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Professional Data Recovery Software File Undelete Tool for FAT, NTFS, exFAT Ext2 / Ext3 / Ext4 FS, UFS, HFS+ file systems

Restorer Ultimate for Windows is a next generation data recovery toolset from the makers of the award-winning Restorer2000. Restorer Ultimate delivers the same industry leading data recovery technology pioneered by Restorer2000, but with faster performance, expanded features, and better results.

Best of all, Restorer Ultimate’s user interface has been completely redesigned to be more intuitive for both novices and experts. Originally developed as a cross-platform solution for data recovery professionals, the latest release of Restorer Ultimate for Windows makes this powerful technology accessible to do-it-yourselfers as well. These usability improvements make basic undelete tasks quicker and easier without hindering the advanced file recovery capabilities that industry pros have relied on for over a decade.

Restorer Ultimate for Windows supports both the 64 and 32 bit Windows platforms. When operating in the 64-bit Windows environment, Restorer Ultimate utilizes the maximum amount of RAM available on the machine. For systems with more than 3 GB of RAM, this 64-bit functionality dramatically reduces the processing time required to scan and analyze high volume disks (when compared to 32-bit data recovery software).

System requirements:

  • An Intel-compatible platform running Windows 2000/XP/ 2003/Vista/2008/2012 or Windows 7/8/8.1/10 .
  • At least 32 MB of RAM, a mouse, and enough disk space for recovered files, image files, and other data stored by Restorer Ultimate.
  • Windows user account with administrative privileges for installation and utilization of Restorer Ultimate for Windows utilities under Windows 2000/XP/ 2003/Vista/2008/2012 Windows 7/8/8.1/10 .
  • A network connection for data recovery over network.

Features and Benefits of Restorer Ultimate for Windows

User interface and Demo mode:

  • Intuitive, wizard-style interface.
  • User friendly, even for tech novices; meanwhile, all the advanced data recovery features are still accessible for power users.
  • Multilanguage support. The user interface language can be switched on-the-fly without restarting the program. Languages supported: English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese .
  • Easy customization and presets for frequently performed data recovery tasks.
  • Online documentation, how-tos, and detailed manual and help file provide step-by-step instructions, tips, and tutorials.
  • Risk free evaluation. The only limitation to the Demo mode is the ability to save recovered files larger than 128 Kb. Larger files can still be located and previewed in the Demo mode. If the file you are looking for is there, you can register on the fly and complete the data recovery. Or, save your search results, register later, and recover the files previously found.
  • Safe and reliable disk imaging module. Scanning a disk image (rather than the drive itself) allows you to explore and analyze a disk without causing further damage. This is the number one best practice for data recovery specialists, especially when working with drives with signs of physical damage.

Data recovery features:

  • Support for the HFS/HFS+ (Mac), FAT/FAT16/FAT32/exFAT/NTFS/NTFS5,ReFS (Windows), and Ext2 / Ext3 / Ext4 FS, UFS1/UFS2 (Linux/Unix) file systems .
  • SmartScan data recovery technology: absolute control over the data recovery process even from corrupted or formatted hard drives.
  • Scalable technology: Perform a quick undelete for recently deleted files or perform a deep disk scan to analyze all files and partitions that have ever existed on the disk.
  • Raw file recovery (disk scan using file signatures for recovery of known file types) with regularly updated file signature database.
  • File preview for graphics, video, and audio files to estimate chances for successful file recovery. Files can be previewed in the Demo mode for free.
  • Advanced file search capabilities.
  • Backup recovered data to any storage device, including external disks (USB, FireWire, etc.), internal disks, separate partitions, and even network and shared drives.

Advanced data recovery features.

  • Scan multiple disk scans at once, even if the file systems and other parameters are different. Recovered data and search results is automatically combined into a single report.
  • Custom-defined file signatures for raw file recovery. GUI editor makes it easy to teach Restorer Ultimate new “known file types.”
  • Advanced disk imaging capabilities, including support for region imaging, disk image compression, split image files (for storing on multiple devices or devices with FAT file size limitations).
  • Powerful text/hexadecimal editor.
  • Support for S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) attribute monitoring. HDD S.M.A.R.T. status is shown using HDD icons.
  • Support for HFS+ compressed files.
  • File system journal processing for HFS+ and Ext3/4fs file systems to increase a number of successfully found files.
  • Soft updates journal processing for enhanced recovery on UFS partitions.
  • Support for extended attributes in HFS+, Ext3/4fs, and UFS file systems. This refines recovery of Mac OSX Time Machine and Linux selinux ACL.

