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Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk Multi-Mission Maritime Helicopter

The Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk has proven a capable maritime performer with several of the world’s leading navies.

Updated: 6/23/2017; Authored By Staff Writer; Content ©

The Sikorsky SH-60 “Seahawk” is the navalized derivative of the ubiquitous land-based UH-60 “Black Hawk” series transport helicopters. Origins of the UH-60 go as far back as the 1970s to which the helicopter recorded its first flight on November 29th, 1974 and formally entered service with the United States Army in 1979. To date, some 4,000 units have been delivered and serving across multiple military forces around the globe. The UH-60 was then adopted by the United States Navy in a navalized form with a first flight recorded on December 12th, 1979. Formal introduction into service occurred in 1984 with frontline service ongoing as of this writing (2013). The SH-60 remains the primary helicopter of the United States Navy.

While originating from the land-based UH-60, the SH-60 features over-water qualities that are required of maritime aircraft. This includes folding appendages (tail, horizontal stabilizer, collapsing main rotor) for onboard stowage, strengthened understructures for the abuses of shipborne landings and specialized coatings to protect against the corrosive effects of the salty sea air. Prior to the 1970s, the US Navy relied on their trusty Kaman SH-2 Seasprite multi-mission helicopters aboard aircraft carriers and accompanying surface ships. However, Seasprites were introduced in the late 1950s with applicable technology of the time and were soon superseded by more modern developments. As such, the situation forced the US Navy to modernize its rotary-wing fleet which included following the US Army’s lead by selecting Sikorsky Model S-70 helicopter as its primary mount under the designation of SH-60 “Seahawk”. The initial production versions were recognized as “SH-60B” in line with the Sikorsky S-70B model design.

The selection of the S-70 allowed for a high degree of commonality in parts between the US Army UH-60 and the US Navy SH-60 – up to 80% was common across both platforms which improved logistics and repair times and costs. The overall design appearance of the US Navy helicopter remained largely the same with its twin turboshaft layout, four-bladed main rotor and fixed wheeled undercarriage. The two-man cockpit was held well-forward in the design with good visibility (the instrument panel takes up a good deal of height) while the passenger/cargo cabin was set to the rear under the engine installations. If the S-70 design proved anything it was in its multi-mission capabilities which have since endeared the type to other world powers beyond the United States.

Unlike the Army’s UH-60, the Navy’s SH-60 did away with the left side sliding access door for cabin entry/exit (replaced by solid fuselage wall). Additionally, the aircraft mounted uprated turboshaft engines for more power as well as a electrically-collapsing main rotor blade (all blades collapse to the rear) assembly for a more compact footprint aboard ships. The horizontal stabilizers were also designed to fold for this same reason while the vertical tail unit swung over portside just aft of the tailwheel. The tailwheel structure was relocated forward to reduce the surface contact area aboard space-strapped ships and allow the tail to hinge. Optional wingstubs could be added to either side of the fuselage for the carrying of valuable mission equipment and weaponry.

Key to the existence of the SH-60 is support for the LAMPS (Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System) utilized by the US Navy. LAMPS is an advanced avionics package that was developed to counter enemy submarines while also supporting search and rescue (SAR) sorties. The SH-2 Seasprite utilized the original LAMPS Mk I system while the Seahawk was slated to use the more modern LAMPS Mk III series (an Mk II model was eventually abandoned).

The US Navy first contracted for five YSH-60B prototypes outfitted to specifications (including LAMPS III). After a first flight in late 1979, testing continued before production was ordered, resulting in first-batch unit availability to USN elements by 1984. Operational service officially began the following year as SH-60Bs were stationed across all manner of US Navy surface ships. Since their adoption, SH-60Bs have given stellar shipborne service.

The Seahawk is stocked with the APS-124 series search radar system as well as the ALQ-142 ESM. A 25-tube sonobouy launcher is mounted near the left main landing gear structure. The aircraft is generally crewed by three to four primary personnel including two pilots and a missions specialist (up to eleven passengers can fit in the cabin depending on the production model in question). Beyond its sophisticated array of sensory equipment, the Seahawk can be outfitted with 3 x Mark 46/54 series torpedoes as well as AGM-114 Hellfire air-to-surface missiles or AGM-119 Penguin anti-ship missiles to engage enemy vessels. Point defense is provided by an optional general purpose machine gun or minigun to either side of the fuselage as required. An Mk 44 Mod 0 cannon can also be installed and used in the mine clearing role.

