Property Damage Liability Insurance: What It Covers – How Much to Buy #what #does #auto

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Property Damage Liability Insurance: What It Covers How Much to Buy

Property damage liability coverage helps pay for damage to someone else’s car or other property due to an accident you caused, up to the policy’s limits. It will also cover damage you may cause to structures and stationary objects, including houses, stores, offices, trees, fences, guardrails, lamp posts, telephone poles, and more.

Property damage liability insurance does not cover damage to your own car. To repair that damage, you will need the physical damage coverage of your collision and comprehensive policies.

Property damage coverage is one of two types of liability auto insurance. The other, bodily injury liability insurance. covers injuries to the other driver and any passengers. Some minimum amount of both types of liability car insurance is typically required by states.

We’ll discuss exactly how property damage liability insurance works, what it costs, and how much you need below.

How It Works

Liability insurance packages come in two varieties: combined single limit policies and split limit policies. In a combined single limit policy, your policy will offer a certain amount of coverage, and you can decide how to divide that coverage between bodily injury and property damage.

When it comes to split limit policies, however, your insurance company will decide how much it will pay out for each type of liability coverage. You will often see such policy packages described using a numeric shorthand like this:

25,000/50,000/20,000 or 25/50/20

While the first two numbers apply to bodily injury coverage, we’ll focus on the last, which applies to property damage coverage. In this example, this policy would pay up to $20,000 to repair damage to others’ property in an accident you caused. Let’s look at two scenarios.

Scenario 1: Minor damage. Let’s say you swerved to avoid a squirrel, hop the curb, and hit a neighbor’s fence, causing $5,000 in damage. Your policy would completely cover the cost to repair or replace the fence.

Scenario 2: Major damage. Let’s say you are driving on the highway when you lose control of your car and hit two vehicles, causing $5,000 damage to one car and totaling another car worth $20,000. Your policy would pay up to $20,000, but you would be responsible for the remaining $5,000 in damage.

How Much Is Required?

Most states require drivers to carry a minimum amount of bodily injury and property damage liability insurance. Your state’s minimum property damage liability coverage amount is provided in the map and table below.

Minimum coverage requirements last updated November 2014

Note that some states give you the option to forgo car insurance if you have enough assets to “self insure.” In these states, you may have to deposit significant funds that could be used if you caused an accident, or post a bond. If you—like the vast majority of drivers—opt not to “self insure,” then you are required to meet at least the minimums above.

How Much Does It Cost?

When purchasing property damage liability insurance, consider how much it would cost to purchase more coverage than required by your state. You can use the WalletHub Car Insurance Calculator to compare quotes for different levels of property damage liability coverage.

The table below provides an example of the average additional cost drivers in Los Angeles may incur annually if they increase their property damage liability limits above a baseline of $10,000.

Added annual cost for additional coverage

Property Damage Coverage Limits

From $10K to $25K

Note: Average calculated from quotes by multiple insurance providers for a 37-year old female with excellent credit in zip code 90001 driving a 2008 Honda Accord.
*Monthly cost also includes $50,000/$100,000 bodily injury liability insurance and collision and comprehensive insurance with $500 deductibles.

How Much Coverage Should I Buy?

Most state requirements are relatively low, and property damage costs can easily exceed those limits. While the Insurance Research Council found that the average property damage liability claim was just over $3,000 in 2012, you could easily exceed the minimum required coverage if you damage or total a new, expensive car in an accident. The average new car costs over $30,000 today, according to Keep in mind that if the damages exceed your limit that the other party may sue you for the difference, putting your savings and assets at risk. We recommend you buy maximum property damage coverage you can afford.

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How To Setup Gmail SMS Alerts For Urgent Emails for Free #how #long #does #gmail

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Popular Topics


Top Deals

Not so long ago we looked at how to send emails to cell phone as SMS for free How To Send Email To Any Cell Phone (for Free) How To Send Email To Any Cell Phone (for Free) Read More. Lots of people found the article quite useful. Today I wanted to extend it a bit further and show you how you can use the info from the previous post to setup SMS alerts for important emails that land in your Gmail account.

The whole thing is fairly simple. I am pretty sure some of you have been using it already.

