Free Makeup Samples: How to Build Up Your Stash #free #car #games

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Free Makeup Samples

Updated August 15, 2016

Free makeup samples are a great way to try out new products and stretch your wallet a little bit further on your favorite makeup brands.

This guide to getting free makeup samples will help you try out your favorite high-end makeup as well as the drugstore brands. You can get some of these free makeup samples by mail and some of them you ll have to head out to the store to get. There are even a few ways listed below that will get you free full-sized makeup!

Of all the free samples out there, free samples of makeup are one of my favorite to get. It s so fun to try out a new product. Plus, I can totally spoil myself without the guilt of having to spend my hard earned cash on more makeup.

Before you know it, you ll have your mailbox filled with free makeup samples of mascara, lipstick, foundation, eye shadow, blush, and more.

Free Makeup Samples in the Mail

Photo: Andrew Bret Wallis / Getty Images

The easiest way to get free makeup samples is to request them and receive them in the mail.

Check my daily free sample page where you can find a list of free samples that are updated every day. These include free makeup samples as well as free samples of perfume. food, magazines. and just about anything else.

Makeup samples are really far and few between but they do happen. For your best chances at scoring some, check the sample page every day.

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Earthship Biotecture – Radically Sustainable Buildings #build #an #online #community

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Warning. Creating default object from empty value in /home/domains/ on line 135

Session internationale de l Académie Earthship À Biras, Dordogne (France) Du 17 juillet au 12 août 2017 Nous sommes heureux d annoncer la toute première session de l’Académie Earthship en Europe. Ne ratez pas cette opportunité. Une chance unique de venir participer à une formation complète et approfondie sur nos principes de conception et méthodes de [ ]

March 10, 2017 Earthship Island COMPOST AND HUMAN WASTE. On our first build hit on the island we noticed that there were minimal flies on the island when sixty of us arrived. At the end of a four week build there were literally carpets of flies on the lunch tables and anywhere people were. [ ]

Michael Reynolds records the latest discoveries and findings on E.V.E. during the development of the Earthship Island in Indonesia: March 9, 2017 March 10, 2017

Taller Earthship Village Ecologies – 15 Mayo 09 Junio 2017, Capurgana, Colombia El objetivo de este taller Earthship es enseñarle a quien quiera participar a construir una casa auto-sostenible, ademas de tener la experiencia de desarrollar un estilo de vida nuevo y auto-suficiente en nuestro planeta Tierra. Cambiar su vida para mejor nunca ha [ ]

March 09, 2017 Earthship Island We are back on Earthship Island building the second unit and rear piloting the first. We are noticing the beginnings of progress toward the conditions on the island getting better. The beaches and paths were full of bottles and cans before. Now there are separation bags to collect all of [ ]

Designed to meet Standard Building Codes.
Earthships can be built in any part of the world, in any climate and still provide you with what you need to survive, with ‘modern’ amenities, if desired.

– 30 pages in color, two sets.
– 11 x 17, includes five CAD views.
– Includes details for trusses and vigas, two hours of free follow up consultation and one ‘Ground Up’ DVD
– Changes or custom modifications are available at hourly rates.

Who’s Online

We have 432 guests and no members online

About Earthship Biotecture

Earthship construction drawings are designed to meet standard building code requirements so you can get a permit no matter where you are. Earthship Biotecture is beyond LEED Architecture. Earthships are green buildings that meet standard building codes.EarthshipBiotecture is based on the work of principal architect, Michael Reynolds . (see: media resume )


Contact Us

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1041
Taos, NM 87571

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IDM Crack Build 7 with Patch Latest Free Download #igi #game #free #download

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#idm free download


IDM 6.26 Build 7 Crack Patch Full Version Download

Internet Download Manager (IDM Crack ) is one of the most powerful download tool. IDM 6.26 Build 7 latest version allows you to increase download speeds by up to 5 times. IDM Free download tool has comprehensive error recovery and resume capability. So, it allows you to restart broken or interrupted downloads if somehow lost Internet problems, any network problems, PC shutdowns, or unexpected power outages etc. There are many users who are using IDM with serial key to download something from Internet such as application, movies, videos, games with high speed by up to 5 times.

