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The Best Places to Play Scrabble Online

There’s nothing better than playing a game of Scrabble. feeling the smooth wooden tiles in your hand and savoring the heavy fumes of cardboard, cheap wood and plastic as you rearrange the letters on your rack into the perfect word. You try to keep a straight face while you watch your opponent sweat, but you can’t help but release that diabolical grin of self-admiration as you play the elusive triple-triple. The score’s recorded and you feel sorry for your bitter rival, but then you remember you’re not there to lose, you’re there to win, and most importantly—to have fun.

It’s nearly impossible these days to have a game of Scrabble like that, because everyone’s lives are so busy and getting together in person is a constant challenge. But that’s okay, because almost everyone has a computer or a mobile device now, which means you can still get your Scrabble fix, only it’s online and not in person.

Playing online Scrabble isn’t as fun as battling it out in the flesh, but it’s addicting nonetheless. It’s instant gratification. You no longer have to wait for that continuous hour-long sitting, because you can play any time you want—with as many people as you want. For the obsessed Scrabbler, it’s a dream come true. Plus it keeps your word wits strong so that your in-person skills won’t diminish over time.

But where do you play Scrabble online?

Below are my three favorite places.

1. Facebook

I’m not a big fan of games on Facebook, but if you want to play Scrabble against your friends, this is the easiest and fastest way to do it. Hasbro’s online version of Scrabble (developed by EA) is great because you don’t have to stick to playing on Facebook, but you can connect your games using the mobile apps for iPhone and Android .

My only grievance is that it’s too easy. It has a dictionary in each game, so players can see if their words are actually words or not, which I guess doesn’t really matter since you can place fake words down on the board without it counting against you anyway. There is no way to challenge your opponent, which should be an added option. And the ‘teacher’ feature is available for your opponent to help them out, which I’m not a big fan of.

Still, it’s the best way to play online, though Words with Friends has a Facebook version now, which actually runs smoother than Scrabble—on the Web and on mobile devices.

If you live outside of North America, you’ll be playing the Scrabble Worldwide edition on Facebook instead.

2. Pogo

If you want to play Scrabble with your friends, but you don’t want to kill the competitive nature of the game, then Pogo is the place to go. Once you create a account, you can play a quick game against a random opponent or test your skills against the computer. The gameplay is pretty much the same as the Facebook version, aside from a time limit, but it doesn’t stop there.

You can play games using the traditional rules of Scrabble, where whatever word you play stays, meaning there’s no turning back because your opponent can challenge you if he/she wants to. Even better—you can play tournament style games bound by the rules of the NSA. You can even customize your gameplay options if you want. Plus there are tons of people to play against, in many different rooms.

If you’re willing to become a Club Pogo member by forking out forty bucks a year, then you can satisfy your ego by checking out your progress with the Club Pogo rank and badge system. You can also get a NSA rating to compare yourself against the pros. usually has deals on memberships. so it could be worth the money if you want the competitive experience.

If you don’t want to sign up for Pogo’s website at all, free or paid, you can still play a quick game of Scrabble as a guest by clicking here .

3. ISC

The next rung up the competitive ladder of online Scrabble is ISC. which stands for the Internet Scrabble Club. It’s a really great place to play a tournament style game against some really talented Scrabblers. It’s not as pretty as the above two options, but it’s got the best group of players.

In order to start playing on ISC, you need to register your name on their website and choose your handle. Then you need to download the WordBiz program. which you can get for either Windows. Mac or Linux. Once you start playing, you can choose which language you want, either English, French, Romanian, Italian or Dutch.

As you keep playing you get a NSA rating and can compete against players of similar strength. To get the full grasp of what can be done, visit the ISC introduction page .

But There Are Always More Options.

The three sites above are the best places to play Scrabble online, but there are other ones that are just as fun, like Quadplex and the email-based Pixie Pit Scrabble. If you have a hankering for gambling, I’d suggest playing Scrabble Cubes on Worldwinner. If you know of any more great ways to play Scrabble online, let me know in the comments below.


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Informative website. What has happened to the excellent Scrabble Worldwide on FB is was fantastic I had played over 1300 games and made a number of scrabble friends?

Regarding Worldwide Scrabble on facebook. I also miss my regular scrabble friends from around the world I played with everyday. Facebook had been advertising they were upgrading the game, but instead I have been redirected to inferior US version, which is frustrating as it gives constant error messages and needs to refreshed, most times I make a word. It’s not user friendly like the worldwide version was, it is sluggish, and does not use proper English spelling. The worldwide version was so much better. Please bring it back.