The Seahawk is powered by 2 x General Electric T700-GE-401C turboshaft engines delivering 1,890 shaft horsepower each coupled to a four-bladed main rotor and four-bladed tail rotor. The tail rotor is offset to the starboard side of the aircraft and used to stabilize forward flight (countering the torque of the main rotor blades). This arrangement provides a top speed of 170 miles per hour with a range out to 520 miles and service ceiling of 12,000 feet. A rate-of-climb of 1,650 feet per minute is reported. Depending on the production model, the Seahawk is also cleared to haul up to 9,000lbs of cargo under its fuselage (via sling load) as well as 4,000lbs in its cabin.

All told, the Seahawk can be called upon to undertake a variety of critical missions including at-sea resupply, search and rescue of downed pilots and sailors, humanitarian relief, special forces insertion/extraction, MEDEVAC, cargo hauling, submarine/surface warship hunting and mine warfare. The type has also been developed into a series of related, though mission-specific, marks as follows:

The SH-60F “Oceanhawk” is a dedicated aircraft carrier-based anti-submarine warfare platform of which 81 have been produced. The HH-60H “Rescue Hawk”, as its name suggests, is utilized in the search and rescue role at sea, some 42 having been built. The HH-60 “Jayhawk” is an HH-60H-based version developed to specific US Coast Guard standards. The MH-60R “Seahawk” is a a modernized version of the SH-60B complete with the “LAMPS Mk III Block II Upgrade” and support for improved missiles and torpedoes. The MH-60S “Knighthawk” is a cargo-hauling platform developed to replace the aging Boeing CH-46 Sea Knight tandem rotor transports.

The CH-60E was a proposed USMC troop transport that fell to naught. Developmental prototypes of mentioned production marks have included the YSH-60R (becoming the MH-60R) and the YCH-60S (becoming the MH-60S).

The Seahawk has also been slightly modified for foreign purchase to which customers are largely made up of US-friendly nations and include Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Greece, Japan, Spain, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and Turkey. Export variants on recognized as S-70B “Seahawk” while their civilian counterparts are the S-70C. The SH-60J is an anti-submarine mount for the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF).

The US Navy currently operates over 40 SH-60-related squadrons (including reserves) as of early 2013 and has procured hundreds of units since 1985 with over 700 helicopters having been delivered by Sikorsky to all parties in that span.

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10 November 2014

Some of the things you can do to winterize your home are relatively cheap and easy for you to do yourself.

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The idea is easy and will save you some frustration and money down the road.

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For Decades Gloria Searson Fights to End the Epidemic

The life line

Hurricane Harvey Shutters AIDS Foundation Houston

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Protecting the AIDS Drug Assistance Program

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United States Conference on AIDS 2017 Is September 7 Through 10

Held in Washington, DC, #2017USCA offers workshops, panel discussions, exhibitors and a family reunion of sorts.

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Selzentry as PrEP Is Safe and Well Tolerated Among Women

This alternative to Truvada for prevention among those at high risk of HIV warrants more advanced research to determine its efficacy.

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POZ Poll: Do you disclose your HIV status on dating apps?

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Trump Plans to Cut Global HIV Funds. How Much Will It Cost in Human Lives?

One estimate: 9 million years of lost life in South Africa and Ivory Coast in one decade.

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See You in DC for the United States Conference on AIDS!

It’s been a challenging time in Washington. That is why this year’s meeting—#2017USCA, starting Sept. 7—is so important.

MUST read

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#African American

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What Is Chronic Inflammation and Why Is It Such a Big Deal for People With HIV?

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First Antibody Treatment for Drug-Resistant HIV May Get FDA Nod

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Meet the Man Who Got HIV While on Daily PrEP

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My doctor is good, but I don t like the person. Should I look for a new doctor?

A good doctor is important, but does it matter if you like your health care provider?

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Trans Individuals Aren t Getting Tested for HIV Enough

A CDC report found that despite their high overall risk of HIV, transgender individuals get tested only as often as cisgender heterosexuals.

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Look What You Made Todrick Hall Do for HIV Awareness! [VIDEO]

He conquered Broadway, YouTube and Oz. Now he’s helping “Positively Fearless” tackle HIV in the Black community.

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Donesha Bowers

I want to help others and stop the spread of HIV.

