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Nexus 6P


  • ” href=”/en/phones/mate9″ class=”img_center_word a-common” style=”background-size:cover; background-image: url(‘/content/dam/huawei-cbg-site/en/mkt/header-menu/img_con_en_nav_mp1_bg2.jpg’);”>


Packed with advanced features like the Kirin 960 processor, second-generation Leica Dual Camera, 4000mh battery and much, much more.

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    HUAWEI P10

    The new Leica Dual Camera 2.0 uses precise 3D facial detection, dynamic illumination, and natural portrait enhancements to produce stunning artistic portrait shots in Leica image style.

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    HUAWEI nova 2’s 20MP front camera shoots higher definition, bolder, more artistic and more beautiful portraits than ever.

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    1. Huawei Mate Series
    2. Huawei P Series
    3. Huawei G Series
    4. Huawei Y Series
    5. Huawei nova Series


    1. Slim
    2. Long-lasting battery
    3. Excellent camera
    4. Stunning audio
    5. Octa-core CPU


    1. 5 megapixels
    2. 5 – 8 megapixels
    3. 8 – 13 megapixels
    4. 13 – 16 megapixels


    Light, powerful, beautiful, portable. Rethink the PC. Rethink your life. 13-inch screen, 12.5mm thick, 1.05 kg. Effortlessly integrates work and life. Portable enough to change the world from anywhere you want.

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    Go running or cycling with your favorite workout beats, while guided and motivated by real-time coaching, and have your trail mapped via GPS, all without the burden of a phone.

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    Compact to fit in your pocket, the HUAWEI Mobile WiFi Pro can support you stay connected while you travel.

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    Tablets – Cheap Tablets Deals #tablets,buy #tablets,cheap #tablets,tablets #price,latest #tablets,tablets #deals

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    Tablets give you easy access, wherever you are

    We have a huge selection of different tablets, such as Apple iPads and Android tablets. and can help you find the perfect one to suit you and your needs. Whether you want to stream films in bed, take notes in lectures, or simply want to keep an eye on your social network, there’s a tablet to suit you and your budget.

    If you know the sort of thing you’re after you can search for brands, models, or specs. If you’re just looking or haven’t made your mind up yet, we’ve listed a few things below to consider when you’re browsing.

    Tablet screen quality is measured in pixels per inch (ppi). Because screen sizes and shapes vary so much, ppi gives you a universal number that makes comparing the sharpness and clarity of screens between different sized tablets easier. The higher the number, the better the picture quality.

    An easy way to see how fast a tablet will run your apps is by checking the processor. Dual-core processors are great for everyday browsing, while quad and octa-core processors are better for gaming and creative use. Some tablets have full-size laptop processors, which make them ideal for design and media editing on the go.

    Like laptops and mobile phones, tablet storage is measured in gigabytes (GB). The higher the number, the more data you can store on your device. If you’re using Cloud storage or don’t expect to save much media, up to 16 GB is ample. If you want to watch films offline or carry a lot of music, look for a tablet with 32 GB and up.

    Each tablet we sell has built-in WiFi, so you can always get online at home, the office, coffee shops, and more.

    4G tablets let you access the internet the same way your smartphone does, and are great for working away from the office, streaming films during long journey, and more.

    An eReader with a backlit screen is ideal if you like to read at night or in lower light conditions. The text is lit from behind, so there’s no glare like you’d get reading under a light.

    Customer services

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    Should You Buy Eyeglasses Online? #should #i #wear #glasses #to #an #interview, #buying #prescription #eyeglasses

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    Buying Eyeglasses Online: A Good Idea?

    If you’ve ever ordered products online, you know that the Internet often beats a regular store hands-down in terms of convenience. For one thing, you don’t need to leave your house. Plus, with just a few clicks of your mouse or taps on your screen, you can comparison shop for a great price.

    If you prefer a high-fashion frame like this one by Alain Mikli, you may want to buy at a brick-and-mortar store. Trying it on is the best way to know how it’s going to look and feel on your face.

    Alternatively, if your glasses are too small, they will be uncomfortable to wear; they can pinch the sides of your head and leave red marks on your temples. They also can cause discomfort behind your ears or on your nose.

    It can be challenging to try to fit yourself with eyeglasses, but some online stores offer tips. One site suggests that you select eyeglasses in a size that is close to your current glasses, or that you measure your head with a measuring tape or use your hat size as a reference.