RAID reconstruction:

  • A user-friendly wizard for virtual RAID creation.
  • Automatic RAID parameter recognition for RAID5 and 6.
  • RAID consistency check.
  • Support for RAID level 0, 1, 4, 5, 6, and spanned volumes .
  • Support for nested and non-standard RAID levels: RAID10 (1+0), RAID1E, RAID5E, RAID5EE, RAID6E.
  • Support for parity delays in all applicable RAID layouts.
  • Support for custom-created RAID layouts. Customizable block size and order, as well as offsets. Support for custom stripe block tables.
  • Custom-created RAID layouts can be saved and loaded for different jobs.
  • Support for Windows Storage Spaces created by Windows 8/8.1 and 10/Threshold 2. Restorer Ultimate can automatically assemble both healthy and even slightly damaged Storage Spaces. Storage Space parents with heavily damaged databases can be added manually.
  • Support for Apple software RAIDs created by the OS X system. Restorer Ultimate can automatically recognize and assemble them from their members. Members with severe corrupted RAID parameter records can be added manually.
  • Support for Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM/LVM2). Restorer Ultimate can automatically recognize and assemble its volumes from their components even if volume parameter records are slightly damaged. Components with severe corrupted volume parameter records can be added manually.
  • Support for Windows dynamic disks including unsyncronized Windows software RAIDs.

Network data recovery (for Restorer Ultimate for Windows Network)

  • Save bandwidth by storing recovered files on an external drive connected to the remote computer, rather than transferring recovered files over the network.
  • Remote data recovery over the Internet. Remote Engine can traverse a NAT/Firewall device to connect to Restorer Ultimate.
  • Restorer Ultimate Emergency Engine for file recovery from a networked computer that cannot boot.
  • Recovered and other files like images and scan info can be saved on the remote computer.

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How to Fix Doll Hair (with Pictures) #how #to #restore #doll #hair

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How to Fix Doll Hair

Determine the problem. The first step to fixing your doll’s hair is finding out what is wrong with it. Some dolls may just need their hair combed or brushed, while others need their hair washed. Some doll hair may need to be trimmed to hide frizzy or matted ends. This section will help you determine what the problem is and how to go about fixing it.

Start with brushing your doll’s hair. A simple brushing can get rid of tangles and help a doll’s hair look nicer. Work in small sections, and start from the ends first. Do not brush from the roots down, as this can strain and damage the hair fibers. Use a wide-toothed metal comb or a wig brush with metal bristles. Avoid plastic combs or brushes (including metal brushes with plastic points), as the plastic will create static and cause flyaways. [1]

  • If your doll has curly hair, then brush each curl individually, and gently wrap the curl around your finger.
  • Do not use a brush that you use for your hair. Brushes collect a lot of natural oils from hair, and these oils may damage doll hair.
  • If your doll has yarn hair, then brush it gently with a wide-toothed comb, or with your fingers.

Consider trimming the doll hair. If the doll hair is mostly nice, but the ends are matted and frizzy, consider trimming the ends off with a pair of sharp scissors. Keep in mind, however, that this change will be permanent. Doll hair does not grow back.

Consider curling the hair. Doll hair can be dampened and then wrapped around straws or hair curlers (depending on the doll’s size). This method can be used to restore a doll’s curly hairstyle, or it can be used to help conceal matted, frizzy ends. To learn how to curl your doll’s hair, refer to the section in this article on curling your doll’s hair.

Consider washing the doll hair. Sometimes, a doll’s hair is just dirty, and can benefit from a gentle wash. You can also wash a doll’s hair to soften the fibers and help manage tangles. To learn how to wash your doll’s hair, refer to the sections in this article on washing synthetic hair and washing natural hair (real hair and mohair).

