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Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

If you decide to hire a lawyer to help with your divorce, it is important to choose one who is a good fit for you and your situation. There are several reasons why you might not fit well with a particular lawyer. Some potential clients are clear from the start that they want a lawyer who is of the same gender they are. Others reject a lawyer who seems too aggressive, opting instead for a more soothing or parental type. For some, aggressiveness is a prized trait. Price can also be a consideration; when there are lawyers available for $150 an hour, many people steer clear of those charging twice that much.

TIP: Getting a court-ordered loan

If you don t have the money to hire a lawyer and your spouse has far greater financial resources than you do, a judge may order your spouse to advance funds to enable you to hire an attorney. Knowing this, some lawyers will charge only a minimal retainer to file the first appearance paper in your case normally known as a complaint or petition and then prepare a motion requesting you be advanced fees by your spouse to compensate your lawyer. The supporting papers will tell the judge that without such an order, you won t be able to afford legal representation. If the judge orders fees, the lawyer will continue to represent you. However, the lawyer is likely to bow out without such an order and no clear promise of payment.

Types of Lawyers

Finding a lawyer who is a good fit can be challenging. It s not that there aren t fine, sensitive, and ethical divorce lawyers nearby who would be happy to represent you; there are lawyers that meet that description almost everywhere. But there are also many who aren t strong in their knowledge of the law, don t care much about your personal needs, or charge too much for what they do. And there are more than a few who are deficient in all those respects.

So clearly, one key task is to get a short list of high quality local divorce lawyers who charge within your price range. And another is to be attuned to what may be less obvious: the type or combination of types of divorce lawyer for which you search.

Here are some types that I have identified over the years.

The Bomber

The Bomber may regale you with stories about how he or she demolished the other side in a recent trial as in: I had the husband so confused on the stand that the judge finally had to jump in and call a recess. A Bomber will shun mediation and collaborative law. In this lawyer s view, the only time to talk about settlement is after the other side has been decimated and is pleading for mercy.

The Gender Specialist

There are some lawyers who advertise that they only represent clients of one gender. Their pitch is that the court assigned to hear your case discriminates against whichever gender they specialize in and that you need a lawyer who knows how to deal with that. They may go on and on about how wives always try to turn the kids against their husbands or husbands always have some money squirreled away somewhere. In reality, the best lawyers usually represent as many men as they do women. Gender Specialists have a fairly harmless gimmick, but one that doesn t usually ring true and if practiced too zealously, may actually alienate a judge.

The Lawyer Who Suffered From Ego Inflation

A recent article in a legal newspaper quoted a Los Angeles lawyer as saying that when he goes into a divorce trial, he has a specific plan for exactly how he is going to present the evidence and argument. He complained, however, that too many judges interrupt him in mid-presentations, asking questions and suggesting solutions. Sometimes, he said, they lecture him or the parties about concerns they have about how the well-being of the children is not being appropriately considered.

What the lawyer didn t seem to understand is the fact that in a divorce trial, the ultimate decision is in the judge s hands alone. If the judge believes the attorney is going on with irrelevancies and not dealing with important issues, it is the judge s duty to inquire and to ask for evidence on issues he or she feels are crucial.

A lawyer s game plan may be beautifully drawn, but it is useless if it doesn t cover the issues that concern the judge.

The Settler

Most family lawyers know that more than 90% of the cases they handle settle before trial. But some lawyers don t want to tell a prospective client this at the start because they think the client may fear the lawyer will sell them out cheaply to avoid a trial. The Settler will tell the client that he or she will fight to get all of the important financial facts on the table in the early stages of the case, but once that is done, those involved can almost always work out a good settlement that will avoid a trial.

The High-Priced Star

There are a few lawyers in most communities who have reputations as the top divorce lawyers in the area. They usually have beautiful offices, large staffs of assistants, and expensive cars some with chauffeurs. Most charge between $300 and $500 an hour for their services, and they rarely finish a case for less than $20,000. In my experience, most of these lawyers have earned reputations for their skills, but in the final analysis are not significantly more skilled than many other good lawyers who are much less expensive.