    It’s important to note that the prescription strength and weight of your lenses also play into whether your eyeglasses will be comfortable and look good.

    Many times, an experienced optician is a good judge of whether the frames you love will work for you, or whether they will cause you problems once the lenses are inserted. A knowledgeable optician also can tell you about thinner, lighter lenses that will make your glasses more attractive and more comfortable especially if you have a strong prescription.

    Making Sure Glasses Look Great On You

    When you shop in a traditional optical store and want to know how a pair of glasses looks on you, you simply try them on.

    Optical websites offer creative solutions to address this important issue. Some sites allow you to upload a photo of yourself to the site, and then superimpose the image of the frames you’re interested in on your picture. Others offer tips on finding the right eyeglasses for your face shape and recommend styles of frames to complement your facial features.

    Buying Bifocal Eyeglasses Online

    Bifocals and progressive lenses present additional challenges. Fitting multifocal lenses is an intricate process because an additional prescription power is added to the lens, and extra measurements must be taken.

    Most sites shy away from offering bifocals and progressive lenses, although some give shoppers the option of contacting them via e-mail and going through the process on an individual basis, rather than by filling out a form.

    Multifocal lenses also come in many different styles. Determining which one is right for you often requires an in-depth discussion with a knowledgeable dispenser or doctor. Even if you already wear bifocals, if you are limited to just certain lenses on a website, you might not find out whether you’re getting the optimal lens for your visual needs.

    Online Return Policies

    Some companies that offer Web-based optical goods post their return policies on their sites, so if you find the glasses aren’t right for you, you can get some sort of refund. These policies often are consistent with what is offered at brick-and-mortar optical stores. Naturally, if you return a pair of eyeglasses that has been mistreated or is missing parts, you probably won’t get much of a refund, or any at all.

    Convenience And Price

    In many ways, it is easier to select eyeglasses if you have an optician helping you. However, purchasing eyewear online often is less expensive and may be more convenient.

    If you already know which frames you want to purchase and have measurements taken by an optical professional, it’s easy to order your new eyeglasses online and wait for them to arrive in the mail.

    Certainly, people who have difficulty traveling, are in remote areas or are just plain busy may prefer buying their glasses online rather than making the trip to an optical store.

    Like the eyewear itself, the decision whether or not to buy glasses online is very individual. If you decide to give it a try, arming yourself with as much information as possible beforehand will make the online buying process go smoother.

    Home Eyeglasses Purchasing on the Internet

    [Page updated May 2017]

    All About Vision and are registered trademarks of AAV Media, LLC. 2000-2017 AAV Media, LLC.

    All About Vision is a Supporter National Sponsor of Optometry Giving Sight and we encourage our readers to support these humanitarian eye care organizations.

    This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information. Please click here to verify.

    Text and images on this website are copyright protected and reproduction is prohibited by law. You may print or email pages for personal use. Read our policy.

    RSH Historical Stock Prices #rsh #stock #price #today, #rsh #historical #stock #prices

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    RadioShack is primarily engaged in the retail sale of consumer electronics goods and services through its RadioShack store chain. As of May 3 2014, Co. had 4,250 U.S. company-operated retail stores, all operating under the RadioShack brand name. Co.’s product lines are categorized into two platforms: mobility, including postpaid and prepaid wireless handsets, commissions, residual income, prepaid wireless airtime, e-readers and tablet devices as well as its wireless accessories and tablet accessories; and retail, which includes its remaining consumer electronics product categories and related accessories, batteries and power products, and technical products.

    RSH (RSH) has the following price history information. Looking back at RSH historical stock prices for the last five trading days, on January 28, 2015, RSH opened at $0.32, traded as high as $0.34 and as low as $0.31, and closed at $0.34. Trading volume was a total of 1.22M shares. On January 29, 2015, RSH opened at $0.33, traded as high as $0.33 and as low as $0.31, and closed at $0.31. Trading volume was a total of 1.35M shares. On January 30, 2015, RSH opened at $0.32, traded as high as $0.32 and as low as $0.28, and closed at $0.28. Trading volume was a total of 2.61M shares. On February 02, 2015, RSH opened at $0.24, traded as high as $0.25 and as low as $0.22, and closed at $0.24. Trading volume was a total of 7.08M shares. On February 03, 2015, RSH opened at $0.24, traded as high as $0.24 and as low as $0.24, and closed at $0.24. Trading volume was a total of 0 shares.

