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We offer:
98% Eff Tankless
Electric or Gas
Solar Hot Water
Emergency Services
High Output Boilers
All Brands

Drain Cleaning

We offer:
Snake Drain Cleaning
High Pressure Jets
Backflow Prevention
Drain Cleaning
Sewer Cleaning
Garbage Disposals
Sink Clogs

Faucet Fixture

We service repair:
Tub Faucets
Sink Faucets
Drinking Fountains
Plumbing Fixtures
Repair & Replace
Roof & Floor Drains
Leaks & Stoppages

Toilet Repair

We offer:
Toilet Leaks
Running Toilet
Toilet Clogs
Sewer Odor Detection
New Installation
Plumbing Repairs
Repair and Replace
Backflow Prevention

Sewer Service

We offer:
Traditional Service
Trenchless Repair
Sewer Pumps
Sewer Main Repair
Sewer Cleaning
Sewer Line Locating
Septic Tanks

Gas line instalL

We can convert:
Charcoal BBQ to Gas
Fireplace to Gas
Water Heater to Gas
Electric Stove to Gas
Electric Dryer to Gas
Propane – Natural Gas
Gas Furnace
Tankless Hot Water

Pinky’s Promise

  • We Promise you’ll receive an honest value for your money
  • We Promise to respect your home as if it were our own
  • We promise our technicians are Licensed and Experienced.
  • We promise to be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • We promise to handle small jobs as seriously as large ones
  • We promise to always make your satisfaction our #1 goal.

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Plumber in Seattle

Looking for a Plumber? Call Pinky’s Plumbing

Finding plumbing is as easy as picking up the phone, but when you’re looking for a reliable, honest, and experienced plumber, Pinky’s Plumbing is ready to exceed your expectations. From leaky faucets to emergency repairs, our plumbing business can handle the job quickly and efficiently.

We believe that plumbing requires more than just technical knowhow We built our plumbing business around quality customer service that is unrivaled in the region. We believe that quality customer care revolves around the hard-working plumbing experts we employ. When you hire a plumber in you are inviting this person into your home, so we make sure that you are always in good hands with every plumber at Pinky’s.

Still, you also expect quality workmanship when you need plumbing whether it’s for your home or business. Our Seattle plumbers are trained professionals, skilled in performing all facets of plumbing work. Our specialty is in home refitting of water and waste pipes, and our Seattle plumbers will even work on your sewer system. Every plumber should be licensed, bonded, and insured and we take this charge seriously. You will always be safe and secure with Pinky’s Seattle plumbing.

Whether you need plumbing in the middle of the night or on the weekend, you needn’t worry. Pinky’s is open around the clock, seven days a week, to meet all of your plumbing needs. Because you can have a plumber at your door any time of day, you don’t have to worry about whether we are going to show up promptly, ready to get the job done. We utilize GPS systems in our plumbing trucks so that we don’t miss our appointment (or come up with lame excuses).

Our Seattle plumbers service Pierce, King, and Snohomish Counties. Call us today to get quality workmanship, unrivaled experience, and the best customer service in Western Washington for all of your Seattle plumbing needs.

We promise to give all of our plumbing customers an honest value for their money. We are not in business to make a quick buck, we want to earn repeat business by giving our clients exactly what they pay for. Whether your plumbing job is big or small, we treat you the same. Nothing is more frustrating than being treated like your inconsequential when it comes to your home. We recognize that your plumbing job is just as important as everyone else’s, so we treat you with the respect and courtesy you deserve.

Our Number One goal is customer satisfaction, so we do everything possible to ensure that our plumbing for your home or business meets your expectations. Give us a call and find out why Pinky’s Plumbing is changing the way people and Western Washington think about hiring a plumber in Seattle.

Seattle Plumbing Emergency? Pinky’s is On the Job

If you are currently are in need of a Seattle plumber for an emergency situation, it is important that you immediately turn off your water. We are skilled and experienced with every type of plumbing emergency and available any time of day, even on weekends.

