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Dr. Aimee Govett, Dr. Ed Dwyer, John Mooneyham, LaShay Jennings, Dr. Laura Robertson, Dr. Karin Keith, Terryl Rock, Dr. Stacey Fisher, Dr. Renee Moran, Dr. Huili Hong and Dr. Ryan Nivens

  • Cultural Immersion Workshop

    Biltmore Estate visit

  • 2016 Outstanding Teacher Candidate Award, Master of Arts in Teaching

  • Dr. Hogan’s retirement reception

    Ms. Deborah Parrot, Dr. Ed Dwyer, Dr. Norma Hogan and Ms. Renee Lyons

  • Area High School and Middle School Science and ELA teachers participating in professional development offered at ETSU through the Math Science Partnership grant.

    The Department of Curriculum and Instruction oversees undergraduate programs in elementary and secondary education and graduate programs in elementary, middle, and secondary education, reading and storytelling, and educational technology and school library media.

    This site provides information on the department’s programs as well as important resources for both students and faculty.

    Department Mission Statement

    The Department of Curriculum and Instruction seeks to prepare educators who are committed to the development of their community through education and collaboration. The department programs are designed to cultivate educational leaders who strive to become enthusiastic practitioners, authentic role models, and efficient managers of instruction, time, resources, and evaluation. The faculty in Curriculum and Instruction seek to prepare students who become teacher educators attuned to the needs of children and adolescents, understand the importance of motivation, facilitation, and imagination, and who accept the challenges of decision-making, caring, and life-long learning.

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    Special Needs Education and Time4Learning

    Choosing the right learning tool for a child with special needs can be a daunting task. Every child has his or her own combination of gifts, skills, needs, and difficulties with learning, so each deserves a customized learning program suited to his or her needs.

    Parents want learning software that their children will like. However, while there are many entertaining educational web sites and software learning programs, few qualify as real educational learning systems, much less as one robust enough to support the special educational requirements of children with special needs. Unlike educational games, a learning system provides appropriately sequenced lessons and reinforced learning in an educationally valid, engaging scope and sequence.

    When evaluating learning software for special educational needs, you should make sure that it:

    • Proceeds at the student s own special needs pace
    • Builds on existing reading, writing and math skills
    • Allows placing the child at different levels for math and language arts
    • Encourages kids to become active learners through exploration and discovery
    • Introduces new learning opportunities in a safe, supportive environment
    • Balances learning with fun!

    Time4Learning offers a comprehensive, educational learning system that builds and reinforces reading, writing and math skills. It is used by children with special needs as well as by gifted and mainstream students. Using an interactive online environment, our educational learning system mixes educational lessons with learning games designed to engage and challenge your young learner. It can be used as core curriculum or a supplement to other tools. Many homeschoolers build a portion of their day around Time4lLearning. Signup for Time4Learning and get the best in special needs learning software.

    Why does Time4Learning work for special needs?

    Time4Learning provides a comprehensive curriculum that allows children to easily get comfortable with the system. The levels for language arts and math programs are independently set for each child. This helps children who perform or progress at vastly different levels in these major subjects. Children progress at their own rates using multisensory learning that helps each learning style. The computer is very engaging. Some children, when faced with text books or non-interactive environments, exhibit ADD/ADHD-like behavior, but, when faced with an interactive system, they are often successful in focusing and learning. The computer is impersonal so children on the Autism spectrum(specifically children with Aspergers Syndrome and high-functioning Autism) learn without the distraction of interpersonal relations.

    Listen to the Parents of Children with Special Education Needs

    Both of my boys really enjoy the Time4Learning program.
    Of course, their favorite part was the play time, but they enjoyed the lessons as well. Thank you.

