LEED Certified Buildings in Northern California (including the San Francisco Bay Area) #leed #certified, #green

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NOTE: This webpage is not currently being updated. It was last updated in 2012.

This chart lists Northern California building projects that have achieved LEED certification, to our knowledge—as of our last full update in Spring 2012. As of that time, we were aware of 764 LEED certified projects that are located in Northern California.

This listing is primarily compiled from the information that is provided in the searchable Certified Projects database at USGBC.org. (Note: Some LEED certified projects are designated as Confidential; such projects are not included in this listing.) If you know of a project in Northern California that has been certified by the USGBC but is not yet listed on this chart, please notify us .

For the purposes of this listing, the Northern California region is defined to include Monterey County and all California counties to the north and east of Monterey County. (This listing does not include projects in San Luis Obispo County or any counties to the east or south of San Luis Obispo County.)

The projects listed directly below are located in the San Francisco Bay Area. This section includes projects in San Francisco. the East Bay. North Bay. and South Bay. Below that is a section that lists projects located in counties north of the Bay Area. south of the Bay Area. and directly east of the Bay Area .

Project Name and Location

LEED Rating System and Certification Level *

Click here to see a map of these and other green buildings in San Francisco.


1 California Street

1 Maritime Plaza

LEED EBOM Certified (v2009)

1 Sansome Street

4 Embarcadero Center

LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

44 Montgomery Street

45 Fremont Street

50 Beale Street

LEED EBOM Certified

50 California Street

50 Fremont Street


55 Second Street

100 California Street


100 First Street

100 First Street management office

100 Montgomery Street

100 Pine Street Office Tower

LEED EB Certified (v2.0)

100 Spear Street

LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

100 Van Ness Avenue


101 California Street (Hines building)

LEED EBOM PLATINUM (v2009 recertification)

101 Second Street

111 Sutter Street


114 Sansome Street

LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

150 California Street

LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

150 Spear Street

180 Montgomery Street

LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

199 Fremont Street

201 California Street, 6th Floor Suites

LEED CI Certified

201 Mission Street

LEED EBOM Silver (v 2009)

303 Second Street


343 Sansome Street


345 California Center

LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

345 Spear Street

LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

425 California Street


425 Market Street

455 Market Street

LEED EB Silver (v2.0)

475 Brannan Street

LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

475 Sansome Street

500 Terry Francois Street, Mission Bay office building

LEED CS Silver (v2.0)

500 Washington Street

505 Sansome Street

525 Market Street

550 Terry Francois

LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

555 Mission St. office tower

555 Mission St. Project Manager’s office

560 Mission Street


580 California Street

595 Market Street

LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

600 California Street

650 California Street

LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

655 Montgomery Street, Montgomery Washington Tower


1500 Owens Street, Mission Bay life science building

LEED CI Silver (v2.0)

Adobe Systems Office, 601 Townsend St.


Adobe Systems Office, 625 Townsend St.

AIA San Francisco Office

Allsteel Showroom/Resource Center

LEED CI Silver (v2.0)

American Airlines Ramp offices, San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

Anza Branch Library

Armstrong Senior Housing

Arterra high-rise condominiums, Mission Bay

LEED NC Silver (v2.1)

AT T Park (SF Giants baseball stadium)

LEED EBOM Silver (v2009)

Autodesk Gallery and Office


Avalon at Mission Bay III (high-rise apartment building)

LEED NC Certified (v2.2)

Belles Townhomes (7 homes), Presidio

LEED CS Silver (v2.0)

Beverly Prior Architects Office

Bloomberg San Francisco

Bovis Lend Lease Office

Boys and Girls Clubs of San Francisco: Mission Clubhouse

LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

Bright Horizons Child Care, 2nd Street

LEED CI Certified (v2.0)

California Academy of Sciences


California State Parks Foundation Office

Candlestick Cove luxury condominiums

LEED NC Certified (v2.2)

Charles Schwab, 211 Main Auditorium (interior)

LEED CI Silver (v2.0)

Chong Partners Architecture Office

City College of San Francisco, Joint Use Facility

City National Bank interiors

LEED CI Silver (v2.0)


CNA Insurance office

LEED CI Gold (v 2009)

Cushman Wakefield (PNC) office

LEED CI Silver (v 2.0)

Degenkolb Engineers Office

DPR San Francisco Office Remodel

LEED CI Silver (v2.0)

Drew School Addition: Cuddeback Performing Arts Wing/Auditorium

LEED for Schools Gold (v2007) and NC v2.1

Global Warming Is Irreversible, Study Says: NPR #level #term

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Global Warming Is Irreversible, Study SaysEven if carbon dioxide emissions were halted today, global warming and the environmental disruption that comes with it would continue for 1,000 years, says a sobering study. Scientists are urging politicians to proceed with caution as they set new target levels for emissions.

Global Warming Is Irreversible, Study Says

Embed iframe src=”https://www.npr.org/player/embed/99888903/99885641″ width=”100%” height=”290″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” title=”NPR embedded audio player”

Global Warming Is Irreversible, Study Says

Global Warming Is Irreversible, Study Says

Nevada’s Lake Mead had a white ‘bathtub ring’ upstream from the Hoover Dam in July 2007. A seven-year drought and increased water demand spurred by climate change and explosive population growth in the Southwest has caused the water level at Lake Mead, which supplies water to Las Vegas, Arizona and Southern California, to drop more than 100 feet to its lowest level since the 1960s. Ethan Miller/Getty Imageshide caption

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Climate change is essentially irreversible, according to a sobering new scientific study.

