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Free Resume Templates For Word

Finding a job is stressful enough, the last thing you need is trouble formatting your CV. We have prepared a list of free resume templates from basic to modern ones. Your job is to fill in the informatio and apply to your dream job with your updated resume.

Named after the university of Harvard, this template is for those longer, more serious resumes.
The font used is Times New Roman 10pt. A big thanks to for this template.

Classic sample that will work for any occasion.
You simply can t go wrong with this one. is to be thanked for this template.

This is a resume template (for word) suitable for engineering, technical and programming jobs.
Created by, it provides decent amount of space to describe your experience, skills and education.

Another great layout from, it has a nice and elegant design.
Any employer would enjoy this clear and detailed resume template. presented us with this free resume template.
It is plain, simple and straightforward.

Subtle colors and great use of space are what makes this layout amazing.
Silent and simple, but with a touch of elegance and a slick design. Just another great CV sample by hloom. continues to surprise us with incredible layouts, as far as free resume templates go, this is one of the best.
This template comes with a space for your picture is a great fit for jobs in the science industry.

A free resume template from with professional style.
It looks great and it can be easily customized to suit your needs.

Another free, and slick resume template by hloom.

This layout is perfect for candidates who want to stress their creative side.

High Impact Multi Color

Another powerful CV template from Hloom.
A resume that is also a portfolio with your achievements if you are into photography or design.

This is a great CV template from You can also use their online editor to complete it within minutes.
This one is suitable for any type of job.

A great hloom template for people who are looking for jobs in the art and design fields.
Circle charts are there to rank your qualifications in the best possible way.

Want to emphasize your organizational skills?
Use this template to create a resume of a successful manager.

This is the way to show your bright side!
If pink is your color, has made a resume template just for you.

Great template to attract future employers.
You can use this if you re applying for an entry level position.

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Professional Free Resume Templates!

Starting with a blank resume can be frustrating. For landing the best job you will need to use the best free resume templates available! Our well formatted resumes will make writing a much easier task verses starting from scratch. It s important to have your resume stand out from the job competition.

Our resume templates outline occupation skills and job experiences so an employer can see, at a glance, how you can contribute to the their company. As you build your resume keep in mind that you are selling yourself and you need to relay information efficiently without making the resume too long.

Our many sample resumes will give you a simple outline which will allow you to write your resume document in an easy to read layout. All our resumes are downloadable in Microsoft Word format. Note that our templates are much easier to edit than all the resume maker software online. With our free resumes you are able to move text boxes and increase or decrease text size. Unlike other resume builders, with our Word files you will be able to design your resume with color by using all the available font decoration tools. Another plus is you can take the Word file with you and edit it on other computers.

Resume Writing Tips

Do you want to land your dream job? In order to get your desired job you need to have an effective resume. Now to make this resume top notch, we have several tips to give you.

Many students and job seekers will write their resume to attain a job however, this is not the sole reason for the document. Because of this your resume can turn out being lame and you don t want that! Your goal is to get the interview and impress the recruiters. See our article about the 6 Resume Tip to Never Forget.

Cover Letter Tips

Writing the cover letter is a dreaded experience and every time an individual is faced with writing one he/she panics, searches for example and gives up wondering why cover letters are important. Cover letters are quite important as they contain the points showcasing your abilities so that recruiters focus on them and hire you. The way your cover letter is presented makes you stand out from all other candidates. Go to our article on the 6 Cover Letter Tips to Live By.

Why we provide free resume templates?

Our mission is to give job applicants a jumpstart on writing their resume. We also want to assist job searchers who need advice by outlining resume mistakes and job interview tips. With unemployment at an all time high, it s our pleasure to provide this service to help guide job hunters to their favored occupation.

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CV Resume and Cover Letter

Welcome to the CV-Resume website!