The General Practice Lawyer

This lawyer doesn t specialize in family law, but may well be competent to handle uncomplicated family law matters. Some general practitioners will assure you that a specialist isn t necessary. However, if you have decided to hire a lawyer, it is usually preferable to find one who specializes in family law. Appellate courts frequently make changes in the fine points of family law and a generalist can’t be expected to stay current on these matters. If you live in a small community where there is no lawyer who specializes in family law, consider checking out a specialist in a larger neighboring area to take your case.

Talk to a Divorce attorney.

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Stephens and Brown – Athens Law Firm – Athens, GA #athens #lawfirm, #athens #law #firm,

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Criminal Defense

Family Law Divorce

Personal Injury

A Boutique Athens Law Firm, Providing Professional Advice and a Powerful Defense to Individuals and Families in Georgia

Defense attorneys Kim T. Stephens and Michael S. Brown represent individuals with criminal. DUI. and family law cases, including divorce. in Athens and throughout the state of Georgia. The lawyers at Stephens and Brown have a winning reputation representing clients in front of judges in federal, state, and local courts. Criminal cases and family disputes can have a profound effect on your personal, professional and financial well-being, so it’s important to seek the help of a law firm that will aggressively fight for the justice you deserve.

Representation For Your Unique Needs

When you come to the law offices of Kim T. Stephens and Michael S. Brown. you receive the benefit of the firm’s:

  • Experienced counsel: Athens defense attorneys Stephens and Brown have more than 45 years of combined experience practicing law and have established an outstanding reputation for winning challenging and complicated cases, giving them the necessary knowledge to understand the nuances of your case and provide you with a powerful defense.
  • Defense philosophy: Stephens and Brown aggressively advocate for every client, thoroughly investigating, and utilizing their expertise in the legal field to achieve the best possible outcome for each individual.
  • Focused services: No two cases are alike and that is why Stephens and Brown pay attention to the unique needs and circumstances of each client.

Handling a Range of Cases

Stephens and Brown represent individuals needing assistance in the following areas:

  • Criminal defense: Athens defense lawyer Kim T. Stephens is an award winning criminal defense attorney with extensive experience representing clients charged with a range of misdemeanor and felony crimes, including DUI. assault. robbery. fraud , theft. embezzlement. drug offenses. domestic violence. sex crimes. and murder. Kim T. Stephens defends individuals charged in federal court as well as superior and state courts, and he has been recognized by numerous legal organizations for his skills as a litigator.
  • DUI defense: Kim T. Stephens has a winning reputation when it comes to DUI defense, and he aggressively fights to get the best possible outcome for each client. A DUI conviction can cost thousands of dollars in fines, result in higher insurance rates, license suspension, and can even jeopardize client s academic and professional careers. Athens DUI lawyer Kim T. Stephens will fight to protect your future.
  • Family law: This is a broad area of the law that includes divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support and protective orders. In addition to assisting clients with their original cases, family law attorney Michael Brown also represents clients who need to modify existing family law agreements, such as support amounts and custody provisions .
  • High-asset divorce: With a high profile background in investment fund management and securities regulations, attorney Michael Brown is uniquely qualified to help clients with divorce cases involving extensive assets, properties, significant retirement accounts, and investments. These high-asset divorce cases are often more complicated and require a thorough examination of the financial records on both sides. Family law attorney Brown thoroughly investigates each case and aggressively advocates for his client s rights.

Contact an Accomplished Team of Attorneys in Athens, GA today

For professional advice and a powerful defense, call the offices of Kim T. Stephens and Michael S. Brown at 706-548-3933 or contact them online to schedule a free consultation.

