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  • Established in 1965, Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) is a not-for-profit professional HR body, representing a strong network of members comprising individuals and organisations. Committed to promulgating and maintaining high standards of professionalism in human resource management and development, SHRI drives the HR agenda.

    SHRI Academy Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SHRI Corporation Pte Ltd, is a training institution that caters to the learning and development needs of a wide variety of adult trainees and learners, both local and international. With a comprehensive training and education curriculum, SHRI Academy offers lifelong learning opportunities and a diverse range of academic programmes – from basic certificate to master degree levels under the SHRI Academy’s School of Human Capital Management. SHRI Academy also works with prestigious university partners like Edinburgh Napier University (UK).

    SHRI Corporate Learning Consultancy Hub is the training and consultancy arm of Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) focusing on enabling knowledge acquisition and skills development at both corporate and individual levels. We take pride in the growth and development of our clients and focus energy on providing practice-oriented corporate education, consultancy and certification to level up human capabilities. Our clients include government agencies, industrial bodies, corporate organizations and individuals.

    Our consultancy team is committed to help organisations develop their HR capabilities and best practices. We provide HR solutions which focus on people and processes to ensure business growth and sustainability. Our experienced and qualified team of consultants work with organisations to find the right approach and deliver practical and holistic solutions.

    Latest News

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LEED Certified Buildings in Northern California (including the San Francisco Bay Area) #leed #certified, #green

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NOTE: This webpage is not currently being updated. It was last updated in 2012.

This chart lists Northern California building projects that have achieved LEED certification, to our knowledge—as of our last full update in Spring 2012. As of that time, we were aware of 764 LEED certified projects that are located in Northern California.

This listing is primarily compiled from the information that is provided in the searchable Certified Projects database at (Note: Some LEED certified projects are designated as Confidential; such projects are not included in this listing.) If you know of a project in Northern California that has been certified by the USGBC but is not yet listed on this chart, please notify us .

For the purposes of this listing, the Northern California region is defined to include Monterey County and all California counties to the north and east of Monterey County. (This listing does not include projects in San Luis Obispo County or any counties to the east or south of San Luis Obispo County.)

The projects listed directly below are located in the San Francisco Bay Area. This section includes projects in San Francisco. the East Bay. North Bay. and South Bay. Below that is a section that lists projects located in counties north of the Bay Area. south of the Bay Area. and directly east of the Bay Area .

Project Name and Location

LEED Rating System and Certification Level *

Click here to see a map of these and other green buildings in San Francisco.


1 California Street

1 Maritime Plaza

LEED EBOM Certified (v2009)

1 Sansome Street

4 Embarcadero Center

LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

44 Montgomery Street

45 Fremont Street

50 Beale Street

LEED EBOM Certified

50 California Street

50 Fremont Street


55 Second Street

100 California Street


100 First Street

100 First Street management office

100 Montgomery Street

100 Pine Street Office Tower

LEED EB Certified (v2.0)

100 Spear Street

LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

100 Van Ness Avenue


101 California Street (Hines building)

LEED EBOM PLATINUM (v2009 recertification)

101 Second Street

111 Sutter Street


114 Sansome Street

LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

150 California Street

LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

150 Spear Street

180 Montgomery Street

LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

199 Fremont Street

201 California Street, 6th Floor Suites

LEED CI Certified

201 Mission Street

LEED EBOM Silver (v 2009)

303 Second Street


343 Sansome Street


345 California Center

LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

345 Spear Street

LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

425 California Street


425 Market Street

455 Market Street

LEED EB Silver (v2.0)

475 Brannan Street

LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

475 Sansome Street

500 Terry Francois Street, Mission Bay office building

LEED CS Silver (v2.0)

500 Washington Street

505 Sansome Street

525 Market Street

550 Terry Francois

LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

555 Mission St. office tower

555 Mission St. Project Manager’s office

560 Mission Street


580 California Street

595 Market Street

LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

600 California Street

650 California Street

LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

655 Montgomery Street, Montgomery Washington Tower


1500 Owens Street, Mission Bay life science building

LEED CI Silver (v2.0)

Adobe Systems Office, 601 Townsend St.