Determine what materials the doll and the doll hair are made out of. Before you decide to wash your doll’s hair, you will have to determine what it is made out of. Some doll hair can be easily washed, while others can be ruined by washing. Similarly, some dolls can safely come in contact with water, while others can be ruined if they come in contact with water. Here are the doll and doll hair types can and cannot be washed:

  • Dolls made out of synthetic material, such as plastic and vinyl can safely come in contact with water. Most modern dolls bought from the toy store are made out of synthetic materials.
  • Dolls made out of wood or porcelain will need extra caution when getting their hair cleaned. Any moisture that touches the doll’s head may cause rot or mildew to form, ruining the doll.
  • Doll hair made out of real hair and mohair can be washed with caution: most dolls with this type of hair have wigs that are glued onto their heads (as opposed to being rooted).
  • Doll hair made out of synthetic material can be safely washed. Most modern dolls from the toy store have hair made from synthetic materials.
  • Doll hair made out of wool cannot be washed as water will ruin it. Consider cleaning the hair by brushing cornstarch or talcum powder onto it instead, and then brushing it off again. [2]
  • Doll hair made out of yarn can be washed with caution: most dolls with yarn hair are made of fabric, and may begin to rot or form mildew if they get wet. If you must wash yarn hair, then wash it like you would synthetic doll hair, but with fabric softener or laundry detergent intended for hand-washing.

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Symantec System Recovery (formerly Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery) Download #symantec #system #recovery #(formerly #symantec

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Symantec System Recovery comes across as an all-in-one backup and recovery solution targeting medium-sized to large businesses. It provides a proactive protection level for desktop systems, laptops, virtual machines and even servers while avoiding disruptions in productivity.

A versatile disaster recovery platform

The program combines the power of multiple backup and restore technologies in order to speed up the process of recovering important data in minutes. The idea behind the product is to offer an alternative to tedious manual backups, providing all that is needed for automation through scheduled tasks.

Administrators can carry out restorations from bare metal with a low risk of encountering errors and with significantly fewer efforts than in more traditional approaches. With the aid of the off-site copy feature, restore points are transferred to an outer location, such as a FTP server or an external drive.

Centralized management solution

Symantec System Recovery is built upon a scalable platform where the management of the servers and clients is done in a professional manner. A central server can handle up to 20,000 clients, allowing administrators to deploy and control policies, installations and backups remotely.

Other tasks that can be performed through the central component include recovery monitoring, environment tracking, as well as maintenance for both Linux and Windows servers.

An industry-leading product

Symantec System Recovery consists of a powerful set of tools that makes sure important data is always kept under supervision and backed up on a regular basis. Backups are efficiently compressed, which makes restoration operations faster.


  • 60 days trial


    • Processor: Dual Processor Dual Core with 2.53 GHz or faster
    • RAM: Minimum 2 GB, recommended 4 GB or more
    • Available disk space: 20 GB or more
    • NET Framework 4.0

Symantec System Recovery (formerly Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery) was reviewed by Andreea Matei

Template for an Operational Level Agreement (OLA #backup, #recovery, #restore, #ola, #sla, #operational #level #agreement,

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Operations Level Agreement (OLA) for Backup and Recovery / Backup SLA

This Operating Level Agreement (OLA) specific for Backup and Recovery is not just a template containing a generic OLA-structure, it does contain backup and recovery specific content!

This template supports the creation of an OLA with the Backup Team about

  • Backup
  • Retention and
  • Recovery

Filesystem Backup and Restore and Database Backup and Restore are covered in separate chapters.

In addition to basic backup and restore service this template addresses advanced backup and recovery methods and tape cloning and offsite storage.

In case of outsourced Backup and Recovery Services or partially outsourced. e.g. the related Sub-Service of tape storage at offsite location – the section about “Right to Audit” is of high importance.

This Mercury template contains a comprehensive list of services provided / tasks done by the Backup Team.

Usage Tip: In case that the project team does not request (and pay for) certain (extended) services, the author suggests to rather check the checkbox “NO” (best with an explanation) than to delete those from the agreement. This avoids discussions about “we were not aware that this is not included” which usually start after some unpleasant things happened.

For more details about the content of this template please check the Table of Contents

OLA’s are agreements between different IS/IT-departments,
the SLA is the overall agreement between IS/IT and the business department.

Background Information: An introduction into Operations Level Agreements (OLA) and the difference to Service Level Agreements (SLA)

The four terms “Operations Level Agreement”, “Operational Level Agreements”, “Operating Level Agreements” and “Organizational Level Agreement” are used equal in relevant published literature.

Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity #richmond #habitat, #habitat #for #humanity #richmond, #richmond #restore, #habitat #restore,

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At Habitat for Humanity, we not only offer safe, affordable homes; we offer hope. By facilitating homeownership, families can break the cycle of poverty, which goes a long way to building a better future for multiple generations.

Mission: Seeking to put God s love into action, Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.

See Our Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Report

Thanks to our generous supporters and volunteers, 22 families were served last year via new builds, rehabs, critical home repairs, and credit counseling! Download our Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Report to read more.

