AllParts Heating, low cost heating and cooling.#Low #cost #heating #and #cooling

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All orders must be placed by 12:00 P.M. Central Time

. Please note the following .

Weekdays are business days -Monday thru Friday

Does not include Saturday, Sunday or holidays.

Low cost heating and cooling

Low cost heating and cooling

Low cost heating and cooling

Low cost heating and cooling

Low cost heating and cooling

Low cost heating and cooling

Low cost heating and cooling

Low cost heating and cooling

Low cost heating and cooling

Low cost heating and cooling

Low cost heating and cooling

Low cost heating and cooling

We are working to keep our prices as low as possible. Please note that all internet on-line purchases are direct shipped from our warehouse location. This cost-effective process keeps our prices low. We are happy to pass these money-saving rates on to you, our customers, as our Special Internet Only Price on our website. However, please note, all parts purchased at our local Hawley Road store counter and not direct shipped from our warehouse, including walk-ins and will-calls, are sold at the Retail/Counter Price also listed on our site.

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SIP Trunking – Voicebuy VoIP Provider #sip #trunking #cost

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Voicebuy SIP Trunk Provider

In the 21st century, technology has developed at such a rapid pace giving rise to innovative communication approaches that have greatly streamlined communication channels. The role of VoIP in the improvement of communication systems is just indispensable, and in response to the emerging trends in business communication, VoIP again is considered to be the most reasonable solution.

Because of the extremely dynamic nature of businesses, communication becomes a top priority to effectively deal with the flow of information and keep business processes running smoothly. Thus, in response to the technological progress, to expand the possibilities of business communication management becomes a necessity for many business owners. Business VoIP solutions for small and large organizations serve exactly this purpose aiming to simplify the communication structure both within and outside the enterprise.

Click here to learn more

SIP trunking is one of those solutions to ensure effective management of business communication processes. SIP trunking enables the direct connection between company’s private branch exchange (PBX) and Internet telephony service provider (ITSP) through VoIP technology with the aim to initiate telephone calls. In this way companies are able to communicate over IP even beyond the enterprise enabled by the connection of SIP trunk with the public switched telephone network system (PSTN).

The adoption of SIP trunking may significantly enhance telecommunication opportunities for enterprises. Business VoIP solutions offered by Voicebuy, one of the top ranking wholesale VoIP providers, have recently been complemented with SIP trunking services which are ideal to streamline the management of communication processes for all kind of businesses.

Just by adding numbers to your SIP trunk and terminating them on your IP PBX you can give customers more options to dial in at a significantly lower cost. Reduce the barrier to contact you and increase sales. (Read more about Voicebuy IP PBX features here ).

Benefits of Voicebuy SIP Trunking Services

Voicebuy SIP trunking services offer a number of benefits to ensure the successful and effective management of business communication.

Implementing calls through SIP trunk means a significant reduction of call costs. Taking into account the fact that most enterprises deal with international partners and customers, the importance of long-distance calls becomes rather evident for business owners. And here is where SIP may serve as the most cost-effective solution for providing quality international calls for the cost of the local one.

The deployment of SIP trunk does not imply expensive purchase and installation of hardware and software respectively. Being a more virtual than a physical platform, SIP trunk is easier to manage and less expensive to maintain.

SIP trunk serves for delivering local and long-distance calling plans at significantly cheap rates combining extensive communication solutions. As a unified communication platform SIP trunk blends great functionality and advanced call handling features that will ensure successful business communication.

  • Free cancellation, no hidden charges, instant activation

Switching to SIP trunk implies very easy setup for customers from any corner of the world. There are no hidden charges and no need for signing a contract in order to start using Voicebuy Services. Here are the most flexible solutions to ensure a quick and easy transition to SIP trunk network.

Click here to learn more

To start using SIP trunk services, you need to log into your Voicebuy account. If you are using the service on a PC, be sure to install the corresponding VoIP Softphone. then register your SIP username into our website and generate your username and password in Voicebuy user interface.

If you are using the service from a mobile device, you need to install mobile dialer application. enter 11993 operator code and then indicate your SIP username and password to access your account.

Upon the activation of the service, you have the opportunity to test your first call for free since Voicebuy gives 1$ credit for free test call to all of its customers. For more information check out our products and routing plans .

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New Jersey Solar Panels Home Install Cost #new #jersey, #nj, #home, #solar, #panels, #install, #cost

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Your Solar!