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Member: American and Federal Bar Associations

You can begin the QDRO process when you are initiating your divorce or legal separation. Mr. Beutler can prepare your QDRO form before you file your divorce or separation documents with the court, after you have filed but before the divorce has become final, or after your divorce is completed. He will draft your QDRO to conform with the language in your divorce or legal separation documents.

“I am a union employee. Mr. Stan Beutler prepared QDROs for my annuity and pension plans. They were approved by the union and the court without a glitch and no hidden fees. Thank you for your excellent service.”

“I am a union employee. Mr. Stan Beutler prepared QDROs for my annuity and pension plans. They were approved by the union and the court without a glitch and no hidden fees. Thank you for your excellent service.”

Hank Bolaski

Bronx, NY

“I called several “experts” but Mr. Stan Beutler was the only person who could answer all of my QUADRO questions. I was impressed that he answered the telephone and emails himself, and he provided me with personal service through the entire process.”

“I called several “experts” but Mr. Stan Beutler was the only person who could answer all of my QUADRO questions. I was impressed that he answered the telephone and emails himself, and he provided me with personal service through the entire process.”

Elizabeth Connors

Scottsdale, AZ

“Judge Beutler clearly explained the options available to me under my former husband’s CalPERS retirement and the options available to him with my CalSTRS pension. He prepared both DROs for us which were processed by CalPERS and CalSTRS without any problems or modifications. He was very professional and personable.”

“Judge Beutler clearly explained the options available to me under my former husband’s CalPERS retirement and the options available to him with my CalSTRS pension. He prepared both DROs for us which were processed by CalPERS and CalSTRS without any problems or modifications. He was very professional and personable.”

Cheryl Bronson

Marina Del Rey, CA

“Mr. Stan Beutler has drafted qualified domestic relations orders for our clients for several years now. He gives us personal service, and the QDROs are always correct.”

“Mr. Stan Beutler has drafted qualified domestic relations orders for our clients for several years now. He gives us personal service, and the QDROs are always correct.”

Cheryl Johnson

Paralegal, Dallas, TX

“Thank you attorney Stan Beutler for preparing my military order, and postal service TSP and FERS QUADRO orders. You explained my options and the process in a way that I could understand. Most importantly, the orders were approved quickly without any changes.”

“Thank you attorney Stan Beutler for preparing my military order, and postal service TSP and FERS QUADRO orders. You explained my options and the process in a way that I could understand. Most importantly, the orders were approved quickly without any changes.”

Robert Montgomery

San Diego, CA

“I am so grateful to you for your advice and for helping me finally get this whole QDRO matter resolved. You are indeed an honorable person and have given me renewed faith. If I ever get a chance to refer you to someone else, I will be sure to send them your way. I am eternally grateful to you.”

“I am so grateful to you for your advice and for helping me finally get this whole QDRO matter resolved. You are indeed an honorable person and have given me renewed faith. If I ever get a chance to refer you to someone else, I will be sure to send them your way. I am eternally grateful to you.”

Glenda Hunt

Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Divorce Help and Divorce Attorney Advice Center

An experienced divorce attorney will litigate to the fullest extent on your behalf to make sure that you get what you deserve.

One of the most difficult decisions in your life is deciding that your marriage has ended and that it is time to consider getting divorce help. Whether children are involved or not may make this decision even more difficult. What is absolutely necessary is having a professional and compassionate attorney that understands that you have not come to this decision lightly, and that will treat you with the respect, dignity and compassion that you deserve. That s what we do here, by providing 100% free consultations and listening to your needs.

Avoiding the Pitfalls in Divorce

It is too easy to become a victim of the pitfalls of going through the divorce process without seeking the proper divorce help from an expert divorce attorney. Dividing up of the marital and/or pre-marital assets is stressful without the help of divorce attorney. And when children are involved, the stress and difficulty compounds itself. Working with one of our expert attorneys will put your mind at ease, knowing that you not only have a compassionate counselor at law, but a fierce advocate who will fight for your best interests as well. No one will fight harder for your rights!