Nothing is worse than waking up in the middle of the night to discover that your basement is flooded, or coming home from work and finding out your water main is busted. When you need a Seattle plumber in an emergency situation, it’s good to know you have a reliable plumbing company who will quickly attend to your needs. You can call Pinky’s Plumbing any time of day, and we will provide you with the same clean, fast, and courteous service, whether it’s 2:00 in the morning or 2:00 in the afternoon.

Some of the emergency situations our Seattle plumbers can handle are:
Clogged Drains and Leaky Faucets
Failed Sump Pump or a Flood in Your Basement
Failed Electric or Gas Water Heater
Broken Water or Sewer Lines
Toilets Leaking
Loss of Water Pressure
Leaking Gas or Water Lines
Leaks in Your Ceiling

We realize that in every plumbing emergency there is a lot more at stake than what initially meets the eye. The primary goal of our Seattle plumbers is to meet these challenges quickly and efficiently, so it’s nothing more than a simple bump in the road.

Plumbing in Seattle

Our Plumbing Services, Repairs, and Installations

Projects always come along that require a plumber, and they can vary in size and scope. Our professional plumbers can handle any project in your home or business, both large and small and everything in between. Most of the time we can handle jobs that require plumbing with the items we carry on our customized trucks saving you precious time and money.

We can install, repair, or replace all of the following items::
Toilets, sinks, faucets and other fixtures:
Sump pumps and ejector pumps:
Garbage disposals and hot water heaters:
Sewer, water, and gas lines:
Urinals and flushometer toilets:
Icemaker lines and water softeners:

We can also handle a variety of other common, and not-so-common, repairs and installations. These include cleaning your sewer drain lines, repairing leaks, complete repiping jobs, bringing your plumbing up to code, fixing ceiling leaks, and installing fireplaces and grills.

Of course, this is just a sample of all of the jobs our Seattle plumbers can do for you. Give us a call today and let us take care of your repair and installation job, so that you can be sure it gets done right the first time.

Sewer Problems When Plumbing Gets Dirty

Pinky’s offers a wide variety of sewer related jobs. If you need a plumber to handle these dirtiest of jobs, we are ready to get started. We realize that when a sewer emergency arises, you don’t want to waste any time solving the issue. We not only handle sewer repair emergencies, we also offer sewer inspection and cleaning services for a variety of issues including: Sewer inspections via video camera Hydro water jetting Installing new sewer lines, rodding stations, or ejector pumps Repair broken sewer lines Underground sewer repairs Flood control systems We can take care of many more sewer related issues because we have the experience needed to do the job and we don’t mind getting our hands dirty. We understand that when you have sewer issues you just want the job handled as quickly and efficiently as possible. One thing is certain: We won’t disappoint you.

10 November 2014

Some of the things you can do to winterize your home are relatively cheap and easy for you to do yourself.

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The idea is easy and will save you some frustration and money down the road.

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Charlotte Plumber, Providing Emergency Plumbing and Drain Service

Charlotte Plumbing Drain Solutions: Clogged Drain? Emergency Plumbing Issue? Let the Charlotte Plumbing Experts Help

Roto-Rooter is a full-service plumber in Charlotte that can cater to all residential and commercial customers throughout the entire Charlotte area. Our complete selection of plumbing and drain cleaning services includes plumbing maintenance and repairs, clogged drain cleaning, toilet repairs. and much more.

We can customize our services to fit your unique needs to ensure the best services possible. We can also offer free estimates to give you an accurate quote of what the services will cost before we ever begin any work.

Exceeding Your Expectations

Since our inception in 1935, we have maintained our commitment to meeting and exceeding your expectations each and every time we provide service. This is why we offer only the highest quality parts and products, dedicated customer service, and reliable plumbing services to ensure that we can always provide Charlotte plumbing and drain cleaning services that you can rely on. We even back up our services with a no hassle guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction.

