Center

      LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

      345 Spear Street

      LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

      425 California Street

      LEED EBOM Silver

      425 Market Street

      455 Market Street

      LEED EB Silver (v2.0)

      475 Brannan Street

      LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

      475 Sansome Street

      500 Terry Francois Street, Mission Bay office building

      LEED CS Silver (v2.0)

      500 Washington Street

      505 Sansome Street

      525 Market Street

      550 Terry Francois

      LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

      555 Mission St. office tower

      555 Mission St. Project Manager’s office

      560 Mission Street

      LEED EBOM PLATINUM (v 2009)

      580 California Street

      595 Market Street

      LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

      600 California Street

      650 California Street

      LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

      655 Montgomery Street, Montgomery Washington Tower

      LEED EBOM PLATINUM (v2009)

      1500 Owens Street, Mission Bay life science building

      LEED CI Silver (v2.0)

      Adobe Systems Office, 601 Townsend St.

      LEED EB (v2.0) and EBOM PLATINUM

      Adobe Systems Office, 625 Townsend St.

      AIA San Francisco Office

      Allsteel Showroom/Resource Center

      LEED CI Silver (v2.0)

      American Airlines Ramp offices, San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

      Anza Branch Library

      Armstrong Senior Housing

      Arterra high-rise condominiums, Mission Bay

      LEED NC Silver (v2.1)

      AT T Park (SF Giants baseball stadium)

      LEED EBOM Silver (v2009)

      Autodesk Gallery and Office

      LEED CI PLATINUM (v2.0)

      Avalon at Mission Bay III (high-rise apartment building)

      LEED NC Certified (v2.2)

      Belles Townhomes (7 homes), Presidio

      LEED CS Silver (v2.0)

      Beverly Prior Architects Office

      Bloomberg San Francisco

      Bovis Lend Lease Office

      Boys and Girls Clubs of San Francisco: Mission Clubhouse

      LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

      Bright Horizons Child Care, 2nd Street

      LEED CI Certified (v2.0)

      California Academy of Sciences

      LEED NC PLATINUM (v2.1) and LEED EBOM PLATINUM (v2009)

      California State Parks Foundation Office

      Candlestick Cove luxury condominiums

      LEED NC Certified (v2.2)

      Charles Schwab, 211 Main Auditorium (interior)

      LEED CI Silver (v2.0)

      Chong Partners Architecture Office

      City College of San Francisco, Joint Use Facility

      City National Bank interiors

      LEED CI Silver (v2.0)

      LEED CI PLATINUM (v2.0)

      CNA Insurance office

      LEED CI Gold (v 2009)

      Cushman Wakefield (PNC) office

      LEED CI Silver (v 2.0)

      Degenkolb Engineers Office

      DPR San Francisco Office Remodel

      LEED CI Silver (v2.0)

      Drew School Addition: Cuddeback Performing Arts Wing/Auditorium

      LEED for Schools Gold (v2007) and NC v2.1

      Tuffy Tire and Auto Service Center Naples, Florida #tuffy, #a/c, #air, #alignments, #alternators, #and, #auto,

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      Naples (Vanderbilt Beach Rd.)

      Mar 30, 2017 Mary B.

      I have been going here for a little over 2 years now, and I trust them, they are also growing and improving and that is a good sign. Gloria is a gem at the front desk

      Jan 19, 2017 Jackie C.

      I would just like to say thank you to Pat and his employees for the excellent service he gave to my Son regarding his oil change. Something was wrong with his car after the oil change and here it was the oil filter they fixed the problem and gave my Son a free oil change to fix the problem. Great Job. Thank you again for your service it is greatly appreciated since I live in Ohio and my Son is in Florida it mean a lot that there are still companies out there that take care of their customers.

      Jul 15, 2016 Paul C.

      These guys are great especially Doug. Called me with a problem about fixing my window and he found a way to fix it. The best.

      Jul 04, 2016 christian a.

      those guys know what they doing, my service was excellent,im really happy.

      May 18, 2016 Les S.

      Wonderful, even checked my tire pressure! Outgoing, friendly team!

      May 03, 2016 Isac R.

      Very positive experience. Everything was handled very professionally. I have been taking my vehicles there since 2011 when I moved to Naples and with a brand new car purchase will continue to use this location. I am not one to recommend places and services to others but will certainly speak positively to others about my experiences.

      Sep 11, 2015 Janice T.

      I came in for an oil change, Marcos was the manager, he was polite, courteous, and very helpful. This is such a refreshing change from the normal, ” I don’t really care” attitude, take good care of him, good employees are very hard to find.

      Feb 02, 2015 Miguel R.

      I am giving a great compliment to Atiba for his customer service at this location. Atiba always tried to do the best for his customers. even that must of the time he is there by himself. Tuffy as a Company should reward this guy for his work ethics and great service.

      Oct 24, 2014 Judy B.

      I highly recommend this Tuffy! They were very flexible and accommodating. It took a couple of appointments and a lot of determination to find the issue. But they did! Thank you, Perry and Robert!