Adobe Systems Office, 625 Townsend St.

AIA San Francisco Office

Allsteel Showroom/Resource Center

LEED CI Silver (v2.0)

American Airlines Ramp offices, San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

Anza Branch Library

Armstrong Senior Housing

Arterra high-rise condominiums, Mission Bay

LEED NC Silver (v2.1)

AT T Park (SF Giants baseball stadium)

LEED EBOM Silver (v2009)

Autodesk Gallery and Office


Avalon at Mission Bay III (high-rise apartment building)

LEED NC Certified (v2.2)

Belles Townhomes (7 homes), Presidio

LEED CS Silver (v2.0)

Beverly Prior Architects Office

Bloomberg San Francisco

Bovis Lend Lease Office

Boys and Girls Clubs of San Francisco: Mission Clubhouse

LEED EBOM Gold (v2009)

Bright Horizons Child Care, 2nd Street

LEED CI Certified (v2.0)

California Academy of Sciences


California State Parks Foundation Office

Candlestick Cove luxury condominiums

LEED NC Certified (v2.2)

Charles Schwab, 211 Main Auditorium (interior)

LEED CI Silver (v2.0)

Chong Partners Architecture Office

City College of San Francisco, Joint Use Facility

City National Bank interiors

LEED CI Silver (v2.0)


CNA Insurance office

LEED CI Gold (v 2009)

Cushman Wakefield (PNC) office

LEED CI Silver (v 2.0)

Degenkolb Engineers Office

DPR San Francisco Office Remodel

LEED CI Silver (v2.0)

Drew School Addition: Cuddeback Performing Arts Wing/Auditorium

LEED for Schools Gold (v2007) and NC v2.1

How to Become a Paralegal in California #florida #paralegal #certification

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How to Become a Paralegal in California

California, like all other states, does not license paralegals. However, to become a paralegal in California, a person must hold a certificate or degree. Students find the time and effort they invest in their education worth it.

Certificate or Degree?

In 2000, California decided to semi-regulate this industry. The state passed a bill requiring paralegals to have some education. This formal training could be as simple as a certificate of completion or a formal college baccalaureate degree or better. As long as the American Bar Association approves the program, certificates of completion are acceptable. Any post-secondary institution degree requires at least four semesters or units in courses relating to law. These programs must be accredited by a national organization or the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education. Holders of advanced degrees in any subject must work for one year under the supervision of a licensed attorney.

Continuing education is required to keep the trained professionals informed. Every two years these legal helpers must take eight hours of continuing education. The state requires four hours of ethics training to protect the public. Paralegals choose whatever subject they want for the remaining four hours. Students pick from state approved courses of general law or expand skills in specialized fields.

National Certifications

National certificates guarantee the holders have a certain level of knowledge and expertise in the field. Employing lawyers value and reward paralegals who take the time and make a financial investment to obtain these important acknowledgments. A Certified Legal Assistant and Registered Paralegal are two nationally recognized documents. The Certified Legal Assistant test takes two days; the National Association of Legal Assistants sets the requirements and fees. Every five years, holders of this designation are required to complete 50 hours of continuing education. This organization also offers five areas of expertise: business and organizations, real estate. civil litigation, estates and trusts and family law. The National Federation of Paralegal Association oversees the Registered Paralegal designation. After successfully passing the test, the certificate must be renewed every two years by completing 12 hours of continuing education.

Duties and Skills

Attorneys use paralegals to handle many of the endless details and paperwork processes of the legal profession. Researching laws and analyzing findings are as important as preparing legal documents and maintaining case files. A paralegal can do anything an attorney does except practice law, negotiate payments and accept clients.