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How Trump s Transgender Ban Is Like Past Efforts to Oust Troops With HIV

A “blatantly discriminatory” 1996 law required the discharge of HIV-positive service members. It didn’t last long.

Hot topics

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Forums: Support and discussion

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Blogs: The community speaks

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POZ Stories: Get inspired

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Magazine: Search the archives

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HIV: The Basics

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Recursos de VIH/SIDA en Espa ol

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AIDS Is Everyday

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HIV Diagnoses Continue to Plummet at Major London Sexual Health Clinic

A push to diagnose and rapidly treat HIV and other STIs as well as use of Truvada as PrEP are likely driving the trend.

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Remembering Princess Diana s AIDS Work 20 Years After Her Death

At the height of AIDS fears, she showed that it was OK to hug people with HIV.

The life line

HIV-Positive Medicaid Recipients Often Have Poor Adherence to Meds

Not sticking to the daily HIV medication regimen is also associated with increased health care costs.

The life line

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Types of College Degrees, College Degree Levels #online #degree,on #line #degrees,online #degree,degree #online,onlinedegrees,earn #degree #online,earn #a #degree,accredited #schools,accredited #college,online #education,distance #learning #schools, #distance #learning #education

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Types of Online Degrees

Those who are contemplating college will face many important decisions about their education. Online degrees offer the advantage of flexible scheduling, making them a great option for busy parents, working professionals and those who prefer to study online rather than at a brick-and-mortar school.

Understanding the online college degree options is the first step in determining which program is the right choice. Below is an overview of the most common types of online college degrees, what they require, and what students can expect from the experience.

Certificate or Diploma Programs

Certificate programs can provide a boost to education already earned, such as a working professional becoming certified in a new technology, or they can be the requirement for entry into a particular field, such as plumbing, welding or cosmetology. Some online certificate programs require a high school diploma or equivalent for entry. Most certificate programs require a few weeks or months of online study to complete, while more advanced programs might take up to a year.

The associate degree can be a valuable credential for those who want to enter the workforce upon graduation or it can be seen as a stepping stone to a bachelor’s degree. The online associate degree can take up to two years to complete, but the flexible scheduling offered by online schools means students might complete the degree in much less time. A high school diploma is required for entry.

Acceptance into the bachelor’s degree program requires a minimum of a high school diploma and passing grades on entrance exams. Many bachelor’s degrees can be earned entirely online, but those that require a hands-on element may be completed in a hybrid educational format. Students might be able to earn their credential in just a few years, depending on how quickly they work through the courses.

Many entry-level jobs require a bachelor’s degree, and graduates often move into the workforce upon completion of their undergraduate studies. However, some positions require a master’s degree or higher. In such instances, the bachelor’s degree is the first step toward higher educational attainment.

Entry into an online master’s degree program usually requires completion of the bachelor’s degree and passing scores on the GRE or GMAT exam. Flexible online scheduling means the master’s degree could be completed in as little as one year.

Many students who enter online master’s degree programs have already entered the workforce and are trying to earn a higher degree for a promotion or salary boost. Online degree programs can allow these students to work on courses at a time that is convenient for them, thus allowing them to earn their degree without sacrificing their work or family commitments.

The Master of Business Administration degree is a business credential that can be obtained through one to two years of study beyond the bachelor’s degree. The requirements for the MBA are typically the same as the requirements for the master’s degree, although those entering the MBA program are usually expected to have an undergraduate degree in business or a related field.

Also known as a doctoral degree, the Ph.D. is the highest level of educational attainment. This degree is usually a requirement to obtain a license to practice medicine, law, dentistry, veterinary science and other professions that require extensive training to earn the right to practice. Many fields allow the Ph.D. to be obtained online. Depending upon the profession, this could take only a few years.

Most doctoral programs require a master’s degree for entry, though some programs might allow a blend that includes a bachelor’s degree and work experience to serve as an entry requirement. A significant part of a Ph.D. program is research and a dissertation, which is then presented and defended before a committee. In many cases, these requirements can all be achieved entirely online.

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New business credit line

What s new in beer in North Kansas City, Lawrence Kelly s Westport Inn

Lawrence Beer Co. is now pouring, and Colony Handcrafted Ales opens Saturday, Sept. 2. Plus: A new brew at Kelly’s Westport Inn.

