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All Nations Biblical Study Center

The Online Biblical Studies Program at All Nations Biblical Study Center

The Online Biblical Studies Program consists of 20 core courses and 4 general elective courses. As with all courses at All Nations. there are no required costs to students and enrollment is open to everyone! The 24 courses of the Online Biblical Studies Program (hereafter denoted, OBSP ) is divided into the following three divisions of study: (1) Historical and cultural studies, focused on introducing students to the historical context and cultural setting of the biblical text; (2) Studies in the Hebrew Bible, aimed at introducing students to the three major divisions of the Hebrew Bible: the Torah, Prophets and Writings; and (3) New Testament studies, centered on the study of four New Testament Gospels, the Pauline Epistles, the General Epistles and the Book of Revelation.

All Nations is excited about this opportunity for individuals around the world to gain access to a thorough Biblical education at no required costs. Please refer to the following information regarding the specific courses within the OBSP. along with a list of frequently asked questions and answers that should provide all the basic information regarding the OBSP.

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Free Online Bible Courses

The Online Biblical Studies Program (OBSP ) at a Glance


* Please see the Course Descriptions Page for general information regarding each course (click here ).

I. Historical Cultural Studies

1. Jewish Backgrounds of the New Testament

2. Biblical Backgrounds I

3. Biblical Backgrounds II

4. The Origins of Christianity

II. Studies in the Hebrew Bible

5. A Survey of the Hebrew Bible

6. The Torah Through the Ages

7. The Hebrew Prophets

8. The Jewish Writings: From Conquest to Exile

III. New Testament Studies

9. A Survey of the New Testament

10. Synoptic Gospels I

11. Synoptic Gospels II

12. Synoptic Gospels III

13. The Gospel of John

14. The Book of Acts

15. Paul His Letters I

16. Paul His Letters II

17. Paul His Letters III

18. The General Epistles

19. The Book of Hebrews

20. The Book of Revelation Apocalyptic Literature


Students may choose four of the following electives. New Elective courses are added on an ongoing basis.

1. Living Discipleship

2. Understanding the Parables of Jesus

3. Exploring the Sermon on the Mount

4. Jesus and His Miracles

5. A Journey Through John – Chapters 1-4

6. A Journey Through John – Chapters 5-9

1. How long has All Nations Biblical Study Center been offering courses?

All Nations Biblical Study Center was founded in June 2006. First semester courses began in January 2007.

2. Who can enroll in courses at All Nations Biblical Study Center?

Enrollment is open to everyone. There are no entrance requirements.

3. How much do courses cost?

All courses at the Study Center are offered at no required cost to students.

4. What are the course requirements?

Students are required to view all course videos and complete any readings associated with the course. Students must submit an online class completion form at the conclusion of each class session until all classes have been finished.

5. What will I receive?

A thorough biblical education at no required costs. At the completion of the program, students may receive a Certificate of Completion, suitable for framing, by submitting a $25.00 Certificate fee.

6. Who are the instructors?

Daniel and Michelle Ramsey are full-time instructors at All Nations Biblical Study Center. They hold Master of Arts degrees in New Testament and Early Christianity. They attended graduate school in Jerusalem, Israel, and studied at The University of the Holy Land, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the É cole Biblique et Arch é ologique Fran ç aise de J é rusalem. Their bio can be found on the “Meet the Instructors” page at (click here ).

7. What are the online courses like?

All classes at All Nations Biblical Study Center are filmed with a professional video camera and made available as online courses. This allows online students a more “in class” experience. Most courses provide detailed class outlines, notes, PowerPoint presentations and special readings.

8. Are there any required textbooks?

Only one textbook is required in the Online Biblical Studies Program. This textbook serves as the required text for Synoptic Gospels I, II and III. This textbook can generally be purchased from $20 – $35 USD. In all other courses, various textbooks and resources are suggested to students, but no other textbooks are required in the OBSP.

9. Are there tests?

There are no formal tests. In some courses, optional Student Evaluations are provided for students who would like to evaluate their understanding of the course material.

10. How long are the courses?

Courses generally consist of 10-13 class sessions. Most individual class sessions run approximately 1 hour, 15 minutes. In a few of our courses, class sessions run 30-45 minutes; these courses will have a notation on the “Course Descriptions” page at (click here ).

11. How many classes can I take at any given time?

12. Where should I start? Is there a suggested order for completing the program?

Yes. To view the suggested order click here.

13. How long does it take to complete the Online Biblical Studies Program?

Online students may complete individual courses at their own pace. Therefore, the duration of the OBSP will vary with each individual. We recommend students complete one class session per week.

14. Can I purchase courses on DVD?

Yes. Course DVDs may be purchased. These DVDs are in a higher video resolution than courses offered in the online format. Please contact the Study Center for individual pricing.

15. Can I take individual courses without enrolling in the Online Biblical Studies Program?

Yes. The Study Center realizes that some individuals may desire to take specific courses without enrolling in the complete OBSP. Such students are welcome to enroll in as many individual courses as they desire (limited to three courses at a time).

16. Can I watch a sample of the classes before enrolling?

Yes. Sample classes may be viewed at the “View Sample Classes” page at (click here ).

17. How and when can I enroll in the Online Biblical Studies Program?

The Online Biblical Studies Program Registration page may be accessed by clicking here. Registration is ongoing. Students will receive course information approximately one week after enrolling. NOTE: We are on Summer Break. Registrations received after July 8 will be sent Course Instructions by August 24.

18. How can the courses be offered at no required costs?

All Nations is able to provide Biblical courses at no required costs to students thanks to the financial generosity of individuals who believe in the ministry of the StudyCenter. These individuals contribute by becoming monthly partners or by making periodic financial contributions to the Study Center. In addition, All Nations also offers course DVDs for purchase to help meet the operational expenses of the StudyCenter. If you would like to help the StudyCenter continue to provide a thorough Biblical education for people throughout the world, please visit the “Partners page” at (click here ).

19. How many have enrolled in the Online Biblical Studies Program?

Since the launch of the Online Biblical Studies Program (September 2013), 3,792 individuals from around the globe have enrolled in the Online Biblical Studies Program (as of June 11, 2017). On average, 120-130 individuals enroll in the Online Biblical Studies Program each month.

20. Where can I learn more about All Nations Biblical Study Center?

Please visit the “About Us” page at (click here ).

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