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SIEM Report


The SIEM Report provides security information and event management (SIEM) market trends, statistics, forecasts and resources for chief information security officers (CISOs) and IT security staff.


Small to mid-sized businesses are the next frontier for SIEM market growth.

    AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM) for SMBs
  • According to IDC, the hot areas for (cybersecurity market) growth are security analytics/SIEM, threat intelligence, mobile security, and cloud security. Corporations are investing heavily in these areas to combat cybercrime.
  • “IT organizations aren t just fighting hackers and malware—they re also battling a torrent of data from their own networks, stated Jeff Edwards, Solutions Review Editor. Information is pouring in. A fortune 500 enterprise s infrastructure can easily generate 10 terabytes of plain-text data per month. So how can enterprises effectively log, monitor, and correlate that data to obtain actionable insight? Enter the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution” adds Edwards. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) allows real-time monitoring of security events, analytics, and historical analysis for incident investigation and compliance reporting.
  • The threat intelligence security market (SIEM, Log Management, IAM, SVM, Risk Management, Incident Forensics) is expected to grow from just over $3 billion in 2015 to nearly $6 billion by 2020, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.3 percent from 2015 to 2020, according to Markets and Markets. They state that SIEM is expected to dominate the market with the largest market share of the solution segment in 2020 and forecasts the global SIEM market will grow to $4.5+ billion in 2019. They previously estimated the SIEM market to be worth approximately $2.6 billion in 2014.
  • Research firm Gartner expected the SIEM market to grow 12.4 percent in 2015, according to numbers in their most recent “SIEM Magic Quadrant Report ”.
  • “We predict a big uptick in SIEM adoption by small to midsized businesses (SMBs) from 2016 to 2020” says Steve Morgan, Founder and CEO at Cybersecurity Ventures and Editor-In-Chief of the Cybersecurity Market Report. “Most Fortune 500 and Global 2000 corporations have adopted SIEM solutions by now. SMBs are the next frontier for SIEM vendors” adds Morgan.
    Discover security that s highly intelligent
  • AlienVault has carved out a niche in the SIEM market by catering to small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) who are serious about security. Historic SIEM solutions are geared to large enterprises with dedicated IT security staff including full time personnel who are devoted to log management. SMBs do not have the same people resources as large corporations, but they are faced with the same cyber risks. The AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM) platform is a full featured SIEM solution for SMBs, at an affordable price point. Gartner calls AlienVault a “Visionary” in its most recent “SIEM Magic Quadrant Report ”.
  • While security budgets are stable or increasing for almost all organizations, security managers reported significant obstacles in fully realizing the benefits of SIEM solutions because of lack of staff expertise (44.4%) and inadequate staffing (27.8%), according to recent research from 451 Research. By 2019 there will be a global cybersecurity workforce shortage that is estimated at 1.5 million people, according to the Cybersecurity Jobs Report which is published by Cybersecurity Ventures.
  • The cybersecurity labor shortage may be the biggest barrier to SIEM adoption. The SANS Institute 2015 Analytics and Intelligence Survey states that most organizations are struggling mightily with finding the right skill sets to properly operate and maintain a security analytics platform for detection and response. In fact, this was overwhelmingly cited as the top impediment to discovering and following up on attacks today. Finding these skill sets in today’s marketplace is difficult due to incredibly high demand for top talent that understands SIEM and correlation, forensics, event management and now, with analytics in the mix, pattern analysis across large diverse datasets.
  • In a recent IT World Canada article. Gartner Analyst Oliver Rochford stated “Although SIEM solutions share a common capability and feature set, for example they are all competent at log management, third party technology support, workflow and deployment architectures do vary widely. As a consequence, buyers often select the “best” solution based on high level criteria such as fancy features, resulting in a mismatch of requirements when it comes to implementation.” SMBs especially can not afford to make the wrong SIEM choice.
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Steven C. Morgan, Editor-In-Chief

    Steve Morgan is Founder and CEO at Cybersecurity Ventures, and Editor-In-Chief of the Cybersecurity Market Report and the Cybersecurity 500 list of the world s hottest and most innovative cybersecurity companies. Steve writes the weekly Cybersecurity Business Report for IDG’s CSO, and he is a contributing writer for several business, technology, and cybersecurity media properties.
    © 2015 Cybersecurity Ventures. All rights reserved. Federal copyright law prohibits unauthorized reproduction of this Report by any means and imposes fines up to $150,000 for violations. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without expressed written permission of Cybersecurity Ventures is prohibited.