New business credit line

Longtime college burger beer bar is gone, replaced by Scotch eggs cottage pies

Crossroads The Sundry moving to midtown adding two more locations

Hy-Vee is partnering with a celebrity-owned restaurant chain, national fitness center

Bond family expands in the Northland with Crown Point Tavern, Taco Luchador

Bar West Plaza plans September opening in West Plaza area

New business credit line

Longtime college burger beer bar is gone, replaced by Scotch eggs cottage pies

Mike’s Tavern, a mainstay since the mid-1960s, is now home to Brady’s Public House offering Irish cuisine with a twist.

New business credit line

Crossroads The Sundry moving to midtown adding two more locations

The Sundry will relocate to Plexpod in midtown, and then open in a new downtown Plexpod. It will add a grab-and-go operation in the Lenexa Plexpod.

New business credit line

Ten KC companies that spoil employees with unbelievable perks

Free massages, gourmet lunches, nap rooms and unlimited beer — the employee perks at these KC-area companies will make you want to quit your job.

New business credit line

Here are some of the Whole Foods savings you can find now that Amazon has taken over

Grocery shoppers at Whole Foods have seen prices on some groceries drop as much as 43 percent since the chain’s purchase by Amazon was finalized this week.

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Here comes the iPhone 8: Five things you should know

A decade after the debut of the Apple iPhone, industry watchers say the latest incarnation, the iPhone 8, will be unveiled Sept. 12 and Apple will start taking orders Sept. 15.

New business credit line

Hy-Vee is partnering with a celebrity-owned restaurant chain, national fitness center

Hy-Vee will open 26 Wahlburgers restaurants, including some in the metro, as well as add some Wahlburgers menu items to its in-house Market Grilles.

New business credit line

Bond family expands in the Northland with Crown Point Tavern, Taco Luchador

Their Crown Point Tavern has relocated and added items such as grilled bourbon salmon. Their Taco Luchador also has relocated and expanded its menu.

New business credit line

A pair of new squabbles delays KCI contract selection

An ethics complaint has derailed plan to announce this week the recommended proposal for the KCI single terminal project. Meanwhile, Kansas City Mayor Sly James accused a council aide of improper contacts with one of the bidders.

New business credit line

Sale of The Star s historic headquarters set for Thursday

The Kansas City Star will continue to work in its historic brick building while constructing a state-of-the-art newsroom in its Press Pavilion nearby.

New business credit line

Bar West Plaza plans September opening in West Plaza area

The Bar West Plaza is taking the Journeyman space at 1121 W. 47th St. It will offer specialty burgers, chicken tenders and chicken Parmesan sandwiches.

New business credit line

Mayor accuses council aide of improper contact with representative of KCI bidder

Kansas City Mayor Sly James said on Tuesday that an aide to Katheryn Shields was spotted having contact with a representative from the AECOM-led KCI Partnership team last week. Meanwhile, an ethics complaint has been filed against Jolie Justus, a councilwoman and a member of the KCI single terminal selection committee, accusing her of having a conflict of interest since she works for a law firm that represented Burns & McDonnell in a litigation dispute settled in 2016.

New business credit line

Gas prices jump in Kansas City as Hurricane Harvey continues to pound Gulf Coast

Gas prices in the Kansas City area have jumped 13 cents since a week ago as Hurricane Harvey continues to pound the Gulf Coast.

New business credit line

West Side s raw and vegan Fud restaurant temporarily closes

After seven years of operations, the owners have temporarily closed the restaurant for a restructuring and repairs but said it will reopen soon.

New business credit line

KC may replace businesses with park in Indian Creek flood zone

Two Kansas City council members urged the city manager Aug. 29, 2017 to address Indian Creek flooding, including possibly replacing a flooded retail center with a park.

New business credit line

US job growth slows to 156K; unemployment up to 4.4 pct.

US employers added steady 156,000 jobs in August; unemployment rate ticks up to 4.4 percent.

New business credit line

NFL players’ union sues over Elliott’s 6-game domestic ban

The NFL players’ union is suing the league on behalf of Ezekiel Elliott, seeking to vacate the upcoming ruling of an arbitrator over the Dallas running back’s six-game suspension in a domestic violence case.

Markets Right Now: Stocks rise in early trading

Stocks are rising in spite of an August jobs report that was a bit weaker than Wall Street anticipated.

New business credit line

White House readies $5.9B request for Harvey recovery aid

The White House has prepared a request to Congress for an initial $5.9 billion package in Harvey recovery aid.