If you are seeing discolored water, mold around the toilet, underground leaks. or any other sign of plumbing problems, give us a call right away. Don’t wait until a small, inexpensive problem becomes a large problem that affects your entire plumbing system. Instead, simply call us and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

We can schedule an appointment at any time that works best for you. We also offer convenient emergency services on the nights, weekends, and holidays in the event of a Charlotte plumbing emergency. For more information, or to schedule your appointment, give us a call at 704-535-5303.

Why Choose Roto-Rooter?

  • No Extra Charge on Plumbing & Drain Jobs
  • Emergency Service
  • Available 24/7
  • Trusted & Recommended Since 1935
  • Licensed & Insured
  • Full Service Plumbing & Drain Cleaning
  • FREE Estimates
  • No Hassle Guarantees

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Plumbing Services
Dallas, Fort Worth

It’s nice to know that you can turn to the experienced and professional services provided by A#1 Air Plumbing when it comes to your residential and commercial plumbing needs. We know that any plumbing problem causes not only frustration at home for your family, but can have a definite financial impact on your business as well. A#1 Air Plumbing will take care of your plumbing needs in a timely and efficient manner.

Plumbing Tip

Drain vacuum: When a hard object plugs a toilet or drain, a plunger may not be the solution. Instead, suck out the water and the obstruction with a wet/dry shop vacuum. – The Family Handyman


Plumbing repair from reliable, skilled professionals!

When you have a plumbing emergency, you want it taken care of quickly and efficiently. Whether you’ve sprung a leak, your shower won’t drain, or your toilet overflows, A#1 Air Plumbing is committed to providing high quality and reliable plumbing services for your residential or commercial plumbing needs. We know that emergencies happen when you least expect them. When you call A#1 Air Plumbing, you can rest assured that our trained professionals will provide reliable plumbing services and repairs at reasonable rates with no hidden fees.


Plumbing services that are second to none!

A#1 Air Plumbing provides services in the Dallas area for both homes and businesses. Our plumbing services are provided by trained, experienced, and professional technicians so that you are ensured that the job we provide is done right. Just some of our residential services include toilet overflows. water heaters. drain cleaning. and leak location. Some of our business plumbing services include jetter services, grade evaluations, backflow services, sewage ejection, and water balancing.


Plumbing installation for a better environment.

A#1 Air Plumbing provides new plumbing installations for your home or business. Whether you’re looking to install new water lines, piping, water heaters, or more, give us a call. We’ll work to ensure your home or business needs are personalized. You’ll get your installation taken care of quickly and efficiently. Our technicians are trained in advanced plumbing techniques and technologies as well as equipment.

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New Orem Store

American Fork Store

We also carry the best plumbing and sprinkler brands in Utah County



These guys are suppliers to the professionals but they don t give you an attitude if you re just there for a few parts for your sprinkling system. I was wanting to put a drip system in my flower beds and thought I had it all figured out until the guy helping me suggested something that saved me 30% on the cost and made things 100% easier to install! Yes, they are VERY busy on Saturdays but what do you expect from the best? AAA& is my vote!

Terrific service

BJ s is terrific. I used to go to the big box stores like lowes or home depot, but you can spend hours looking for help and parts, and inevitably you have to go back for something different. Not with BJ s. You show up, tell them what problem you ve got, and they give you the correct part. Fast, reliable, brilliant! I wish they offered psychological counseling along with their plumbing advice.

Friendly and Free

I was looking for a replacement stopper for our bathtub and couldn t find one at Lowe s. The sales associate at Lowe s suggested I look at BJ s on State Street. It was easy to find and I was surprised how many customers were there in the middle of the day. Three people were being helped at the registers and another associate was on the floor helping another couple, everyone seemed to be getting great service. I was next in line and helped within 5 minutes. I told them what I needed and they knew exactly where to find it. They took my old tub stopper and traded it for the new one and sent me out the door! No charge!There s not a huge staff, so on a busy day it would probably be a good wait, but the guys that work there sure are nice.