This website is to help you make and create the best possible first impression on a potential employer, in other words, how to write a resume. It is based on various CV-Resume writing sources, resume services. and interviews with industrial recruiters and clearance and MCSE professionals. who offer their best advice on how to craft attention-getting CV-Resumes. Making sure your CV Resume shows who you are, and that it engages the interest of your potential employer is one of the first steps when it comes to getting you on your way to landing a job. Whether it is going to be your first graduate job or even a career change- making sure your CV Resume creates the right impression could not be more important.

Creating the perfect CV-Resume is part science, part art and a lot of hard work. You must be willing to spend considerable time reflecting on your skills and accomplishments. formulating career goals for your future, then composing and editing the document. You need to think about the most relevant information to include, and also what format is best for the type of job you are applying to.

With so many different ideas for how a CV Resume should be, it can all get a bit much deciding which is the best approach is for you. You may need some resume help so that your CV Resume generates the interest it deserves, and you can hopefully move that one step closer to the interview process.

Because this important tool is used to get you an interview with a potential employer, it should be clear, accurate, and concise. Your CV-Resume outlines your career objective and/or highlights of your career to date, education, major skills and accomplishments, work experience and references, amongst other things. With so much competition on the job market today, the information you chose to include in your CV Resume is really important. Employers are interested in the ‘all rounder’, so while your academic and/or professional experiences are the most important components, it also helps to give them an insight into the type of person you are outside of the office, through the hobbies and interests that you have.

The purpose of your CV Resume is to convince a potential employer that you’re an outstanding candidate who will make positive contributions to the company. The first impression they have about you is going to be based on what they read. That’s why it’s important to sell yourself as best as you can. This way you can improve your chances of getting that all important interviews for the graduate job you are after, the dream job you’ve been chasing, or the big career move you’re planning on making.


What you need to know

As you read this CV-Resume website, keep in mind that if you talk to 10 different people, you’ll get 10 different versions of what to put on your CV-Resume. Different resume formats vary, as do personalities. Your primary goal is to communicate enough information about yourself to prompt an interview. Just like you wouldn’t turn up to a job interview in tattered jeans, a dirty sweat shirt and with unkempt hair, your CV Resume should also be presented in a clear, neat and tidy manner. Trying to send out the right first impression when all you have is pen and paper at your defence can be tough, so it’s important that you try to sell yourself as best as you can.

CV Resume

Imagine that the selection process is a fair full of stands with products; the product that you are going to promote is yourself, the explanatory brochure is your CV-Resume. the stand of your company is the presentation or resume cover letter (your own) and the competitors are the other candidates who are also using marketing strategies to sell themselves. With so much competition out there, what can you do to make sure that people are interested in reading about your product?

Your Cv-Resume is your primary marketing tool. Cv-Resume purpose is not to get you a job but to get you an interview. Neither an autobiography nor a curriculum vitae, a Cv-Resume presents your relevant skills and accomplishments in an accurate and compelling way to interest potential employers. Your CV Resume is the first stage in finding suitable candidates for a job. Making sure that you make it through to the next round is all a part of how you market yourself on paper. The need to sell yourself in this way is important as your potential employer will make his preliminary judgements based on what he reads, before making that all important decision about whether or not to offer you an interview.

Resume cover letter

Free resources, references and examples

A well written and comprehensive CV-Resume will greatly enhance your chances of being selected for an interview .

At CV-resume we give you the opportunity to write the perfect CV and be seen by 1.5 million employers recruiters .

As it’s said. “resumes win interviews, but references win job offers”.

Making sure your CV-Resume has all the right components is key to making sure your potential employer sees exactly what type of product he could be investing in.

Having a good reference can make or break an interview offer, so how you conduct yourself in the workplace is always important. Remember that your current boss, even if it is just a part-time job while you are still at University or College, could one day be the person who makes or breaks your chances of a job interview.

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The purpose of a resume is to win an interview with a prospective employer. A effective resume should convince an employer that you are qualified for the position and stimulates interest in meeting you and learning more about your skills.