We will guide you through the process and avoid the pitfalls of divorce by helping you:

  • Protect your rights to your children
  • Fight for your rights to your share of the marital property
  • Making sure child support is correct and no one is taking advantage of the system
  • Working out a visitation schedule for your children with your spouse
  • Counseling you compassionately
  • Speaking out and standing up for you when its hard to do on your own
  • Providing you the resources to be the ultimate decision maker

Divorce Help from a Position of Strength and Heal

A successful divorce not only means protecting your rights, but doing so in a way that allows you to heal properly as well. In some instances, out of court settlements can be reached between the parties. In many cases, this is possible and can limit the time, heartache and legal fees involved in the divorce process. Only an expert attorney can provide you with the tools necessary to allow you to heal while getting you what you deserve. We believe in dealing from a position of strength by letting your spouse know that you are serious and you mean business while attempting to avoid confrontation on your behalf. This gets you what your family needs, and many times, lets the opposing party know that you mean business!

Of course, if the particular facts of your case make this an impossibility, you need an advocate that can fight on your behalf. An experienced divorce attorney will litigate to the fullest extent on your behalf to make sure that you get what you deserve—that is what we strive to provide for each of our clients. We are focused solely on divorce rights, and our results prove it.

You ve already taken the most important step in the process of seeking out a qualified attorney that is right for you. Go on, fill out the form on this page and you will be able to obtain your 100% free consultation. During this difficult time you should at the very least rest assured that you have hired the right attorney—we make sure you have. Get started today, your family is counting on you to take advantage of the free evaluation we provide, and they deserve it.

Top Five Reasons to Hire a Divorce Lawyer

Even amicable divorces can be tricky. If you are about to get a divorce, you are surely researching whether or not you really need to hire an attorney. While there is the benefit in saving some money if you try to do this yourself, there is also the danger of falling into a trap set by your spouse’s attorney or missing some technicality that can literally cost you more in the settlement than the attorney would have cost you.

There are numerous reasons you should hire an attorney, even if you think the divorce will be amicable and uncontested:

  1. Is your settlement fair? Honestly, how do you really know if your settlement is fair or not? Do you have the capability of evaluating your retirement accounts over the next 20 years to see what the actual value of the account will be during that time? Financial concessions are one of the areas that divorcees regret the most and that can cause problems for them in the future.
  2. Do you really want to communicate directly with your spouse about these issues? Regardless of whether or not you and your spouse are getting along, negotiating the final details of child support, alimony, or any of the many other points in the divorce can be emotional and lead to very intense arguments. All it takes is one small point that makes either of you feel as though the other person is trying to get over and the divorce ends up in front of a judge. Let the family law attorneys hammer out the fine details and then bring it to you for approval. You will be surprised how much aggravation and stress that will save you.
  3. Do you understand your parental rights? This is one area, especially for fathers, where parents fall short. In an amicable divorce. exercising your rights may not be an issue, but that is not always the case. In a contested divorce, children are sometimes used as negotiating points and are even prevented from seeing their mother or father during the divorce. When things get ugly, especially when it comes to the children, your attorney can handle it legally, which will help you in the eyes of the court.
  4. Do you understand all the legal paperwork? Imagine coming to an agreement, or at least thinking that you have come to an agreement, and then finding out that you misfiled something or filled the paperwork out wrong. This factor alone is reason enough to at least consult with an attorney before moving forward with getting divorce help.
  5. Divorces can be emotional, which can create problems. Couples that are getting along reasonably (considering the circumstances) can often come to a standstill because something was said or done during the process that hurts their feelings. Honestly, in a divorce, there is no room for emotions. Acting or saying something driven by emotions can cause a major setback in the case and may even cost you financially in the settlement.