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Company to introduce integrators and end-users to Logipix, other manufacturers in the months ahead

CommandScape looks to redefine integrated building management technology

The cloud reveals cost-effective ways online retailers can mitigate cyber threats

Comcast establishes itself as a security industry mainstay

Media Center

S security

Video: LA Metro tests body scanner

S security

Video: Security tech trends from the distributor’s perspective

S security

Video: GSOCs evolve to meet the changing needs of the security environment

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Video: Building the business case for a GSOC

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SIW Radio Episode 67: The security integrator’s role in professional A/V installation

Police arrest man suspected of assaults, rampage at California medical office

Three people treated for injuries sustained during the incident

Abbott Labs rolls out patch for St. Jude-made pacemakers

Software update to improve cybersecurity protections for 465K implanted pacemakers in the U.S.

Interest in cyberinsurance grows as cybercrime targets small businesses

SMBs hit by nearly two-thirds of all cyber-attacks

10-year-old boy among survivors of deadly library shooting in New Mexico

16-year-old accused of carrying out the attack

Chemical facilities face danger during Harvey shutdowns

Roof collapses at Exxon Mobil complex, flooding causes multiple systems failures at Arkema plant

Pittsburgh airport’s gates, shops, restaurants to open to non-flyers

Airport will become the first in the country to allow visitors access to the secure area of the terminal without a ticket

Alex Molinaroli steps down as CEO of Johnson Controls ahead of original plan

George Oliver to take over as both board chairman and chief executive

CrimeEye video footage aids Chattanooga police in arrest of murder suspect

Tennessee city recently deployed company s CrimeEye-RD-2 rapid deployment video system

Mission 500 announces third annual security industry service trip

Volunteers to help families in need in West Virginia

Two dead in shooting at New Mexico library

Four others injured, suspect taken into custody

IDIS builds out North American video surveillance sales operation

Addition of regional sales manager Mikal Ranneklev brings two decades of key security industry and customer service expertise to north central region

Dahua’s 2MP Pro Series and Ultra Series PTZ Cameras with H.265

Cameras feature exceptional wide dynamic range, Starlight technology

ESA Rebrands Professional Group, announces 2017 ESA Rising Leaders Forum

Event will occur October 2-4 in Myrtle Beach, SC

Vicon’s V800, V930/V9500 and V940 Series H.265 Megapixel IP Cameras

New models offer the simplest way to reduce VMS bandwidth utilization and storage requirements

Fred Graffam named CFO of MONI

Englewood, CO July 18, 2017 Ascent Capital Group Inc. ( Ascent or the Company ) (Nasdaq: ASCMA) announced today the appointment of Fred Graffam as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Ascent and its wholly owned.

Custom Alarm promotes salespeople

Moves put renewed focus on non-residential business opportunities

Surveillance Systems Inc. wins MGM, Wynn contracts

Gaming integrator to outfit new Massachusetts casinos with security systems

G4S relaunches the Adesta brand

Company to focus on telecommunication projects

Lawsuit: Hostage situation at Illinois hospital gave patient PTSD

Woman seeking damages from hospital, local law enforcement and private security company

Golden Gate Bridge looks to end road events

Fears over recent terrorist vehicle attacks lead officials to recommend eliminating the special exemption

Baggage handler at Texas airport who stole guns for pot sentenced to 18 months

Man also reportedly stole clothing, jewelry and other items from passengers’ luggage

Do Ohio judges now need to carry guns?

