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After years of Beta WWII shooter Heroes Generals has finally transitioned into launch mode. The MMOFPS is now available as free download on Steam and the official site.

Long-running free-to-play FPS Alliance Of Valiant Arms (A.V.A) has made it out of Open Beta and is announced as official launch. Its new operator En Masse Entertainment has taken over full support and kicked off the launch with a Grand Opening Event and a slightly enhanced new version of the shooter.

If you like space combat games, have a look at Fractured Space. The shooter plays like a MOBA with plenty of tactical elements and has launched officially as free-to-play on Steam. The launch version comes also with new content and features for those who had played in the Early Access stage.

The latest update for ree-to-play tank shooter Armored Warfare comes with the Global Operation mode, which will change the theatre of war by adding the biggest maps to date. These maps are fully interactive and got plenty of tactical elements.

Military shooter with a twist, Line of Sight. gets a launch date. Developer Blackspot Entertainment confirmed that the FPS will enter the Steam Early Access program on September 8, 2016 and it will be available to gamers who purchase one of the following packages:

Earlier this year, Daybreak Games decided to split the survival MMO H1Z1 into two games. While H1Z1: Just survive is about surviving in an open world, H1Z1: King of the Hill evolved into a MMOFPS featuring frenetic, large-scale PvP battles. H1Z1: King of the Hill will officially release out of Steam Early Access on September 20th.

Free-to-play FPS Alliance Of Valiant Arms (A.V.A) had been operated by Aeria Games for years. The licensing agreement with developer Red Duck had not been renewed, the shooter has been transferred to En Masse Entertainment, who has kicked off the Open Beta by today. The Open Beta build comes with some updates, but is the migration going smoothly?

Epic Games’ latest UE4-powered title kicks off Open Beta: Paragon a 5-vs-5 sci-fi MOBA featuring a growing roster of distinctive heroes, TPS-style action gameplay, strategy elements with card deck system, and it’s free-to-play.

Respawn Entertainment and EA announced that Titanfall 2 will be available for a first Open Multiplayer Technical Test in August, prior to the game release on October 28th. Fans who own a PS4 or Xbox One system can get their hands on the improved Pilot and Titan gameplay.

Reto-Moto keeps their players busy. New tanks have been released with the “Furness – Fist of Steel” update for free-to-play WWII shooter Heroes Generals. 600 newly added battlefields also demonstrate how much the MMOFPS has grown in popularity.

Over 600 participants had participated in the first test of the pre-alpha version of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. the latest game production of Bluehole, the creators of the MMORPG TERA. The open world shooter is being developed in colloboration with PLAYERUNKNOWN, creator of the fan-favorite “Battle Royale” game modes for ARMA 3 and H1Z1 .

South Korea’s Zepetto, developer of Point Blank (aka Piercing Blow), has licensed its new, free-to-play shooter title Battle Carnival to GameNet. The publisher will present the FPS at the forthcoming game show IgroMir Expo where it will run a first public test.

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‘>☠ Perma-Pack ☠ AS-BAL Animal

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Welcome to the MMOFPS Portal!

Are you tired of killing a dozen lame critters for a crappy wand? Are you looking for amazing quests and the challenge of a deadly hunt? Want a game with all the thrills of a FPS and the fellowship of MMO? Want to find awesome gear so you can gib your enemies into unrecognizable pieces? Then look no further, because you can find it all here in these MMOFPS games!

MMO PLAY has links to all the best MMOFPS games – both free-to-play and subscription style. Our Ratings Listing will show you which of these games are trending high and not-so-high. And be sure to check our Game Reviews to find the shooter that’s right for you. MMO PLAY even has Game Guides to ensure you get the most from your online gaming.

Our MMOFPS Game Guides can advance your character efficiently, fast, and with the most fun! And our featured Videos of actual gameplay let you witness the action before you enlist.

It’s always best to know if you’ll be packing a rifle or brandishing a battle axe! And don’t forget to check back at MMO PLAY for Game Giveaways each week! Win great in-game items, beta keys, free game time, and much, much, more.

Free MMOFPS: It’s Fun to Play when You don’t Have to Pay!

It truly boggles the mind how many Free MMOFPS are available on the web these days! Why pay cash to gank a bunch of noobs, when you can frag for free? With no subscriptions, you can join a Free MMOFPS and get into the action in no time. And with MMO PLAY, our Ratings Listing will quickly show youwhichare the hottest Free MMOFPS.

Worried you’re going to have to deal with a bunch of spray and pray BKs? Check out our Videos of game play to pick a game style that’s right for you. As with all our portals, MMO PLAY offers detailed Game Reviews of Free MMOFPS games too.

We’ll inform you which Free MMOFPS are truly no cost, and whether there are any “freemiums” to buy. Stuck on a mission or quest, and don’t know where to go? MMO PLAY offers Game Guides for your favorite Free MMOFPS so you can level up fast! Do you want more even more free stuff? Get in on MMO PLAY’s weekly Game Giveaways, so you can get even more free play.

You can score beta keys, awesome in-game items, new features, and a whole lot more.

MMO FPS Games Bring Two Great Genres Together!

Not long ago, we were all playing FPS games, and then MMO games became all the rage. And now we have an amazing combination of both games in one package: the MMO FPS. Combining the best of MMOs and FPS, MMO FPS games deliver a truly fantastic experience.

And MMO PLAY has the low-down with insightful Reviews on all the MMO FPS games out there! Quick pick your next MMO FPS game using our Ratings Listing to see what’s hot right now! And don’t waste your MMO FPS play time grinding like a noob for levels and loot.

Learn awesome tips for accelerated advancement and total fun with Game Guides from MMO PLAY! Know your enemies, know your gear, and you can gankmobs with ease! Check out the intense combat action, the great gear, and the missions before you play.

Experience the game before you sign up with Videos from inside your favorite MMO FPS. And remember to log in at MMO PLAY to sign up for our weekly Game Giveaways. Don’t miss your chance at unique in-game items, beta keys, free play time, and other amazing prizes!

Better than First Person Shooters: FPS MMO is the Way to Go!

Want something more than just your average First Person Shooter? Looking for a more immersive game experience than scoring repetitive head-shots on noobs? Would you like to have your character be more than just hands on a gun? Then the FPS MMO style game is definitely the way to go! Fusing the best parts of FPS with MMO style play, the FPS MMO is a high octane gaming experience.

Check out MMO PLAY for Videos before you join to find the game that’s right for you. Intense combat scenarios, in-depth storyline, mission items, and character leveling are all elements of a great FPS MMO. And MMO PLAY has Game Reviews so you don’t waste time on a bad FPS MMO. Spot which game is trending up with our Ratings Listing, and get in ahead of the herd.

Getting owned too often by some bad kid with a noob tube? Need a tip to find the deadliest weapons, toughest armor, andcoolest missions? MMO PLAY has plenty of Guides for all the FPS MMO games and in every category. Learn the fun ways to level your character fast, and get the most from your FPS MMO. And be sure to check back in at MMO PLAY each week for contests and giveaways! You can rack up premium in-game items, beta keys from upcoming games, free play time, and tons more swag!

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