Mattel ruined a perfectly great working Scrabble game online when they partnered with EA Games and took Worldwide Scrabble and replaced it with a duplicate Hasbro version of Scrabble. How can a company promise a NEW and IMPROVED game and give us a duplicate of one that was already available to play. There is no challenge in this version, who wants to wait days to have their turn, and start from the bottom with no chance of choosing a level of play, and the graphics are far too busy and garish #bringbackthescrabblewelove

Might I suggest It’s played with 8 letters, a bigger grid, and is played is Duplicate mode as everyone competes with the same letters.

Wondering how to pick the right download version of Scrabble. My 85 year old mother spends hours playing Scrabble on her PC. She has a very old disk and plays against the computer. We have just bought a new PC with Windows 8. I’ve been told there is not a Scrabble cd for Windows 8, we need to download. She simple wants to continue playing against the computer NOT playing against friend, family etc. She does not have a Facebook account, and we don’t want her to have one, the elderly are so susceptible to scamming that access has to be kept to a minimum. Which version of Scrabble, available in the UK most matches what would have previously been available? Thanks

ciao facciamo una partita

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Listen to free music online without downloading #download #free #mp3

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Free Radio Stations

2013 All other trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners.

Looking for. Listen to free online radio with over 1,000 Internet radio stations with song skipping that includes music, news, sports and talk. Online radio made easy by searching in real-time without downloading music.

Listen to

Listen to hundreds of genre stations or create your own with your favorite music or artists. Get free personalized radio that plays music that you love and discover new music or enjoy old favorite tunes. Start with your favorite artist or song and enjoy the best free Internet radio from a catalog of hundreds of music artists.

Listen to free from all over the world. Find the best free. Internet radio, AM and FM stations and live local radio stations. Enjoy free music and free streaming online radio stations from broadcasters around the world. Our free Internet radio stations include live web radio and online music stations where you can tune into the best music and artists!

– Internet Radio

You deserve a better music listening experience without having to listen to ads. Pick from over 1000 channels of hand-selected music stations or start a channel by selecting your favorite artist or song. Listening to is easy, all you need is your PC and no extra hardware. You can listen to your favorite without having to login or loading any websites.

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Best 10 Free Music Streaming Sites to Listen Free Music Online Without Downloading – Top

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Best 10 Free Music Streaming Sites to Listen Free Music Online Without Downloading

It is very hard to find someone who doesn’t like to listen music. It is a great source of enjoyment and fun and people really enjoy listening music. Everyone has their own choice of music ; some may love to listen classic, some love to listen pop, some rock and some instrumental. People also have their own way to listen music. But now most of people enjoy listening music on their computer, laptop and smartphone. The traditional method of listening music on these devices require us to download music first and then only we can listen to them.

Downloading music is not a bad idea and there are some best music downloading websites available from where you can download any kind of music for free. But people like me who don’t like to wait and want to hear new music right after its release won’t satisfy with the music downloading process. There are music streaming sites available where you can listen to music online. But the problem is they cost you some amount of money to provide you music to listen online. Luckily, there are some other free streaming sites available from where you can listen to free music online without downloading. But the most common problem is most of those free streaming sites are not updated with the latest music.

Now you might be thinking like “is there any site available to listen latest music for free? ”. Yes, there are! Today I am going to share 10 best free music streaming sites where you can listen to free music online without downloading a single file .

Best 10 Sites to Listen Music Online for Free

Below are the list of 10 best free online music streaming website to listen vfree music online wthout downloading anything.


Pandora is a free music streaming website for listen to free music online. It is a personalized online radio station which plays songs according to your choice. It is one of the largest free online music site which has almost all kinds of songs be it old or new songs. Its search bar is the power house for you from where you can search for any song, genres, album and artist to listen music.

Link to Pandora- is one of the best free online music streaming sites with all the advance feature. It is one of the very first music streaming sites. It got it’s a new look recently. It has a decent number of songs that can stream and download for free. It is a user based site where it keeps track of your choice and suggest music according to your interest.

Link for


Spotify is one of the popular online music streaming sites with millions of songs. Here you can find almost every song from every genre and album. It’s a one stop destination for all music lovers; here all the music can be browsed by artist name, genres, album, music name and playlist. To listen to free music you need to download their music app for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and windows.

Link is another great free music streaming site like They have a specialization in imported music streaming and dance music from all around the world. has an attractive design with easy navigations to make sure you get easily what you were looking for.