Although it is easier if the person already possesses skills of reading, reasoning, listening and analyzing, these skills can be learned. Since much of the work deals with written documents, reading comprehension is extremely important. Understanding the written statements and what it means for the client is imperative for success in this field. By listening intently, these attorney assistants take accurate witness statements and follow complex instructions. Analyzing the client’s difficulties and pertinent laws helps paralegals find the best course of action.

These experts master the computer, clerical procedures, and local legal system. A computer offers instant access to online research and legal forms; both of these save valuable time and make work easier. Attorneys’ offices subscribe to online research databases allowing employees to find case law and legal precedents. Preparing legal documents is easy with specialized software programs where the client’s information only needs to be input once. The program automatically transfers the data. With training and experience, these legal helpers learn how the local and federal court systems work. Paralegals easily master filing wills for probate or other documents.


Becoming a paralegal in the state of California is easy and lucrative. A person simply locates a school accredited by the American Bar Association or offering a program recognized by the state. Even graduates with baccalaureate or other advanced degrees in any subject qualify if they get the appropriate work experience with a licensed attorney. With an average starting hourly wage of $18 an hour and increasing employment opportunities, this is a wonderful profession to join.

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Web master certification #web #master #certification

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E2C2 – Excellence Expertise Client Care

Sysoft Corporation started operations in 1991 providing software products, services, and training for data science, eBusiness, mobile applications, device implementations, procurement sourcing systems, contract monitoring tools, clinical data science, big data predictive analytics, intelligent systems for aerospace, investment banking, supply chain and more. We focus on innovation, excellence, and client care. Our clients enjoy increased revenue, cost reduction, and predictive as well as prescriptive data driven intelligence.


Template driven customizable software provides high process flexibility, lower maintenance cost, and ease of use for our clients.

Advanced statistical learning, deep learning, data visualization techniques provide cutting edge intelligence and data analytics for our clients.

In memory analytics and cloud/hadoop/map reduce technologies provide fast, reliable, and flexible data architecture for our clients.



The internal policy of the Company allows us to utilize cutting edge technologies. We apply innovative solutions that help your business.

Our commitment to client satisfaction strengthens and extends our relationships. We look forward to working with your organization.


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Top Online Medical Billing – Coding Certificate #medical #coding #certification #programs #online

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Top Online Medical Billing Coding Certificate/Diploma Programs

Medical billing and coding is one of the fastest growing health career positions according the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the demand for trained medical transcriptionsists is high. Online medical coding certificate programs allow students to earn their diploma in medical billing and coding at their own pace and from the comfort of their own home.

We ve selected and profiled ten of the best online medical billing and coding certificate and diploma programs to help you in your search for the program that is right for you. We consider these among the top medical billing and coding schools online based on reputation, accreditation, student satisfaction, and value (read more about our rankings methodology ).

#1. Ultimate Medical Academy

Ultimate Medical Academy is a quality college that has trained students for jobs in the healthcare Industry for over 15 years. The college strives to promote personal development in a supportive environment so that students can meet and exceed career goals. Ultimate Medical Academy has campuses in Tampa and Clearwater, Florida, as well as online.

Program Overview
Ultimate Medical Academy offers an online diploma/certificate in medical billing and coding. This is a 10 month program that provides students with the tools and credentials to succeed in the ever growing healthcare industry. The curriculum is flexible, and the program has externships where the student can gain hands on experience while attending school. Upon graduation, students will be ready for entry level opportunities in settings such as hospitals, clinics and dental practices.

Ultimate Medical Academy is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES), National Healthcare Association (NHA) and the Florida Association of Post-secondary Schools and Colleges (FAPSC).

>>>Click HERE for more information about the online Medical Coding Diploma Program from Ultimate Medical Academy

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Supply Chain Management Certificate Online, CSUDH CEIE, Carson, CA, inventory management certification.#Inventory #management #certification

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Supply Chain Management

The ProgramInventory management certification

The Certificate in Supply Chain Management offers supply chain management training classes online and at company-sponsored sites.