First you need to get free email to SMS gateway for your mobile carrier How To Send Email To Any Cell Phone (for Free) How To Send Email To Any Cell Phone (for Free) Read More. If you didn t get it last time you can easily do so now. The page lists email-to-sms gateways for 10 major US carrier and lots of international ones.

1- Get SMS Alerts for Emails from Specific Addresses

The first way is to setup SMS alerts for emails coming from certain people or places that you consider important. These can be emails from your employer, bank, hosting provider, site uptime tracker etc.

Create new filter and enter the email address for which you want to receive SMS alert.

In the next step, setup a Forward rule to your free email-to-sms number.

Click on Create Filter and you re done. Next time you receive email from that address you ll also get SMS message with about first 150 characters of the email. As simple as that.

2- Get SMS For Urgent Emails If You re Away

Say you re on holiday and don t want to be bugged with regular work related emails. However at the same time you want to make sure that when it s something really urgent people can reach you.

Here is what you can do. First create an auto-responder message (see in Setting – General) that looks something like the one below.

Then go to Filters tab and setup a forward filter for it. As you can see, in the above auto-responder message I provided sender with option to reach me by simply emailing me again using urgent in the subject line.

As soon as email hits my inbox I get texted to my mobile.

Are you using anything similar to that right now? Share with us in comments.

May 7, 2009 at 4:06 pm

“I’ve tried using this before. Problem is it allows the stupid delivery message from your carrier to pass back to the original sender”

Are you sure abot this? I have been using using with T-mobile here in UK and hasn’t received a single confirmation message yet.

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Does Insurance Cover Theft of Personal Property From My Car? #what #does #auto #liability #insurance

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If your vehicle is stolen, your auto insurance will pay to replace the vehicle but not personal possessions that you may have left in it. Auto insurance is not intended to insure your personal property, its purpose is to protect you financially in case of an accident or to fix your car in the event of fire, theft, hail storm or some other cause of loss.

The comprehensive portion of your auto insurance is what pays for non-accident-related losses. Unfortunately, the coverage only extends to the vehicle itself and not its contents. If you leave personal property in your vehicle, such as a laptop, cell phone or even your wallet, you may be out of luck.

There are a few things to consider when thinking about personal items in your vehicle and whether or not they would be covered in the event of a loss:

  • Are there items permanently affixed to your car such as an aftermarket stereo? Basically, if the item is portable or can be easily removed and put back in the car, it would not be considered “permanently attached”.
  • If it was attached to your car, did you purchase an endorsement or added coverage for the aftermarket or non-manufacturer equipment? If you have added items to your car, like a new, more expensive stereo, you should consider adding a Custom Parts Equipment (CPE) endorsement.

If you own or rent a home or apartment and carry homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance, it will cover your loss if you have proof you actually owned the lost items, usually in the form of a receipt. In such cases you should always file a police report and follow the proper procedures, and with any luck you can recoup your losses.

Unfortunately, most homeowner’s policies have a higher deductible than a car insurance policy. So unless you are the victim of a significant theft amount, there is a good chance that the property stolen from your car won’t meet the amount needed to file a claim. Some auto insurance companies now offer endorsements that will give you a limited amount of coverage for your personal property which avoids your larger homeowner deductible and more importantly putting in a claim against your homeowner policy.

To summarize personal items in your vehicle and how your insurance company will likely handle that:

  • The best course of action is to avoid carrying valuable items in your vehicle at all, if possible.
  • If you permanently attach additional items to your vehicle, contact your insurance agent about adding a CPE endorsement. Your insurance company will likely ask for receipts to confirm the equipment or items so be sure to keep them.
  • Contact your homeowners insurance company to find out how they handle claims for personal items stolen out of your vehicle.

Being prepared and having good information can help you avoid unfortunate situations like personal items being stolen from your car.

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What Is an OTA in Football? #what #does #ota #mean

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What Is an OTA in Football?

by JAMES ROLAND Last Updated: May 30, 2015

James Roland started writing professionally in 1987. A former reporter and editor with the “Sarasota Herald-Tribune,” he currently oversees such publications as the “Cleveland Clinic Heart Advisor” and UCLA’s “Healthy Years.” Roland earned his Bachelor of Science in journalism from the University of Oregon.