Thinking about going with solar power in New Jersey? Have questions? Well then you are in the right place because our FAQ has you covered when it comes to Solar Energy

Get Started with Your Solar Analysis by Calling 1-855-407-6701 or by Filling Out This Form Below:

Q: How much is solar really going to save me in the New Jersey area?

A: This is probably the very first thought that crossed your mind, and with good reason…

It is obviously going to be dependent upon your specific situation and how much sun your panels can get (you can call us at 1-855-407-6701 to get a more accurate estimate), but we can tell you that the average home saves 50-70% on their electricity costs.

For example, in Hawaii, residents save an average of $64,000 over their first 20 years with Solar.

How do they save so much? There is simply NO BETTER power source than the Sun; it has enough energy to power everything on Earth and nothing on our planet can replace it.

A: The thing is that Solar Power is at an unprecedented level of availability right now; it has NEVER been SO easy to get solar panels installed for your home.

Of course with more players comes more competition and competition is a good thing because it means lower prices for you .

This competition has also created multiple ways to pay for solar panel installation:

1. Leasing – requires little or even no money down

2. Financing – this “pay as you go” option means that the provider still owns, maintains, and monitors the system so that you can enjoy the benefits (i.e. Saving Money on Utility Costs). Over 75% of all American homes have access to pay as you go solar.

3. Cash – It generally takes less than 10 years to break even if you pay up front.

Of the above 3 options, paying outright will save you the most in the long run. The most common approach though is through financing, which still provides more cost savings in the long run than leasing does. Many home owners finance through a home equity loan or second mortgage. That said, just about all companies offer reasonable terms between 8 and 20%. Still, it pays to shop around before you commit.

We will actually do this for you at no cost. Simply call us at 1-855-407-6701 and we’ll connect you with the best solar energy provider in the New Jersey area for you!

Q: What kind of tax rebates can I expect?

A: In addition to the cost savings, solar offers a way to get some tremendous tax breaks. There are 2 ways you can save:

1. The Federal Tax credit is 30% of your cost (there are also credits for each state, you can see them for yourself right here ).

2. You can also deduct the financed interest charges in your itemized deductions.

These tax savings can add up to be quite substantial; you could seemingly save 50% off the total cost once you factor in State and Local rebates.

The concern is that we don’t know for how much longer these incentives will be available. The more time that passes, the more likely it is that these tax savings will dissipate

Are you ready to get started? Go ahead and give us a quick call to schedule your appointment 1-855-407-6701

Have more questions? Then keep reading:

Q: Will installing Solar really increase my home’s value?

A: The short answer is yes it really will.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) concluded that homes with solar sell approximately 20% faster on the market than homes without (and for

17% more), so keep that in mind…

Q: I’ve heard that solar is a secured investment. What does that mean?

A: Well, you heard correctly. Being a secured investment means that you are free from the electricity company rate hikes. Every year these trend upward, but with solar you know exactly what you are paying.

Additionally, solar creates an energy independence. That is to say that we do not need to rely on unsustainable resources. This also allows us to break free from some our foreign dependence (like the importing of petroleum).

Overall, going solar points us in the right direction economically, politically, and environmentally.

A: This is a great question. The warranty on most panels is from 20-25 years. The industry standard is to provide 80% performance after 25 years.

The fact is that your panels will actually last much longer than that, generating a good amount of electricity for 30-40 years down the road.

Q: How easy is it to get started? What is the next step?

A: Shopping for solar was once a long and painful process, but fortunately it isn’t anymore.

In fact, that is why we are here. We want to make this as painless and simple for you.

Give us a quick no obligation call today and we’ll get you connected to a professional provider in the New Jersey service area ASAP!

Go ahead and call us at 1-855-407-6701. it will only take 2 minutes of your time and won t cost you a thing.

Rated 4.7/5 based on 1082 reviews

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Understanding ACH processing Fees – First ACH #ach #processing #fee’s, #ach #payment #processing #cost, #pricing #for #ach #processing

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ACH processing fees

Understanding The ACH cost advantage

Pricing for ACH Processing is usually a lot more affordable than credit card processing.

When we process your ACH/eCheck payments, we don’t have to shell out a portion of your fees to credit card companies like Visa , MasterCard , Discover or American Express . This allows us to pass the savings on to you.

Ok, so it’s cheaper than credit card processing. What can I expect to pay when it comes to my ACH payment processing cost?