As carbon dioxide emissions continue to rise, the world will experience more and more long-term environmental disruption. The damage will persist even when, and if, emissions are brought under control, says study author Susan Solomon, who is among the world’s top climate scientists.

“We’re used to thinking about pollution problems as things that we can fix,” Solomon says. “Smog, we just cut back and everything will be better later. Or haze, you know, it’ll go away pretty quickly.”

That’s the case for some of the gases that contribute to climate change, such as methane and nitrous oxide. But as Solomon and colleagues suggest in a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, it is not true for the most abundant greenhouse gas: carbon dioxide. Turning off the carbon dioxide emissions won’t stop global warming.

“People have imagined that if we stopped emitting carbon dioxide that the climate would go back to normal in 100 years or 200 years. What we’re showing here is that’s not right. It’s essentially an irreversible change that will last for more than a thousand years,” Solomon says.

This is because the oceans are currently soaking up a lot of the planet’s excess heat — and a lot of the carbon dioxide put into the air. The carbon dioxide and heat will eventually start coming out of the ocean. And that will take place for many hundreds of years.

Solomon is a scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Her new study looked at the consequences of this long-term effect in terms of sea level rise and drought.

If we continue with business as usual for even a few more decades, she says, those emissions could be enough to create permanent dust-bowl conditions in the U.S. Southwest and around the Mediterranean.

“The sea level rise is a much slower thing, so it will take a long time to happen, but we will lock into it, based on the peak level of [carbon dioxide] we reach in this century,” Solomon says.

The idea that changes will be irreversible has consequences for how we should deal with climate change. The global thermostat can’t be turned down quickly once it’s been turned up, so scientists say we need to proceed with more caution right now.

“These are all. changes that are starting to happen in at least a minor way already,” says Michael Oppenheimer of Princeton University. “So the question becomes, where do we stop it, when does all of this become dangerous?”

The answer, he says, is sooner rather than later. Scientists have been trying to advise politicians about finding an acceptable level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The new study suggests that it’s even more important to aim low. If we overshoot, the damage can’t be easily undone. Oppenheimer feels more urgency than ever to deal with climate change, but he says that in the end, setting acceptable limits for carbon dioxide is a judgment call.

“That’s really a political decision because there’s more at issue than just the science. It’s the issue of what the science says, plus what’s feasible politically, plus what’s reasonable economically to do,” Oppenheimer says.

But despite this grim prognosis, Solomon says this is not time to declare the problem hopeless and give up.

“I guess if it’s irreversible, to me it seems all the more reason you might want to do something about it,” she says. “Because committing to something that you can’t back out of seems to me like a step that you’d want to take even more carefully than something you thought you could reverse.”

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Template for an Operational Level Agreement (OLA #backup, #recovery, #restore, #ola, #sla, #operational #level #agreement,

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Operations Level Agreement (OLA) for Backup and Recovery / Backup SLA

This Operating Level Agreement (OLA) specific for Backup and Recovery is not just a template containing a generic OLA-structure, it does contain backup and recovery specific content!

This template supports the creation of an OLA with the Backup Team about

  • Backup
  • Retention and
  • Recovery

Filesystem Backup and Restore and Database Backup and Restore are covered in separate chapters.

In addition to basic backup and restore service this template addresses advanced backup and recovery methods and tape cloning and offsite storage.

In case of outsourced Backup and Recovery Services or partially outsourced. e.g. the related Sub-Service of tape storage at offsite location – the section about “Right to Audit” is of high importance.

This Mercury template contains a comprehensive list of services provided / tasks done by the Backup Team.

Usage Tip: In case that the project team does not request (and pay for) certain (extended) services, the author suggests to rather check the checkbox “NO” (best with an explanation) than to delete those from the agreement. This avoids discussions about “we were not aware that this is not included” which usually start after some unpleasant things happened.

For more details about the content of this template please check the Table of Contents

OLA’s are agreements between different IS/IT-departments,
the SLA is the overall agreement between IS/IT and the business department.

Background Information: An introduction into Operations Level Agreements (OLA) and the difference to Service Level Agreements (SLA)

The four terms “Operations Level Agreement”, “Operational Level Agreements”, “Operating Level Agreements” and “Organizational Level Agreement” are used equal in relevant published literature.

California DUI Lawyers – Obtaining Car Insurance After DUI, CA #dui #lawyer,california #dui #defense #attorneys,dwi,california

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Car Insurance After a DUI

Insurance companies will increase premiums after a drunk driving conviction by as much as two or three times. In most cases, this is simply price gouging as the statistical incidence of accidents caused by convicted first offenders is far below the level that would justify the increases. There are no laws regulating the premiums charged, however; they vary wildly from one company to another and certainly justify comparison shopping.

How a DUI Conviction Affects Your Insurance
Information on a national level from the insurance industry.

What Your Insurance Company Knows About You
An inside look at how auto insurance companies get information and what they are likely to know about you and your driving record when you apply for coverage.

What happens to my insurance after a DUI?
Helpful information about DUI and car insurance, SR-22s and 5 mistakes that raise your insurance .

California Assigned Risk Plan
This is a processing center for putting drivers in touch with insurance companies who are required by law to cover them.

Serenity Insurance
DUI specialists will help with getting the California DMV’s SR22 Proof of Insurance after a DUI.

Proof of Insurance
Another insurance company that will provide assistance with the SR22 form from the DMV.

Information on “high risk” insurance, getting the SR22, etc.