It has a huge database! Huge mean really huge. Mog claims to have 16 million of songs in its database which makes this a best place to listen free mp3 music online without downloading anything. Here you can choose from a verity of songs, genres and artist according to your own choice MOG also suggest the most matching music according to your search history.


Let’s move forward! Next is SoundCloud, a popular music streaming online website which is popular all over the world. It has millions of active users. Here anyone can search and listen to any kind of songs. You can even upload and share your own song to the world.


Slacker is another big and one of the best free music online website for listening music for free. It has millions of songs and can be accessed for free. Its easy search option makes it easy to search any music from a genre or category. You can also access to some of its radio station, according to your own taste of music.


Gaana is one of the biggest online music streaming portal in India. It is mainly focused for Indian music bold old and new. Gaana update its database very frequently and make sure to add each and every song as soon as possible. Gaana is mostly a paid service, but you can listen to free songs too.


8Tracks is another big name in the digital music industry. 8Tracks is mostly a online radio station created by its users. Here anyone can create and share his/her radio station with others. You can find at least 10 stations in every genre.


RadioTuna is a powerful online radio service which is having custom made radio station for each category and genres. Here you can find and join more than 200 genres and their radio. RadioTuna is also an online music search engine to find music online.

Last Word

Online music streaming is a new trend now days. Like everything it is all depends on the internet and if you have a good internet connection this is the best option for you. You can always listen to free music online without download via this music streaming online websites.

How you liked this article? Is there anything I missed? Do you know any other good music streaming website? Do share your thought and views with us in the comment section below.

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Free Rock Music Downloads from Our Online Music Store #dvd #decoder #free

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Free Rock Music Downloads Online:

Looking for free rock music downloads? We host the largest collection of rock music online. Originated in the 1950s from rock ‘n’ roll music, rock music is popular in the United Kingdom and United States. It is one of the most popular genres of music Today and its lyrics are usually related to positive ideas like romance. Drum beats and electric guitars are the two main elements of rock music. These tracks are generally a mix of country music and R
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Free Online Income Tax Course #mp4 #to #mp3 #converter #free

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Thinking of taking an online income tax course and wondering which one is the best? Would you like to learn electronic tax return preparation from tax professionals? If you�d like to take a fast and free online income tax course written by tax professionals, not university professors, then you�ve come to the right place! Our mission is to provide free tax education to all who seek it.

Did you know that of the 150,062,000 income tax returns filed through 10/30/15, 78,279,000 were prepared and filed by professional tax return preparers?

Millions of Americans pay tax professionals to prepare their tax returns each year. The market is enormous! Now you can start a tax preparation business in your home or office with our practical, in-depth, career-level online income tax course designed to help you enter the lucrative tax preparation field.

With our online income tax course and the skills you develop you�ll have what it takes to start your own tax preparation business. Our home study online income tax course will teach you everything you need to know to become a tax professional. Our online income tax course will give you the skills you need to prepare tax returns professionally, even with no previous experience. If you want to earn extra income as a tax professional our online income tax course is for you. It makes learning tax preparation easy and fun! To view a sample lesson click here.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned tax professional, The Tax College�s interactive online income tax course will give you the knowledge you need to prepare taxes and open your own tax preparation business in the shortest time possible. Our online income tax course is written by tax professionals with over 35 years of experience. With The Tax College’s online income tax course you�ll know you’re getting the best tax preparation training available anywhere! Why not learn taxes from the pros?

The First Online Income Tax Course With Fully Integrated Tax Preparation Training!

Our online income tax course is the only income tax course available that is fully integrated with a professional tax software program, the 1040 ValuePak. Why waste time with calculators, printed worksheets, pencils and erasers, and complicated and confusing IRS mathematical formulas when you can simply enter a few items of data on your computer screen and let the computer crunch the numbers? Why reinvent the wheel? With our online income tax course you�ll learn how to let your computer do all the work, so you can devote your time and effort where it is best spent – with your clients, building your tax preparation business and making money � instead of burying your head in a pile of books! Purchase of our tax software is NOT necessary to enroll in our free online income tax course!

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E-File IRS HVUT Form 2290 Online and Get Schedule 1 in Minutes #free #piano #sheet

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E-file IRS HVUT Form 2290 NOW!