When you sign up for ACH processing, you’ll notice a few friendly fees that make your affordable eCheck payments possible.

We’re not into fine print, so here they are in all their glory:

  • Account Fee – Your account fee covers a myriad of different services we provide to maintain your account, including monthly statement distribution, rock star customer service, maintaining our processing systems, monitoring your transactions for fraud, complying with IRS reporting requirements, and more.
  • Debit fee – A debit fee is the transaction fee associated with each individual ACH debit, or payment from your customer to you. It covers the cost of processing the transaction and ensuring the funds are transported from the customer’s bank account to your bank account through the ACH network. A debit fee typically ranges from $0.15 to $0.95 depending on your business model and the perceived risk of each individual transaction.
  • Credit Fee – A credit fee is the transaction fee associated with each individual ACH credit, or payment from you to a vendor, employee or other third party. It covers the cost of processing the transaction and ensuring the funds are transported from your bank account to their bank account through the ACH network. A credit fee typically ranges from $0.15 to $0.95 depending on the relationship with the customer and perceived risk of their average transaction. Credit fees can be higher than debit fees because they are often associated with larger dollar amounts, which in turn have higher risk to the merchant services provider.
  • Discount Fee – A discount fee is kind of a misnomer, because it’s not really a discount at all! Instead, it’s a percentage-based fee that’s only applied to certain transactions. In order to compensate for the heightened risk associated with high-risk industries and transactions, we charge a discount fee in the form of a percentage of the total transaction. Since we’re legally responsible for each ACH/eCheck transaction and can be forced to shell out if it’s fraudulent, the discount fee is a way of mitigating risks with larger, high-risk processing.

We hope this guide to pricing for ACH processing has clarified the fees for you!

Still have questions? Giving us a ring or shoot us an email. and we’ll be happy to answer them!

What Our Customers are Saying

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How do I calculate depreciation recapture? Cost Segregation StudyCost Segregation Study #cost #segregation #depreciation

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How do I calculate depreciation recapture?

How do I calculate depreciation recapture? Let’s take a look at the process.

1) Review the original price paid for the asset being sold. For example, let us say you are selling a commercial property purchased eight years ago for $500,000.

2) Add the depreciation expense claimed each year you owned the property. Suppose, for instance, you claimed $12,820 in depreciation expense each year for those eight years, totaling $102,560 in depreciation expense. The depreciation method used was a 39-year straight-line method.

3) Now, subtract the total depreciation expense claimed from the original purchase price of the property to determine your adjusted cost basis. In this example, your adjusted cost basis is $500,000 $102,560 = $397,440.

4) Next, subtract the adjusted cost basis of the property from the property s selling price to determine your total gain. In this example, you sell the commercial property for $550,000; your total gain is $152,560 ($550,000 sales price $397,440 adjusted cost basis).

5) Okay, subtract the total depreciation expense calculated in Step 2 from the total gain to compute your capital gain (as opposed to your depreciation recapture gain). In this instance, your capital gain on the property is $152,560 $102,560 = $50,000. Your depreciation recapture gain is $102,560.

6) Multiply your capital gain by the capital gains tax rate and your depreciation recapture gain by your ordinary income tax rate to determine your total tax liability. If the capital gains rate is 15 percent and your ordinary income tax rate is capped at 25 percent, the total amount of tax you owe on the sale of your property equals (15 percent x $50,000, or $7,500) + (25 percent x $102,560, or $25,640) = $33,140.

So, in this example, the depreciation recapture is $25,640 and your capital gain is $7,500.

Any questions or comments are welcome!

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How much does it cost to develop a web app or application? #web #app #development #cost

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Responsive guru. Writes HTML5 / CSS3 for four corners.

Posted on Monday, November 11th, 2013 at 1:15 pm. app cost mobile app web development

How much does it cost to develop a web app or application?

You ve probably ended up here because you have an idea for a web application and want to see if it is something that can feasibly be done within a certain budget. For the most part, the bulk of the budget you are putting forward is for development time for experienced programmers, designers, and product managers. Getting to a single number for your project without knowing anything about the project is pretty difficult for any development team.

To start understanding how much an application will cost means that you need to understand what goes into making the app.

Learning: Functional Specification or User Stories

The beginning of any software development project starts with a detailed understanding of what the application does. There are two different methodologies we use when working with new clients.

