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Best 10 Free Music Streaming Sites to Listen Free Music Online Without Downloading

It is very hard to find someone who doesn’t like to listen music. It is a great source of enjoyment and fun and people really enjoy listening music. Everyone has their own choice of music ; some may love to listen classic, some love to listen pop, some rock and some instrumental. People also have their own way to listen music. But now most of people enjoy listening music on their computer, laptop and smartphone. The traditional method of listening music on these devices require us to download music first and then only we can listen to them.

Downloading music is not a bad idea and there are some best music downloading websites available from where you can download any kind of music for free. But people like me who don’t like to wait and want to hear new music right after its release won’t satisfy with the music downloading process. There are music streaming sites available where you can listen to music online. But the problem is they cost you some amount of money to provide you music to listen online. Luckily, there are some other free streaming sites available from where you can listen to free music online without downloading. But the most common problem is most of those free streaming sites are not updated with the latest music.

Now you might be thinking like “is there any site available to listen latest music for free? ”. Yes, there are! Today I am going to share 10 best free music streaming sites where you can listen to free music online without downloading a single file .

Best 10 Sites to Listen Music Online for Free

Below are the list of 10 best free online music streaming website to listen vfree music online wthout downloading anything.


Pandora is a free music streaming website for listen to free music online. It is a personalized online radio station which plays songs according to your choice. It is one of the largest free online music site which has almost all kinds of songs be it old or new songs. Its search bar is the power house for you from where you can search for any song, genres, album and artist to listen music.

Link to Pandora- is one of the best free online music streaming sites with all the advance feature. It is one of the very first music streaming sites. It got it’s a new look recently. It has a decent number of songs that can stream and download for free. It is a user based site where it keeps track of your choice and suggest music according to your interest.

Link for


Spotify is one of the popular online music streaming sites with millions of songs. Here you can find almost every song from every genre and album. It’s a one stop destination for all music lovers; here all the music can be browsed by artist name, genres, album, music name and playlist. To listen to free music you need to download their music app for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and windows.

Link is another great free music streaming site like They have a specialization in imported music streaming and dance music from all around the world. has an attractive design with easy navigations to make sure you get easily what you were looking for.


It has a huge database! Huge mean really huge. Mog claims to have 16 million of songs in its database which makes this a best place to listen free mp3 music online without downloading anything. Here you can choose from a verity of songs, genres and artist according to your own choice MOG also suggest the most matching music according to your search history.


Let’s move forward! Next is SoundCloud, a popular music streaming online website which is popular all over the world. It has millions of active users. Here anyone can search and listen to any kind of songs. You can even upload and share your own song to the world.


Slacker is another big and one of the best free music online website for listening music for free. It has millions of songs and can be accessed for free. Its easy search option makes it easy to search any music from a genre or category. You can also access to some of its radio station, according to your own taste of music.


Gaana is one of the biggest online music streaming portal in India. It is mainly focused for Indian music bold old and new. Gaana update its database very frequently and make sure to add each and every song as soon as possible. Gaana is mostly a paid service, but you can listen to free songs too.


8Tracks is another big name in the digital music industry. 8Tracks is mostly a online radio station created by its users. Here anyone can create and share his/her radio station with others. You can find at least 10 stations in every genre.


RadioTuna is a powerful online radio service which is having custom made radio station for each category and genres. Here you can find and join more than 200 genres and their radio. RadioTuna is also an online music search engine to find music online.

Last Word

Online music streaming is a new trend now days. Like everything it is all depends on the internet and if you have a good internet connection this is the best option for you. You can always listen to free music online without download via this music streaming online websites.

How you liked this article? Is there anything I missed? Do you know any other good music streaming website? Do share your thought and views with us in the comment section below.

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Play Scrabble Online Free No Download – Scrabble Without downloading #download #free #music

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Just Play Free Scrabble Game Online with no Download

Hello visitor! As you clearly know, here you can find all things about how to play free scrabble game, online on internet. In this game, you have to know a lot of words. because it’s a word game where from particular letters you need to create valid words.

History of Scrabble game

If interested a bit in the history of the scrabble game, wich can be played online on many websites, i have few words for you: the game was invented in 1938 by an architect called Alferd Mosher, and been a small variation on an earlier game that he invented, called Lexiko. The scrabble is played by two or four players on square board width 15×15 grid cells. If you can create a good word on Scrabble table game. you’ll add the points of each letter used in that word and add it to the total amount points acumulated until than. Just play free scrabble online. it’s entertainable and more fun when it’s played simultan by many Scrabble players. As i said before, this game may be verry entertainable, and many people plays online free scrabble. people that like to play with letters and words. You can play online free scrabble to, and you’ll se how funy could be. Enjoy 🙂

Scrabble game it’s so popular for many years because, the truth is, is highly entertainable. The Scrabble rules are these: you have to create valid words from letters, combining them on a table of letters.

Register Now and Play Scrabble game, online for Free.
There are two steps you should do to play the scrabble:
1. Get an available nickname for playing scrabble around many other on-line players
2. Tell your e-mail addres to confirm account
And you’re done! Enjoy it! Play it!

You have now entered the world of free scrabble, an online game which will make you play with words. This game will provoke you to think and create true words, using only the letters that you have on your board.

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The rules of scrabble are easy to understand and remember: the game is played by two, three or four people, who have to create valid words. In this way, they receive points for each letter. This was the traditional method to play the game, but the internet made some changes. It offered the possibility to transfer scrabble in the virtual world, making it simpler for players to enjoy this game whenever they want. Now, they do not need to convince their friends or family to play with them, they play against the computer. It becomes a new challenge to compete with a device with such a great capacity; it almost makes you want to beat it. However, the game remains the same no matter who the players are. This means that no cheating is allowed. The game detects if the words are valid and does not accept any made up ones.

The most attractive part of this game is that it is free for any user. The distance between the person standing in front of the computer and the game is a simple free account. People just have to register and then, using their accounts, they can play online scrabble for free. As easy as pie!

The beauty of this game is not winning or gathering the highest score, but making your mind work in a different way. It makes you think in words, it sets certain limits and it forces you to overcome them and see them as opportunities. The world of letters is at just one click distance. Register now and enjoy!

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Free Scrabble Games Without Downloading – Eliminates The Fear Of Virus #free #screen #savers

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Free Scrabble Games Without Downloading – Eliminates The Fear Of Virus

Scrabble was invented in the year 1938 and it was played on a flat board. It is considered to be the best indoor game, when rain stops people from outdoor activities. It is also very good in helping children and adults to improve their word power, as you can learn new words while playing with others. With the advent of internet, people have left their board games to play free online scrabble game. You can play scrabble online, anytime you want as you access free scrabble games without downloading. To help you with scrabble valid words, you can use the dictionary, which is available with the game online.

During free scrabble play against computer online. you get to make your moves fast unlike the board game, where it takes thirty to forty five minutes to finish a game. The free online scrabble game does not allow you to use words, which are not correct, and it offers great pleasure for players as they concentrate on beating their opponent. One of the best features is that you can play free scrabble word games online with no download. Some websites have this game built in, so a player has to just open a free gaming account in that site to start playing .

Enjoy Playing Scrabble? Spread the world!

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