Players on the sidelines watching a play unfold during a football game. Photo Credit Leslie Banks/iStock/Getty Images

Football fans hear the term OTA frequently in the off-season, particularly in the context of whether players are attending OTAs or not and what that might mean for the coming season. But an OTA is not a single event, it is an umbrella term that means organized team activity. OTAs generally refer to practices and team meetings in the off-season, but they can mean any number of team events, such as morale-building boot camps and bowling excursions.

OTA Schedules

NFL teams actually publish the dates of their scheduled OTA practices, which are usually held in May and June and include veterans, recently drafted players out of college and athletes invited as un-drafted free agents. Fans can arrange to get tickets, usually available in small numbers, through the individual team’s website or box office.

OTA Purpose

OTAs are seen as ways to introduce new players on the team to the squad s offensive and defensive schemes, as well as for new offensive or defensive coordinators to introduce new schemes to all the players. OTA practices and meetings give players a small sampling of what they ll see in training camp and have to learn for the regular season.

Contract Strategy

When a disgruntled player wants to renegotiate his contract or wants out of his contract period, he sometimes sends a less-than-subtle sign by not attending an OTA. While attending OTAs is not mandatory according to the terms of the collective bargaining agreement between the NFL and players union, teams, fans and even some players tend to look down upon other players who fail to attend an OTA.

OTA Schedule

OTAs are scattered throughout the spring and there are guarantees who will attend. With that in mind, coaches tend to want to pack a little of everything into an OTA. A typical OTA day will start with a team meeting or a meeting between players and position coaches. That’s followed by some special teams practice and then individual drills with your position group. Later in the day, teams may through seven-on-seven drills, no-huddle practices and 11-on-11 practices.

Get the latest tips on diet, exercise and healthy living

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Blood Bank Directory for Plasma & Whole Blood Donation @, how much does it cost

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Blood Centers



  • How much does it cost to save cord blood

Click here to watch the video!

  • How much does it cost to save cord blood

    Click here to watch the video!

  • How much does it cost to save cord blood

    Click here to watch the video!

  • How much does it cost to save cord blood

    Click here to watch the video!

    BloodBanker Sections

    Blood Bank Directory

    3100+ blood banks listed! Over 6800 comments from donors since 2005! Review the comments to know what to expect. Always call 1st and let us know if the number or location has changed. Leave a comment on your experiences to help others manage expectations 🙂 This is our most popular feature of the site and should not be missed. Check out our Blood Donor Android App for mobile access to our directory.

    Plasma Donation Blog

    This high quality blog is maintained by bestselling author Michael S. Williams. The focus is to provide in-depth articles and great videos about the blood industry. Our premise is that you can make about $300 a month donating plasma, and it’s a real gateway into donating whole blood at Red Cross blood donation centers to save lives. So we like to promote plasma donation as great habit to start. Also, you can Submit Blood Center for a featured article and to be included in our master database.

    Cordblood Banking

    This awesome new technology can freeze umbilical cord blood stem cells to repair you; truly fascinating medical advances meets science-fiction stuff. Here we talk about new trends and provide an honest look at many of the cordblood banks, there is BIG $$$ to be had in this new industry! We do this because its just plain cool. c’mon us blood donors need a little sci-fi escape too 🙂

    Hospital Directory

    This is a new directory of hospitals in the US that we are releasing. Built on the same engine as our blood bank directory. Enjoy reviewing your favorite hospitals!

    Featured News Technology Etc. How much does it cost to save cord blood

    Sunday February 7, 2016 10:50 PM EST

    There are many benefits to donating blood, the first of which is that you will help replenish the very necessary blood supply. As points out, every two seconds, someone in the United States needs a blood transfusion. When you donate Continue reading

    Thursday August 20, 2015 11:19 PM EDT

    We are interested in your videos and learning about how you make money by donating blood, plasma or anything else. How much do you make? How easy is it? How long have you gotten paid for blood? Tell us why Continue reading

    Monday June 15, 2015 6:00 AM EDT

    The human blood, as we know it, is one of the most precious gifts that we could ever give to our fellow men it does not cost a single dime, is almost painless, and can save thousands of lives. Come Continue reading