The first is to request or consult with the client to create a functional spec. A functional specification is a document that describes the exact behavior of an application. Typically functional specifications are written for more complex systems where more needs to happen than just a traditional user input / output. Most enterprise clients we work with prefer this method as it traditionally follows a waterfall approach to development. It also allows for a very accurate time and cost budgets. However the downside is that this method does not support change throughout the project very well.

Writing user stories is the second approach we take to web application development. A user story is simply one or more sentences that describe what an end user of the application does or needs to do. An example or a user story could be, As a user, I want to take a picture that is immediately uploaded to my account. We like to follow the 5w approach: As who when where , I what because why . Typically user stories are used with an agile software development methodology to define how an application must function. User stories are a bit more flexible than a functional specification as they are typically a bit more vague than a functional specification. Because of this, the agile approach encourages a very flexible application development process because it focuses on iterative and incremental development.

Which method is better?

There is no right answer to this question although some may argue both ways. To answer this question for your scenario can be most likely determined with these two questions:

1. Do you have a fixed budget and time-frame with exact features that must be developed?

If yes, than the waterfall functional specification is likely for you.

2. Do you have an idea with features than may change many times throughout the development process as the application matures?

If yes, then the agile methodology of user stories is likely the best approach for you.

From our experience, a functional specification (waterfall methodology) is typically used in enterprise scenarios where the system is unlikely to change very often.This allows for a very well written and scoped plan. A good analogy for this method is to think of building a house. A plan is developed, scoped out, and built to specification.

On the opposite end, user stories (agile methodology) are more typically used in a consumer application where the user s input / output makes up most of the application. These applications typically need to be extremely flexible and nimble. The downside of this methodology is that there is not usually a set time or budget. A development team is usually paid for a set amount of time like a week or a month. The team delivers as much as possible within that time frame but there is not an exact feature set that will be delivered at the end. Clients order features it terms of importance and the development team works in that order to get them done.

Here at Otreva, we don t force one methodology or the other onto our clients. Every project is different. We successfully operate using both methodologies and many times use a hybrid approach that combines both. It is always good to start with the end user of an application and write out user stories for them while ending up with a functional specification that compliments the stories for some of the backend features that aren t necessarily visible to the user.

How do I find a good development team?

The best way to find a great fit is to research a few companies who you like and communicate with them. Don t just focus on who can deliver the lowest cost. At the end of the day, you ll want a team you can trust and who can help you meet the goals you ve outlined. At the end of the day, achieving success by meeting your goals should be your number one priority. We ve taken on dozens of what we call rescue projects for many reasons. A rescue project is a project that was usually focused on cost and/or the original team couldn t meet the goals. However many times we see rescue projects started by very talented freelancers who are snatched up by larger companies leaving the client stuck with a half developed work. These rescue projects always ending up costing the client more money than if they d started with a single team who could support their application throughout the lifecycle.

Software development isn t just about coding something into a functioning application, it is about success of that application.

Ok ok, so what is the cost of an average web application?

Hopefully you now understand that every single project is different. That being said, on average our team has about 100 billable hours per week for our custom projects and the average web application project lasts about 3 months and costs in the $100 150k range.


The goal of this article was to help you understand what goes into developing a web application and give an idea of what an average custom web application costs. At the end of the day though, we hope you learned that focusing on cost alone will get you into trouble. Finding a great development team should focus on trust and success.

You’ve found the secret footer!

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North South University, Bangladesh, internet access cost.#Internet #access #cost