Our Service To You

FamilyLawRights.net provides you with helpful Family Law information to use at your own discretion. We provide a Free Case Evaluation which is performed by an attorney in your area. This is completely free and there is no obligation. By using qualified advice from our affiliated attorneys you can then make decisions based on your own circumstances. Our goal at FamilyLawRights.net is to get you started in the right direction by providing information and qualified advice from our affiliated attorneys.

All information provided on FamilyLawRights.net is to be used at your own discretion. By filling out the Free Case Evaluation Form you will be contacted by an affiliated attorney from our company. You are not obligated in any way to form an attorney client relationship. If you desire to move forward and establish an attorney client relationship with one of our affiliated attorneys, you do so at your own risk. FamilyLawRights.net will not have any legal obligation with you and your attorney.

Copyright 2017 FamilyLawRights.net | Design by LegalLeadSolutions.com

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Colorado Springs Divorce Attorney

Divorce is an unfortunate conclusion for marriages. Despite our want for partnerships to last, we must face the painful truth. When it comes to handling separation matters, you do not have to face them alone. We can help.

At the Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne, we understand the tremendous stress and emotional turmoil that can ensue when you have decided to part ways with your spouse or long-term partner. There are numerous factors to consider, such as your property and other financial matters. There is also the matter of emotional distress, as it includes dealing with separation and custody of your beloved children. Unfortunately, important decisions must be made when you are not in a good frame-of-mind to make decisions that are truly in your best interest.

Make Sure your Rights and Interests are Protected

Emotions commonly run high during divorce proceedings. Anger and bitterness can impact our decisions.

One rash decision in the heat of your divorce or legal separation has the potential to negatively impact the rest of your life. That is why it is important to seek experienced legal counsel from a committed divorce attorney in Colorado Springs, CO. A good family law attorney should be able to protect your rights and interests as you seek to file for divorce in Colorado Springs—helping you bring your matter to a successful conclusion so that you can move on with life.

As a highly-experienced Colorado Springs divorce lawyer, Gordon N. Shayne is here to help you through the difficult transition of divorce with the advice and support you need to make informed decisions. He is an effective trial advocate dedicated to guiding you through your family law dispute, from the beginning to the end.

Gordon N. Shayne aims to provide you with the best legal advice as you go through this difficult ordeal.

Our Services

At the office of Gordon N. Shayne, quality legal guidance is our expertise. With our expertise and legal knowledge, we provide high-quality legal representation for people seeking to file divorce in Colorado Springs, including:

Since Gordon specializes exclusively in domestic and family law matters, he is able to assist couples through every aspect of their divorce or separation, including child custody. child support, child custody modifications and more. With over 34 years of experience, you can trust Gordon to help you protect your rights and interests as you file for divorce in Colorado Springs. Ease some of the difficulty by working with a professional divorce attorney in Colorado Springs and Castle Rock. Work with Gordon N. Shayne.

Call Gordon N. Shayne at 719-442-6649 for a

*for those individuals interested in retaining legal counsel and who have the financial means to hire an attorney

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Personal Injury – Criminal Defense Lawyer Roanoke – Salem, VA, Divorce Lawyers in Botetourt, VA

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Making the system work for you.

There are three qualities that make for a great lawyer: knowledge of the law, experience getting results for clients, and treating every client with dignity and respect. The attorneys at the Steidle Law Firm have a record of results possessing all of these qualities. Lead attorney, David Steidle has been an advocate for the people of Virginia since 2003, serving as both a prosecutor and public defender. We have a reputation for taking care of people and always doing what’s right for our clients.

Civil Cases

Criminal Cases

Traffic Cases

Cases Closed

Voted Roanoke s Best Law Firm

Don’t take our word for it.