Shooting outside Steubenville courthouse has raised questions about what can be done to better protect judges

Man beaten by fired co-workers at Florida manufacturing plant

Witness also assaulted by suspects

NYC lawmakers back federal bill mandating ICE body cameras

Legislators say cameras would provide greater accountability as the agency ramps up its immigration enforcement efforts

Colorado DOT launches autonomous vehicles to improve worker safety

‘Autonomous Impact Protection Vehicle’ removes drivers from one of the world’s most dangerous work zone jobs

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The Best Way to Send and Receive End-to-End Encrypted Emails #deep #web #search #engine, #hacker

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How many of you know the fact that your daily e-mails are passaged through a deep espionage filter?

This was unknown until the whistleblower Edward Snowden broke all the surveillance secrets, which made privacy and security important for all Internet users than ever before.

I often get asked “How to send encrypted email?”, “How can I protect my emails from prying eyes?” and “Which is the best encrypted email service?”.

Although, there are a number of encryption tools that offers encrypted email service to ensure that no one can see what you are sending to someone else.

One such tool to send encrypted emails is PGP (Pretty Good Privacy ), an encryption tool designed to protect users emails from snooping.

However, setting up a PGP Environment for non-tech users is quite a difficult task, so more than 97% of the Internet users, including government officials, are still communicating via unencrypted email services i.e. Gmail, Yahoo. and other.

But here is good news for all those non-techies, but privacy-conscious Internet users, who wish to use encrypted e-mail communication without any hassle.

Solution ProtonMail .

ProtonMail. developed by CERN and MIT scientists, is a free, open source and end-to-end encrypted email service that offers the simplest and best way to maintain secure communications to keep user’s personal data secure.

ProtonMail Now Available for iOS and Android Users

ProtonMail has been invite-only since 2014, but now the email service has made itself available to everyone and launched new mobile apps.

If you opt for a free account, you’ll get all of the basic features including:

  • A smart-looking app to access your end-to-end encrypted emails easily
  • 500MB of storage capacity
  • Sending 150 Messages per day
  • Two-factor authentication to access your encrypted email inbox

To increase storage capacity, you can purchase ProtonMail’s paid accounts.

NOTE Always remember your password to decrypt the email inbox. Once forgot, you would no longer retrieve your encrypted emails.

Key Features:

Even if someone intercepts your communication, he/she can not read your conversations because all emails you send or receive with other ProtonMail users are automatically encrypted end-to-end by the service.

In addition, for communicating with non-ProtonMail email addresses i.e. Gmail users, all you need to do is:

  • Create a message
  • Just click the encryption button
  • Set a random password

Once done, your encrypted email recipient will get a link to the message with a prompt to enter his/her same password in order to read it.

Another friendly feature that ProtonMail offers is Self-destructing emails. All you need to do is set an expiration date for an encrypted email you send, and it will get self-deleted from the recipient s inbox once the date arrives.

Why ProtonMail won’t have to comply with American Laws?

In a previous article, I explained that ProtonMail is based in Switzerland, so it won’t have to comply with American courts demands to provide users data.

In worst case, if a Swiss court ordered ProtonMail to provide data, they will get only the heaps of encrypted data as the company doesn t store the encryption keys.

ProtonMail has gained an enormous amount of popularity during its developing stages.

ProtonMail encrypts the data on the browser before it communicates with the server, therefore only encrypted data is stored in the email service servers, making it significantly more secure for those looking for an extra layer of privacy.

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Simply secure.

“ We have worked with QuickSilk since 2010 and have always received exceptional support. Their flexible – and easy-to-use – CMS ensures we can both manage our publications and communicate them to our key clients. QuickSilk’s extensive features allow us to assign specific rights and permissions, set start and stop publishing dates, as well as control content versions. QuickSilk allows us to easily manage the Parliament Budget Officer’s integrated monitoring database, which is used by parliamentarians, the media, and the public at large. ”

Office of the Parliamentary Budget Officer

Our Clients

Security, Cyberattacks: How Safe is Arizona s Palo Verde Nuclear Plant? #nuclear, #palo #verde, #cyberattacks,

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Connect. Discover. Share.