    RSH Historical Stock Prices By Date:

    Below, we examine the compound annual growth rate CAGR for short of an investment into RSH shares, starting with a $10,000 purchase of RSH, and working forward through the historical stock price information to today.

    Growth of $10,000.00
    With Dividends Reinvested

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    Cialis Generic – Cialis price & Free Trial Options #music #download #free

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    #free samples uk


    • Expect this place to go all Khan Academy cialis generic on you.
    • Then we would love to hear the same things from youThis year we have

    17/100 people match into surgery programs (general, ortho, ENT, optho, neuro) and

    25/100 match into non-primary care, non-surgical programs (anesthesia, rad, derm, neuro.

  • Learning to navigate differing cultural norms and conducting patient interviews in another language is great prep for a career in global health.
  • Those things are good for a great laugh .
  • Edit: forgot another B we wanna send this pt to the state psych facility, but they ll only take em with a formal tox consult. ) supplementary that is only downloadable immediately after you submit the application.
  • Users are asked to remain on topic or this thread will be closed.
  • My upstairs neighbors decided to make the floor squeak repetitively at 2:30am, if you know what I mean?
  • I was accepted into several of the podiatry schools with scholarship offers well before cialis price taking the MCAT.
  • If I could do it over again, I would have cialis price done the same thing but cialis price made sure I got through all of the AAMC cialis free trial practice tests. There are now direct-entry DNP programs for people with non-nursing bachelor s to become a DNP-NP in around three years?
    1. Things seem to make more sense 4th year. I am already too stressed and don t want to think about the ones I know I got wrong.
    2. Once we have it all, it is complete and is moving to the screening phase!
    3. Users are asked to remain on topic or this thread will be closed.
    4. I m gonna bump your question because I have a very similar one.
    5. Mwdl4life, Jul 12, 2011, in forum: Public Health Degrees (Masters and Doctoral)It s an innocent enough question, it just doesn t seem that you re picking up on how awkward this would be.
    6. I am going to go ahead and count this week over and say February is practically here. If you can stay on buy cialis online your parents plan (as I did until age 26), you will save even more money.
    7. What they refuse to acknowledge are the consequences of the bargain they are making. Has anyone accepted into the program and completed the forms/paid the deposits received their CoE.
    8. Not sure why either, I always include in my notes in real life.
    9. What is my chance to get Ophthalmology residency in these countries .
    10. I guess they could have lost my app, but I doubt they would admit that.
    11. Also, the GS BS tests (like, 3 of them) use the same passage of extraction of a vast variety of compounds exact same diagram, just slightly different questions.
    12. I assume it s kind of like a Starbucks.
    13. Are you looking back at cialis reviews the passages too much. When the full arrest was witnessed.

    Thanks soooo much for posting. It s out of your hands now so my only suggestion is to NOT stress. Now, data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) suggest these anecdotes are indeed signs of a national trend, which may be a driving factor in the resurgence of heroin use in the United States. I have have been very impressed by KCUMB s match cialis price list. What we should do is sit down and discuss in buy cialis good faith what cialis reviews each profession believes is appropriate. No it s cialis free trial not pretty common to start SNRI + mirtazapine as first line.

    When it s weak heart, I m trying to consolidate to epi, give volume (blood if Hct

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    2017 Ford Escape Hybrid MPG #2017 #ford #escape #hybrid #mpg,2017 #ford #escape #hybrid #review,2017 #ford

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    2017 Ford Escape Hybrid MPG

    2017 Ford Escape Hybrid MPG

    2017 Ford Escape Hybrid MPG Ford s best-selling SUV gets a mid-cycle upgrade for the 2017 version year, adding brand-new innovations, 2 new engines, a start/stop feature, and also a face-lift throughout. The compact 2017 Getaway keeps the majority of the outward bound version s sheetmetal, however obtains new front and also back sides. The upgraded grille resembles that of the midsize Side, and Ford it provides the car a so much more tough appearance. We discover it neither more or less eye-catching than the last grille style, yet the appearance may trigger the Retreat to be confused with the Side.