    Wednesday June 10, 2015 12:46 AM EDT

    Blood is as important as water, especially to patients who depend on each donated blood to save their lives. While it is not a forgotten act of kindness, some parts of the world still suffer from blood supply shortage a Continue reading

    Monday June 8, 2015 5:49 AM EDT

    Every year, people across the globe celebrate various occasions, some of which are solely dedicated to a specific person. For example, Father?s Day for dads, Mother?s Day for moms, Grandparents Day for our loving grandpa and grandma, Teacher?s Day for Continue reading

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    How Do Variable Annuities Work? #how #does #annuities #work

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    Oblivious Investor offers a free newsletter providing tips on low-maintenance investing, tax planning, and retirement planning. Join over 17,000 email subscribers:

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    How Do Variable Annuities Work?

    This article is the first in a three-part series. The second article will discuss how variable annuities are taxed, and the third article will discuss when variable annuities are/aren t helpful.

    A variable annuity can be roughly thought of as a mutual fund wrapped in an insurance policy. That insurance policy creates a few new characteristics, relative to a mutual fund:

    • Unique tax treatment (which we ll discuss in the next article in the series),
    • Additional expenses, and
    • Some insurance benefits that you get in exchange for those additional expenses.

    The insurance benefits include:

    1. A death benefit,
    2. The ability to annuitize the account/policy at a later date (i.e. convert it from a somewhat-liquid account into a stream of income that is guaranteed to last for a certain length of time), and
    3. (Often) one or more riders that introduce other insurance features.

    A key point to understand is that all of the above insurance benefits, as well as their associated costs, vary from one policy to another.

    The Anatomy of a Variable Annuity

    The premium that you pay to the insurance company (whether in one lump-sum or in many payments over time) is invested in one or more subaccounts, which are the investment options you re allowed to choose from (e.g. stock funds, bond funds, or various cash-like options).

    Your account value then rises or falls in keeping with the performance of the subaccount(s) that you have chosen.

    Variable Annuity Expenses

    Variable annuities come with several expenses. First, there are the normal costs of the mutual funds/investment options in the subaccount(s) you choose to use. As with any other time you pick mutual funds, it s a good idea to seek investment choices with low costs.

    The mortality and expense risk fee pays for the insurance aspects of the basic policy (i.e. the death benefit and any guaranteed income options that are included in the basic policy).

    There s also typically an administrative fee, which can be a flat amount per year or a percentage of the account value.

    Then, there s often a surrender charge that applies if you withdraw your money within the first several years of purchasing the policy. For example, I recently reviewed a policy that had a 7% surrender charge for the first two years of the policy s life, a 6% charge for the next two years, a 5% charge for the next three years, and no surrender charge beyond that point.

    The sum total of these fees can vary dramatically from one policy to another. For instance, it s super common to see variable annuities with total annual fees of 2-3%, plus surrender charges if you take your money out within the first several years. In contrast, the total annual fees for Vanguard s Variable Annuity are roughly 0.45-0.75% (depending on which funds you choose to use), and it has no surrender charge.

    Optional riders (which we ll discuss momentarily) come with additional costs, which also vary dramatically from one type of rider to another.

    Death Benefit

    The most basic death benefit guarantees that, if you die prior to annuitizing the annuity (which we ll discuss in a moment), your beneficiary will get the greater of:

    • The account value (i.e. the value of the underlying investments), or
    • The premiums you paid into the policy, minus any withdrawals you had taken from the policy.

    This would be relevant if the account value goes down during the time you own the policy due to poor investment performance.

    Income Options

    The second insurance benefit that a variable annuity offers is the option to convert the account/policy into a guaranteed stream of income (i.e. to annuitize the policy).

    When you annuitize the policy, you lose control of the assets. That is, you no longer have the option to take your money out whenever you want.

    Most variable annuities come with several income options. Typical options would include:

    • A life annuity that pays out for as long as you live,
    • A joint life annuity that pays out for as long as either of two named people (e.g. you or your spouse) is still alive, or
    • A life annuity with period certain that pays for the longer of your lifespan or a fixed period of time (e.g. 20 years).