Get Your Stamped Schedule 1 in Minutes
  • Get ahead of the crowd! E-filing for the IRS Form 2290 is now available for the 2016-17 tax year!
  • E-file IRS Form 2290 with ExpressTruckTax and receive your stamped Schedule 1 within minutes
  • Get automatic updates via email, text, fax, mail, and even notify your company/carrier

E-file a VIN Correction for FREE!
  • Easily correct any Form 2290 VIN error online
  • E-file a VIN correction for free!
  • ExpressTruckTax is the only service that offers free VIN Corrections

*Only free for returns originally E-filed with ExpressTruckTax

Truck Zone – ExpressTruckTax Exclusive Feature
  • Truck Zone allows you to store thousands of vehicles in one place–it’s your virtual garage!
  • Save new vehicles as your fleet grows, and keep their information stored automatically year after year
  • The next time you E-file your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax, all of your trucks are saved and ready to be added to your new return

Unlimited Tax Filing
  • Take advantage of discounted pricing on unlimited filings throughout the tax year
  • Bulk upload thousands of vehicles at once
  • Unlimited E-filing includes both 2290s and 8849s

Service Providers and Tax Professionals
  • Whether you’re E-filing for 10 or 10,000 clients, we provide support every step of the way
  • ExpressTruckTax allows you to manage all of your clients and add multiple EINs under a single account
  • Specialty pricing options include prepay, postpay, or pay as you go

Upgrade Your Communication with Clients
  • One of our newest and most convenient feature allows tax professionals to have their customers E-sign returns
  • No more faxing forms to clients and waiting for them to sign and return them
  • Now clients can open a link sent straight from their tax preparer and E-sign in seconds on a computer or even a mobile device

E-Filing is Easier Than Ever
  • Available for any Android or iOS mobile device. It’s free and as mobile as you are
  • Add vehicles directly from your Android or iOS mobile device
  • E-file your 2290 anywhere. even from the cab of your truck

Instant Audit Check while E-filing
  • Before we send your return off to the IRS, we’ll even perform an Instant Audit check for you to pick up on any major errors that could cause your return to be rejected
  • This feature can save you the time and frustration of dealing with the IRS

Cloud Storage
  • All the information in our system are saved in cloud-based storage
  • This allows you to access your information from anywhere, instead of just the device you used to upload your information

– Debbie L, Alabama

Thank you so much for your help. You made it real easy.

– Jamar T, New York

Last time I used some other provider and it took over a week to file my return. With you it took less than an hour to file a fleet of 100 trucks. Where were you all this time? I am glad I found you.

– Lisa N, Tennessee

I appreciate your time. It’s great to have this kind of support!

This is GREAT software. Great. It’s so self-explanatory. I’m very impressed. It’s like the TurboTax* of 2290s.

– Vernice M, Oklahoma

This is the first time I’m doing this and it’s super easy. I called the other guys and nobody answered the phone. You guys picked up right away. So far I’m very happy and I will be recommending you to my friends. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for your help. I overpaid with ***2290 and they wanted to charge me to fix my VIN number. Not only did you guys let me E-File my VIN correction, but you let me do it for FREE. I can’t thank you enough!

– Hank P, Pennsylvania

Wow, I wasn’t expecting anyone to actually answer the phone. I called three other guys and nobody answered. You picked up after the first ring. I wish your company could do ALL my taxes!

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Free online books to read #igi #game #free #download

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LibriVox has quite a large German speaking community who has been reading numerous works by German authors. This month we honour both with 10 German gems from our catalog. Alexander von Humboldt was a major figure in German science, and he is credited with founding the field of biogeography. Homeschooled, he was always interested in [ ]

Often sadly forgotten among the English speaking countries, this month we ll put our focus on authors from New Zealand and Australia with 10 gems from our catalog. Unfortunately, there are not many authors of Aboriginal or Maori descent in our catalog, since their legends and history were traditionally transmitted orally. The Stone Axe of Burkamukk [ ]

Today, just in time as a present for our 11th anniversary, LibriVox readers completed project #10,000! It is Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio (Volume 1) by Songling Pu, translated by Herbert A. Giles, and recorded as a group project by more than 20 LibriVox volunteers. This number includes 5556 solos as well as 1349 [ ]

On August 10th, LibriVox will celebrate its 11th anniversary! Congratulations! This is the perfect occasion to look back on those years and to reminisce a little with 10 milestone gems from our catalog. When LibriVox started in August 2005, nobody knew where this would be going, or if this was going at all. But it [ ]

Librivox Statistics

  • Cataloged works: 10,161
  • Works cataloged last month: 67
  • Non-English works: 1,366
  • Number of languages: 36
  • Number of readers: 7,741

Librivox – Acoustical liberation of books in the public domain.