IDM 6.26 Build 7 latest version also supports resume and schedule downloads when you will download. Internet Download Manager Serial Key will give you all download facilities with high speed up to 5 times from YouTube videos and more websites. The latest version of IDM crack will support all download server with 150+ Internet browsers.

Why Need IDM Latest Version?

Internet download manager is a very powerful downloader tool which helps you to download everything what you want to download. If you want to use IDM 6.26 Build 7 latest version, then you need to purchase but now you can get the latest version of IDM crack, patch and serial key for free. If you need more video download tools, then you can also check idm crack because here, you can download IDM latest version for free.

In addition, there are many features in idm patch free version that you can enjoy these premium features for free. The latest version if IDM avoid issues with integration with the browser s latest version always evolving. IDM 6.26 Build 7 full version is one of the most useful download application which allows you to use download files, movies with quickly. You can idm crack download latest version with crack patch for free because you will get more cool features that you can enjoy for free.

IDM Crack Latest 2016 Features:

  • Very useful application for every Internet user.
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What s New on IDM 6.26 Build 7 (Released: Oct 01, 2016):

  • Solved problem with video recognition for several types of web sites.
  • Fixed a problem with disabling of the Google Chrome extension
  • Fixed a problem with disk space occupation
  • Added to support for Firefox 50 browser.
  • All critical bugs fixed.
  • Download IDM 6.26 Build 7 crack patch from above link.
  • Uninstall your previous IDM from your PC and restart your PC.
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  • Run IDM.exe Setup file and complete installation.
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Conclusion: We will always update the latest version of IDM software for free. So, you should stay with us if you want to get IDM Crack free download for free. We will update the latest version of Internet download manager tool for everyone.

IDM 6.26 Build 7 Crack Patch Full Version Download

If you click a link and a pop up screen tell you to download a file directly, it is not the right link. It s obvious, it s a advertisment link. The correct size of the file should be six to twelve mb or bigger because some uploader like to add things inside such as picture etc and it should be in rar type file. If you download a file with a size three point seven mb, that is not the correct link. I think it s malware from the advertiser. I can put the correct link here but it will be change in the future since this site need advertisement to survive. You need to click several time in order to get the correct link. You can start to click the link inside this Conclusion: You can also download IDM 6.25 Build 20 Crack for free. We will always update the latest version of IDM software for free. . It will change in the future but at least it will give you idea to find the correct link.

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IDM Build 2 Crack Free Download #dj #software #free

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IDM 6.25 Build 2 Crack Free Download

Internet Download Manager 6.25 Build 2 Serial Key/keygen/crack Free Download

IDM 6.25 Build 2 Crack Free Download is a latest and stable version. IDM 6.25 crack is very useful tool because it increase your downloading speed 5 times because it work on multi-part downloading technology. you can download any thing from the internet like videos, pdf files, games, documents and other important data from any website through IDM 6.25 build 2 patch.

Internet Download Manager 6.25 keygen included many new and advance features like multi-part downloading technology and resume technology. Through resume technology you can resume your interrupted or broken downloads due to network error, unexpected power outages, computer shutdowns or lost connection. so due to this feature you can stop and complete your download when ever you want. your download will not give any error. also you can schedule your download.

IDM 6.25 Serial key is a powerful download manager. IDM crack segments downloaded files dynamically and reuses available connections without additional connect.Internet Download Manager 6.25 build 2 crack is very easy to use because it is user friendly.

What’s new in version IDM 6.25 Build 2

  • Fixed the bug
  • Fix the video downloading by proxy servers
  • Fix the Facebook video downloading option
  • Fixed problems with video downloading for different types of web sites like youtube

How to crack IDM 6.25 Build 2

  1. Remove previous version if installed in your PC
  2. Download and install in your computer from given link
  3. Open any one folder crack 1 or crack 2 (Recommended crack 1)
  4. press on crack button
  5. Run the given file and enter your first and last name
  6. Done. Enjoy

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How Can a College Student Build Credit? #how #to #build #credit #as #a #college #student

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How Can a College Student Build Credit?