    A key point is that you do not have to annuitize the annuity in order to start using it for income. Prior to annuitizing, you can take money out whenever you want (though you may have to pay surrender charges and tax costs). You have to annuitize in order to activate the various income guarantees (e.g. to turn the annuity into a life annuity that is guaranteed to pay out for as long as you re alive).

    Optional Riders

    Riders are the optional bells and whistles that you can add to a variable annuity. They can be just about anything. A few common types of riders are:

    • Features that increase the death benefit in one manner or another (for instance, locking in a new value for the death benefit on a certain anniversary date each year if your account value is at a new high),
    • Features that guarantee that you can withdraw a certain amount per year, no matter how long you live, without having to actually annuitize the annuity, or
    • Features that provide a payout if you need long-term care.

    Riders naturally have a wide range of costs given the wide range of insurance benefits that they can provide.

    Next week we ll take a look at how variable annuities are taxed. And the week after that we ll discuss how and when they might be a useful part of a financial plan.

    New to Investing? See My Related Book:

    Investing Made Simple: Investing in Index Funds Explained in 100 Pages or Less

    Topics Covered in the Book:

    • Asset Allocation: Why it’s so important, and how to determine your own,
    • How to to pick winning mutual funds,
    • Roth IRA vs. traditional IRA vs. 401(k),
    • Click here to see the full list .

    “A wonderful book that tells its readers, with simple logical explanations, our Boglehead Philosophy for successful investing.” – Taylor Larimore, author of The Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing

    • Read other reviews on Amazon


    Hi. I’m Mike Piper, the author of this blog. I’m a CPA and the author of several personal finance books. The point of this blog is to show that investing doesn’t have to be complicated.

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    Disclaimer: By using this site, you explicitly agree to its Terms of Use and agree not to hold Simple Subjects, LLC or any of its members liable in any way for damages arising from decisions you make based on the information made available on this site. I am not a financial or investment advisor, and the information on this site is for informational and entertainment purposes only and does not constitute financial advice.

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    What does car warranty cover #what #does #car #warranty #cover, #autoprotection #auto #warranty #car #warranty

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    Auto Protection

    Transferable Service Contracts

    Should you decide to sell your vehicle, no worries our plans are 100% tranferable to the new owner.

    What Is An Auto Warranty / Car Warranty?

    An auto warranty is provided directly from the manufacturer and provides coverage and/or replacement with defects in material or workmanship during the entire term of the new car limited warranty. The length of the factory warranty will vary between manufacturers. An extended auto warranty is a vehicle service contract offered by a new car dealer that will “wrap” the new car warranty and extend it beyond the manufacturers factory warranty. While they both cover the cost of repairs, a car warranty or auto warranty is issued by the manufacturer — an extended service contract is not. For more details, please review our auto warranty definition guide.

    What Is An Extended Auto Service Contract?

    An extended auto service contract is an agreement between you and a third party provider for the repair of a mechanical breakdown for any covered components or systems. An auto service contract, can be purchased at any time, but typically the best time to buy one is right before your factory auto warranty or extended car warranty expires. Auto Protection offers coverage on most new or used vehicles ranging back 20 years and 150,000 miles. Whether you are at home or away a vehicle service contract will protect you from any unforeseen expenses when you have a mechanical breakdown. An auto service contract should not be confused with extended warranties offered by the dealer or the factory auto warranty provided by the manufacturer.

    Why Do I Need An Extended Auto Service Contract?

    In these difficult economic times, almost everything needs protection, including your car! Purchasing an extended auto service contract does just that, it protects your investment from future repair costs and allows you to stop paying for repair bills! If your factory car warranty has expired, a service contract from Auto Protection is a great replacement! In addition to the premium coverage, benefits and reliability, our extended auto service contracts are affordable! Our coverage is very similar as coverage provided by the original car warranty or extended auto warranty, except our plans typically cost less. Request a free quote today and see how much money you can save!

    How Much Do Extended Auto Service Contracts Cost?

    Purchasing an extended auto service contract is a wise decision and can save you thousands of dollars in future repair costs. Unfortunately, there is no standard or flat fee for service contracts. Every price quote is different, because it depends on several factors, such as: vehicle make, model, mileage. The good news is our plans are affordable and we offer monthly payment plans with as low as 10% down! If you’re ready to stop paying for auto repair bills, then an auto service contract from Auto Protection is what you need! Simply request a free quote for your vehicle and a sales representative will go over all the service contract coverage details along with pricing and payment plan options!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Service Contracts!