If you are in the sales field, Internet field, engineering field, legal field or accounting field you can use our free Resume Templates to update your current resume for free. When writing your own resume, look at the sample resume templates below and take notice of how the resume is set up. Duplicate this format with your own employment history and information. Hoover Web Design recommends that you use Microsoft Word or similar software for creating your professional resume.

Sample Resume Templates

Thank you very much for your free, workable teacher resume templates. They worked great, and I didn’t have to pay a professional to do my resume which is great because teachers don’t make anything. – Henrietta M.

Like us on Facebook:

Web Designers Resume – This is Gina Hoover’s resume. It can be used as a sample resume for a web designer, a freelancer or someone who has an Internet job.

Sales Manger Resume Template – a resume template set up for a professional sales manager.

Accountant Resume Template – a resume template set up for a graduate looking for a position in the accounting field.

Administrative Assistant Resume Template – a resume template set up for some in the administrative or secretarial field.

Sample Engineer Resume Template – a resume template set up for a graduate looking for a position in the engineering field.

Sample Agricultural Resume Template – a resume template for someone in the agricultural field.

Sample Legal Resume Template – a resume template made for someone in the legal field.

Editable Resume Templates

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Free Resume Templates

Here are Free Resume Templates that anyone can use to create a professional looking Resume. No Body deny the importance of professionally written resume but it is also a matter of fact that Resume Template or Layout is the key to look professional. If your wording and contents are professional but you are not using professional layout, it means less chances are there that your resume will be considered as professional. So be very careful when choosing right resume template for the right job industry.

Here are a couple of Free Resume Templates that you will find useful in your research,

This is a professional resume design that can help you grab your employeer s attraction very fast. It will stand out among so many resumes that your potential employeer might be short listing. Please pay necessary attention to the contents and sections as it has been designed very accurately targeting a professional working environment.

Here is another format. It is professional yet very simple. If you are not able to manage complex resume layouts in your MS Word, here it is for you to quickly assist you in creating professional resumes.

Related Word Templates:

  1. Free Invoice form or Sample Invoice Form is a need of every business. Here is our Free Invoice Form or Sample that you can download to quickly create your professional looking invoices on the fly. This is a Microsoft Word Template and is an idea for those busy businessmen having no time to create templates.
  2. Word Templates Download Free Microsoft Word Templates Microsoft Word is a leading wordprocessor in PC World. It is a great help for its users to start creating professional documents using already created templates and sample documents. Hence we have created this site to provide hands on Microsoft Word Templates to assist you in your routine tasks. Usually.
  3. Free Gift Box Templates Here are our Free Gift Box Templates. We have received huge demand for such templates and hence we have done extensive research to find them for you. Please note that we didn t created these Gift Box Templates rather we collected it from Internet. There correspoding copyright notes are present on.

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Professional resume samples

In our website we’re sure you will find a Template that will match your needs we have more than 250

Make a well-written resume

Everybody is aware of the big amount of professionals who have just graduated and don’t know how to write a resume. We offer an extensive collection of free resume templates that can be used in order to prepare a professional application, covering hundreds of job positions.

Don’t forget to visit our blog to get very useful advice on how to write such an important document and get the employer’s attention.

Writing Tips

  • Think carefully about what you are going to include in your CV in order to make yourself look as the perfect professional for the job position you’re applying for. Don’t forget to include some important parts as the Objective, Career profile, Education, Experience and other skills, placing them in the correct order.
  • Consider using templates, which can provide various benefits: it saves time, it’s easier, avoids some formatting problems and gives a professional touch.
  • A well-written resume should convince the employer that you have what it takes to be successful in this new position or career. It should be so pleasing to the eye that the reader is enticed to pick it up and read it.
  • The central idea is to inspire the prospective employer to pick up the phone and ask you to come in for an interview.

Education background is one of the most important parts, place your information in a correct way.

You should place only related and relevant job experience using keywords in the description part.