Who Should Attend

The certificate is designed for those who wish to gain a broad education in the principles of supply chain management. Those already in the fields of production and inventory control, manufacturing, quality assurance, purchasing and procurement as well as those anticipating a career change will benefit from practical training in classes presented by professionals currently employed in the field.

Course topics include: supply chain management, detailed scheduling and planning, material requirements planning, capacity requirements planning, inventory management, supplier planning, procurement, operations execution and control, production processes, quality incentives, inventory control, master planning of resources, forecasting, master scheduling, strategic management of resources, and integrating operating processes into the strategic plan.


  • Improves employment marketability
  • Helps prepare student for national certification examinations
  • Taught by leading professionals in the field
  • Prepares student for employment in aerospace, electronics, military, hospitals, retail, and warehousing
  • Combines broad education in principles of supply chain management with practical hands-on training
  • Provides three units of Bachelor’s degree (upper division) applicable credit for each course successfully completed
  • Taught online and at company-sponsored sites


CSUDH is Fully Accredited by WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges).


The tuition for each three-unit course is in the courseВ schedule. Textbooks and other related materials are not included in the tuition. Projected budget to complete the certificate program is approximately $3,500 (including all materials). There are five courses in the program.

Taking On-Line Courses from CSUDH

Courses offered via the web from CSUDH cover the same curriculum as those offered at local industry sites. In order to participate, you need an e-mail account and access to the World Wide Web. If you are taking an Internet class, you’ll automatically be set up in Blackboard. Blackboard is the software package used to administer the class. You can also send an email toВ [email protected]В for Blackboard instructions if you do not receive them by email.

If you’re planning to take this program utilizing only your company’s Internet access (we allow two electronic addresses per student) make sure you can readily reach us and that our email readily reaches you. If you have problems (usually because of “fire walls”) you should contact your company’s system coordinator. You may want to consider accessing the Internet either from home, a local library or school or in some other way until these problems can be resolved. We have little to no difficulty with most systems but we feel it best if problems are encountered and resolved BEFORE you begin the program.

Certificate Requirements

No application is required for entering the certificate program. To earn the certificate, you must complete the five courses offered achieving an over-all grade point average of 2.5 or better. The certificate must be completed within three years once the student has started the program.

Information Registration

There are no prerequisites for enrollment and no admission process. When you’re ready to register, call 310-243-3741.

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Practice Questions, HR Certification Essentials, hr certification online.#Hr #certification #online

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HR Certification Essentials

Practice Questions

Practice questions are your most important study activity. After all, the HRCI Exams (PHR/SPHR/GPHR) are not a simple memory-recall, multiple-choice test. You have signed up for a four-hour, 200+ question multiple-choice exam with up to five question types. These include complex situational questions, short situational questions, formula-based questions, knowledge-based questions and interpretive questions. Each question type has its own purpose and pitfalls, which makes knowing how to get the most out of each question crucial.

Situational questions test your ability to identify the relevant and ignore irrelevant content. These questions tend to be lengthy so it is especially important to read and accurately identify the ACTUAL question, so that you can eliminate insignificant information.

Formula-based questions are more than just solving for the median / mean . There are about many formulas that you must know backwards and forwards, ranging from simple averages to Probability and Depreciation. You must know both the formula and how to perform the calculation in order to get the answer right.

Knowledge-based questions require you to know facts. These questions may ask about your knowledge of different HR laws. Sometimes you are asked to identify an example chart or graph, such as recognizing a Pareto chart.

Interpretational questions may also test your ability to deduce a situation or condition.

Specific Technique questions will ask you how to apply a tool or technique like a Guide-Chart Profile to evaluate the relative worth of each job by measuring compensable factors.

While there are some free PHR/SPHR/GPHR exam sample questions available online, that is just a start. As you move further along in your studies, you will probably want more and harder questions. Your best bet is to get quality questions in an exam simulator.