    If you’re considering purchasing an extended auto service contract, please have a look at some of our frequently asked questions!

    Why Do I Need a Service Contract For My Auto?
    The cost of repairs is on the rise! If your factory warranty has expired, your vehicle is under no protection for repairs. An extended service contract offers protection after the original car warranty has expired.

    What Types of Auto Service Contracts Are Available?
    If your factory car warranty or extended auto warranty has expired, you still have choices! Technically, there are two types of auto service contracts available for your vehicle after the manufacturer auto warranty has expired.

    Can I Still Get Coverage If My Factory Auto Warranty Has Expired?
    Yes, you still have options after your manufacturer’s factory auto warranty has expired! However, the longer you wait, the more expensive the service contract becomes. We recommend you extend coverage on your car warranty.

    Why Should I Purchase A Service Contract From Auto Protection?

    Our relationship with multiple A rated service providers allows us to offer plans comparable to the original factory auto warranty with the longest terms and most comprehensive coverage available. When you request a quote from us, we’ll provide you with the best rates and pricing in our network. Furthermore, we compare plans for you, find the best terms, coverage, ratings & reviews. and then pass the savings on to you! Auto Protection offers comprehensive coverage plans on new cars, used cars and even older cars with higher mileage. There are no vehicle inspections required and there is only a 30 day/1,000 mile waiting period before your extended coverage begins. Most major credit cards are accepted and payment plans are available up to 18 months. We’ve been in business for 15 years, so you can feel confident we’re not running any auto warranty scams! Our extended service plans will keep you protected when the factory warranty has expired, can typically save you money (compared to dealer auto warranties), and are valid aross the US and Canada. Our service contracts are similar to the original manufacturer auto warranty / car warranty, so request your free quote today and you’ll be on your way to saving hundreds on extended auto coverage. We also invite you to read more about us. our ratings and reviews!

    Disclaimer: Auto Protecton is an independent nationwide company marketing service contracts on behalf of 3rd party administrators. Auto Protection will help determine which plan is right for you. Coverage, deductibles, and claims payment may vary depending on vehicle age, mileage, preexisting conditions, and the program selected. Programs are available in most states. All repairs are made by ASE-certified mechanics. Auto Protection is not affiliated with any auto dealer or manufacturer. All logos, trademarks, and other propriety marks belong to their respective owners and use of these marks do not suggest an association or recommendation by any of the parties. A vehicle service contract is often referred to as a “warranty”, but it is not a warranty. Auto Protection is a marketer of vehicle service contracts and does not sell “warranties”. Use of this website constitutes acceptance to our privacy policy and terms of use .

    Schoolcraft Nursing Program #college #nursing, #pre-reqs, #program, #nursing, #schoolcraft, #gets, #they, #picking, #based, #completion, #primarily,

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    Schoolcraft Nursing Program

    I have heard the same camjones. I am meeting with an advisor next week. I am very interested in the program and I know I’m going to have a wait, I just hope, it’s not as long as they say. I still have some pre-reqs to fill anyway so that comes to a question I’m considering: Has anyone taken the A P class condensed in the summer? I don’t know if it would be advantagous for me to do this since it will be the last prereq I will need to get on the list (and taking the NET or TEAS, not sure how the transition will be). I do work full time and I really want to do well in the class. I’d just like to know of anyone that did take the condensed version and can tell me just how hard it was!

    Christina, I totally agree that i hope it does not take that long to get into the program. I hope there is not that big of a difference in the NET and TEAS. I paid for the NET study guide and would hate to have to buy another guide. And if you find what about the condensed A P class, can you let me know please. )

    I applied to the nursing program at Schoolcraft last May (08). I received my acceptance letter which says welcome to the class of 2010 and you are an alternate for 2009. Obviously I am hoping to be moved up to this fall. They are now taking 120 instead of 90 students each fall but many lpn students moved over to the program this year.
    The test is the Teas now at Schoolcraft. They have also switched to a ladder curriculum and it’s all on the website.
    I know of several people that have graduated from the Schoolcraft program and thought they received a very good education.
    Good luck to you!