State-owned utility also paid bonuses for nuclear project

Top executives of the state-owned utility Santee Cooper were paid bonuses for the now-failed efforts to build two nuclear reactors in South Carolina.

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Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement #sewer #line #replacement #insurance

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Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

New No Dig Sewer Repair Technology

Advances in sewer repair and replacement technology is saving cities, towns, and homeowners from expensive and disruptive excavation previously required to repair or replace aging and failing sewer pipes across the country and around the world. Trenchless sewer line replacement methods are being implemented by cities and towns to rehabilitate failing municipal underground sewer lines in urban and rural areas because of the minimal invasive nature of the new technology and reduced costs to the taxpayers.

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Relining

TRENCHLESS SEWER PIPE RELINING – This method of trenchless sewer line replacement involves using Cured In Place Pipe or CIPP, to reline the interior of the old sewer pipe with a brand new seamless liner. The PVC infused liner is first saturated to 100% saturation with epoxy resin and then blown into the existing sewer line with high pressure air. Once the seamless liner is in place, a bladder is inserted and pressurized with hot steam molding the new liner to the interior of the existing pipe. The result is a strong seamless pipe within a pipe that is highly resistant to cracking, leaking, and root infestation, the leading cause of sewer line failure.

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Bursting

SEWER PIPE BURSTING – This method of trenchless sewer line replacement is utilized when the existing sewer line is too damaged to recieve a new liner. A heave cable is fed through the entire length of the existing sewer line and attached to front of a cone shaped tool called a bursting head. The bursting head is in turn fastened to a brand new seamless length of HDPE Pipe (High Density Polyethylene). Using a powerful hydraulic winch, the new pipe is pulled through the entire length of the old pipe while the bursting head breaks up the old pipe and pushes it into the surrounding soil. The result is a brand new sewer pipe that is also extremely resistant to cracking, leaking, and root infestation.

Directional Drilling Trenchless

Directional Drilling Services – Directional Drilling, also referred to as horizontal directional drilling or HDD is a trenchless method of boring undeground runs for new utilities like sewer, water, gas, and electricla without the need to dig. GPS guided drilling heads can make runs well over 1000 feet with tremendous accuracy under roads, buidlings, rivers and streams. This cuts connstruction costs dramatically as there is no need to close businesses roads, or highways because excavation becomes obsolete. The drilling rigs can go right under anything and for any diameter run required for sewer, water, gas, drain, and electrical lines.

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Does my credit card travel protection cover emergency medical evacuations? #-line #medevac #card

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Does my credit card travel protection cover emergency medical evacuations?

Say you re taking an long cruise, or visiting a remote region of Costa Rica, or doing a little mountain climbing in Tanzania and you know you ll be many miles away from the nearest hospital. What happens if you become ill or are injured and urgently need medical attention (sooner rather than later, that is)?

This is the situation medical evacuation coverage was designed to handle, but a lot of consumers confuse emergency assistance with emergency evacuation because they sound a lot alike. When it comes to travel insurance and credit card travel protection, however, these are very different terms indeed.

With both travel insurance and credit card travel protection:

  • Emergency assistance means having a 24-hour hotline answered by a representative who will help you connect with the services you need. This is an excellent benefit when you re kid is running a fever and you have no idea where the nearest hospital or medical facility might be. (Full details on emergency assistance with your travel insurance.)
  • Emergency evacuation. on the other hand, means those representatives will arrange for you to be retrieved from the location where you are to the nearest appropriate medical facility. This coverage also ensures that you get back home after you are treated in a hospital. So, if you are hurt in Bali and get airlifted to Malaysia for treatment, they handle all that AND get you back home. (Full details on emergency evacuations with your travel insurance.)

Credit cards have emergency assistance. just like travel insurance plans do, but they do not cover emergency evacuations .

Evacuations are high-dollar items. While many people don t think twice about insuring their baggage or the rental car (that s where credit card protection is about the same as travel insurance), losing those items aren t likely to break the bank – your bank, that is. Figuring out how to cough up ten thousand or a hundred thousand dollars for a medical evacuation is completely different.

About Damian Tysdal

Damian Tysdal is the founder of TravelInsuranceReview, and he believes travel insurance should be easier to understand. See more from Damian on Google+ .