Very Helpful

Unlike your giant hardware stores, BJ Plumbing Supply has knowledgeable employees for any plumbing situation that you will run into. I personally use them for all of my plumbing and sprinkler needs. I have always been a satisfied customer.

Tell us what you think

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Details Last Updated: 05 January 2017

This article on ‘Toilet Leaking at Base’ will help you to idendity the cause of your leak and direct you to the resource that will help you fix it. This type of leak occurs when you flush the toilet. Tightening the toilet tee bolts and replacing the wax ring are two ways that this problem can be fixed.

Before you head down this path, make sure that the leak is coming from the base. Other parts of the toilet may be leaking and creating water on the floor.

Review the troubleshooting section in the article ‘Fixing a Leaking Toilet ‘ to locate your problem. For other toilet issues you want to take a look at ‘Fixing and Troubleshooting Toilets ‘, this has a complete listing of toilet problems along with solutions.

Toilet Leaking at the Base Concerns

The first precaution would be to stop using the toilet if this is possible. The water that is leaking out of the base of the toilet is dirty water. This is water that has been in the bowl when the toilet is being used. There may be odor as well from this type of leak.

This type of leak can damage the sub floor, flooring and possibly the ceilings below the toilet. It also creates an unhealthy situation in your bathroom

You are going to want to use some disinfectant when cleaning up after this type of leak.

Tightening Toilet Tee Bolts

Is the toilet loose or is it bolted tightly to the floor? If it is loose, there is a good chance that the wax ring is not longer providing the proper seal.

A loose toilet can start to leak around the base. Tightening the toilet may help. There is one warning about the expectations for success with this method.

You do want your toilet fastened to the floor securely. The tee bolts that are connected to the toilet flange serve this purpose. A wax ring in compressed between the flange and the base of the toilet, forming a water tight seal. The wax ring is not elastic and will not spring back once it is compressed. With that said, tightening the tee bolts may not stop the leak if the wax ring is not sealing properly.

(1) Make sure the toilet is positioned correctly on the floor.

(2) Remove the plastic covers from the tee bolts.

(3) Use an adjustable wrench, open end or box end wrench to tighten the bolts until the toilet is secure.

(4) If the bolts are frozen or they just spin you may need to replace them. See the article ‘Replacing Toilet Tee Bolts ‘ for more information.

Replacing a Wax Ring

When the seal is broken between the bottom of the toilet and the wax ring, there is little you can do short of replacing it. A failed wax ring will definitely cause a toilet to leak at the base.

The good news is that the wax ring only costs a few dollars. The bad news is that you have to remove the toilet to replace it. This is not a five minute repair, instead it may involve a few hours and the need for some help.

(1) Purchase a suitable wax ring for your toilet. See the article ‘Purchasing a Toilet Wax Ring ‘ for more information on getting the right one.

(2) Remove the toilet from the floor and lay on its side. Caution see the article ‘Removing a Toilet ‘ before proceeding with this step. The toilet needs to be drain and shut down before removal. Additionally, you may need some help removing the toilet.

(3) Carefully clean away the old wax ring from the toilet base and the toilet flange. See the article ‘Replacing a Toilet Wax Ring ‘ for additional instructions.

(4) Replace the toilet tee bolts if they are corroded. See the article ‘Replacing Toilet Tee Bolts ‘ for instructions on how to do a better job so they can be loosened in the future.

(5) Install the new wax ring on the base of the toilet. Add a filler wax ring for toilet flanges that are depressed below the floor line. See the article ‘Replacing a Toilet Wax Ring ‘ for more information.

(6) Install the toilet in its original position. You may need some help for this step. See the article ‘Installing a Toilet ‘ for additional information.

(7) Check for leaks. After the water is turn back on, check the base for leaks. You may want to wait a few days before you caulk the base to make sure that your problem is solved.