    2017 Ford Escape Hybrid Lineup

    The 2017 Ford Escape Hybrid model lineup stays the same, with S, SE, and also Titanium vehicles, each with front- or four-wheel drive. The S vehicle will certainly include a carry-over 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine. The SE and Titanium will certainly feature a brand-new EcoBoost 1.5-liter turbocharged 4 (instead of a 1.6), and both designs will certainly be supplied with a new EcoBoost 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder. Ford isn t discussing horsepower and also torque numbers yet, however the 2.5 should keep its existing rankings of 168 horsepower as well as 170 pound-feet of torque. The 1.5 should supply power just like the existing 1,6 EcoBoosts, which it for ford can making 178 horsepowers and also 184 lb-ft of torque. The 2.0 will certainly be brand-new for the Retreat, but it s currently utilized in the Edge, where it creates 245 horsepower as well as 275 lb-ft of torque. Compared with the EcoBoost 2.0-liter in the current Retreat, this engine will certainly have a new block, new internals, as well as a twin-scroll turbocharger.

    2017 Ford Escape Hybrid Specs

    2017 Ford Escape Hybrid Gas economic climate numbers are not yet readily available, however the 2.5 ought to remain about the same as the existing 22 mpg city, 31 freeway it gets with front-wheel drive. The two EcoBoost engines, nonetheless, should see some enhancement, partly as a result of their brand-new layouts, however also due to the fact that both will feature start/stop innovation. Ford states the average American sits 16 minutes a day in traffic and that wastes 3.8 billion gallons of fuel daily. Start/stop could assist reduce that problem.

    2017 Ford Escape Hybrid Interior

    2017 Ford Escape Hybrid Inside, the 2017 Retreat gets new different colors and better materials, USB ports that charge two times as fast, a brand-new guiding wheel with boosted five-way controllers, upgraded climate controls, and also a modified duct design. An electronic hand brake opens much more space on the facility console, allowing for even more storage space as well as a larger facility armrest. Ford has likewise taken measures to make the lorry quieter, with protected front doors and also A-pillars, more wind resistant side mirrors, brand-new windshield securing, a 360-degree hood seat, front wheelwell insulation, a secured underbody, and acoustic side glass.

    2017 Ford Escape Hybrid Redesign

    Over and above 2017 Ford Escape Hybrid Titanium equipment, buyers will certainly have the ability to purchase lane-departure caution with a lane-keep aid, HID fronts lights, front parking sensing units, and also a heated guiding wheel. Various other choices will include a towing package deal, a breathtaking sunroof, LED taillamps, 18- and also 19-inch wheels, flexible trip control, a rear cargo cover, and also roofing shelf cross bars.

    2017 Ford Escape Hybrid Price And Release Date

    The 2017 Ford Escape Hybrid present generation Breaking away has actually not prospered in collision examinations, as well as there is no indication that the 2017 design will do any far better. The National Freeway Website traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) provides the existing Escape a four-star total rating, with a five-star ranking for side-impact protection. That s typical for the class. In Insurance Institute for Freeway Safety (IIHS) screening, the present version obtains leading great ratings in all tests yet the challenging, tiny front overlap test, in which it gets an embarrassing poor rating. The 2017 Ford Escape Hybrid Retreat will certainly strike dealership great deals in late springtime or very early summer 2016.

    Incoming search terms:

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    2019 Ford Ranger Crew Cab Review

    2018 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Review

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    Lexus GS F Reviews – Lexus GS F Price, Photos, and Specs – Car and

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    Lexus GS F

    Lexus GS F

    Old-school cool, but not quick among certain company.

    2017 Lexus GS F Lexus GS F 2017 3.5 1.0 5.0

    What’s a nearly $90,000 hot-rod sedan doing with fixed-rate dampers and a naturally aspirated engine in the year 2016? Besides getting its doors blown off by the competition in straight-line acceleration?

    The 2016 Lexus GS F invites senior managers and junior execs to enjoy driving again. Squeal the tires around every cloverleaf, hit 7300 rpm racing down every on-ramp, and terrorize every backwoods holler in a 100-mile radius. In the era of launch control and electrically actuated cupholder covers, the GS F is charmingly old school. It’s a throwback to a time when sports sedans were measured by character rather than horsepower and cornering grip.

    One Mode Is Better Than Many

    That’s not to say it’s a covered wagon. The GS F offers more selectable settings than a Japanese toilet—four tied to the engine, transmission, and electric power steering, three for the stability-control system, and another three for the torque-vectoring differential.