Security and Cyberattacks: How Safe Is the Nuclear Plant Next Door to Phoenix?

Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station is a desert colossus. The largest nuclear power plant in the U.S. is armed with three reactors that churn out 32 million megawatt-hours per year, providing power to millions of people from California to Texas.

It s also just 50 miles west of Phoenix.

So when a report last week said that cyberattacks have targeted the information systems of companies that operate nuclear plants, it seemed certain that the nation’s largest nuclear plant could be a target, too.

According to the New York Times. the only company that is a known target of the hacking attempts is the Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation, which operates a nuclear plant near Burlington, Kansas.

John Keely, a spokesperson for the Nuclear Energy Institute, said that his industry s 99 nuclear plants, including Palo Verde, were unaffected by the cyberattack. Post-9/11 security measures and isolated computer systems at Palo Verde ought to give Arizonans a lot of comfort, he said.

These sites are true islands of operation, Keely told Phoenix New Times. They are in no way connected to networks, or LAN, or even the Internet. Information does come out of them performance factors, how much electricity they re producing but no information goes back in.

This one-way road of information prevents a malicious hack of the variety that recently infiltrated the networks of Target and Home Depot. compromising customer data. Keely added that in the event of a breach, the companies that operate nuclear plants have to notify the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which then informs the public.

The Arizona Public Service electric company owns and operates Palo Verde, which is located near the town of Tonopah. Jill Hanks, a company spokesperson, emphasized a “comprehensive, multilayered program designed to defend the plant against cyberattacks.”

“It s important to understand that the computer systems that are used to operate the power plant are not connected to the Internet in any way,” she told New Times. “Nothing from the outside can control equipment that is used to operate the plant.”

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Even so, the sheer size of Palo Verde could make it an attractive target for hackers who want to gain access to information or sow chaos within a nuclear plant s systems.

Dave Lochbaum, a nuclear energy expert at the Union of Concerned Scientists, a policy group that advocates for tougher regulations on nuclear power, said hackers weigh ease of access and the potential value of intrusion when selecting a target.

Nothing against either Iowa or Kansas, but those factors would tend to rank Palo Verde higher on the target list than the Duane Arnold nuclear plant in Iowa or the Wolf Creek nuclear plant in Kansas, he wrote in an email to New Times.

But the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s approach to cybersecurity is to have all plants have protection up to their standards with the standards being uniform across the states,” he added.

Experts say cyberattacks are a growing threat now that sprawling computer systems carry the work of government agencies and corporations. After the Stuxnet computer virus caused centrifuges used to enrich uranium in Iran to spin out of control, it s a brave new world for adversaries hoping to disrupt nuclear technology.

The reactor chamber at Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station during a refueling shutdown.

Sun. Oct. 1, 9:50am

The administration has clearly taken notice. In May, President Trump signed an executive order. mostly in line with prior initiatives, that directs federal agencies to assess cybersecurity risks and to coordinate with the private sector. And on Tuesday, Energy Secretary Rick Perry said that “state-sponsored” hackers are a real and ongoing threat to nuclear energy facilities.

Federal regulators requires plant operators to maintain evacuation plans for the 10-mile radius around the facility in the event of a radiation leak. According to Bruce Monson, senior radiological planner for the Maricopa County Department of Emergency Management, the 10-mile radius around Palo Verde is home to approximately 8,869 people. Zoom out a little further, and millions of people in the Phoenix metro area live practically next door.

The room with the turbines where the steam produced by Palo Verde’s reactor is converted into electricity.

Even after taking every precaution, there s no surefire way to prevent the sorts of conventional meltdowns that unfolded at Fukushima Daiichi and Three Mile Island. And according to Lochbaum, the most threatening scenario might be if cyberattackers exploited insider knowledge on system breakages.

Right now, perhaps the biggest vulnerability nuclear plants face from hackers would be their getting information on plant designs (e.g. blueprints) and work schedules with which to conduct a physical attack, Lochbaum said.