Resume Objective

A professional resume template should always have an objective or summary. Every job seeker already know how important is to have a statement that shows the employer your goals and what you can do for the company. To see some examples of these statements, you can check our repository and download the template that fits your needs.

Prepare a brief and explicit objective statement, check out some valuable tips here.

Review these examples in order to know how a resume objective statement should be written.

Recent Blog Posts

Knowing what to include to your resume will help ensure that hiring managers take time to review your candidacy. Here are 10 ways to make sure your resume shows what you can deliver.

1. Craft an effective cover letter: Cover letters are expected with resumes today, and they should be treated as essential to the whole package. Take time to express your interest in the position and the soft skills you offer. Ensure that your cover letter shines and avoid simply rehashing details from the resume that follows.

Your resume should stand out to be effective among the stacks received by hiring managers. Even if you’ve already covered all the standard elements of a good resume, you can enhance the appeal of your resume with testimonials. These snippets of praise from former employers will help prove your competence to hiring managers. Here is more about testimonials and how to include them in your resume.

Using online resume services and tools can help you to vastly improve the overall professionalism and quality of your own CV. Applying for a job in today’s economy can be challenging regardless of your level of experience, previous employment history and the skill sets you have. Any time you are interested in obtaining a new job. using an online resume builder and other CV writing tips online can greatly improve your chances of receiving a follow-up interview request or your chances of being hired altogether. The more time and effort you put in to writing a CV for each individual position you are interested in the easier it is to build a professional reputation for yourself anywhere you apply.

In today’s unpredictable job market, several job seekers are facing a situation they never dreamed of encountering: changing careers. Whether it’s via layoff or the lack of available jobs, many candidates are seeking employment in new industries. To successfully transition into a new career, your CV must be set up in a very specific way which adequately highlights your “transferable” skills and makes you look like a qualified candidate. Transferable skills are skills which you used in your previous employment that are applicable to the job you are seeking. Showcasing your most relevant abilities and experience is what will convince employers to interview you, so that should be the focus of the CV. To do this, you have two very distinct options: a reverse-chronological OR functional resume.

If you are applying to a nursing position, you need to write a standout resume objective. A CV objective statement for a nursing position should describe your work experiences. your skills. and your qualifications ; it should also show employers what position you are interested in getting.
A CV objective statement is a short paragraph that lists the applicant’s interests, experiences, goals and how they heard about the job. Writing a resume objective statement is not required, but including it with your CV can help you stand out from other applicants.

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MBA Graduate Resume

MBA graduates can land a job in all types of manufacturing settings. They can work in areas that form the core structure of the organization. For example, finance, human resources, sales & marketing, general management, and information technology. Each of these areas can help them advance in their career path. They will mostly be hired to supervise employees, handle business operations, streamline processes, and oversee functions of multiple departments. If you are an MBA with major in Human Resources, you can be a hiring manager, compensation specialist, or a relations specialist.

Sample MBA Graduate Resume

A highly talented and skilled business management candidate with extensive knowledge of business principles is seeking an entry position as a Business Administrator to contribute my skills for the development of the company.

Summary of Skills:

  • Experienced in handling office management and public relations
  • Proficient with MS Office Suite, and business enterprise applications
  • Excellent time management, organizational, and communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail and problem solving skills
  • Self-motivated, honest, and multi-tasking person
  • Outstanding networking, researching, and managerial skills

Business Administrator (Trainee)
Sun Pharma, Mesa, AZ
October 2015 – Present

  • Supporting in routine office activities and employee support program
  • Sorting, organizing, and filing records and details of business activity
  • Coordinating with the IT department and ensuring company data is secured
  • Conversing with clients through phone, emails, and live chat window
  • Answering and resolving grievances of customers and employees
  • Making travel and hotel accommodation arrangement for employees

Business Administrator (Intern)
Minda Electricals, Mesa, AZ
March 2014 – September 2015

  • Assisted in implementation of business procedures
  • Assessed performance of employees and recommended promotion
  • Negotiated contracts and deals with vendors and suppliers
  • Mediated staff issues and handled maintenance problems
  • Scheduled training programs, appointments, and events
  • Ordered and kept records of office supplies


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management
    ABC University, Mesa, AZ

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To Start, Try This!