    It’s that last piece of hardware, which is optional on the Lexus RC F coupe but standard on the GS F four-door, that makes this car feel so alive. By varying the torque distribution between the left and right rear wheels, Lexus engineers taught this 4128-pound sedan to move like an overgrown Miata. (Read our test of the RC F both with and without the hardware here .) The differential makes the car alternately more nimble and more stable, depending on the driver, the conditions, and yes, the mode selected. Driven conservatively—braking early, waiting for the apex, and powering out of the corner as the steering wheel unwinds—the GS F understeers like, well, a Lexus. Run hard—namely by feeding in more throttle earlier in corners—and the car delivers big, easy throttle-on drifts. Slalom mode makes the GS F wag its tail like a dachshund in a sausage factory, but the Track setting makes it utterly obedient, matching a deliberate driver’s inputs with textbook responses.

    On the test track, the GS F’s 0.93 g of lateral grip matches that of the BMW M5. In the real world, the Lexus feels nothing like that calculating, ruthless German. The nonadjustable ZF Sachs dampers are a welcome relief from the daunting and often disappointing choices presented by switchable shocks, high-tech hardware that often results in a trio of compromised and imperfect options. The GS F leans in corners, a byproduct of the slightly soft, supremely comfortable ride. It’s the kind of well-controlled body roll that serves as a feedback mechanism, as valuable to the driver as a minute twitch or wiggle in the steering wheel.

    The handling isn’t just predictable; it’s accessible—a trait that’s become rare as these expensive sports sedans blend attributes of intercontinental ballistic missiles and roller coasters. In some of these cars, the driver is as much a passenger as anyone in the right-hand seat; the cars are powerful enough that even slow and sloppy driving feels fast. Not so in the Lexus. The GS F is an anachronism, and we mean that in the best possible sense. It delivers rewards in direct proportion to how hard it’s driven.

    Slow in Certain Company

    And drive it hard you will. That’s a requisite to extract the full thrill from the naturally aspirated V-8. Its 467 horsepower doesn’t peak until 7100 rpm, and the 389-lb-ft torque peak arrives at a relatively stratospheric 4800 rpm. More velvety than Chevy’s small-block but with a gruffer grunt than the Mustang’s Coyote V-8, the Lexus engine has the perfect blend of manners and machismo.

    Without blowers to boost output, the GS F’s V-8 is roughly 100 horsepower short of the engines in its German competitors—the Audi RS7. the BMW M5. and the Mercedes-AMG E63. The Cadillac CTS-V makes another 173 ponies from its supercharged 6.2-liter. At 12.9 seconds through the quarter-mile, the Lexus needs an extra 1.1 seconds to cover that distance of pavement versus the Caddy. In the context of these bruisers, you could make a convincing argument that, with a 4.4-second zero-to-60-mph time, the GS F is only qualified to serve as a nursing-home shuttle.

    There’s a genuine Oldsmobile feel to the way the torque-converter-equipped gearbox executes its graceful, hydraulically cushioned shifts. The eight-speed automatic shifts slowly in every mode, whether paddle shifted or not. It also swaps gears flawlessly—every single time. It’s the one dynamic attribute in need of improvement, yet it also suits a car that is every bit as comfortable as it is quick.

    Et Tu, Lexus?

    There are a few regrettable concessions to modern fashion inside the GS F. The 5.0-liter V-8’s natural tone is augmented by Active Sound Control (ASC), which blats intake resonance out of the front speakers and a deeper exhaust rumble from the rear speakers in Sport Plus mode. In Sport, only the rear speakers play, and in Normal and Eco modes there’s no ASC at all. You also can turn off the ASC manually, and you should, because the engine’s big, brassy intake honk is plenty loud and proud.

    We also recommend keeping both hands on the wheel, lest your right hand drift toward the infuriating mouse/joystick device that controls Lexus’s infotainment system. In other respects, the cabin is a comfortable and pleasant place to consume miles, with supportive buckets, plenty of shoulder and hip room, and clear visibility. The materials exude quality even if the styling is curious at best and downright dissonant in some places, such as the seats that were seemingly stitched by costume designers taking a break from the latest X-Men movie.