See what others are saying about us:

Divorce attorney roanoke va

Roanoke, Va

Divorce attorney roanoke va

Va Bar Association

Divorce attorney roanoke va

Roanoke Regional Chamber

Divorce attorney roanoke va

Roanoker Magazine

A Law Firm the Community Loves

In 2014, the Steidle Law Firm was voted “Best Of” by the readers of Roanoker Magazine. We were also nominated as Small Business of the Year by the Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

Contact Us

Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyers and Family Law Lawyers in Roanoke County

Most people in or around Roanoke and Salem will need assistance with a legal matter at some point in their lives. Whether it s the services of divorce lawyers when a marriage has met its end or the assistance of criminal lawyers to defend an accusation, it s always helpful to know that when you need competent, supportive legal help, there s a firm nearby that won t let you down. No matter what your circumstances, or the legal matter that requires consideration, our professional, knowledgeable team are here for you.

Custody Lawyers and Civil Litigation Lawyer Available Now

Family matters or civil issues, such as personal injury, can be complex and emotionally draining legal issues to resolve. Frequently, such cases may take years to resolve successfully and involve considerable legal work. Our dedicated team is happy to take on any case, even those which are proving difficult. If you ve had an accident which wasn t your fault, our personal injury lawyer can usually put together a strong case for compensation, even when the incident was some time ago or you don t feel there s enough evidence to win.

Specialists in Driving Offenses and Other Minor Misdemeanors

A driving conviction can cause significant inconvenience. In some cases it may even cost you your job or bar you from future employment opportunities. If you ve been accused of DUI or other related offenses, it s vital to get prompt advice from expert DUI lawyers or traffic lawyers. We can advise you on what you need to do in order to minimize the chances of a damaging conviction, as well as do our utmost to defend your interests in court.

Local Lawyers for Botetourt County and Bedford County

Our office is conveniently located for anyone who lives or works in Botetourt or Bedford. If you want a legal firm that provides a winning combination of sound legal counsel and exemplary customer service, we re available to work with you now. To find out more or book an initial consultation with a member of our team, call us at (540) 397-3742.

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Debi Mazar Remembers Her Friend Keith Haring—and Madonna’s Unforgettable Wedding Weekend, Vanity Fair, dermot mulroney

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Debi Mazar Remembers Her Friend Keith Haring and Madonna’s Unforgettable Wedding Weekend

On Friday morning, actress Debi Mazar saw a familiar photo in her Instagram feed: a shot of herself and her late friend, artist Keith Haring, taken by their friend, artist Maripol. In the picture, a young Mazar peers at the camera as Haring, more clearly in focus, looks on behind her. Mazar shared the photo on her own account immediately. I was like, Aw, Keith, she told Vanity Fair on a phone call Friday. I think of Keith all the time, because his work is so present, and being much a part of what is so present and current in today s climate in terms of equality, immigration, sexuality, so many things.

As she looks more at the photo, though, Mazar said she also thinks of the weekend in 1985 that it was taken, which happened to be the weekend of her friend Madonna s wedding to Sean Penn in Los Angeles. Those few days marked Mazar s first-ever trip to L.A. and a memorable one, at that.

We kind of had a whole weekend planned, where the wedding was one day, and another day we went to restaurants and different activities, she said. That particular day, we went to Mr. Chow s, she said, recalling the site of the photo with Haring.

That stop at Mr. Chow s was only one highlight of the weekend. The wedding itself was Mazar s first experience with a high-profile event of that magnitude. As she and her friend Lance Loud tore down the Pacific Coast Highway on their way to the ceremony, Mazar said she marveled at the beauty before her. It wasn t long, though, before she noticed the buzzing of helicopters overhead, making a beeline toward Madonna and Penn s wedding: I thought the helicopters were chasing us, even though they weren t, Mazar recalled, chuckling.

When she and Loud arrived at the wedding, Mazar quickly learned that she had not been given a plus-one. Mazar had to leave her friend to enter the nuptials which boasted a guest list that included Cher alone. Her entrance to the ceremony was less than graceful:

My poor friend dropped me off in Malibu, at Johnny Carson s house, and I teetered on down the driveway alone and I got to the wedding, and my heel got caught into, like, the wood deck, and I basically tripped into the wedding, she said.