Caulking the Base of a Toilet

Caulking around the base of the toilet is not a solution for a toilet that is leaking around the bottom. The reason for caulking around the base is to keep water from mopping and other sources from getting under the base of the toilet.

Water that is trapped under the base may cause mold and odors that cannot be reached. The caulking will keep the water out on the floor where it can be cleaned up.

The leaking toilet bottom should be repaired before caulking is installed. Once you have made the repairs, you can review the article ‘Caulking a Toilet Base ‘ for some information on properly sealing the bottom of the toilet.

Toilet Leaking at the Base Summary

Have you been able to fix the leak at your toilets base? Still have issues? Return to ‘How To Fix a Leaking Toilet ‘ for more topics. You can also return to the ‘Home Repair Central – Home Page’ for additional information.

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Call on Saddleback Plumbing, the Trusted HVAC Company and Plumbers of Orange County, for Help

Looking for the Best Plumber in Orange County?

Your home s plumbing system is vital. It provides clean, potable water every day and ensures you can safely wash and dispose of waste water. Your plumbing must be properly installed, meticulously maintained and, when something breaks, repaired quickly by a professional Orange County plumber.

For these reasons, you should call Saddleback Plumbing for all your home s plumbing servic e needs. Our plumbers have years of experience working on all types of plumbing systems; making plumbing repairs, installing new systems and maintaining aging pipes. So call today if you want to learn more about the plumbing company Orange County trusts.

We Can Handle Your Plumbing Installation Needs

Your home s plumbing system is a diverse system of pipes and drains, and when you have a new fixture or appliance installed you need to know it will work properly. Fortunately for you, our plumbing company offers expert plumbing installation services for your kitchen, bathroom, and all supplemental systems.

Whether you need a new toilet in your bathroom, a new sink in your kitchen or a sump pump installed to remove water from your home, call us today to learn more. Our plumbers work closely with every client we take on to ensure the installation process goes smoothly from start to finish.

We Also Offer Plumbing Repair and Maintenance Service

One of the most common reasons to call a plumber in Orange County is for plumbing repair or maintenance services. Pipes can last quite a long time but, as they age, they will rust and show signs of wear that can eventually turn into a leak or something worse. If this happens, you need to know that the plumber you call will move fast to fix the problem.

Our plumbers are available 24/7 for drain cleaning. drain and sewer repair. water heater repair and general pipe and plumbing repair. Should you need immediate assistance with your plumbing, call us right away. We also offer annual plumbing maintenance service to inspect your plumbing system and ensure it is working properly.

Call Saddleback Plumbing if You re Looking for Plumbers in Orange County

There are a number of ways to improve the operation of your plumbing system, including upgrading your fixtures to save water, installing a water treatment system to ensure excess minerals and chemicals are removed from the water and video pipe inspection of your drains to check for clogs or other obstructions that may worsen over time. If you find yourself in need of plumber to inspect, upgrade, or otherwise service any aspect of the pipes or drains in your home, give our plumbing company a call.

For more than 30 years, Saddleback Plumbing has been providing expert plumbing and HVAC services to homeowners in Irvine. Lake Forest. Mission Viejo and throughout the rest of the OC area. If you are ready to discuss your plumbing needs with a certified local plumber, call us today to learn more about our full range of plumbing services. Contact Saddleback Plumbing today!

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Building & Permitting

Permit Information


Florida Energy Conservation Code States:
Effective July 1st 2017 ; New Construction on residential buildings or dwelling units shall have Blower Door Testing performed by an Approved 3rd Party Agency. See notice here

In an effort to improve the service experience we offer, Construction Services and Permitting Office has launched a new digital queue technology “QLess”. View real-time wait times in our office! Read more about the QLess technology or check our office wait times

  • is now live! An interactive map displays active large development projects located in St. Petersburg. View a particular project for more information! Subscribe to a project and receive notifications on the latest news.
  • Mission Statement

    The primary mission of the Building Department is to provide quality service to the community that is informational, efficient, comprehensive and helpful to the public. The intention is to safeguard life, health, property and public welfare by regulating and controlling the construction, quality of materials, and use of all buildings and structures within the City of St. Petersburg. The department is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the most recent edition of the Florida Building codes, Florida Accessibility Codes, Flood Plain Administration and related Federal, State, and City adopted laws and ordinances.