    The Inevitable

    While Lexus has staked out unclaimed turf with its nuanced driving dynamics, there’s a competitor that manages to blend performance and finesse unlike anything else. The 640-hp Cadillac CTS-V, a poster child for modern tech, offers mega performance and nuanced steering for a similar price as the GS F. The Lexus would be a no-brainer at $65,000, but our $87,828 test car had just $2438 in add-ons, more than half of which went for a Mark Levinson premium audio system.

    It seems unlikely that the GS F and Lexus’s F outfit can resist the pressure to conform forever. Company insiders tell us that turbochargers are inevitable, and it’s hard not to imagine that adaptive dampers, a snappier transmission, and a general sense of homogeneity would be part of the same package. When the day of reckoning with raw performance arrives, we hope Lexus preserves the GS F’s subtleties.

    Highs and Lows


    Big and expensive cars are rarely this much fun.


    Slow transmission, you can get so much more for the same money.

    Model Research


    VEHICLE TYPE: front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 4-door sedan

    PRICE AS TESTED: $87,828 (base price: $85,390)

    ENGINE TYPE: DOHC 32-valve Atkinson-capable V-8, aluminum block and heads, port and direct fuel injection

    TRANSMISSION: 8-speed automatic with manual shifting mode

    Wheelbase: 112.2 in
    Length: 193.5 in
    Width: 72.6 in Height: 56.7 in
    Passenger volume: 92 cu ft
    Cargo volume: 14 cu ft
    Curb weight: 4128 lb

    EPA city/highway driving: 16/24 mpg
    C/D observed: 19 mpg

    News and Reviews

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    Cost of Water Damage Restoration – Estimates and Prices Paid #water #damage #restoration, #water #damage

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    Water Damage Restoration Cost

    Water or excess moisture can harm a home and its contents, and cleanup should be started as soon as possible.

    • The cost of water damage restoration is based on several factors. These include the size of the affected area, the extent of the damage, the materials and water type. There are three categories — the least expensive to clean up is category 1, which is clean water from a faucet or supply pipe. Category 2 is gray wastewater with minor contaminants, such as overflow from a dishwasher or washing machine. Category 3 is black water, containing sewage or other toxic debris.
    • Fixing a small area of water damage in a ceiling due to a leaky roof can be $100-$300 to patch the sheet rock, or $30-$50 for do-it-yourself materials — not including the cost of fixing the roof and repainting the ceiling.
    • Drying a flooded basement can cost $500-$10,000 or more, depending on the size of the basement, the depth of the flooding and the water type (clean, gray wastewater or black/toxic). See How Much Does a Flooded Basement Cost. Depending on where the appliance is located in the house, cleaning up after a faulty water heater, washing machine, dishwasher or air conditioner averages about $5,000, according to [1 ] .
    • Damage from a burst water pipe can cost $5,000-$70,000 or more with an average insurance claim costing $15,000. See How Much Does a Burst Pipe Cost .
    • If an entire house is flooded with storm water, the National Flood Insurance Program provides a flood damage simulator [2 ] to predict the total cost based on the height of the water. For 1-4 inches of water, the estimated cost is $7,800. For 9-12 inches, the estimate is $18,930. At 18 inches, the estimated cost is $26,285.
    • Water damage might be covered by insurance. Flood insurance typically covers damage from a natural disaster, when outside water or mud overflows an otherwise dry house. Homeowners insurance does not cover floods, but may cover water damage caused by minor individualized disasters, such as a hailstorm smashing a window or a broken water pipe spewing water — as long as the problem wasn’t caused by a lack of standard maintenance. The Insurance Information Network of California discusses the difference between flood insurance and homeowners insurance [3 ] .

    Related articles: Burst Pipe. Flooded Basement. Mold Inspection. Mold Remediation. Debris Removal. Homeowner’s Insurance

    What should be included:

    • A restoration company should follow the standards of care of either the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification or the Restoration Industry Association [4 ]. A company representative will inspect and evaluate the affected area, often using water-sensing equipment such as probes and infrared tools to determine the source of the problem and the extent of the damage.
    • Restoration includes pumping and drying the affected areas, and sanitizing and deodorizing as needed. The Blackmon Mooring company in Texas describes the basic steps of its water damage restoration process [5 ] .
    • Before entering a house filled with standing water, turn off the power — but never turn the power off while standing in water. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides guidelines for entering a flooded house [6 ]. describes how to clean up after a flood [7 ] .
    • Wood, plaster and other materials absorb and retain water. They must be either dried and sanitized, or removed. explains how to repair a water-damaged wall [8 ]. describes how to repair water-damaged plaster [9 ]. drywall [10 ] and lath plaster [11 ] .