After the wedding, at which Mazar said she could hardly hear a thing with the helicopters roaring overhead, she got into a limousine with a host of her artist friends: Haring, Martin Burgoyne, Andy Warhol, and Steve Rubell. Then, to top off the eventful day, Rubell vomited all over Mazar s brand new pair of Manolo Blahniks. Mazar, who was making her money as a makeup artist at the time, said they were the first pair of shoes she had ever bought with her own money which was scarce.

I basically probably had my electricity turned off just to buy these shoes, and Rubell vomited on them, she said.

The memory of that weekend was one of many in Mazar s friendship with Haring, who died of AIDs at the age of 31 in February of 1990. She told Vanity Fair that she d known Haring even before she met Madonna, the two having come up together in New York City.

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Phoenix Family Law Attorney #divorce #attorney #phoenix, #divorce #lawyer #phoenix, #divorce #attorney #arizona, #divorce #lawyer

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CALL NOW 602-256-7575 OR TOLL FREE AT 855-720-7575



Phoenix Divorce and Family Law Attorneys

Any legal matter that involves you and your family is important. Because no two families are alike, you need a lawyer who will take the time to get to know you, who will represent you from start to finish, and who will fight for you and what is important to you. At the R. J. Peters & Associates law firm in Phoenix, Arizona, you will find family law attorneys who are always on your side.

Arizona Divorce and Family Law Attorneys We Take Sides

Call Now for a Free Consultation 602-256-7575 Contact Us

When you come to our law firm for a free half-hour consultation, we are committed to providing you a good understanding of what to expect throughout your legal matter before you leave the office. If you are getting a divorce, for example, we generally will have six items to discuss with you: Your children (custody/parenting time), child support, property division, debt division, spousal maintenance (alimony) and attorney fees. We also will describe for you the legal process that you are about to go through.

When you leave after your first visit, we want you to have the information you need to make a decision about how to proceed with your case, and further to know whether we are the advocate you want on your side as you go forward.

We take sides at the R. J. Peters Associates law firm. This is an important concept that we do not take lightly. Settlement of the difficult issues which arise in family law matters is always an important effort, but not always possible. We focus on fighting for our clients whether in settlement efforts or in litigation. Our only business is family law. From our office located near downtown Phoenix, we represent clients in Maricopa County and throughout Arizona. If you need an aggressive advocate, on your side, and not in the middle, please see us.

Rodenhouse Kuipers PC – Grand Rapids Criminal Law, grand rapids divorce attorney.#Grand #rapids #divorce #attorney

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grand rapids divorce attorney

Grand rapids divorce attorney

When times get tough

We are here to help.

Grand rapids divorce attorney

Our mission at Rodenhouse Kuipers PC

is to take a genuine interest in our clients, to understand their objectives, and to exceed their expectations. We strive for excellence.

At Rodenhouse Kuipers clients come first.

We understand that hiring an attorney can be a very stressful experience which is why we take the time to get to know our clients. This allows us to understand their needs and what their concerns are so that we can most effectively, zealously, and discretely represent their interests. We understand that this approach is key to continuing our winning track record.

We always offer a complimentary first consultation, so our clients can meet our attorneys and feel comfortable getting to know them. Call us today to discuss your problem.

Grand rapids divorce attorney

Grand rapids divorce attorney Grand rapids divorce attorney Grand rapids divorce attorney

Rodenhouse Kuipers PC 2015 – All Rights Reserved

Grand rapids divorce attorney Grand rapids divorce attorney Grand rapids divorce attorney

678 Front Avenue, NW, Suite 176

Grand Rapids, MI 49504

PHONE:(616)- 451- 4000


FAX (616)- 451- 4114

Grand rapids divorce attorney Grand rapids divorce attorney

Grand rapids divorce attorney Grand rapids divorce attorney Grand rapids divorce attorney Grand rapids divorce attorney

Grand rapids divorce attorney

Visit attorney James Sterken’s blog here!