Before we go into how can a college student build credit. let’s focus on the uses of credit.

The primary reason you will want to build credit history is to borrow money or show a person or a business that they should have faith and depend on you to keep your word.

How Do You Get a Credit Score?

Once you turn 18, you will be eligible to build credit. First, you must have a source of income. If you don’t have a job or a regular source of income where you can make money in college, then you should work on that first. The worst thing you can do is open up lines of credit without the means to pay them.

With an income, you will be ready to get your first line of credit. Borrowing money and repaying that money is the way that you as a college student can build a credit score .

The Five Components of a Good Credit Score

There is no denying that a high credit score is important for purchasing a home, renting an apartment and even being hired by certain employers. When you have poor or no credit, it is important to know how to build a good credit score.

Improving your credit score hinges on 5 key components as outlined below.

1) History of Credit

Determining your credit worthiness is, in part, decided on by how long you ve been holding credit. The longer you have successfully been using varying types of credit. the better a consumer you will be, thus making your credit score higher.

If you have an older account that you are not using, keep it open. This will continue to help your credit history thus improving your credit score.

2) Payment History

Nothing affects your credit score more than your payment history. If you have maintained on-time payments over a course many years, your credit score is going to reflect that. The best way to improve a bad credit score is to make on-time payments each and every month without fail.

3) Credit Limit to Balance Ratio

The ratio of how much credit you are provided to how much you actually owe is another large component of a credit score. Lenders are looking to make sure that you have not over extended yourself. Aiming for a 20% debt ratio or lower is best. That is to say that you should hold no more than 20% of your credit potential in debt. If you are extended $10,000 in credit, you would want to make sure that your total debt is less than $2,000.

4) Types of Credit

Credit lenders are also looking at the types of credit you are holding. A mixture of store credit cards, major credit cards and loans shows that you are capable of managing the different payment types and credit limits that comes with them. That will help you build credit. Credit cards typically have small minimum payments and a lender who is looking to extend a loan with a larger payment will want to feel confident that you can handle a regular payment that may be significantly higher.

5) Frequency of New Credit Received

Credit lenders are also looking at how often you are applying for and receiving new credit. A large number of new credit cards could indicate that you are having troubles with your financial situation. It could also indicate a potential for over extending credit. Conversely, lenders are looking to see if there are frequent inquiries into your credit as well. This could indicate financial problems as well.

The exact amount that each of these components affects your credit score is unknown but diligence with each one will ensure you a high credit score as well as maintain a healthy financial situation.

Should I Get a Credit Card or Store Card?

Most young adults automatically think of a credit card when they think to build credit but that is not the only way to build credit. Many stores offer lines of credit in house, such as Best Buy and the Gap. The difference between a Visa or Mastercard credit card and a store card is mainly the terms. Generally store cards charge higher interest rates and have higher fees associated. But you won’t have to worry about that. Also, store cards do not offer cash back. The best cash back credit cards will not be store credit cards but rather a card like Visa or Mastercard.

How Can I Use Credit Wisely?

The best way to build credit without going into debt is to charge a small amount each month, maybe your cell phone bill or other monthly bill, to your card and pay it off immediately. That way you will begin to build a stable credit history without accumulating debt.

Once you get started building credit, it’s important to be responsible with the credit that you have. In most cases, bad credit is worse than no credit at all.

As someone who has experienced the ins and outs of debt and credit I would like to help you start on the right financial footing. It makes no sense to apply for and open a credit card if you do not know how to use credit wisely.

Today, I m going to give you 4 easy ways for you to use credit wisely as a millennial .

1) Open and Use Credit

Firstly, you have to borrow money in order to start building a credit history .

It is important for you to have a credit history, because it will help you in the future when you want to borrow money.

It could also help you with employment. There are many employers that look at your credit history before offering employment.

To start building a clean credit history, get a credit card but just put a monthly bill on that credit card.
DO NOT use the card for going out to eat or taking vacations. Use the card as part of your monthly budget.

This is a great habit to get into and the best way to use a credit card .

For example, when I started using credit cards again after a two year hiatus, I linked my cell phone bill as an automatic monthly charge.