    Additional costs:

    • If the house and furnishings are not quickly dried and restored, there can be additional problems with mold or dry rot. See How Much Does Mold Remediation Cost and How Much Does Dry Rot Repair Cost .
    • Installing a simple water alarm or a whole-house shut-off system can help prevent problems. Battery-operated units that sound an alarm when a sensor detects moisture can cost $10-$115. A system that shuts off the water to a single appliance if a leak is detected is $50-$150. Whole-house systems with a shot-off valve on the main water supply are about $500-$3,000 .

    Shopping for water damage restoration:

    • The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification lists factors to consider in selecting a restoration company, and has a searchable database of certified water damage restoration specialists.
    • Large nationwide chains of franchised cleaning/restoration companies include Servpro [12 ] and Service Master Clean [13 ] .
    • Have the restoration company explain what they plan on doing and how they plan to do it, with an estimated timeline. Check references; make sure the company is properly bonded and insured, and check for complaints with the Better Business Bureau [14 ] .
    • If the water damage might be covered by insurance, contact the insurance company as soon as possible, and follow up with a written notice of the facts related to the claim. The Texas Department of Insurance lists tips for handing water-damage claims [15 ] .

    Contractor: Admiral Steamer of Augusta, GA

    The experience has been an absolute nightmare. There was 1 of water in the kitchen, dinning room and hallway leading to bedrooms. No water in bedrooms. Contractor came in two weeks after incident and insisted on removing contents of entire house, giving assurances that the contents of every single box would be cleaned,sorted, and inventoried. No such inventory was done. Approximately 1/2 of the contents of the house was thrown on the floor throughout the house (clothes, pictures, furniture, brick o brack, kitchen items, etc). In the crawl space under the kitchen, the insulation was removed but the mold was never removed from the wood and the wet insulation was left in the crawlspace. The dinning room furniture was stored in an abandoned house where it was left to rot, untreated. This is clearly a fraud of the worst kind and I intend to fight it.

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    Double Hung Vinyl Replacement Windows #double #hung #vinyl #windows #price

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    Double Hung

    As an industry leader in the design and quality of Vinyl Replacement Windows, Mercury Excelum offers a variety of Double Hung replacement window lines for your exact need.

    Thermo-Vyne Series

    The Thermo-Vyne series mechanical vinyl replacement windows offer the Energy efficiency you want at a price point geared towards the more price conscience consumer. Thermo-Vyne replacement windows give you the enduring strength of solid vinyl structural components.

    Thermo-Vyne windows are available in a variety of window styles, including: double hung, casement, awning, picture, hopper, and slider.

    Include our LowE and Argon option and the Thermo-Vyne replacement window qualifies for the 2009/2010 Federal tax credit.

    Advantage Series (Replacement New Construction)

    The Mercury Excelum Advantage vinyl double hung replacement window offers a wide variety of style and color options including exterior color options and wood grain interior options including simulated Oak or Cherry. Our fully-welded sash and frame design provides a one piece sloped sill with a superior drainage system.

    Advantage windows are available in a variety of window styles, including: double hung, casement, awning, picture, hopper, slider and designer shape windows.

    Include our LowE and Argon option and the Advantage replacement window qualifies for the 2009/2010 Federal tax credit.

    Harmony Series

    The Mercury Excelum’s Harmony Vinyl Replacement Window Series offers truly superior performance with exceptional style and beauty. The Harmony Series’ superior performance characteristics greatly reduce your energy consumption to heat and cool your home while offering the style and detail to add beauty and elegance to your home.

    Harmony windows are available in a variety of window styles, including: double hung, casement, awning, picture, hopper, rolling and designer shape windows.

    Include our LowE and Argon option and the Harmony replacement window qualifies for the 2009/2010 Federal tax credit.

    Select the Triple Pane Glass Option for unsurpassed Solar Heat Gain and U-Value ratings.

    Mercury Excelum, Inc, is proud to offer our customers products with the ENERGY STAR label.

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    Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Reviews – Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Price, Photos, and

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    Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

    Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

    2017 Range Rover Evoque

    The high-riding fashion accessory remains as stylish as ever.