Here are some free PHR /SPHR Practice Questions, divided by section:

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PMP Certification, PMP Training, Project Management Academy, PMP Exam Prep, pmp certification san antonio.#Pmp #certification

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PMP Certification Training

The PMP certification is a must-have for any serious project manager. PMP certified Project Managers on average earn over 20% more than those without the certification. The PMP certification can help you get the job, keep your job and earn more money. In addition, many organizations have recognized that properly trained project managers are fundamental to business success. Here at Project Management Academy we pride ourselves on making sure that you are prepared to pass the project management certification exam on your first attempt. After our 4-day PMP boot camp you will have all the knowledge and tools needed to take the next step in your career. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, register today for one of our upcoming project management certification courses at our convenient local training facilities. Please select a city from the right-hand menu to view location-specific details.

Pmp certification san antonio

View PMP Course Materials

4-day PMP Boot Camp

Here are a few of the many benefits you will receive in our PMP exam prep class:

  • Instructor-led course
  • Satisfies 35 contact hours required by PMI
  • 100% money-back pass guarantee
  • Guaranteed to run on dates listed
  • Convenient locations
  • Post-class tutoring and application assistance
  • A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) 5th Edition (paperback)
  • Print copy of all course materials (binder)
  • A PMP Strategy Guide (booklet)
  • PMP exercises and games
  • PMP training aids (laminates and booklet)
  • Over 2,000 PMP exam prep sample questions
  • Realistic 200 question mock PMP exam
  • Access to additional web-based video lectures

The most trusted name in project management training

Below are just a few of the benefits that we believe make our PMP certification training course offering the best in the industry:

  1. Firm Course Dates: All of our PMP certification training courses are 100% guaranteed to run on the dates listed. Other companies often register you for a course date, and then postpone the course until they can fill up the class. This means you may not actually take the course for months, which causes scheduling nightmares. Even worse, their terms and conditions allow them to keep most or all of your money, forcing you to take the course when it is most profitable for them.
  2. Full Money-Back Pass Guarantee: We provide a true 100% money-back pass guarantee, with no fine print. Other companies often just allow you to re-take the course. If they aren’t willing to back it up with a full money-back guarantee, you should question the quality of their course offering. Quite simply, we believe our PMP certification training course is the best and we stand behind it 100%.
  3. Free Post-Class Tutoring and Support: Most PMP training providers don’t provide any post-class support, or worse, they say they do and then let you down. We stand by our customers and support them throughout the entire PMP certification process.
  4. Training Materials Available Upon Registration: Our live classroom PMP training is second to none, but we also believe you should never leave class empty-handed. That’s why we provide students with a comprehensive online training portal, which includes over 50 recorded lectures-on-demand, mock exam software, quizzes, and various downloadable study aids. We provide online training access as soon as you register, so that you can get started immediately.
  5. Proven Results: We believe our PMP course prepares students better than any other provider and we have an audited pass rate of 99.9% to back it up.
  6. Outstanding Course Materials: We believe our PMP course materials are the most comprehensive and highest quality PMP certification training materials in the industry.

When choosing a PMP training provider, remember, not all PMP courses are equal. The quality of competing PMP exam prep courses can vary widely and some may not fully prepare you for the exam. When investing in your career you should never sacrifice quality for a lower price. If you weigh the key decision factors, we believe Project Management Academy provides the best value.

100% Money-Back Pass Guarantee

We stand behind our product. Unlike other companies, we provide a true 100% money-back pass guarantee with no fine print. Our promise is simple:

  • You must attend the entire project management certification course and complete three full-length practice exams from our online training portal.
  • If you do not pass the PMP exam in three attempts, we will refund your entire course tuition, provided that all attempts occurred within 120 calendar days of completing the course.

All we ask in return is that you study hard and take full advantage of the extensive PMP exam prep study aids we provide.

Guaranteed To Run

All PMP exam prep courses are 100% guaranteed to run on the dates listed. Yes, even if there’s only one student. While other providers often postpone courses due to low enrollment, we promise to never do that.