I m using the credit card each month and I m paying it off in full each month. Doing this will help establish your credit history.

2) Keep a Low Utilization Ratio

Secondly, you should keep the amount that you borrow, as a percentage of your total credit, to a low percentage.

This is called the utilization ratio .
Anywhere between 30 to 40 percent is a good starting point, and lower is better.

Here is the example.

If you re able to get a credit card that has a 1,000 dollar balance, you should carry a maximum balance of 300 dollars.

Although it can be tempting, do not charge up to the thousand dollar limit. Keep a low utilization ratio.

3) Pay Credit Cards in Full, Don t be Late

This tip may seem like a no brainer but for some reason it is frequently ignored.

Pay your bills on time. Pay them early.

To make bill paying systematic, set up an automatic bill pay each time your statement is sent.

I still recommend that you check your statement for errors but keeping your finances simple is a great way to stay on track.

4) Keep an Eye on Your Credit Report

Finally, you should keep an eye on your report. I use to get a copy of my credit report each year.

It s free and you are allowed to obtain a copy from each of the credit bureaus.

If you would like to see your free credit report more than once a year then only request one copy from one of the credit bureaus each 4 months.

That way, 3 times a year, you will be able to see a copy of your free credit report from each credit bureau.

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How to Build an Internet Retail Store #how #to #build #an #online #store #website

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How to Build an Internet Retail Store

Reach more customers by putting your business on the Web.

Polka Dot Images/Polka Dot/Getty Images

Related Articles

Small business owners can build Internet retail stores as stand-alone businesses or as complements to brick-and-mortar locations. You can launch an online store that features a few products or thousands, depending on your business plan. Today, instead of hiring an expensive web design company to build your online retail store, you can use an e-commerce website builder to create a customized store, featuring your company identity, that can be expanded with a few mouse clicks.

1. Organize your inventory by size, type or price. Keeping your inventory organized facilitates smooth transactions when you launch your online store. Set up shelves or use a closet in a climate-controlled room. Storing your inventory in a climate-controlled space keeps it from getting damaged, especially if it sits a long time before selling. You can also purchase shipping supplies at an office supply store and have them ready for when you make your first sale.

2. Photograph your merchandise. Consumers base buying decisions on the quality of the merchandise images they see. Take pictures with a good quality digital camera. Download the images to your computer. Save the images as “JPG,” the format commonly used to upload images to the Internet. If you plan to sell products on behalf of a manufacturer, you can ask the manufacturer for image files to use on your website.

3. Open an account on an e-commerce website builder. Follow the step-by-step directions provided by the website builder to set up and launch your online store. E-commerce website builders, such as Prostores, Wix and Shopify, let you set up fully functional online retail stores with shopping carts and integrated merchant processing (which allows you to accept payments) in a user-friendly environment. The website builders also allow you to name your store, upload products and prices and create marketing materials to advertise your store. As of July 2011, such companies charge you monthly maintenance fees between $15 and $180 per month, depending on the type of store you create.

4. Open a merchant processing account to accept credit card and check payments. You can apply for payment processing accounts with a number of providers including your bank if they offer such a service. Merchant payment processing providers, however, require you to have established business credit before you can use their services. If you are just getting started in e-commerce, you may not have the credit rating to quality. New merchants generally use companies that do not pull credit, such as Paypal and Google Checkout, to process payments in their online stores until they establish business credit. The e-commerce website you use integrates your merchant processing account with your shopping cart.

5. Purchase a custom domain name. You can get a domain name from your website builder for an additional fee, or for free, depending on the e-commerce package you choose. You can also purchase a domain name from a company that sells domain names. Prices vary based on whether you buy a “.com” or “.net” domain name and for how long you purchase the domain name.