Visit attorney Audra McClure’s blog here!

Grand rapids divorce attorney Grand rapids divorce attorney

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Divorce Attorney Denver #divorce #attorney #in #denver

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Family Lawyer Divorce Attorney Denver

Welcome to Broxterman, Alicks, McFarlane P.C. a family lawyer and divorce attorney Denver . At BAM, family law and divorce law are our legal expertise. We understand these areas of law practice are among the most stressful challenges people deal with in their entire lives. That is why we started our firm to be different, to focus on helping you as a whole person, not just a client.

We are energetic, compassionate, and innovative in the way we approach advocating for the people who come to us for help people seeking the best possible outcome from complex and frequently emotional situations. Our advocates don t measure success by billable hours; we measure success by the number of lives we ve made whole again.

We are a relatively new law firm, but our attorneys have years of experience in family law with other top family law firms, unafraid to do things differently, unafraid to represent all types of clients, and unafraid to test the legal limits of our ever-changing culture.

We provide unique, personal, and highly professional legal assistance, drawing on over a decade of experience in specialized fields of law.

Compassionate Family Law Services in Denver

We know that family law is more than legal processes. We understand that the circumstances that bring our clients to our door are emotional processes as well.

Our attorneys have vast expertise in all areas of domestic relations litigation, including complex jurisdictional issues involving divorce and parenting, marital property division, spousal and child support, parenting disputes, and marital agreements pre and post marriage. For more information about our process here, please go to Your Process. Please also feel free to review Our Blog for more information.

BAM’s Clients: Parents, Grandparents, Husbands and Wives

We welcome clients whose needs require challenging current legal boundaries, while serving many clients whose needs are more traditional.

As a result, our clients come from every end of the spectrum: divorced fathers being denied visitation rights, mothers seeking child support, same sex couples seeking to establish their parental rights.

How we deal with each and every one of our clients is what makes us different. We consider not only the legal needs of our clients but also the emotional turmoil they are going through so we can help them make the best possible decisions.

Building a relationship with our clients, offering our clients the best possible service at a reasonable price, and executing these tasks with dignity and compassion for all involved is our mission.

BAM’s Team Approach

Drawing on the years of experience of our attorneys, we ve developed a team approach that allows us to give individualized attention to our clients, tailoring our attorneys’ diverse skills and styles to deliver maximum efficiency and understanding.

Our team approach insures that every case is reviewed by at least two likely more attorneys and also by other legal experts. For the client, that means that their case will be reviewed by attorneys with a variety of perspectives, styles and legal expertise: civil/family, criminal and corporate law, while still having a lead attorney, the Shareholder, overseeing the entire process and developing a one-on-one relationship with the client.

Some of our attorneys are more familiar with certain judges and/or certain jurisdictions, so this process allows them to weigh in.

The team approach also has financial benefits for the client, allowing paralegals to perform routine tasks such as drafting letters. The client is charged a blended rate to reflect the much lower paralegal rate for routine tasks.

This approach also means that if the client s lead attorney is in court or away for some other reason, there is always someone available who is familiar with their case should an urgent need arise. For more information about the team here, please go to Our Team.

BAM’s Family Law Expertise

Our award-winning attorneys have enjoyed recognition from their community in the form of 10.0 “Superb” ratings on Avvo.com, five-star client reviews, and being selected for inclusion among the short list of Colorado SuperLawyers® Rising Stars—an honor reserved for only 2.5% of the attorneys in the state. Margot Alicks and Heather Broxterman have been recognized, respectively, as a “Compleat Lawyer” and an “Up and Coming Lawyer” by Law Week Colorado. But the team also works hard to ensure that they are giving back to the community through extensive publications, CLE presentations, mentoring, and community service. For more information please see Our Expertise.

For more information please feel free to Contact Us for a consult today.

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