    Penny Mother of twins with Learning Difficulties in Reading

    I just wanted to say thank you for Time4Learning
    It was a great tool for Zac through the summer, and he was asking yesterday even to do his work. I would definitely recommend this program to other families. I think it offers great characters and fun learning activities. It also gives you a chance to monitor the progress, and you can even print out reports and activity pages that your child completed. What more could you ask for? Also this is very kid- friendly Zac was able to move around the site somewhat on his own.

    Theresa Mother of a five year old with autism

    The content was varied and was able to keep Benjamin engaged without frustration.
    It also moved him gradually through the skills and once mastered, he was appropriately quizzed. The timer was also beneficial as Benjamin learned that once it got to 0 he was free to go to the playground, where he primarily went to the PBS Kids site. I also feel that the Magic Hand was instrumental in aiding Benjamin in how to proceed with the lessons.

    Ann mother of a six year old with development delay, speech language impairment, ADHD

    Elizabeth really enjoys the website.
    She especially liked the language sections (stories, family trees, etc.). She also found it easy to use. It is very good for children with Asperger s, as they are such visual learners and the computer gives prompt feedback.

    Marianne Mother of a fourth grade girl with Asperger s Syndrome

    Lena and I both found it to be age appropriate and interesting.
    I LOVED the fact that I could start Lena and she was able to continue at her own pace. Ninety-five percent of the time the language level was appropriate as well as the assignments. Initially, she rushed through to get to the Playground, but as she became used to the lesson structure, she forgot about the time and Playground. The graphics and sound were awesome. Both Lena and I enjoyed all the adorable characters and narrator s voices. I would highly recommend this program as a support system during the school year, and SPECIFICALLY, during the summer months (especially if your child is not receiving any services).

    Mother of daughter with ADHD and Tourette s Syndrome

    Time4Learning was the first online curriculum which help my son s attention.
    My son has attention (ADHD) issues and reading and learning difficulty and after difficulties in school, we find that homeschooling works well for him. Time4Learning has made our days much easier and more productive.

    Mother of eight year old boy Homeschooling in Texas

    Interactive Learning for Special Needs and Mainstream that is Proven Effective

    Time4Learning provides learning programs with multimedia instruction, animated interactive lessons, printable worksheets, and assessments; has a low monthly price; does not require a contract; and provides a money-back guarantee so you can make sure that it works for your special education needs, satisfaction guaranteed!

    Time4Learning has helped thousands of children Start Helping My Children Now .

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    National Association of Special Education Teachers: Computer Hardware and Software for Special Education #computer #software,

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    IEP Goals, Objective and Activities

    NASET has created a simple, and easy to use application for the iPad and iPhone. The IEP Goals, Objectives Activities App provides a convenient tool to easily choose and build a student’s list of IEP Annual Goals, Short Term Objectives, and Behavioral Objectives.

    In order to do this, you will be able to choose from:

    • Numerous Annual Goal areas;
    • Over 100 Short Term Objectives
    • Almost 5,000 Behavioral Objectives

    Plus, this app allows you to:

    • Plan each student’s educational curriculum
    • Develop, from a list of over 2,700 Suggested Activities, enrichment experiences to enhance student development
    • Export the assembled annual goals, short term objectives and behavioral objectives for each student via email

    Failure Free Reading’s materials include a unique combination of print, talking software, and teacher directed lessons. Classroom kits include teacher’s manual, reinforcement activities, student workbooks, independent reading booklets, instructional readers, flashcards, parent communication letters, certificate of accomplishments, and more. Software includes spelling, listening comprehension, story books, language development, reading comprehension activities and more. The software also has Spanish resources for teaching English to Spanish speaking students.

    Failure Free Reading uses a model of repetition, control, and feedback – integrating teacher, text, and technology. The program is integrated and coordinated to provide multiple exposures in multiple contexts. Students read material that is designed to be of interest to students in their grade/age level; the logic of the program is that at each and every level, repetition, semantic support in the form of word meaning and word pronunciations, and the “additive” principle of sentence complexity (which is relaxed in grade 3 and above) provide the scaffolding that helps students cope with the texts.