Nuclear plants routinely take emergency systems out of service for testing and maintenance,” he added. “If hackers obtained information about when a key component, like an emergency diesel generator, would be out of service, the list of equipment they’d need to sabotage to cause a bad outcome would be shortened, increasing their chances of success.

As it happens, Palo Verde recently had a generator out of commission. In December 2016, a backup generator for one of Palo Verde s reactors exploded during a routine test. And yet in a controversial decision by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the nuclear plant continued to operate without shutting down for 57 days.

According to internal memos obtained by the Arizona Republic . some agency employees criticized the decision, arguing that a loss of power could result in a radiation leak if the sole remaining generator failed. APS officials said it was safer to keep the reactor running to avoid a complicated shutdown procedure.

During refueling, spent fuel rods are moved into this area and new nuclear material is moved into the reactor chamber.

It s not the first time Palo Verde has been under scrutiny. In 2013, the Associated Press obtained a worrying Government Accountability Office report, which stated that Palo Verde had the second-highest number of safety violations among U.S. nuclear facilities; nevertheless, the vast majority of violations were classified as lower-level.

The plant s three reactor licenses were renewed in 2011 and now expire beginning in 2045.

Questions of how to defend critical infrastructure aside, Palo Verde generates an enormous amount of clean energy a not-insignificant thing for power-thirsty cities in the desert.

That is a true flagship facility in our fleet and around the world, Keely said. And every Arizonan should be proud of what that plant does, not just for Arizona, but for the whole southwest.


SANS Institute – CIS Critical Security Controls #computer #security #training, #network #security, #information #security, #security

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CIS Critical Security Controls

The CIS Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber Defense

The CIS Critical Security Controls are a recommended set of actions for cyber defense that provide specific and actionable ways to stop today’s most pervasive and dangerous attacks. A principal benefit of the Controls is that they prioritize and focus a smaller number of actions with high pay-off results. The Controls are effective because they are derived from the most common attack patterns highlighted in the leading threat reports and vetted across a very broad community of government and industry practitioners. They were created by the people who know how attacks work – NSA Red and Blue teams, the US Department of Energy nuclear energy labs, law enforcement organizations and some of the nation’s top forensics and incident response organizations – to answer the question, “what do we need to do to stop known attacks.” That group of experts reached consensus and today we have the most current Controls. The key to the continued value is that the Controls are updated based on new attacks that are identified and analyzed by groups from Verizon to Symantec so the Controls can stop or mitigate those attacks.

The Controls take the best-in-class threat data and transform it into actionable guidance to improve individual and collective security in cyberspace. Too often in cybersecurity, it seems the “bad guys” are better organized and collaborate more closely than the “good guys.” The Controls provide a means to turn that around.

SANS Supports the CIS Critical Security Controls with Training, Research and What Works

To support information security practitioners and managers implement the CIS Critical Security Controls, SANS provide a number of resources and information security courses.

Information Security Resources

  • NewsBites: Bi-weekly email of top news stories with commentary from SANS Editors. View recent editions Subscribe
  • Whitepapers: Research from SANS instructors and masters students. Download the latest papers related to the Critical Controls
  • Webcasts: Topical content presented by SANS Instructors, vendors, and leaders in infosec security. View upcoming webcasts

CIS Critical Security Controls – Version 6.1

To learn more about the CIS Critical Security Controls and download a free detailed version please visit:

The SANS “What Works” program highlights success stories in cybersecurity – real examples of how real security teams have made measurable improvements in the effectiveness and efficiency of their security controls. While most of the press coverage focuses on breaches and other security failures, there are thousands of cybersecurity leaders quietly working hard and make advances against threats while enabling business and mission needs.

SANS expert John Pescatore interviews the end user and decision maker and produces a Q ?>

Best Business Security Systems #best #business #security #system

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Best Business Security Systems

Businesses are something that thieves tend to go after, both during business hours and after business hours. Unfortunately, there are also employees within the business who have light fingers and are stealing from the business. That is why business security systems are so essential, to protect the business from the inside thieves as well as the outside thieves. Below are some things to consider when choosing business security systems. Using one of the top security systems and security system equipment can the first step to preventing a burglary.