Pmp certification san antonio

Pmp certification san antonio

Pmp certification san antonio


4 days from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Who Should Attend PMP Certification Training

This course is intended for individuals who wish to obtain their Project Management Professional (PMP) or Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) credential. Prior to taking the PMP exam, PMI requires you to prove you have 3+ years of project management experience and 35 contact hours of project management education (see also PMP certification requirements). Our PMP certification training course is designed to help you earn your PMP certificate the easy way. However, this course can be taken by anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of project management.

PMP Course Outline 1

  • Project Management Framework
  • Project Integration Management
  • Project Scope Management
  • Project Time Management
  • Project Cost Management
  • Project Quality Management
  • Project Human Resource Management
  • Project Communication Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Procurement Management
  • Project Stakeholder Management
  • Professional Responsibility Ethics
  • Mock Exam

PMP Training Locations

Virtual Classroom courses are conducted with a live instructor via a Webinar.

Project Management Institute, PMBOK Guide – Fifth Edition, Project Management Institute Inc., 2013, Page 61.

Pass rate statistics are calculated by tracking the number of our students who were unable to pass the exam and comparing that number to our total enrollment figures for the period. For more details click here.

Over 50 locations nationwide

Pmp certification san antonio

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Online Logistics Certificate, Certification and Diploma Programs #online #logistics #certificate, #certification #and #diploma #programs

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Online Logistics Certificate, Certification and Diploma Programs

Essential Information

Online certificate programs in logistics at the undergraduate level are available, but rare. These programs can be completed entirely online in about one year. Online graduate certificates in logistics are more common, and they’re primarily aimed at students with some experience in the field. These certificates can also be earned completely online.

Courses in both types of logistics certificate programs include distribution, inventory management and retail management. Credits earned in these programs may be transferable to degree programs in some cases. Students can also use this education to obtain certification from professional logistics organizations.

Undergraduate Logistics Certificate

Online undergraduate certificate programs in logistics are available, but they are currently few in number. These programs equip students with the skills to manage and maintain a company’s inventory effectively and efficiently. Most programs cover topics such as distribution and transportation, retailing and wholesaling, managing staff and supervising warehouses.

While any student with a GED or high school diploma is eligible to apply, students without a sufficient background in general education classes may be required to complete additional courses outside of their logistics curriculum. Students in online logistics certificate programs are allowed to work at their own pace.

Program Requirements and Information

Most schools that offer an online logistics certificate program for undergraduates do not require or expect students to spend any time in a classroom. Many are designed for part-time students. Assignments and lessons are provided in a variety of media formats and students are able to interact with instructors and other students via online chat.

Online undergraduate certificate programs in logistics require students to have a computer with a reliable Internet connection. Usually, an up-to-date operating system with an Internet browser that has Java capabilities is enough to get started. Additionally, students should make sure their computers are equipped with current video and audio media players, the majority of which can be downloaded and installed free of charge.

Course Topics

Online logistics certificate programs train students to effectively manage, maintain and distribute the inventory of a retail company or supply chain. Programs may include courses that discuss staff supervision, efficient distribution and organization management.

Distribution and Transportation

Students in this course discuss the efficient management of the distribution of goods. The class traces distribution from the warehouse to the consumer and covers the most effective ways of managing this process.

Retail Organization and Management

This course covers issues related to the successful management of a retail company. The class covers topics such as human resource management, accounting, inventory management and administrative management.

Principles of Supervision

Students in this course focus their discussion on the best ways to supervise staff working in different departments of a single organization. Communication and management skills are emphasized.

Find schools that offer these popular programs

  • Actuarial Sciences
  • Business and Commerce, General
  • Business Statistics
  • Customer Service Management
  • eCommerce
  • Logistics, Distribution, and Materials Management
  • Management Science
  • Office Management
  • Operations Management
  • Public and Nonprofit Organizational Management
  • Purchases, Acquisitions, and Contracts Management
  • Transportation Management

Logistics Graduate Certificate

Logistics certificate programs are more prevalent at the graduate level. These programs are designed for students who are interested in potentially enrolling in graduate degree programs in logistics as well as professionals already working in the logistics industry. Topics covered in a graduate-level logistics curriculum include supply chain optimization, project management and stochastic operations.