    8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
    8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday
    Last customer taken 1/2 hour prior to closing.

    Commercial over-the-counter plan review:
    8:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. Tues Thurs
    Allow extra time for plan reviews.

    Print page Text resize: Increase font size Decrease font size Original font size Updated: May. 31, 2017 02:57:59 PM

    Help us improve the website

    Please let us know any problems, inaccurate or missing information on this page. Feedback and email address (if given below) will become public record. Please DO NOT include personal/private information and review our Privacy Policy before submitting.

    Construction Services Permitting
    One 4th Street North
    St. Petersburg, FL 33701

    727-893-7231 – Main Line
    727-892-5447 – Fax


    City of St. Petersburg
    P.O. Box 2842
    St. Petersburg, FL 33731

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    HVAC Trussville, AL – Hoover, AL, AC Service Vestavia, AL – Mountain Brook, AL #fix

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    Heating A/C Installation Service Repair

    Since 1957, we have been making customer satisfaction our top priority. With Stegall Heating, Cooling Plumbing, you are sure to experience expert heating and air conditioning services from our highly trained technicians. Serving both commercial and residential clients in Mountain Brook, Vestavia, Hoover, Alabaster and Birmingham, AL!

    Indoor Air Quality

    Stegall Heating, Cooling Plumbing offers indoor air quality audits and corrective solutions. We install humidifiers, indoor air cleaners, UV lights, and much more to help our friends and neighbors in Mountain Brook, Vestavia, Hoover, Alabaster and Birmingham, AL stay healthy!

    Stegall Heating, Cooling Plumbing is your source for licensed electricians. Our expert team provides conscientious and safe electrical services, including lighting installation, wiring upgrades and repairs for anything in your home that isn’t working properly. Safety is our priority! We provide a comprehensive electrician service at a fair price.

    We are your local plumbing experts! At Stegall Heating, Cooling Plumbing, we guarantee quality and most importantly, your satisfaction. When you need a company you can trust to get the job done right, call us. We’ll listen to what you want, and then we’ll deliver!

    Commercial solutions you can trust: All of our technicians must pass a rigorous drug screening and background check before they are hired. This helps provide a safe work environment and protection for our customers. We offer innovative heating, cooling and plumbing products and services tailored to satisfy your commercial comfort needs.

    Plumbing Repair, Heating, Air Conditioning Service, Air Conditioning Repair AC ServiceBirmingham, AL, Hoover, AL, Alabaster, AL, Mountain Brook, AL, Vestavia, AL Trussville, AL

    Stegall Heating, Cooling Plumbing offers leading-edge products and expert service to ensure modern convenience, comfort, efficiency and maximum value from your home and commercial investment. When it comes to technical support and service, we are your one-stop shop, bringing the level of experience, commitment and integrity you expect and deserve.

    Stegall Heating, Cooling Plumbing is your answer to residential and commercial heating and cooling installation, maintenance and repair. Through our partnership with Carrier, we not only offer superior comfort control but the widest range of innovative and efficient options on the market, guaranteeing the perfect for your exact needs, expectation, and any challenges you might face. Whether you re in the market for ductless A/C, heat pumps or conventional forced air heating and cooling, Carrier leads the industry with meticulously designed and engineered, state-of-the-art systems that maximize energy savings, air quality control, and overall system performance.

    Call Stegall: Your Team of HVAC Experts!

    Stegall Heating, Cooling Plumbing also specializes in a wide variety of plumbing related services. From the installation, maintenance and repair of both storage-type and tankless water heaters, to drain cleaning, and sewer cleaning and repairs, our certified specialists eliminate the mess, hassle and safety hazards from any project we undertake.

