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Oklahoma Drunk Driving Defense Attorney
Statewide Representation

Have you been charged with a DUI? Scared?

You should be. DUI charges can be life-changing. Not only can you go to jail for DUI, you can lose your license, Class A and perhaps worse, you can be tainted with a conviction for life. Of course, you can be fined, and your insurance rates are sure to skyrocket.

Conveniently located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, our DUI Defense Team at Fabian Associates understands the seriousness of your DUI charges. We have extensive experience and have enjoyed an overwhelming success over the last 20 years defending DUI charges.

Experienced Oklahoma Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

DUI attorney Stephen Fabian has a reputation for innovative and aggressive defense of DUI and driver’s license revocation cases.

Mr. Fabian was General Counsel and police legal advisor to the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS) and Oklahoma Highway Patrol. During his 14 years there, he created and implemented the revised Implied Consent Laws and trained all Oklahoma police officers in their implementation.

For unparalleled representation against Oklahoma DUI charges, contact our DUI defense team ASAP. The sooner you contact us, the better your chances of prevailing!

Serious DUI Defense Attorneys for Serious Alcohol Related Charges

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IVR Voice Prompts, Auto Attendant, On-Hold Messaging

Crisp, ready-to-load voice prompts in just days! Just pick an IVR voice and send a script! GM Voices offers female and male voice actors in over 100 languages and dialects. Perfect your caller experience and Voice Brand .

Translation Localization

Expanding into new markets? Speak to customers with a locally-authentic sound! Our in-country translators and script reviewers ensure that your message connects with your buying audience. It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it!

Voice Branding Persona Design

Is your IVR voice in line with your other customer touchpoints? GM Voices is the world leader in Voice Branding solutions, voice persona design and creative voice services. Let us develop a Voice Brand that perfectly matches your image!

Voice Narration, Dubbing, Subtitles

From E-Learning content to business presentations to Web video to animated tutorials, GM Voices’ creative voice and video services help you tell your story better than ever before. We can enhance your existing project or create something from the ground up.

Voice Prompts for Any Media in Any Language

GM Voices humanizes speech applications with natural-sounding, voice actor-based audio solutions. From IVR/telephony voice prompts and voice-overs to on-hold marketing. voice narration for explainer videos. talent development content. mobile apps. virtual assistants, and much more, we connect companies with their audience in any language, any media and any market. GM Voices: Your Voice to the World.

Weekly Recording Sessions

Many of our voice actors record on the same day every week. Just email your script the day before your favorite voice records; you’ll receive ready-to-load sound files the day after the recording session!
(All voice actors are available to record on-demand as well!)

Video Spotlight

Customer Corner

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According to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, seventy-five percent of all Canadian businesses employ less than five people and ninety-five percent of all businesses have less than fifty people. This means that most Canadian businesses are small in size. And we all know that every business needs a bookkeeper.

A Certified Bookkeeper who has a depth of knowledge of bookkeeping and demonstrates professional competence can access greater opportunities to enhance personal and career growth.

Although we all dream about being the boss of our own successful business, the truth is that many small start-up businesses end up in bankruptcy within the first three years. We need to ask пїЅWhy?пїЅ
Having years of experience as a bookkeeper, you may feel you could very easily set up your own company to work as an independent bookkeeper. However, once you decide to establish your business, you need to remember you are no longer just a bookkeeper. Now, you are an entrepreneur; therefore, you have to start thinking like a business person.

You have to become familiar with various business aspects such as finance, marketing and management. Also, you need to deal with not only the needs of different clients, but also with a whole host of various individuals. When you are employed as a bookkeeper in a company, you do not need to worry about these kinds of things. It is also important to continue your education in general business to handle all the demands that will be put upon you.

LetпїЅs examine some of the steps to take in setting up your own business.

Most business owners know they need to keep accounting records in good order; however, their focus is mainly running a business itself and they simply donпїЅt have time to maintain their books on a day-to-day basis. Also, they only have a little knowledge of bookkeeping or accounting; therefore, they would rather avoid this chore by having family member do it. But there is no guarantee it will be done accurately.

Hiring a professional bookkeeper is a wise choice for a business owner. As a Certified Bookkeeper, you can be of great assistance to a business owner.

Before you start a bookkeeping business, you need to consider whether running a home-based business is right for you and whether you have all the qualities to run a successful practice.

Running a home-based business

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RBC ® Payout Annuities

Why are Payout Annuities ideal?

With all the benefits they bring you, it’s easy to see why RBC ® Payout Annuities make sense for your retirement.

  • Guaranteed Income for Life: With a Single Life or Joint Life Annuity, you’ll get an income stream that’s guaranteed. That’s a set amount of money coming in each month, for life. You cannot outlive it.
  • Income Security: The payments you’ll receive are locked in the moment you purchase a Payout Annuity from RBC Insurance. You don’t have to worry about what the market does or where interest rates go. Your income is guaranteed.
  • Payment Guarantee Options: Choosing a Minimum Guarantee Payment Period (1-25 years) as part of your Single or Joint Life Annuity will ensure that even if you pass away during the guarantee period, your income stream will pass to your beneficiary.
  • Tax Benefits: When purchased with non-registered funds, the interest portion of your monthly payment is spread out evenly over the Payout Annuity’s life. This levels out your tax payments and minimizes the taxes paid.
  • Easy to Manage: Once you purchase a Payout Annuity, you’re done and your payments are locked in. You’ll never have to adjust it or make any investment decisions for it.
  • Estate Planning Advantages: If you pass away, payments can continue to your surviving spouse, or to another beneficiary, if you elected a Minimum Payment Guarantee Period. There is no need for probate, so payments go directly to your beneficiary.

Talk to an Advisor

Speak with a licensed RBC Insurance advisor. They’ll help you choose the Payout Annuity that works best for you.