Habitat Happenings


Have useable items you are looking to get rid of? Give our ReStore a call and we can schedule a free pickup! Check out our donation guidelines to see if your items would be a good fit!

Interested in becoming a homeowner? Attend one of our upcoming homeownership seminars !

Habitat 804.232.7001

2281 Dabney Rd, Suite A
Richmond, VA 23230

ReStore 804.228.1305

Windows 8 Apps Data Backup Download #windows #8 #apps #data #backup, #download #windows #8 #apps

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A small utility that will help you create backups of all the installed Windows 8 apps and have then ready for restoring in case a system crash occurs

With the emergence of Windows 8, a new type of applications, especially designed for this operating system, also appeared and some of them are pre-installed an integrated with the OS. This particular kind of programs that are meant to let users enjoy the fresh Modern UI are also subject to mishaps and can be affected just like any other type of software by various failures.

For those who want to keep them safe and have them at hand, ready to be recovered in case such a misfortune does occur, a utility like Windows 8 Apps Data Backup could save the day. Even if the interface doesn t rise to the standards of the new-made style introduced by Microsoft s proprietary operating system, the practicality of the tool is beyond doubt.

Very easy to use and well suited for beginners, Windows 8 Apps Data Backup will not require installation and can be deployed directly, even from a portable storage device. The program has only two buttons which correspond to the main functions, namely that of crating backups and restoring the saved data.

If you opt for the first feature, the software will automatically scan the environment, detect and display in a list all the Windows 8 apps that are installed onto the PC. The selection of those items that you want to set aside for safekeeping can be done either individually or as a batch, using the Select all button.

The backup can be done in a couple of ways, more precisely you can have the applications copied to a new folder or archive them in a ZIP file. The other procedure, of restoring the data, is just as simple since all you have to do is choose the location of the backup and then pic the apps you want to bring back to their initial state.

All the operations are carried out quite fast and even if the looks may be against it, Windows 8 Apps Data Backup proves to be an otherwise useful tool.

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MS PowerPoint PPT Repair Tool to Recover Corrupt PPT File #powerpoint #file #recovery, #repair #powerpoint

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PPT Repair Tool v1.0

A Reliable Tool to Repair MS PowerPoint PPT Data with Ease!

PowerPoint PPT Repair software is designed to fix corrupt Microsoft PowerPoint files. It offers remarkable solutions to recover all data from the PPT files that are inaccessible due to corruption.

  • Executes Recovery of maximum possible data from highly corrupt PPT files.
  • Operates PPT recovery in two recovery modes: Standard Advanced .
  • Support master slides preview to choose main master for your slides.
  • Supports Bulk Conversion i.e more than one files can be recovered at a time.
  • Extracts pictures from corrupt PPT files and saves them separately.
  • In Demo Version. user can only Scan and Preview the recovered data.

Trusted By :

more clients.

Some Prominent Features of MS PowerPoint PPT Repair Tool

Two-Way PPT File Recovery

The software works on two recovery modes viz. Standard Mode and Advanced Mode. Standard mode works for minor file corruptions. Advanced mode is a choice over Standard mode when it fails to work on major corruptions.

Choose “Master Slide” Option

This software lets the user to preview recovered data before saving the files. This ensures authentic file back up as the backed-up data can be previewed in two forms viz. Slide Form and Image Form.

Restores Complete Recovered Data

The tool to repair corrupt PPT Files restores each and every file objects like: tables, charts, slides, pictures, multimedia objects, etc. from a corrupt PPT file without any time delay.

Facilitate Bulk Recovery

This exclusive PPT Repair tool has the ability to recover one or multiple files at a time. By this, it becomes very easy for users to recover more than one file at the same time without any issue.

Display Data Preview

This software lets the user to preview recovered data before saving them. It also ensures authentic file backup as the backed-up data can be previewed in two forms viz. i.e. Slide Form and Image Form.

Safe Recovery with Rapid Speed

The MS PowerPoint Repair Tool is faster and quicker in performance as it offers accurate recovery solutions while maintaining standard data integrity and processes recovery without damaging the image or graphics quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of data can be recovered from PPT Repair Tool?

Ans. The MS PPT Repair can restore each and every file object like tables, charts, master slides, pictures, multimedia objects, etc. from any corrupted PowerPoint files.

What are the causes of PPT file corruption?