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internet access cost

Internet access cost

  • About
      • About NSU
      • Brief History
      • Vision, Mission & Strategy
      • About Vice-Chancllor
      • Executive Leaders
      • International Advisory Board
      • Accreditation
      • International Recognition
      • Office of Graduate Studies
      • Office of Undergraduate Studies
      • Facts About NSU
      • NSU Trustees
      • Chairman of NSU Trustee Board
      • Board of Trustees
      • Members of the NSU Trust
      • Authorities
      • Syndicate
      • Academic Council
      • Curriculum Committee
      • Finance Committee
      • Faculty Appointment Committee
      • Disciplinary Committee
      • Administrative Appointment Committee
      • Other Committees
  • Academic
      • School of Business & Economics
      • Accounting & Finance
      • Economics
      • Management
      • Marketing & International Business
      • MBA & EMBA Programs
      • School of Engineering & Physical Sciences
      • Architecture
      • Civil and Environmental Engineering
      • Electrical & Computer Engineering
      • Mathematics & Physics
      • School of Humanities & Social Sciences
      • English & Modern Languages
      • Political Science & Sociology
      • Law
      • History & Philosophy
      • School of Health & Life Sciences
      • Biochemistry & Microbiology
      • Environmental Science & Management
      • Pharmaceutical Sciences
      • Public Health
      • Institutes Centers
      • Institute of Modern Languages
      • Confucius Institute
      • Center for Information and Communication Technology
      • NSU Global Health Institute (NGHI)
      • Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)
      • Grading Policy
      • Student Records
      • Academic Information and Policies
  • Faculty
      • School of Business & Economics
      • Accounting & Finance
      • Economics
      • Management
      • Marketing & International Business
      • School of Engineering Physical Sciences
      • Architecture
      • Civil Environmental Engineering
      • Electrical Computer Engineering
      • Mathematics Physics
      • School of Humanities Social Sciences
      • English Modern Languages
      • History & Philosophy
      • Political Science Sociology
      • Law
      • School of Health Life Sciences
      • Biochemistry and Microbiology
      • Environmental Science and Management
      • Pharmaceutical Sciences
      • Public Health
      • Internet access cost

        Internet access cost

        Internet access cost

        Internet access cost

        Bangladesh Law Student’s Symposium 2017 held at NSU

        Internet access cost

        Internet access cost

        North South University organized a national seminar on ”Creating Awareness for Prevention of Chikungunya in Bangladesh” on July 11, 2017

        Internet access cost

        Celebrating Silver Jubilee of North South University (May 22 – May 24)

        Internet access cost

        Dr. Rita R. Colwell (Professor at the University of Maryland & Johns Hopkins) Addressing to the Audience

        Internet access cost

        NSU delegation comprised of BOT Chair and members, Vice Chancellor and two faculty members were honored with reception dinner hosted by Prof. Nasir Uddin and Prof. Marvic Price from University Texas (A ?>

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Term Rate Quotes – Comparing low cost life insurance rates from top-rated companies #life #insurance, #term #life #insurance, #life #insurance #quote, #term #life #insurance #quote, #life #insurance #quote #online, #online #life #insurance, #life #insurance #company, #life #insurance #policy, #low #cost #life #insurance

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Fill out the form below to receive
Top Life Insurance Providers in your area. helps thousands of individuals each year save a fortune on their life insurance policies. We only work with top life insurance providers that have the most competitive rates. ensuring you will get the best quote from agents in your area.

* All fields required to get quotes

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Scottsdale Moving Company #scottsdale #moving #company, #scottsdale #storage, #scottsdale #movers, #premier #moving #leaders #in #arizona, #arizona #moving #company, #moving #company #in #scottsdale, #low #cost #moves #in #scottsdale

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Scottsdale Moving Company | Jones Moving & Storage

You can find us on

Grand Piano, Antique Grandfather Clock or maybe you have a Statue.

You can count on Jones Moving Storage to protect your expensive belongings.

We do things the right way with expert moving techniques.

Keep your Luxury furniture safe when you call 602-944-1413

We are consistently good in quality and performance; able to be trusted.

Great Price! Great Service!

Reserve Now! 602-944-1413

No Extra charge for weekends!

Our Arizona moving service area includes: Scottsdale. Phoenix. Surprise. Peoria. Glendale. Tempe. Mesa. Tucson. Gilbert. Chandler , Good Year. Waddell AZ.

Scottsdale Auto Transport, Piano Movers, Expensive Big Screen TV Moves, Luxury Furniture Movers and more.

Jones Moving Storage offers vehicle relocating services as well as moves.

Scottsdale and Phoenix Auto Transport Phoenix AZ.

service from Arizona, call 602-944-1413.

We provide the most affordable Automobile

shipping rates. Get A FREE QUOTE Today!

Dependable car shipping service from Phoenix AZ.

Jones Moving Storage is a locally-owned moving company and self-storage facility that has been serving clients in the Phoenix area since 1990. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we specialize in local and long-distance moving for both residential and commercial clients. Our moving service is fully licensed and insured with full packing and unpacking services, and our warehouse storage is climate-controlled for your convenience. Contact us today for more information!

Thank You For Choosing Jones Moving Storage (602) 944-1413

Experience movers city to city and state to state. We travel anywhere in the country and offer comprehensive Arizona moving Services.

Why Choose Us?