    Progressive Academic Learning Systems (PALS)

    ABA/Discrete Trial Educational CD

    • Educational software for school and home
    • 168 lessons
    • 44,000+ tasks
    • Supports school curriculum standards
    • Spanish version available

    SofDesign International, Inc.
    701 E. Plano Pkwy
    Suite 500
    Plano, Texas 75074
    Phone 972.644.0098
    Fax 214.722.1500

    Parrot Software
    P.O. Box 250755
    West Bloomfield, MI 48325
    Phone: 1-800-727-7681
    FAX: 248-788-3224
    International: 1-248-788-3223

    Computer software and more at special

    teacher only prices. Proof of employment as

    a teacher required to purchase products at their

    LEAPS – Online Resources for Behavior Remediation

    Provenio’s flagship product, LEAPS, (Life Excelerator/Assessment of Personal Skills) consists of a research-based interactive library covering 109 coping, adapting and functioning life skills. LEAPS’ assessment tool allows instructors to assess each individual student’s instructional needs and prescribes a personalized instructional program for the behavior component of the IEP process.


    2006/2007 National Association of Special Education Teachers. All rights reserved

    Edge – for Catholic for Catholic Youth #college #ministry #curriculum

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    What is Edge?

    Edge is a Catholic middle school youth ministry program. It provides a safe fun place for youth to find solid Catholic community, to get answers to their questions about faith, and, most importantly, to experience Jesus in a profound and personal way. Edge resources speak to the physical, psychological, cognitive, relational, and spiritual maturation of middle school youth. Edge resources make it easier for youth ministers to plan out their semesters of Edge Night, retreats, and to train a team of adults, the Core Team, to assist them in the ministry. The resources present Catholic teaching in a way that young people can understand.

    This means that youth minsters get to spend less time at the desk and more time reaching out to youth. Edge provides many resources and support to help youth ministers reach out to parents and to connect with the families of middle school youth. Edge also connects youth ministers to a veteran team of youth ministers to assist them as well as providing ample opportunities for training. Edge answers the needs of this age group in a catechetical, fun, and relevant way and provides a foundation for youth to continue onto Life Teen. Edge is a great asset to any youth ministry program and answers the unique needs of this age group.

    Edge Resources: Free Samples

    Why is Edge Important?

    We all remember that middle school was awkward and difficult. That hasn’t changed. However, societal shifts have made the middle school years more difficult than ever. Today, middle school youth are having experiences that were common only with high school students just 15 years ago. Threats of violence, availability of drugs and alcohol, and pervasiveness of sex and pornography are the new norm. Not only are they faced with these tough realities but they are also in the process of moving from being family-centered to friend-centered.

    Peers gain greater influence and parental authority is called into question. As they shift socially they are also experiencing tremendous changes emotionally and intellectually. As they wade through all the difficulties of this time of life, they have real questions and need real answers. If parish leaders ignore the unique challenges of their middle school youth, they risk losing them forever.

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    School of Nursing – Curriculum #rn #curriculum

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    RN-BSN Curriculum

    CSU General Education Requirements

    In addition to completing the 41 units of nursing coursework, students without a previously earned bachelor’s degree* must complete at least 9 units of upper-division general education at California State University, Fullerton. Please note that if a student is not CSU GE Certified from a California Community College prior to the RN-BSN program, the student may also have to complete lower-division general education.

    *regionally accredited in the U.S.

    • Prerequisite – a course must be completed prior to taking the next course
    • Pre/corequisite – a course can be completed prior to OR at the same time as the next course
    • Corequisite – the courses must be taken at the same time

    The RN-BSN curriculum includes 41 semester units of nursing coursework:

    NURS 305 Professional Nursing (4)
    The professional nursing role is examined including nursing theory and research, ethics theory, communication theory and principles, and the nursing process. Selected psychosocial concepts and theories and their relationship to health are the focus of assessment and implementation with individual clients. Theories and concepts of health and techniques in health promotion are presented from a holistic framework. The influence of culture, role, social support, and values upon the nurse and the client are evaluated.