    2017 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 2017 3.0 1.0 5.0

    It doesn’t take much to explain the appeal of the Range Rover Evoque. Just look at it. Nearly 10 years after the LRX concept that inspired it arrived on the scene, the Evoque still turns heads. Its proportions and detailing make it arguably the most avant-garde member of Land Rover’s stylish Range Rover lineup.

    High-riding automotive style statements are in vogue right now, and the Evoque is selling well despite its age. The addition of a bizarre convertible variant has helped; the two- and four-door hatchback models also received an exterior update and some new tech features for 2016, and a transmission transplant for 2014 brought a new nine-speed automatic.

    Dressed to Impress

    What you see here is a four-door Evoque in its mid-level HSE trim finished in fetching Kaikoura Stone paint with an Ebony and Ivory leather interior that would make Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder proud. Range Rover has added several trim levels recently, meaning you can pay absurd amounts of money for this diminutive fashion statement—upward of $65,000 for loaded Autobiography models.

    Our test car stickered for an eye-widening $57,592. That included plenty of money for cosmetic upgrades, such as $595 for metallic paint and $650 for a contrasting black roof. Other extras included $2700 for a Driver Assistance Plus package with a head-up display and adaptive LED headlights; $500 for a Cold Climate Convenience package with a heated steering wheel and windshield; $750 for HD radio and SiriusXM satellite radio; and $402 for a Protection package including rubber floor mats.

    With a sticker like that, the Evoque nearly prices itself beyond the realm of other small luxury SUVs such as the BMW X1 and the Mercedes-Benz GLA. both of which barely crest $50,000 when fully loaded. It is dimensionally similar, however, and is powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four, like most of its closest rivals.

    The Cost of Beauty

    In our testing, the Evoque’s performance was distinctly average for its class, the turbo four combining with the nine-speed to get the portly 4059-pound crossover to 60 mph in 6.6 seconds. That lags behind the aforementioned BMW and Mercedes models but beats the Lexus NX and the Audi Q3.

    The Range Rover does not feel as if it lacks power on the road, where it’s responsive to throttle inputs. Actually, the transmission proves the main inhibitor to smooth forward progress. This nine-speed automatic has its hiccups: first-to-second upshifts are sometimes abrupt, and the gearbox often gets confused when you lift off the throttle and then press it again in quick succession. And it doesn’t earn its keep in terms of fuel economy. The Evoque achieved a disappointing 25 mpg in our 75-mph highway fuel-economy test, 4 mpg below its EPA highway rating. The lighter X1 and GLA hit 29 mpg and 34 mpg in the same test.

    You don’t feel the heft when you throw the Evoque into corners. Precise, light steering helps with maneuverability, and body motions are well controlled for such a high-riding vehicle. We measured the height of the driver’s H-point —or hip point, where the hips rest in the seat—at 27.6 inches, nearly four inches higher than the X1 and the GLA. Relatively soft damping seems intended to give the Evoque a plush ride like larger Range Rovers, but it doesn’t quite work. The vehicle’s short 104.7-inch wheelbase means that the ride can sometimes get choppy over broken pavement. Our test car’s 19-inch wheel package avoided the harsh impacts that you might find on Evoques equipped with the optional 20-inch wheels and lower-profile tires, however.

    Compromise Central

    The Evoque’s nicely appointed cabin is a closer approximation of what you’ll find in its six-figure siblings. The leather is soft, the dashboard is covered in an interestingly textured soft-touch material, and the new 10.2-inch touchscreen has a sleek, futuristic appearance.

    Beyond that surface-level appeal, however, the Evoque falls short on functionality. That attractive touchscreen’s menus can be convoluted, a north-up map orientation can’t be locked in, and it lacks key features such as voice control for the navigation system. Also, the Evoque’s chopped-roof look unsurprisingly robs cargo space and rear-seat room. Those back seats are cramped and slightly claustrophobic, and there’s only 20 cubic feet of cargo space with the seats up. A tiny rear window and large D-pillars limit rear visibility to a small slot in the rearview mirror, too.

    Like many luxury vehicles, this is a car you buy because of the way it makes you feel and the way others look at you when you’re driving it. The sacrifices that the Evoque requires, both monetarily and in terms of practicality, will be worth it for some—just as with most style statements.

    Highs and Lows


    Knockout looks, posh interior, responsive handling.

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