Program Details and Information

Similar to their undergraduate counterparts, schools offering graduate logistics certificates do not require students to take any courses on a traditional campus. Typically, students must take four courses and can complete the program within two semesters. Most schools divide each course into sections, which students complete at their own pace by downloading assignments and lectures that they are able to access through special course websites.

Students enrolled in an online certificate program need to be running a current operating system, Internet browser and media software, such as Windows Media Player. Some programs may require additional software, such as Microsoft Office or Excel.

Course Topics

Graduate certificate programs in logistics are comprised of advanced courses that delve further into the foundational topics covered in undergraduate certificate programs. High-level subjects like demand forecasting, leadership models in logistics and developing strategic partnerships are often addressed in these classes.

Project Management

In this class, students learn about project planning, the role of a project manager and project scheduling. The course also discusses project budgeting and effective ways to estimate cost.

Supply Chain Optimization

This course teaches students how to design logistics network models using the most current information technology software and support systems available to the industry. Students are able to troubleshoot obstacles to productivity and efficient distribution.

Logistics In The Supply Chain

Students are taught how to plan and implement an efficient system of storage, inventory and distribution of goods. Methods of transportation and cost-effective warehousing are also discussed.

Career Information

Professionals who hold a certificate in logistics typically work as warehouse managers or logistics consultants. According to ‘’, in 2016 warehouse managers earned a median annual wage of around $50,089.

Continuing Education Information

Students seeking more advanced educational options will find that several schools offer undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs both online and in the classroom. Graduates may be able to take a certification exam offered by The International Society of Logistics (SOLE). Students can be certified as Professional Logisticians (CPL) or Master Logisticians (CML).

Credits earned in online graduate logistics certificate programs can often be transferred into graduate degree programs. Many schools offer master’s degree programs in logistics, both online and in traditional classrooms.

While available at the undergraduate level, online programs in logistics are much more common at the graduate certificate level. These programs are available for professionals who hope to develop new skills or acquire professional certification, or for individuals who are considering enrolling in a master’s degree program in the topic.

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Grras Training institute #grras #training, #linux, #php #training #in #ahmedabad,pune, #linux #training #institute #in #pune,

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The learning I got at GRRAS was amazing. The environment of classes is very good and teachers encourage you to do the best. I give my special thanks to Mr. Ravi Saraswat who taught me and also “.

I am getting best conceptual coaching for CCNA. It enhance my confidence in field of Networking. Thank you GRRAS GOOD REAL TIME RELIABLE ADVANCE STUDY

– Chetan Kumar Sen

I am thankful to GRRAS by which I could reach here.I did RHCE in Feb2010.I passed RHCT with 100% and RHCE with 98% and GRRAS helped me a lot for passing the exam.I am very thankful to all the tea.

i have join and i clear my all java concept.All concept cleared with example .i am very happy with this institute and very grateful to strong my java concept with deep level. Thank you GRRAS.

My online training thru’ Grras was very thorough & satisfied. Mr. Ravi Sir is ground to earth person to spend his time in explaining & enjoys teaching. I feel lot confident that made me easy work.

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It gives us great pleasure to inform you that We are opening a new office in Ahemdabad (Gujrat) next Thursday(24th july, 2014.

We would like to invite you to a workshop on Open Source: Market Place and Opportunities. For additional information on the.


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WIPL hiring System Administrator, Jaipur Location: Jaipur Job Type: Full Time Designation: System Administrator Eligibility Criteria: Gr

Znet Pvt. Ltd. Position:System Administrator Skill:Linux Notice Period: 1 Month Location: Jaipur Experience: 1 Year Mode Of Placement:

Neerja Solutions Pvt. Ltd. hiring System Administrator, Jaipur Location: Jaipur Job Type: Full Time Designation: System Adminis

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