When you are looking for the best business security systems, there are a few things that you should consider to find the right security system for your business. Some of the common features you will want to consider include:

  • • Video – will you want to have video cameras? Are video cameras something that you need included in your business security systems?
  • • Audio – Sometimes having audio surveillance is going to prove to be invaluable. You might want to consider this when you are looking at business security systems.
  • • Motion – If the business has to deal with precious items or cash, having motion detectors is a good idea to have in business security systems.
  • • Monitoring – If your business is going to be without any human being, such as overnight, it might be a good idea to consider monitoring when looking at business security systems. They are able to contact the authorities if there’s a fire, a break-in, or another disaster.
  • • Back-up – A lot of companies who provide business security systems which offer audio or video options are going to offer storing of the data. It’s really important to to have copies of the security system equipment information in case it’s needed in the future like as evidence in a court case.
  • • On-site Surveillance – Along with mechanical business security systems, you might want to consider having security guards for your business. If you think this is something that you want, think about what you need and how often you are going to want to have them patrol your business.

When you are considering business security systems, one of the things that you want to think about is the installation. There are a few questions that you want to ask when you are interviewing possible security system companies for your business about the installation.

  • • Do you include installation in the security system’s price?
  • • If it’s extra, how much does it cost?
  • • Is the installer who will install my system certified?
  • • Is it required to be there, or should I be there, while my system is being installed?
  • These are some of the things that you want to consider when you are looking at business security systems. There are many different security system companies who offer security systems for business and there are a lot of things that a business should consider when they are searching for the right system. Take your time and see what security system is right for your business. This is one of the most important decisions that you are going to make for your business and it can help your business from losing money.

    By reading security system reviews from each of the best security system companies here on Security System Reviews you can find out which companies are best to protect your business.

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    Security System Topics is a team of home security experts that are dedicated to helping consumers save time and money while researching home security systems. Our security system reviews are designed to help consumers make the right choice without getting distracted by all the noise that is spread around the web. We focus exclusively on providing content about the home security system industry and always keep the consumer’s interest in mind. The rankings and ratings expressed on this site are the opinion of and are subject to change. To keep this valuable service free, we generate advertising revenue from the companies featured in our ranking

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    What is a Source Code Escrow, and when do I need one: Frost Brown Todd

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    ALP: What is a Source Code Escrow, and when do I need one?

    Most businesses, even smaller ones, have at least one software license agreement that is mission critical. A source code escrow is an arrangement that can provide protection to the business should the software provider go out of business or discontinue support and/or maintenance for the licensed software. Even though the dot com bubble has burst, it is still very common to find smaller and/or newly formed software companies with valuable and useful software for use in niche areas and otherwise.

    Source code escrows can reduce or eliminate the risk of doing business with such a small or new company. Source code escrows are generally negotiated as a part of the initial software license agreement. They can also be entered into after the license agreement has been signed, but a licensee has much less leverage at that point to negotiate favorable terms.

    Typically, a source code agreement is entered into among the software provider, the business licensee and an unrelated third party escrow agent. There are many more experienced software escrow agents available now than there were 10 years ago, and many banks will also provide this service.

    Under the typical software license, a business only receives access to the object code for the software being licensed. When there is a source code escrow agreement in place, the source code to the software is provided to a third party escrow agent. The escrow agent is authorized to release the source code to the licensee upon the occurrence of certain triggering events.

    The most heavily negotiated provisions in a source code escrow agreement are those relating to the events that trigger the release of the source code. These triggering events are negotiable but almost always include the bankruptcy of the software provider, the discontinuance of business by the provider and the joint written instructions of the provider and the licensee to a release of the code.

    You should also consider the following events as possible triggers to a release:

    1. The laying off of substantially all of the employees of the provider, or substantially all of the employees that provide support, maintenance and/or development for the licensed software. This is often the first sign that a company is in trouble, and as a licensee, you want notice of this as soon as possible.
    2. The failure to provide maintenance and/or support in accordance with the provider’s agreements relating to the same.
    3. A change in control of the provider.
    4. A discontinuance of the type of software licensed by a business.
    5. The default of the provider under the software license agreement, after an opportunity to cure.