Reliability | Professional | Great Pricing | Great service

Your trust in us is important.

Reserve Today And SAVE!

Review us on Yelp

As a small business, we depend on support from

customers like you. Would you mind posting a review

on Yelp Post a review on YELP

Local Scottsdale Information Links:

Scottsdale Arizona, short and long term Storage options.

Paradise Valley Moving Services

Tempe Moving and Storage

Call us for Low cost moves in Scottsdale.

Arizona Moving Company with quality and caring professionals.

Clean trucks, clean movers and reliable service. You deserve the best!


As your Phoenix moving company, we recognize that moving can be very stressful and that s why we only send out our own highly trained professional movers on moving day. Our experienced movers are professionally trained in taking care of all your local moving needs.


When you are moving locations, you simply cannot afford to lose time. If you are getting ready to relocate your office or business, Jones Moving Storage has qualified trained professionals to help you with your next step in relocating.

Long Distance

Jones Moving specializes in out of state moves, seamlessly moving your most important belongings from one state to another. We understand the importance of being on time during long distance moves. We pack and unload with care and efficiency, priding ourselves on being the best in the interstate moving business.


Trust Jones Moving Storage with the safe and efficient storage of your family s belongings or office items. As leaders in the industry, we have the experience and amenities that you need. Since the day that our moving and storage company was founded, we ve been known as one of the top providers of storage services in Arizona with safety and security being the two most important aspects of our business.

Barbados Travel Guide #barbados, #book, #visit #barbados,barbadoes, #barbadoss, #the #barbados, #naturally #charming, #sophisticated,, #attractions, #beaches, #bta, #cuisine, #documents, #bookings, #brochures, #bte, #accommodation, #activities, #cottages, #caribbean, #day #trips, #dining #guides, #duty #free, #encyclopedia, #barbados #tourism #encyclopedia, #barbados #encyclopedia, #cost, #compare, #cost #and #compare, #festivals, #guide, #guides, #guest #houses, #hotels, #hotels #direct, #history, #holidays,inns, #itineraries, #lodging, #leisure, #lifestyles, #maps, #money, #nightlife, #offices, #passport, #pictures, #resorts, #reservations, #restaurants, #people, #sailing, #scuba, #sea, #shopping, #sights, #sightseeing, #sports, #tropical #island, #romance, #marriage, #elegant, #luxury, #hideaway, #tours, #transport, #travel, #villas, #weather

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Barbados is sophisticated and casual, warm and friendly, and always distinctively charming.

From luxury to intimate, expensive to affordable there is something for every taste and budget here.

Ours is a tropical isle where sun-filled days turn into balmy nights.

You’ll be seduced by the warmth of our welcome and by the natural delights of our Caribbean island.

  • Stay in luxury, or stay in style, but stay with us for for the longest while to enjoy Barbados’ classic Caribbean charm and hospitality.

    From heritage plantations seaside cottages to boutique hotels, resort communities and contemporary living.

    Select your Barbados accommodation

  • Your days can start with breakfast to the sound of a lapping Caribbean sea or waves crashing on a rugged Atlantic coast.

    Life unfolds with endless possibilities for adventure and discovery at an unhurried pace.

    Take time to relax and unwind on a coral shore, dine on a cliff. stroll along the waterfront and dance to rhythm of the tropics.

  • Barbados coasts offer beaches for every mood.

    Inhale the invigorating sea air on the rugged Atlantic shores as you stroll along endless soft sand dune beaches.

    Unwind under a sun umbrella in lazy chairs beside the sapphire green-blue Caribbean sea. with pink-white powder sands to dig your toes into.

    Watch in awe as powerful Atlantic waves crash against the cliffs and create spectacular blowholes.

  • Culture Heritage.

    Discover the timeless heritage of this exotic tropical island, its people. lifestyles. industry, art and architecture.

    Explore a land of the original pirates of the Caribbean and wealthy sugar barons, of quaint homes and celebrity getaways.

    Experience the charming nature of the Barbadian people. with a welcome even warmer than the Caribbean sun!

  • Drift into a night of enchantment, dinner under the stars and a room on the water, waves wishing you to sleep.

    Even the days are alive with romantic occasions; breathtaking places and sunsets where you will fall in love, again and again.

    Enjoy a stay at one of the Intimate Hotels of Barbados. a unique collection of affordable hotels, apartments, guesthouses.

    Book Now