    Call us for a broad range of generators to conveniently, reliably and efficiently supply the power you need, where and when you need it. Our team of helpful technicians has the knowledge and experience to pair your specific requirements to the ideal generator to ensure complete and lasting satisfaction. And count on us for the necessary expertise to install your standby generator properly, allowing for automatic transfer the moment you experience an outage.

    We also offer electrical services. Whether you re looking to wire an entire structure for power, hoping to add convenient outlets, or light up your home or yard, have confidence in Stegall Heating, Cooling Plumbing. Your project will be completed quickly, neatly and safely, allowing you to add beauty, convenience and luxury to your home or business at fair prices.

    Electrical Service in Alabaster, AL | AC Service

    We have extensive experience in a full line of commercial process piping design and installation services. For emergency situations, call Stegall Heating, Cooling Plumbing at 205-251-0330 for prompt assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Through personalized attention, outstanding commitment to customer service, the highest level of technical experience, and the most trusted equipment on the market today, Stegall Heating, Cooling Plumbing has all your needs covered.

    Item Of The Month

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    Plumber Overland Park #overland #park #plumber, #op #plumbing, #greater #kc #plumber

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    We Are Your Home Town Master Plumber in Overland Park

    Razor Rooter, Inc. is your licensed and insured master plumber for all your home needs in the greater Kansas City area, including Overland Park. We provide all the plumbing repair, installation and remodeling services necessary for your kitchen, bathroom, basement, laundry and entire home.

    Your Overland Park Basement Plumber:

    Do you have sewage or water backed up in your basement? We can repair or install ejector pumps and sump pumps to fix this problem. These pumps keep water and sewage moving away from your Overland Park home, protecting you from basement flooding, water damages, and a huge household mess. At Razor Rooter, Inc. our licensed master plumbers also can perform backflow testing and valve installation which further protects your Overland Park home from water damage.

    Your Overland Park Kitchen Plumber:

    At Razor Rooter, Inc. we know that the kitchen is the heart of your Overland Park home, and your kitchen’s plumbing is crucial for your day-to-day convenience and comfort. Don’t sweat that leaky faucet, clogged drain or broken garbage disposal. Just give us a call. We will be there on-time to repair or replace your kitchen faucet or garbage disposal as well as un-clog your kitchen drain.

    If you are remodeling your kitchen, we are your dependable kitchen plumbing remodeling contractor in Overland Park. If you want to remodel or upgrade your kitchen for convenience, comfort or beauty, our licensed and insured kitchen plumbers have the products and installation expertise to exceed your expectations. We’ll make your Overland Park kitchen remodeling ideas a reality.

    Your Overland Park Bathroom Plumber:

    Razor Rooter, Inc. also provides all your bathroom plumbing remodeling, repair and installation needs. From plumbing fixtures and pipes to repairing clogs, leaks and more, you can rely on our licensed and insured bathroom master plumbers. If it has to do with your Overland Park home’s bathroom and plumbing, Razor Rooter, Inc. can fix it today. Our complete Overland Park bathroom plumbing repair, installation and replacement services include whirlpool baths, bath tubs, toilets, showers, faucets, and sinks. If it’s a clogged drain or toilet, we’ll fix that too.

    As Overland Park bathroom plumbing experts, we can help you turn your bathroom remodeling ideas into reality. From complete renovations to small bathroom upgrades, you can count on us for Overland Park plumbing workmanship that lasts, and our attention to detail that shines through.

    Your Overland Park Laundry Room Plumber:

    We also keep your Overland Park laundry room in top shape. Do you have a washing machine valve or leaky hose that won’t shut off? We can repair or install washer shut-off valves and leaky hoses so you don’t have to worry about water damage to your Overland Park home.

    Your Whole House Plumber in Overland Park:

    For your entire Overland Park home, we are your one-stop shop for all your plumbing needs. We will repair, replace or remodel any plumbing system in your home. We can re-pipe your whole Overland Park house, repair PVC water lines and copper lines, insulate water pipes, repair sewer vent systems, install water softener and conditioners, install water safety alarm systems, or snake any drain to remove a clog. We can also inspect your Overland Park home for building code violations and perform any necessary building code corrections.