How to save money and find the best travel insurance

Use a comparison tool to get quotes for all plans, easily compare, and buy online

  1. 1. Click the big orange button below: This will take you to the comparison tool
  2. 2. Enter your trip details: Dates, travelers, cost, etc. then click the Quote Now button
  3. 3. Use the tools to narrow your choice: Use the Filtering and Compare features to pick a plan
  4. 4. Buy online: After selecting a plan, use a credit card to securely enroll online
  5. 5. Rest assured: Instant confirmation of coverage and 10 Money Back guarantee

Purchase Your Plan Now Instantly quote, compare, and buy securely How it works

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Clogged Toilet

DEAR TIM: Every now and then I have to deal with a clogged toilet. But lately the blocked toilet seems to be happening with greater frequency. Could there be a problem with the toilet itself or a clogged drain? What can I do to troubleshoot the cause of the problem? Is it possible for me to damage the bowl while clearing a clogged toilet? What do you do when faced with this unpleasant task? Harmony T. Sandusky, OH

DEAR HARMONY: You’d be surprised how many folks are stymied by this common problem. Clearing a clogged toilet happens all over the world each day. While traveling, you could even come across a blocked toilet in London! I’ve dealt with my fair share of toilets that don’t want to drain, and have found that a vast majority of the problems can be traced to either too much toilet paper being used or, in some rare cases, poor design of the toilet bowl.

This plunger and a 5-gallon bucket are usually all you need to fix a clogged toilet. PHOTO CREDIT: Tim Carter

You probably have never seen what the underside of a toilet looks like or seen the piping system that connects to a common residential toilet. If you did, you’d probably shake your head wondering how they don’t get clogged more often.

Toilet bowls are configured with a drain pathway that’s called a colon. The convoluted pathway inside a toilet bowl looks not much different than a curvy road rally course with one or more hairpin turns or your own intestines! This pathway inside the toilet bowl helps create the water seal keeping sewer gas and vermin from entering your bathroom.

The diameter of this colon is usually over 2 inches, and it connects to a 3-inch drain pipe in the floor. In some houses, the drain line may even be a 4-inch pipe. If waste and paper can make it through the colon in the toilet, you can see that the larger drain pipe in the floor can easily accommodate the waste from the toilet. This is why a clogged drain line is almost never the problem.

To test to see if your drain line or colon is clogged or partially clogged, first make sure the toilet is flushing normally. If you see the water swirl around the bowl and disappear with that classic slurping noise, you’re ready to begin the test. Fill a 5-gallon bucket with water and pour it into the toilet bowl as fast as you possibly can. I mean quickly!

If the toilet bowl does not overflow, this means that the toilet colon and the drain line are wide open. There may be a plastic army man wedged in the colon allowing the water to pass, but let’s assume you don’t have these toys around your home.

If the water from the bucket drains rapidly, you could still have a design problem with the toilet. I’ve seen discount toilets that have a very tight turn at the end of the colon where it connects to the drain pipes at the floor. Solid waste and toilet paper can have a tough time passing through this very tight turn. High-quality name brand toilets don’t have this design flaw.

You can damage a toilet if you use the wrong tools while fixing a clogged toilet. I would only use a plunger and a bucket of water. That’s all I’ve ever used in all the years of working on toilets. The clogged drain snakes made from flexible metal can scratch the polished china surface of your toilet if you get too aggressive.

As crazy as this sounds, water alone can often fix a clogged toilet without a plunger. You may have noticed in the past that when a toilet clogs, the toilet bowl fills with water from the tank but doesn’t overflow. But when you come back minutes later to look at it, the water level in the bowl has mysteriously fallen.

This happens because water from the bowl is seeping by the clog. If you wait for the water level in the toilet bowl to drop on its own and then pour a bucket of clear water into the toilet as fast as you can making sure it doesn’t splash out or overflow the rim of the bowl, you’ll be shocked to discover most clogs are dislodged by this rush of water.

I only use a plunger when several buckets full of clear water don’t do the trick. Be sure the toilet bowl has more water in it than the normal level of water when using the plunger. The weight of the water, in addition to the action of the plunger, is what helps to clear the clog.

You don’t want to use a plunger when the water in the toilet bowl is almost overflowing the rim of the bowl. You’ll have a real mess on your hands. Remember that water is heavy and it’s weight alone can persuade a mass of toilet paper and solid waste to pass through the toilet colon.