      Jul 28, 2014 Pamela E.

      They were very friendly and helpful. I had an oil change and tire rotation. They found things wrong, but did not pressure me to allow them to fix them. They also told me what to watch for. For example; leaky hoses and such. I would recommend them for an oil change. Also the waiting room is nice, with free coffee, and it was very clean.

      May 31, 2014 Chansee L.

      I have never been to have my car serviced at a better place. The service was fast, the help were wonderful and price very reasonable. I very highly recommend them!

      Mar 20, 2014 Mike B.

      Nobody likes to pay for car repairs. This was the best expierence I have ever had. I had the pleasure of working with Geff he is extreamly knowlegeable of cars and provided above and beyond customer service. Geff made my expierience so wonderful I will never go anywhere else.

      Oct 11, 2012 Karen H.

      I have been using this Tuffy location since 2009, not long after it opened on Vanderbilt Beach Road. My 2003 Mustang will be turning over 100,000 miles this week and it runs like a new car. I cannot say enough to praise the knowledge and professionalism of this staff. Tuffy knows my car probably better than I do and they are helping me to take the very best care possible of my Mustang. THANK YOU.

      Mar 21, 2012 Tom J.

      I needed a front end alignment for my car. The technican showed me there was a problem with the tires and recommmended replacing them. The manager, offered up several choices and recommended the best tires for the money, and it was far from the most expensive. He was very professional as is his crew. The tires arrived the next day as promised and when I showed up I got right in. I’d recommend this Tuffy Auto Center to everyone who needs quality work done at a fair price. And, if you’re a car guy or gal, the crew here will talk with you about cars as long as you want! It was an enjoyable experience.

      Oct 17, 2011 Chad L.

      I discovered this Tuffy location a little over a year ago and have had friendly service and quality work every time. They have gone above and beyond for my car time and time again. I would recommend them to anyone.

      Welcome to Tuffy Naples (Vanderbilt Beach Rd.)

      Gen-turi Generator Exhaust System – Camco 44461 – Automotive Accessories – Camping World #camco #mfg

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      Welcome to


      Gen-turi Generator Exhaust System

      Gen-turi Generator Exhaust System

      I’ve used this product for over 5 years – I go to alot of NASCAR races and the sites are very close – I’ve had fellow campers ma. ke comments their generators make more noise than mine and mine is right next to their door. It also gets the fumes up and away from under the RV and away from neighbors. I didn’t want to secure the straps which hold the exhaust system against the RV so I bought some car dent pullers (small suction cups) and I attach the straps to the suction cups. I can remove them from the RV when I’m not using and only place them on the RV when I need them. Again great product.

      The Gen-turi package does not include a 1 5/8 adapter to connect the generator exhaust to the Gen-turi. Unfortunately, my 8kW. generator exhaust requires this adapter. The cost of this adapter is almost 25% of the total cost of the original Gen-turi. Before you purchase the Gen-turi, check your generator exhaust diameter! If it is greater than the 1 1/4, you will need to purchase this expensive adapter. Plus, this adapter is very difficult to find. Also, it requires you drill holes in the side of your RV to install a couple of eye bolts. I am going to try to use suction cups to stabilize the unit. I don’t want to drill holes into the side of my motorhome. This product is a nice idea, but check to see if you will need this expensive adapter and think about drilling holes in the side of your RV.

      We love it! Before we had this, we could not sleep through the night without the carbon monoxide detectors going off after a few. hours of running our generator. I know many who disconnect their detectors, because of this, and I think this is very risky. The exhaust system is easy to install, helps reduce noise, and most importantly keeps deadly fumes out of our RV and others too. I am so glad we purchased this and wish all RV owners would get one. I highly recommend it!

      I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else, but when we returned from our first trip using the Gen-turi Generator Exahust Sy. stem, our 1 yr old generator in or 1 yr old motor home stopped working. Still runs, but does not produce power to the RV. Currenty in the process of attempting to getting it fixed. No one seems to know what is wrong with it. Also, we cleaned the areas very well before applying the hooks with the sticky tape, however they did not last the 5 day trip.

      Bought the Gen-Turi last year and used it for the first time this summer at Lime Rock Park. The campers next to us were in a tent. and using the Gen-Turi kept the exhaust fumes out of their tent. Like others we bought suction cups to mount ours. I bought 4 so I added an additional mount for the top of the pipe so it didn’t hit the motorhome. I cut a foam block as a spacer for the top mount and used bungee cords. I am now thinking about getting an extra one for my Aqua Hot burner exhaust.

      The basic concept and design is well thought out, however the overall length is about 8 inches too short. As a result, the end o. f the stack rubs against the side of our motorhome. To stop rub damage to the side of our rig, I tie strapped 1 inch foam around the top of the stack. Other than that, the system works great. It packs nicely into a bag that is easily stored. Tip: wear goes when taking the stack apart, otherwise, you will get your hands black from exhaust carbon.