    NURS 310 Nursing Research/Evidence-Based Practice (3)
    Prerequisite: Statistics
    Emphasis is placed on the development of nursing knowledge and the improvement of nursing practice through current relevant evidence. Research methods are examined and current issues are analyzed in relation to the implementation of evidence-based practice in selected settings.

    NURS 340 Advanced Concepts I (2)
    Pre/Corequisite: NURS 305; Corequisite: NURS 340L
    Health assessment across the life span, analysis of health data and identification of risks in specific groups emphasized. Evidence based practice and culturally sensitive nursing interventions will be discussed to reduce risk and promote health.

    NURS 340L Advanced Concepts I Lab (1)
    Corequisite: NURS 340
    Practice history taking, physical examination techniques and risk identification on peers in supervised on-campus setting. Students apply these skills and intervene to reduce risk and or promote health with individual clients.

    NURS 345 Advanced Concepts II (3)
    Pre/Corequisite: NURS 340, NURS 340L
    This course explores the major pathophysiologic concepts using a body systems approach. Alterations at the cell and system levels and potential resulting functional changes are applied to the nursing practice. Epidemiological approaches and clinical case studies will be presented to support nursing assessments and interventions. Theories relating etiology, pathogenesis, and clinical manifestations are used to study common disease processes. Concepts from anatomy and physiology courses are considered prerequisites and provide the foundation for exploring human dysfunction.

    NURS 402 Community Health Nursing (3)
    Prerequisites: NURS 305, NURS 310, NURS 340/L; Pre/Corequisite: NURS 420; Corequisite: NURS 402L
    Content stresses community health nursing roles in prevention and health promotion with culturally diverse families and populations in a variety of community settings. Emphasis is given to identifying risk and to using the nursing process with populations at risk.

    NURS 402L Community Health Nursing Lab (3)
    Prerequisites: NURS 305, NURS 310, NURS 340/L; Pre/Corequisite: NURS 420; Corequisite: NURS 402
    Students will apply community health theory in supervised clinical experience with individuals, families and communities. Clinical experience will be in public health settings, including official agencies and other community agencies. Completion of this course satisfies the California Board of Registered Nursing’s requirements for Public Health Nurse Certification (application must be submitted to the BRN upon completion of nursing program). Additional documents and background checks may be required depending on placement.

    NURS 420 Transgenerational Issues in Nursing (4)
    Prerequisites: NURS 305, NURS 310; Pre/Corequisites: NURS 340/L, NURS 345
    Developmental theories across the lifespan and the aging process are discussed with emphasis on analysis of health behavior. Normative transitions, conflicts of childhood, adult life, and the nurse’s role in health promotion are included

    NURS 452 Leadership (6)
    Prerequisites: all 300 level nursing courses, NURS 402/L; Pre/Corequisite: NURS 420
    Leadership/management and change theories will be highlighted in regards to their application in health care organizations. Concepts of ethics, quality, safety, power, collaboration, advocacy, and decision making will be examined in relationship to the nursing leader role.

    NURS 470 A B Nursing: The Art Science I II (6 6)
    NURS 470A Prerequisites: NURS 305, NURS 310, NURS 340/L; Pre/Corequisites: NURS 345, NURS 420
    NURS 470B Prerequisites: NURS 470A; Pre/Corequisite: NURS 452
    This capstone course sequence provides students opportunities to explore and define the elements of the art and science of nursing. The course will examine the competencies identified by regulatory and accrediting agencies and their association to the School of Nursing (SON) student learning outcomes. The professional nursing role in a collaborative setting is presented within the SON framework. These two courses are designed to be taken sequentially in the last two semesters of the program and cannot be taken concurrently.

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