    Other Typical Agreement Provisions

    Source code escrow agreements are typically drafted so that there is little or no risk to the escrow agent. Under the agreement, if an event occurs that might trigger a source code release, the escrow agent will generally require written notice of the event from the licensee. Most agreements provide that the escrow agent give written notice to the software provider of the licensee’s allegation that a triggering event has occurred. The software provider then has the opportunity to dispute the allegation of the licensee, and this is generally played out through mandatory arbitration between the provider and licensee. In my experience, if the provider’s ship is truly sinking, the provider typically wants to try to take care of its licensees and will very often co-operate with the licensee and sign a joint agreement to release the code.

    When released, unless the escrow agreement provides otherwise, the licensee obtains the right to continue to use the software as provided under the original license; provided, however, that the licensee also has the right to do its own maintenance, support, upgrades, etc. or hire a third party to do the same.

    Tips for a Negotiating a Success Source Code Escrow Agreement

    1. Make sure the escrow agreement can survive the bankruptcy of a software provider, since that is one of the primary reasons a licensee would enter into a source code escrow agreement. In that regard, we recommend that the license granted through the escrow (i.e. allowing the licensee to use the source code to maintain, support and upgrade the software) be a current license, which is just not exercisable until there is a triggering event. The escrow agreement should also have the following language, which will give the licensee certain benefits under the federal bankruptcy laws:

    The parties desire this Agreement to be supplementary to the [Software License Agreement] pursuant to 11 United States [Bankruptcy] Code, Section 365(n).

  • Think through the triggering events and make sure they fit well with the software provider you have chosen and that they reflect what might really happen. Don t just rely on the boilerplate triggering events in other agreements.
  • If the escrow agreement involves software development, in addition to a software license, a licensee should insist that deposits of the source code be made on a regular basis throughout the development, such as once a month or once every 60 days. Normally it would make sense to wait until the development is complete to require that the source code be deposited, but it is not unusual for a software company to fail half way into a development.
  • Make sure the escrow agent is experienced and reputable.
  • Make sure your escrow agreement is crystal clear about the rights of the licensee after the source code has been released. The licensee is still using the source code under a license, and in cases where the provider is defunct, the licensee generally wants to find a third party replacement for the provider. In my experience, the best place to look for assistance when the worst happens is with the former employees of the provider. They are usually anxious for work and are the most knowledgeable about the software, so it pays to keep in close contact with the employees of your provider.
  • A business can avoid a source code escrow by obtaining a source code license directly from the provider. This license must give the business the flexibility it needs to move forward should the provider go out of business. In most cases, providers are unwilling to grant source code licenses or they are cost prohibitive. However, I have been surprised in some cases, and try to remember to ask the question of my business clients when we are working on a software deal.

    Another possible approach is to obtain a security interest in the software to secure the obligations of the provider under the license agreement. I have yet to be able to achieve this, since most providers already have bank financing, and the bank has long ago perfected its security interest in the software.

    There are situations when the alternatives discussed above may work, but typically a source code agreement is the best means of minimizing risk for businesses in connection with their mission critical third party software.


    Philadelphia Social Security – Disability Lawyers – Local Attorneys & Law Firms in Philadelphia, PA

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    Philadelphia Social Security — Disability Lawyers, Attorneys and Law Firms – Pennsylvania

    Need help with Social Security — Disability?

    You’ve come to the right place. If you or someone you know is unable to work because of a long-term disability, and who may be eligible to receive social security — disability benefits (SSDI) from the government, a social security — disability lawyer can help.

    Use FindLaw to hire a local social security — disability attorney to help guide you through the claims process, and resolve any problems that arise with SSDI claims and benefits.

    Need an attorney in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?

    FindLaw’s Lawyer Directory is the largest online directory of attorneys. Browse more than one million listings, covering everything from criminal defense to personal injury to estate planning.