    I have heard the same camjones. I am meeting with an advisor next week. I am very interested in the program and I know I’m going to have a wait, I just hope, it’s not as long as they say. I still have some pre-reqs to fill anyway so that comes to a question I’m considering: Has anyone taken the A P class condensed in the summer? I don’t know if it would be advantagous for me to do this since it will be the last prereq I will need to get on the list (and taking the NET or TEAS, not sure how the transition will be). I do work full time and I really want to do well in the class. I’d just like to know of anyone that did take the condensed version and can tell me just how hard it was!

    Are you talking about bio 237 in 7 weeks? I know people who have done it, but it is really fast paced. There is a lot of memorization in that class anyway (bones, muscles), so you would have to be very quick to memorize in a short amount of time. I don’t know if you would be able to work full time with that kind of work load and get a decent grade. I loved the instructor I had for 237 and 238, and I think he does teach it in the spring. Maybe you could try it and drop it if it gets to be too much – you would save your GPA but you would lose your money.

    Good luck, anyway.

    Yeah the nursing program has changed. You all will need to look online because there are new pre-reqs. The LPN program is no longer running by itself either. If you were on the waiting list for LPN 2009, you should have received a letter months back.

    Hi! Have you taken the TEAS test yet? I signed up for it but am not able to take it until Nov. which sucks since we have to have that done before we can apply to the program..right? Any tips??

    Hi! No I have not taken the TEAS exam yet? I just registered to take it in June 4, 2010. Super long time right? LOL But I just purchased the study guide a couple of weeks ago and I want to make sure I have enough time to study a lot for this exam. Plus math is not my friend all the time so I want to take my math course first before I take the exam. Yes you do have to take the TEAS before you apply. As far as tips. since your taking the test in November studying as much as you can now with the study guide over and over again because November will be here before you know it. Here’s some test info just in case you didnt know:
    ReadingSection =40 questions=50 mins
    Math section =45 questions=56mins
    Science section =30 questions=38mins
    English/languageusage =55 questions=65 mins

    Let me know if you need any more info. Good Luck.

    Last edit by camjones on Aug 9, ’09

    I am applying for Schoolcraft and am hoping to get in 2010..just wondering if you were able to move up and get in as an alternate. Any info you could give me re:the program and your process through the application/acceptance would be appreciated. Sometimes I feel like I am going through this in the dark!!

    Good luck with the 2010. I was accepted for 2011, I’m hoping to get moved up. The TEAS waiting list is backed up to June 2010 already. It takes them about 1 – 2 months to send an acceptance letter so 2010 is pretty unlikely. A few years ago they did move a lot of the 2008 people up to 2007. My letter says alternate for 2010. I’m hoping I get moved up. While you wait take all your pre-reqs. It will make the time go faster. Good luck.

    DVD – What does DVD stand for? The Free Dictionary #free #psychic #readings

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    #free dvd decoder


    3GPP/3GPP2 Support — With support for the new standard for digital video media across 3G broadband mobile networks, DVD Copy 4 can now be used to archive and email favorite clips recorded on a mobile phone.

    Today’s readonly drives can read only two kinds of DVD media: factory replicated disks and write-once DVD -R disks, i.

    The DVD Forum was very concerned about providing backward technology protection, as well as a clear and specific roadmap for the future.

    The primary benefit of DVD +R/+RW is its two-way compatibility, meaning that DVD +R, DVD +R DL and DVD +RW media can be played in most DVD video players and DVD -ROM drives tested.

    Rated by users as best software for 2005 on Vector, Japan’s largest online download community, TSUNAMI MPEG’s DVD AUTHOR PRO can import video clips from MPEG-1, MPEG-2, DVD Video, or DVD -VR files; add audio from MPEG-1 Layer 2, Dolby Digital (AC-3) or Linear PCM (.

    Designed for the new generation of DVD camcorders, TDK’s 8cm ScratchProof Double Sided DVD media is the ideal solution for any videographer who isn’t willing to risk losing once in a lifetime memories.