Or Try This!

35+ Learning Activities

  • A research-based vocabulary supplement providing the tools and training for vocabulary building and retention
  • Engaging activities allow students to read, hear, speak, write, and break down words and sentences

  • Thousands of customizable word lists on academic and content vocabulary, popular reading programs, and many other subjects
  • Reports for educators and parents
  • Immediate feedback for students
  • Available on the web or as an app on iPads, iPhones, and Android devices
  • Correlation to Common Core, state, and international educational standards
  • Used by more than 5 million students in districts, schools, and families worldwide
  • Membership: Free or Premium

    Register as a Free Member to access some activities. Or start as a Premium Member for immediate access to ALL features.

    Over 35 Activities!

    The VocabularySpellingCity Story

    VocabularySpellingCity provides spelling, vocabulary, writing, and language arts activities for K-12 cross-curricular word study. We work closely with our members to continually refine our offerings and welcome feedback and suggestions.

    VocabularySpellingCity was initially created to save teachers time by automating weekly spelling tests, (i.e. administering, grading and recording) and providing immediate feedback for students. Nearly a decade later, the service has grown to provide a wider range of educational services for teachers, families, schools, and districts.
    Our primary focus is now on vocabulary, especially the meaning of words used in specific contexts. We offer seven vocabulary games and activities, plus two writing activities, in which students can demonstrate their mastery of the meaning of words by using them in context, writing their own sentences and paragraphs.

    Our activities to build phonological awareness and phonics skills use a patent-pending technology developed by VocabularySpellingCity. These games let students see and hear words sounded out, spelled, and used in a sentence.

    VocabularySpellingCity is available as an app on iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. as well as on the web. The records are automatically synced between devices. VocabularySpellingCity provides phone and email support to both our Free and Premium Members.
    The VocabularySpellingCity team has also developed, which provides an elementary core science curriculum for kindergarten . first grade . and second grade . Science4Us supports teachers and provides student activities both online and offline using the 5E instructional model .

    Thank you to all the teachers who have shared their best classroom practices using VocabularySpellingCity via online reviews, conference presentations and social media posts. We especially appreciate our members’ insightful ideas, which help guide our product development. Another thank you to those parents who have introduced VocabularySpellingCity to their children’s teachers and, in some cases, purchased it for the whole class. We’d also like to express our appreciation for the valuable feedback provided by our tens of thousands of homeschool families.
    We look forward to a continued partnership in learning!
    VocabularySpellingCity Mayor

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    السلام عليكم .
    بعد غياب طويل عن التدوين
    نقدم لكم في هده التدوينة قالب المحترف 2016 TH3PRO كاملا و مجان لكل زوار مدونة حكمات و بدون حقوق .

    نعم اخواني القالب مقدم اليكم مجانا و هو نفس القالب الحالي لمدونة حكمات للمعلوميات. ثم تطوير القالب ليصبح مثال لقالب مدونة المحترف الأصلي.

    القالب به عديد الميزات و الخصائصه التي تجعله متميزا عن باقي القوالب و منها الشكل الرائع و الحديث للقالب و ايضا الوانه الرائعة و المتميزة و الكثير و الكثير.

    لذلك في هذه التدوينة التدوينة الحصرية نقدم لكم قالب المحترف almohtarif كامل بالجميع اضافاته لا ينقصه أي شيء الكل شغال. القالب يعد النسخة 2016 من قالب المحترف للمعلوميات TH3Professional.

    تحميل قالب المحترف للمعلوميات 2016 الجديد مع جميع الاضافات و بدون اخطاء. تحميل th3professional قالب كامل.