    Detailed law firm profiles have information like the firm’s area of law, office location, office hours, and payment options. Attorney profiles include the biography, education and training, and client recommendations of an attorney to help you decide who to hire.

    Use the contact form on the profiles to connect with a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania attorney for legal advice.

    How do I choose a lawyer?

    Consider the following:
    Comfort Level – Are you comfortable telling the lawyer personal information? Does the lawyer seem interested in solving your problem?
    Credentials – How long has the lawyer been in practice? Has the lawyer worked on other cases similar to yours?
    Cost – How are the lawyer’s fees structured – hourly or flat fee? Can the lawyer estimate the cost of your case?
    City – Is the lawyer’s office conveniently located?

    Not sure what questions to ask a lawyer?

    Here are a few to get you started:

    • How long have you been in practice?
    • How many cases like mine have you handled?
    • How often do you settle cases out of court?
    • What are your fees and costs?
    • What are the next steps?

    Want to check lawyer discipline?

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    Megapixel IP Security Cameras
    & Video Surveillance

    IP surveillance camera systems rely on megapixel resolution to provide higher-quality images than CCTV cameras, which can be important when trying to decipher individuals or items in surveillance recordings. The most common megapixel resolutions are 1MP and 2 MP. There are also megapixel security cameras available with pixel counts over 20MP. The higher the megapixels, the higher the resolution of the video will be. Megapixel resolution is not used with analog CCTV security cameras.

    Depending on your specific surveillance camera needs, the resolution on the megapixel ip cameras you use can be critical. With common 1MP and 2MP cameras, also available as 720P and 1080P cameras, a full frame rate of 30 Frames Per Second is standard. However, for very high megapixel camera counts (5MP and higher) the user must plan for lower frames per second and an increase in network usage because of the high bandwidth which is required to transmit information to the camera. For this reason, it is important to have a clear understanding of what resolution you need on a megapixel IP camera used in your surveillance system.

    Identify Your Megapixel Security Camera System Goals

    Ideally you want to install your megapixel IP cameras in a location where activity occurs as well as in locations where you may not expect activity. Cameras should be positioned to allow for the monitoring of a general area. Since only PTZ cameras allow remote repositioning such as panning and tilting, it is important to have your megapixel ip cameras properly positioned during installation for accurate viewing.

    For areas where the general image is all you need of a location, a lower megapixel security camera can be employed to capture the general activity. When there is a need to gather specific information about people or objects in a frame, a higher megapixel IP camera should be installed in the proper location. For instance, a camera monitoring the counter of a bank should be able to focus in on the customer area of the counter where individuals can be captured clearly for later identification. The higher resolution images can be essential in identifying a perpetrator’s face clearly. If a lower megapixel camera is employed in such a location, subjects may not be displayed clearly, making them much more difficult to identify.

    Unruly fans and illegal activity at MSU’s football stadium prompts need for increased stadium security to facilitate better crowd control and identify criminal acts.

    Customized Systems With Megapixel IP Cameras Help Protect Your Investment

    Working with a professional video surveillance expert that can provide customized megapixel security camera solutions for your home or business location is often the best way to ensure your investment in surveillance systems is worthwhile. Employing cheap surveillance systems kits sold at retail locations may not provide the right solution you need for your security concerns. It is important to take your time when choosing the megapixel security camera system for you to ensure safety and your home or business at all times.

    You may invest a lot of money into your camera and surveillance equipment but if it is not adequate for your needs or is not properly configured, it simply may not be effective. With pre-designed or customized surveillance camera systems, users will have many options in selecting exactly the right components which will be designed for your specific location.

    When considering the choices of megapixel security camera systems for your home or business, it is imperative to understand what your location actually needs before deciding which type of system to invest in. Choosing the wrong camera type for your security and monitoring needs can leave you with unusable footage despite a significant investment. Contact today to learn more about what type of surveillance camera(s) best meet the needs of your location so that you can be fully protected against property crimes and theft.

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