    High Quality Plumbing Services in Overland Park:

    For 37 years, we have had a passion for performing high quality plumbing, drain cleaning, camera inspection, water heater, sewer and septic services for commercial and residential applications in Overland Park. We have seen a lot of unique situations over these years, and we know how to keep your Overland Park home or business functioning well. Put our experience to work! Let us help you with your next plumbing, septic, or sewer repair or replacement. We want your Overland Park home or business to be in service for years to come!

    © 2016 Razor Rooter, Inc. All Rights Reserved

    | | | | | | | |

    24 hours a day
    7 days a week
    365 days a year

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    JTS Gas – Plumbing Services #boiler #service #north #tyneside, #boiler #service #wallsend, #boiler #service #newcastle,

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    JTS Gas Plumbing Services, based in Wallsend, is a family-run business who have over 35 years of attention to service and detail within the trade.

    We are registered with Gas Safe and are legally bound to work to their high standards of safety.

    We offer a wide range of services such as boiler installations, gas central heating maintenance and plumbing for house owners, commercial property owners and Landlords .

    You can discuss your needs over the telephone to start with and we are confident that we can offer you exactly what you are looking for.

    Give us a call on 0191 2095995 or 07913 673908 and our qualified staff will provide you with expert guidance and advice. We look forward to working with you.

    • Boiler Installation
    • Heating Pumps
    • Boiler Repairs
    • Burst Pipes
    • Central Heating Installation
    • Gas Safety Inspections
    • General Plumbing
    • Heated Towel Rail Fitting
    • Hob repairs
    • Hob Installation
    • Gas Oven Repairs
    • Gas Oven Installations
    • CP12s
    • Tanks Replacement Repairs
    • Kitchen Sinks
    • Landlord Safety Certificates
    • Leaks
    • Overflows
    • Magna Clean
    • Replacement Radiators
    • Shower Bathroom Fitting
    • Replacments Repairs
    • Tap Fitting Replacements Repairs
    • Toilet Fitting
    • Washing Dishwasher Machine Fitting

    Please feel free to contact us on 0191 2095995 or 07913 673908 if there’s a gas or plumbing job you think we might be able to do for you, but we haven’t mentioned.

    A selection of gas appliances we deal with are:

    Alpha, Ariston, Baxi, Bederus, Chaffotte, Cannon, Ferroli, Focal Point, Glowworm, Heatline, Halstead, Ideal, Keston, MHS, Potterton, Ravenheat, Robinson Willey, Saunier Duval, Valor, Vaillant, Viessmann, Vokera and Worcester

    We cover the following areas:

    • Benton
    • Blakelaw
    • Blaydon
    • Burnopfield
    • Byker
    • Chopwell
    • Corbridge
    • Cramlington
    • Cullercoats
    • Darras Hall
    • Denton Burn
    • Dunston
    • East Denton
    • Felling
    • Fenham
    • Forrest Hall
    • Gateshead
    • Greenside
    • Gosforth
    • Heaton
    • Hebburn
    • Heddon
    • Hexham
    • Horsley
    • Jesmond
    • Kenton
    • Killingworth
    • Longbenton
    • Low Fell
    • Mickley
    • Newbiggin Hall Estate
    • Newcastle upon Tyne
    • North Shields
    • Ovingham
    • Ponteland
    • Prudhoe
    • Riding Mill
    • Ryton
    • Seaton Burn
    • Stamfordham
    • Stocksfield
    • Throckley
    • Tynemouth
    • Tyneside
    • Tyne Wear
    • Walker
    • Wallsend
    • Washington
    • West Denton
    • Westerhope
    • Whickham
    • Whitley Bay
    • Wideopen
    • Wylam

    If your area is not listed please call to enquire.