Mineral deposits that collect around the syphon jet hole in the bottom of the toilet bowl can also cause the problem. The water from the toilet tank needs to enter the toilet bowl rapidly to force waste through the toilet into the drain pipe. A partially clogged syphon jet hole or a flapper valve that’s closing too rapidly not allowing all the water from the tank to enter the bowl can make you think the toilet is clogged when it’s not.

The bucket-of-water test can clear clogs caused by this. If the syphon jet hole is partially clogged, muriatic acid will often dissolve the deposits.

If you decide to try muriatic acid, make sure the clog is gone and clear water is in the bowl. Pour a bucket of water rapidly into the toilet bowl to lower the water level in the bowl. Then add 12 ounces of muriatic acid to the water in the bowl. Allow it to sit in the toilet for several hours.

Be sure to wear goggles and old clothes as you do this. Pour the acid into the toilet slowly to minimize splashing. Open the bathroom window to ventilate the harmful fumes. Put the toilet lid down so that animals can’t get into the harmful brew.

After waiting several hours, and wearing rubber gloves, carefully use a small wooden stick to gently scrape the opening of the syphon jet hole. Do not use any metal to do this.

Before you flush the toilet, it’s a good idea to neutralize the acid. You can use a cup of baking soda to achieve this goal. Add it slowly to the liquid solution in the bottom of the bowl and stir it with a paint-stirring stick.

Now it’s time to flush the toilet to see if the acid did its job. You should see a significant difference in the flushing action if the syphon jet hole was clogged with deposits. The acid will not hurt the toilet bowl or the plumbing drain pipes.

Watch this video to see how Tim SOLVED a problem in minutes!

CLICK here to learn more on how Tim can help solve your problems.





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The Inland Valley’s Experts in Heating, Air Conditioning Plumbing Since 1986

Steve’s Service is a local family-owned plumbing and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) company, offering a full range of expert services at affordable prices. We’ve been serving the heating. air conditioning. and plumbing needs of residents and business owners in the Inland Valley for nearly 30 years, and we’ve earned thousands of satisfied residential and commercial clients. We have a 92% customer return and referral rate, one of the highest in the industry. We also hold an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and we’ve been recognized for excellence in business in the Inland Valley: Steve’s Service won the prestigious Best of Upland Award for outstanding service and business practices five years in a row (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013) and was voted Best Contractor by the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin Readers Choice Awards four years in a row (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014). In addition, Steve’s Service has earned the prestigious Angie’s List Super Service Award, which only about 5% of companies rated on Angie’s list receive. Angie’s List is the nation’s leading provider of consumer reviews on local service companies, and the Super Service Award is a coveted mark of distinction for businesses in multiple industries.

Heating Air Conditioning

As a full-service HVAC company, we can meet any heating or air conditioning need: Steve’s Service offers a full range of high quality air conditioning, heating, and ductwork services, including sales, installation/replacement, repair, and maintenance. Our prices are very competitive, and you can rely on our experience and expertise: our NATE-certified technicians have factory-authorized training in almost every air conditioning and heating system on the market, including the newest models. They use the most advanced tools and equipment to perform expert repairs and maintenance.

As a factory-authorized Carrier dealer, we sell and install some of the best air conditioners and heaters available, including environmentally friendly units with the best energy efficiency ratings. We also offer additional Carrier products, upgrades, and accessories, including a wide selection of air quality solutions, ductless split systems, programmable and non-programmable thermostats, boilers, heat pumps, zone control systems, and more.


We are also a full-service plumbing company, and our comprehensive plumbing services are as effective, reliable, and affordable as our HVAC services. We handle all sewer, water, and gas repairs–one call does it all. We offer expert drain cleaning. water heater sales and service. ultrasound slab leak detection. pipe replacement (including copper repiping), sink and faucet sales and service. toilet sales and service. and even full bathroom remodels. We also offer gas line installation and electric-to-gas conversion. Our experienced plumbers use only the best tools, equipment, and parts to perform plumbing repairs and installations, and our inventory of sinks, toilets, and other products is top-of-the-line. Still, our services remain affordably priced–we are the Inland Empire’s best value for quality, reliable plumbing services.

Fast, Convenient, Affordable Service

At Steve’s Service, we’re committed to saving you time and money. We answer service calls 24 hours a day with fast response time, and we provide a short appointment window so you don’t have to wait around. Our professional technicians will arrive at your home or business in a fully stocked equipment truck, so they won’t have to make multiple trips for extra tools or parts. And we get the job done right the first time, every time, so you’ll never waste time or money on a follow-up visit.