(For users in the European Union or Switzerland, please read this note. )

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Free PC Game Downloads and Online Web Games at Alive Games #download #music #for #free

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PC Game Downloads

New PC Games! Download Free!

Welcome to Alive Games!

Here you can download the most interesting PC games on the web. You can also play online games of every style, including arcade games, strategy games, card games, word games and puzzles. No registration is required.

Featured Game

Curse at Twilight: Thief of Souls

After being summoned to a mysterious manor, you must unravel the story of an ancient evil and discover your destiny before it’s too late in Curse at Twilight: Thief of Souls!
Read more


Top PC Game Downloads

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About Us

Social Links

Game Sites

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Fetchy – Free YouTube to MP3 or MP4 Converter and Downloader Online #free #ftp

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Fetchy provides YouTube to MP4 conversion with compatability up to 720p. Fetchy is a great YouTube downloader online. due to it’s clean interface and conversion speeds, allowing you to download YouTube videos free. Fetchy is also one of the only YouTube to mp4 converters that allows you to search, watch and convert YouTube videos all in one site. So if you want to convert YouTube mp4 videos for watching at a later date, then Fetchy is the site for you. Because Fetchy is capable of converting YouTube videos to both MP3 and MP4 formats makes it truly the best free YouTube downloader online. So look no further for your favourite YouTube downloader online. Fetchy’s YouTube mp4 capabilities are revolutionary, it’s ability to browse YouTube videos from within the site makes for easy content discovery, so for your all in one YouTube downloader Fetchy has you covered.

But what if your just after the audio track? Well don’t worry because Fetchy is also the best YouTube to mp3 converter online optimised for song meta data and album artwork. Fetchy takes YouTube to MP3 converters to the next level with Title, Artist, Album name and Album Art detection that leaves your MP3 files looking complete inside iTunes or any other media player. Are you sick of intro’s and outro’s ruining your MP3’s? Fetchy provides you with the ability to watch and then trim your file to the perfect length, you will never have to listen to unwanted intro’s and outro’s again, something that is unseen of on other online YouTube downloader. Fetchy brings all these features into a simple and easy to use interface which makes convert YouTube to mp3 super easy. So for the state of the art YouTube mp3 converter or to simply download YouTube videos free. Fetchy is the place to be.

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100 of the Best Legal Free Full Version Games You Can Download Online #free #antivirus

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#free pc games download full version


100 of the Best Legal Free Full Version Games You Can Download Online

Over time I have found many fully functioning games that are free to download in various places across the web. Here are 100 of these great full games that are free to download online. They range from independent games, to games that were once commercial but are now free, free to play MMO games (some of the MMOs do have the option of purchasing in game items, etc.), free action games, 3rd person games, games designed by hobbyists, and many more!

If you know of others, please leave a comment with the URL. I ll approve comments as I have time. The graphics do not need to be the most up to date or have the most advanced physics engine. The requirement I m looking for is that they are fun to play! I want to create a single source to find these free games so that others don t need to scour the web for them like I did.

100 Free Full Games to Download Online:

What definitely deserves to be in the list is the renewal of the infamous/legendary Star Contol game:

Star Control 2 The Ur-Quan Masters:

Star Control 2 is one of those games that s very fondly remembered by pretty much everyone that played it. Not only did it let you save the universe from an evil race bent on enslaving everything it came across, but it did so with a lot of action, adventure, and freedom of choice not exactly common in these types of games back in 1992. Accolade created one hell of a space adventure, leaving us wondering why this isn t one of the series being revisited in this time of sequels and remakes.

What can I say it s a game which you can find in all possible Best Games of all Time lists for PC. It s has also the 1st place at GameSpy s Top 10 Games for PC we d like to see remastered :

Well it is remastered. It has remastered music and graphics, has now voice/speech audio tracks, is playable on Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and MacOS X. What are you waiting for. Get it!

First, while many like Online Games, others see them as a vector for distributing spyware/virii. Almost all of these are actually ONLINE games. Not a real problem, but they should be labeled as to online or true download. Downloading a game client is not downloading a game.

#3, Anarchy Online is a dead link. Just enter the site name and the option to play free is at the top of the page and the download for the online game client is on the left.

#7, Bloodust Vampire RPG does NOT offer ANY free play. When you click on the download link on thier website, it just says you can watch videos, and offers to download the game for $10.95. That ain t free, folks.

I noticed a few other links that never take one where one can actually download a game. If I have time, I will return and point them out.

Thanks so much for the ones that work.

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