    طريقة التعديل سهلة ما عليك سوى اضافة اسم القسم في اضافة HTML لاظهار السلايشو و اضافات اخرى .

    تحميل تطبيق OG Youtube V9.0 يعتبر تطبيق OGYoutube من افضل التطبيقات لتشغيل فيديوهات يوتيوب على الندويد بدون توقف رغم الخروج منه أو قفل الشاشة اضافة الى تحميل الفيديوهات من الييوتيوب بجميع بجميع الدقات و ايضا تحميلها ب MP3. اما التطبيق فلا يوجد في متجر بلاي ستور لكن يمكنك تحميله من على اسفل الدرس .

    أما مميزات التطبيق OG Youtube اوجي يوتيوب للأندرويد :

    • امكانية تنزيل اكثر من مقطع فيديو يوتيوب في نفس الوقت
    • تشغيل الفيديو بشاشة منبثقة او في الخلفية على هاتفك
    • امكانية تشغيل الفيديو أثناء اغلاق الشاشة أو قفلها
    • تشغيل جميع الد قات “140p


  • تحميل الفيديو بصيغة [MP3]
  • إمكانية تحميل العناوين الفرعية أو ترجمات الفيديوهات
  • تحميل أي دقة تريدها
  • خيار ضغط زر الرجوع مرتين للخروج من الفيديو و ايقاف اشتغال الفيديو .
  • تحميل قالب بلوجر احترافي جاهز لتثبيت. اقدم اليكم اليوم قالب حكمات احترافي لتحميل مجانا و بدون حقوق. يتميز قالب حكمات الحالي بكونه سريع و سهل التصفح و شكله البسيط التقني و.

    مع هذا القالب الرائع حقا لن تحتاج الى البحث بعد الآن فقط استعمله و ستى نتيجة جيدة من ناحية تطور مستوى مدونتك و هذا راجع الى تقنيات السيو المتوفرة عليه يمكنك تجريب القالب من ناحية السيو الخاص عليه و سترى نتيجة مبهرة .

    اما عن باقي خاصيات و مميزات القالب نذكر توافقه مع جميع الشاشات سيو قوي و فعال سلايدشو احترافي سريع شكل متميز في عرض المواضيع اماكن جاهزة لعرض الاعلانات قائمتين افقيتين رائعتين و.

    لتحميل القالب رابط اسفل الموضوع

    • لاضافة سلايدشو اضف الكود التالي في أداة من خلال التخطيط (لاحظ الصورة)

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    Knock Em Dead Career Help Programs

    Take a moment to experience our unique and ever-evolving tactics for job search and career success in today s world.

    Resume Writing Services

    For the most financially important document you will ever own, you need the best. We have been building resumes that generate job interviews and job offers for twenty-five years; you deserve the best, we deliver.

    Career Coaching

    Doctors save lives, Martin Yate CPC makes them worth living. Successful career management is challenging and there is no one with more experience or caring to help plan strategy and execute practical tactics.

    Knock Em Dead eBooks

    From resume writing and job search, through job security professional growth to succeeding in management and/or launching your own company; Martin helps you get what you want out of life.

    Career Help Blog More

    Featuring career help blogs hours of streamed video / radio shows on every conceivable career topic, along with free full-length Knock Em Dead books to read, our Career Clinic is a treasure trove of helpful information.

    Martin’s Expertise Has Helped Place People In These Top Companies

    Just to name a few

    Knock Em Dead Resume Writing Packages

    Get More Interviews, Guaranteed from a 30 Year Expert.

    Entry-Level Resume Package

    Resumes for professionals in all fields with up to 3 years’ experience, including student / intern resumes, new graduate resumes.

    • Professionally Hand-Written
    • Keyword Database Optimized
    • 2 Knock Em Dead eBooks
    • 1hr 1-on-1 Coaching With Mr. Yate
    • 5 hrs of On-Demand Job Search Videos
    • 30-Day Interview Guarantee

    Professional Resume Package

    For professionals with more than three years and less than ten years professional experience whom hold non-management career titles.