We offer free estimates for air conditioning and heating installations and all plumbing services. In addition, every HVAC repair job includes a free service call. Call Steve’s Service today to schedule an appointment, or to set up your free estimate for an air conditioning, heating, or plumbing installation. We are a fully licensed and insured company, and an approved contractor with the League of California Homeowners. We accept all major credit cards, and we offer 100% financing on approved credit.

Bathroom Remodels

In addition to our expert HVAC and plumbing services, Steve’s Service performs complete bathroom remodels: vanity replacement, new toilets, new tubs, new showers and shower glass, and more. We carry all the top brands in bathroom fixtures, and because we are a licensed and experienced full-service plumber, our bathroom remodels also include the highest quality plumbing services available in the Inland Empire. Your new bathroom will look beautiful and function flawlessly.

Whether you just want to modernize a dated shower, or completely overhaul your bathroom and everything in it.

HERO Financing Program

HERO Financing is low cost, fixed interest rate financing for a broad range of energy and water efficient products such as: HVAC Systems, Water Heaters, Homeowners repay the HERO Financing through their property tax bill.

In order to be eligible for the HERO program, you must be located in one of the following counties:

  • Riverside County
  • San Bernardino County
  • Los Angeles County (Coming Soon)
Contact Us

This is a letter commending your employee Tyler. he came to our residence on three separate occasions, and I was extremely impressed by his expertise, professionalism, and friendly demeanor. i would not hesitate to call him back if I ever needed more plumbing work in the future.

Thank you so much for getting the guys out and fixing my shower drain leak so fast.

They both showed up on time and was in and out fast.Tyler and Brandon are the best. I really appriciate both Tyler and Brandon putting on the shoe booties each time they entered my home, since I have almost white carpeting.

I will keep telling others in the park to call for all their needs.

Just wanted to say “Thank You” and let you know how much I appreciate the wonderful service you help to provide. Every time I call, you always see to it that im taken care of promptly.

Energy Efficiency

There are some basic and cost-effective ways you can cut energy costs.

Carrier C r Thermostat

The smart thermostat from the people who invented modern air conditioning.

New Equipment Gallery

Army Smart Card Creator #line #medevac #powerpoint

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The Army Smart Card Creator software was created so anyone can quickly design and print their custom Smart Card (not to be confused with the embedded Military ID Smart Card chips) for quick reference wherever you go. You can view each Army Smart Card and print them out using one of the many options. Smart Cards are quick references for soldiers and service members to study and have readily available when needed. View and print cards using the Free Online Version .

Completed Cards included with the program:

9-Line MEDEVAC Request
Cadet / NCO / Soldier’s Creed
Army Core Values
Army Forms
Call for Fire
Code of Conduct
Cold Injury Prevention / Frostbite / Hypothermia
Convoy Leader / Brief Checklist
Convoy Matrix
Convoy Vehicle Checklist
Friendly TTP for Hostile Crowds
General Orders
Heat Cramps / Exhaustion / Stroke

IED / UXO Report
Iraqi Arabic / Korean / Spanish Keywords & Phrases
Mine Sense
Operations Order (OPORD)
Phonetic Alphabet
Risk Assessment Matrix
Soldier Data & Sensitive Items
Squad Leader Matrix
Weapons Data
Wind Chill Temperatures Table
Work/Rest/Water Consumption
View All.

Full matrix’s for squad leaders and convoy commanders are also available to help organize and coordinate. If there is a card which you think should be added simply use the card editor and add it to the collection.

Along with the predesigned set of references, the Army Smart Card Creator allows you to design your own cards to include with the programmed cards. The easy to use card editor allows you to quickly draw in lines, squares and format text to make the reference card which is useful to you. The saved files can also be traded to others using this program.

What sets this printing software apart is the ability to print single or doubled-sided, choose the card size and the number of sets per page. The card-sets are printed on 8.5� x 11� paper using a standard printer, then cut out to their custom size, and then folded together to create a double-sided Smart Card or booklet. You could print large references to post in your command post or print the cards small with 5 others you choose to keep in your pocket.

The Army Smart Card Creator is a work in progress. If you have an idea for a Smart Card (quick reference card) feel free to send us a highly-detailed suggestion with what you have in mind. Suggest an Army reference card .

Price. $29.95

File Size: 2.85MB

File Type: EXE

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