    Singulus has introduced SPACELINE II HD, a new disc replication system that supports commercial production of both DVD and HD DVD formats,” said Dieter Wagner, Product Manager Prerecorded Media of Singulus Technologies AG, a leading manufacturer of disc manufacturing system in Germany.

    We will prepare for mass production of HD DVD -R on our current lines, in readiness for market growth in applications including HD DVD recorders and PCs with HD DVD drives.

    All these new versions of HD DVD -ROM discs share the same disc structure as previously announced HD DVD formats, and today’s DVD format: two 0.

    Lossless Linking/Zero Link technology enables users to perform basic editing tasks directly on the DVD disc.

    Disc replicator Memory-Tech announced that it has been operating six HD DVD – DVD compatible mass production lines since May 2004 and currently stands ready to produce up to 50 million HD DVD discs per year.

    Burning DVD -Videos or disc images stored on a hard drive to disc can be simplified by moving DVD titles to a folder, loading them as a source drive and copying them to a disc.

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    How Much Does Fully Comprehensive Auto Insurance Cost? Car Insurance List #how #much #does #it

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    How Much Does Fully Comprehensive Auto Insurance Cost?

    Posted August 24th, 2011 & filed under Articles .

    When asking how much does fully comprehensive auto insurance cost, it is important to first qualify the question by asking some things about your age, which state you live in, and what kind of car you drive. Without knowing the answer to these questions, it is impossible to say exactly how much does comprehensive insurance cost, but we can give you some basic ideas.

    For the purpose of this article we will be using insurance in New York as our state of choice, and be saying that we are a male driver of around age 35. In order to get these figures, we used the New York State Insurance website s Sample Premiums Tool. which lists over 30 insurance companies and the average premiums they charge for various different services.

    What is Fully Comprehensive Auto Insurance?

    At this point it is worth making a distinction between Comprehensive Insurance and Collision Insurance, or a Collision Damages Waiver

    Comprehensive Insurance insures not only damage done by you to another party (like basic third-party insurance) but also damage done to your own vehicle. This comes in especially handy if you caused the accident, or if you are hit by an uninsured driver.

    A Collision Damages Waiver applies only to rented cars, and is usually an expensive but advisable extra. Causing damage to a rental car can be very expensive!

    So How Much Does it Cost?

    The exact cost of fully comprehensive insurance varies greatly from one company to another, and so do cover levels. Each company has minimum coverage levels, some of which are higher than the state s minimum levels. Assigned Risk Plan, for example, offers a very high level of cover as a minimum, and charges over $2,000 for plain third-party insurance. Adding a fully comprehensive option to that increases the cost by nearly $800.

    That s probably not insurance we re going to be buying today. We re looking more at companies like GEICO. GEICO s price for minimum cover is $1,243 per annum, which seems a little bit steep, but their cover is good and they have a good reputation for treating customers well.

    What makes their offer attractive, however, is that you can upgrade to fully comprehensive auto insurance for only $207, making your total premium $1,450. It is also advisable to add Property Damage cover up to $50,000 at $27 per annum, and No-Fault cover up to $100,000, which costs $38 a year.

    This brings your total premium up to $1,515 per year, or $126 per month. Compare that to their most basic product, at $103 per month, and you can see that you re only paying the price of a few beers and a burger every month to make sure you re fully covered.

    It may seem like a big add on to pay for the cost of fully comprehensive auto insurance, but it could save you a great deal of financial trouble if you cause a large accident, or are hit by an under-insured driver.

    One question people often overlook is whether or not it is financially viable to buy this type of insurance. On the face of it, people will either take the cautious approach, and figure they d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it, or they decide that they d rather take the risk. The problem here is that it is unlikely that either person has properly calculated the actual financial risk.

    In order to do that, you have to take a look at the value of your car. In a year and a half, you will probably pay around $500 in extra premiums to cover your car in case anything goes wrong. Since you also have a deductible, you are going to be out a few hundred dollars either way, if you do need your insurance.

    Let s say your deductible is $300, and your very well-used car is worth only $700. If your car is totaled, you ll have to pay $300, but your insurance company will pay the other $400 to have it replaced. However, if you ve already paid $500 in insurance premiums, then your insurance company has still scored, and you ve been left financially worse-off than you would have been had you simply had to replace the car.

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