    • Professionally Hand-Written
    • Keyword Database Optimized
    • 2 Knock Em Dead eBooks
    • 1hr 1-on-1 Coaching With Mr. Yate
    • 5 hrs of On-Demand Job Search Videos
    • 30-Day Interview Guarantee

    Mid-Career Resume Package

    For senior professionals with more than ten years’ professional experience that hold non-management titles and career changers.

    • Professionally Hand-Written
    • Keyword Database Optimized
    • 2 Knock Em Dead eBooks
    • 1hr 1-on-1 Coaching With Mr. Yate
    • 5 hrs of On-Demand Job Search Videos
    • 30-Day Interview Guarantee

    Science IT Resume Package

    For all science, IT and technology-related professionals holding non-management titles and responsibilities.

    • Professionally Hand-Written
    • Keyword Database Optimized
    • 2 Knock Em Dead eBooks
    • 1hr 1-on-1 Coaching With Mr. Yate
    • 5 hrs of On-Demand Job Search Videos
    • 30-Day Interview Guarantee

    Management Resume Package

    For managers with hiring and firing responsibilities, this category includes all management titles below the Director, V.P. and C-level.

    • Professionally Hand-Written
    • Keyword Database Optimized
    • 2 Knock Em Dead eBooks
    • 1hr 1-on-1 Coaching With Mr. Yate
    • 5 hrs of On-Demand Job Search Videos
    • 30-Day Interview Guarantee

    Executive Resume Package

    For senior management responsible for hiring managers this category includes Director, V.P. C-level titles and entrepreneurs.

    • Professionally Hand-Written
    • Keyword Database Optimized
    • 2 Knock Em Dead eBooks
    • 1hr 1-on-1 Coaching With Mr. Yate
    • 5 hrs of On-Demand Job Search Videos
    • 30-Day Interview Guarantee

    We’ve been doing this for a really long time, so naturally people talk

    Alexandra Levit The WSJ

    “One of my most-admired authors in the career advice space. Martin always challenges me to think about career development issues in new and innovative ways.”

    Nancy Collamer Forbes

    Ahh, The Joys of Cooking in the job-search world… my go-to job search guide.

    Jordan Rich WBZ Boston

    “His knowledge is beyond impressive and his enthusiasm and energy are infectious. There is no more cutting edge guy on career building; he s as sharp as they come and there is no one better on the subject.”

    Maureen Anderson Radio Host

    “You can learn so much from him, he’s so wise. It would be difficult to find someone who embodies the spirit of Doing What Works better than Martin does.”

    Featured eBook From N.Y. Times Bestselling Career Author Martin Yate, CPC.

    Knock Em Dead’s The Ultimate Job Search Guide 2016

    At over 350 pages, this is the most complete and practical job search guide available anywhere in the world (it’s published in 27 languages). Updated for 2016, Knock em Dead delivers a blueprint for success in a time when hundreds of candidates are competing for the same position.
    Yate tells you exactly where today’s employment opportunities are and what skills you’ll need to impress employers.

    He also shows you how to stand out from the crowd with:

    • Step-by-step guidance for writing a resume with keywords that will grab employers’ attention
    • Information on maximizing social networks and using them to land job interviews
    • Guaranteed advice on turning job interviews into job offers

    Buy Your Copy Today

    Your resume is probably the most valuable document you will ever own. When it works, the doors of opportunity open wide, but when it doesn’t work, neither do you. Our professional resume writing services deliver exceptional custom built resumes that come backed with a performance guarantee, and so much more.

    Everyone needs help navigating the twists and turns of a long career. When it comes to career coaching services you must demand the best. You insist on in-depth experience and verifiable credentials because your success demands them.

    With 30+ years’ coaching experience, there is no one on the planet with greater experience or better credentials .

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