Ans. Unforeseen reasons that result in PPT file corruption, includes:

  • Virus or bugs attack on PowerPoint files
  • Unexpected system shutdown due to sudden power failure
  • Abrupt or improper termination of MS PowerPoint
  • Unwanted clash of MS PowerPoint with other malicious applications
  • Bad sectors or ‘crash’ in system Hard Disk Drive
  • Damaged File header of PPT files
Is there any PPT file size limit in MS PowerPoint PPT File Repair tool?

Ans. No, there is no file size limit to recover any corrupt PPT file in this software.

Is MS office is necessary to use PPT File Recovery tool?

Ans. In the demo version there is no need of MS Office but if we use full license version we require MS office at the time of saving the data.

Comparision of Trial Full Version

How to Retrieve Files from USB Drive Not Showing Data? #restore #files #from #usb #drive

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Recover Files Which Are Not Showing Up on Flash Drive

Significance of USB drives.

USB drives provide easiest way to preserve your valuable data in handy way. As one can find USB ports in all computers, USB flash drives gains more importance in sharing and storing data among different systems. One can store huge amount of data on these tiny USB drives and you can even find USB drives having storage capacity equal to hard drive. But, at some point of time it might happen to you that USB drive may not any files that stored in it. This may take place due to some logical conflicts on USB drive.

Imagine a scenario.

You downloaded some essential project related files on cyber café PC and transferred those documents to your USB drive. After returning back to home, you connected the USB pen drive to system and shocked to see no data on USB flash. Now, what should you do when USB drive does not show up any data? Instead of worrying about lost data, it is suggested to know about the reason and solution for such illusions. Let us discuss possible reasons behind USB drive that is not showing any data:

  • Harmful virus attacks become one of the major reasons for USB drive showing no data. Dangerous virus may completely vanish USB drive data
  • Improper handling or using USB drive on various devices may lead to its file system corruption. In such instants, file system status of USB drive may turn into RAW this tends to loss of entire data stored in it
  • When accidentally erased, Recycle Bin doesn’t show deleted items from USB thus causing data loss

By chance if you met with similar problem and lost files from USB drive, then before going for any expensive solution here it is advised to try some manual method to restore files from USB drive displaying no data. In some instances harmful viruses or unexpected disasters may hide essential files on USB drive even if you enable “Shown hidden files and folders” option. In such situations, one can restore hidden files from USB drive by following below mentioned steps:

  • Locate your USB drive on system
  • Open command prompt using Start – Run – type cmd
  • On command prompt type the letter assigned to your USB drive (Example if J, type J)
  • Later type cd and press Tab key until you get hidden folders
  • At last make those files and folders unhidden by typing attrib “foldername” – h. Now you can find hidden files on your USB drive

In case this method fails to restore files from USB drive, then make use of relevant file recovery software.

One can use Yodot File Recovery application to retrieve missing files from USB drive that not showing any data on Windows system. This utility can rescue all types of files such as documents, presentation files, multimedia files and other files based on files name, file size, files extension and other related details. Apart from USB flash drive, it can bring back lost files from different storage devices like memory cards, hard drives, portable hard drives and other storage media on Windows system. In addition, you can extract files from formatted or corrupted USB drives using this tool. The software works efficiently on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

Steps to restore files from USB drive not showing any data:

  • Connect you affected USB drive to Windows system
  • Download Yodot File Recovery utility and install it to that Windows desktop or laptop
  • Setup the application and follow the steps mentioned in main screen
  • The first screen displays two options, choose “Lost File Recovery” option to bring back missing file from USB drive
  • The software now explores all the drive present in the system
  • Opt the drive that symbolizes your USB drive and click on “Next” button
  • Later the application scans the chosen drive and displays all the recoverable files
  • To have easy collection of files you can move over two different views such as “File Type View “ and “Data View”
  • Choose your necessary files from the list that showed and click “Next” button
  • Finally, browse for the your preferred location to save your rescued files (Do not save to the same USB drive)

Suggestions to avoid data loss:

  • Make sure that each time you ejecting USB drive from your system using the “Safely Remove ” or “Eject ” option
  • Avoid using the same USB device in multiple systems as there is possibility of its corruption
  • Whenever there takes place loss of file from USB drive, immediately stop storing new data on that flash drive as its storage space may overwrite and thereby lessen the chances of data retrieval

Other popular Software

Accidentally deleted a partition in an attempt make a dual boot system? Relax you can recover your important with ease using Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software for Windows. The software can find and recover data from deleted partitions.

The only undelete application for Mac that can recover deleted files from HFS+, HFSX partitions on Mac. The software also has the ability to recover lost files using RAW signature method.