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IDM Build 7 Crack Free Download Silent No Patch #download #free #games #for #pc

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Internet Download Manager (IDM) 6.26 Build 7 + Crack Free Download

Internet Download Manager (IDM) 6.26 Build 7 + Crack Free Download

Internet Download Manager (IDM) 6.26 Build 7 Full + Silent [NO PATCH]

Internet Download Manager (IDM) Full is a reliabe and very useful tool with safe multipart downloading technology to accelerate from internet your downloads such a video, music, games, documents and other important stuff for you files. IDM has a smart download logic accelerator and increases download speeds by up to 5 times, resumes and schedules downloads. Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability will restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages. Simple graphic user interface makes Internet Download Manager user friendly and easy to use. Unlike other download managers and accelerators, IDM segments downloaded files dynamically during download process and reuses available connections without additional connect and login stages to achieve best acceleration performance.

• All popular browsers and applications are supported!
• Easy downloading with one click.
• Download Speed Acceleration.
• Download Resume.
• YouTube grabber.
• Simple installation wizard.
• Drag and Drop.
• Automatic Antivirus checking.
• Advanced Browser Integration.
• Built-in Scheduler.
• IDM includes web site spider and grabber.
• IDM supports many types of proxy servers.
• IDM supports main authentication protocols:
• Download All feature.
• Customizable Interface.
• Download Categories.
• Download limits.
• IDM is multilingual.

What s new in version IDM 6.26 Build 7
(Released: OCt 01, 2016)

  • Fixed a problem with disabling of the Google Chrome extension
  • Fixed problems with video recognition for several types of web sites
  • Fixed a problem with disk space occupation
  • Fixed bugs

Manual IDM Install Instructions:

  1. Install IDM 6.26 Build 7
  2. When Finish Installation, Close Tray Icon From Taskbar
  3. IDMan.exe Copy Replace Crack In to Default Install Directory
    [C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager] [C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager]
  4. Double click on Register.reg ,Then click on yes to Active your License.
  5. Enjoy [Don t Update Application]

Silent IDM Features (Recommended) :
1. Auto Install IDM
2. Auto Crack Replacement
3. Auto Merge Registry
4. New IDM Toolbar

yasir khanzada says:


Please Update The IDM To Latest Version

Firstly go to chrome manage extension page, then go to C:Program Files (x86)Internet Download Manager and locate the IDMGCExt.crx file and just drag it to the chrome manage extension page and follow the steps to install. thats it.

Man thx a bunch, you save my IDM. previously i was running cracked 6.23 but yesterday i was attracted to update it to latest. and then it keeps popping up fake serial although i cracked it. I even system restore my system back to 6.23 but that not helping cause suddenly all my IDM integration to chrome died(it leaves me stress for 1 days, cause i heavily rely on IDM to track my downloaded items). many solution i tries yet no one works. until i came across this site of yours, i download the silent install and just by a single click, it automates all the install process and now i got back my IDM integration in chrome fully working :)) gee thx a lot man..

Welcome To Come My Website And thanks For For Like My Work

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Thank you Brother. Appreciate your efforts.

Thank U Sadeem PC, Love U bro

Thank you sir for idm latest

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How to Build an Online Store #build #an #online #store

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How to Build an Online Store

by Norm Dickinson

Create an online store to sell products or services over the Web by using one of several available tools designed to automate the site creation process. Design a site from scratch or build a standard eBay store around a particular theme or series of products or services. Learn how to accept credit cards and other online payments, and how to focus on a particular product or services group in order to focus the search engine responses and improve the site ranking.

Purchase a domain name at Network Solutions by going to or GoDaddy at

Obtain a hosting account for the domain.

Log into the hosting account, and create at least one email account for the domain.

Take some photos of the products that are going to be sold on the site, and create some descriptive content for each item.

Create a list of general keywords for the site that match the overall theme, and create another more specific list of keywords for the individual products or services.

Use a template or site-builder to create a website for the products or services that revolves around one easily-defined theme. If you have multiple themes, create multiple websites or separate pages for each theme.

Sign up for a PayPal account at, and verify the account by adding banking information as described on the PayPal website.

Upload the photos and descriptive content into the Web hosting account and publish the site to the domain, following the specific instructions for the particular hosting account. These steps vary by hosting company and type of account.

Log onto the PayPal site, and create a shopping button for each item or service. Copy the generated code to the new website.


  • check Sign up for pay-per-click advertising with Google Adwords at


  • close Never copy any photos or descriptive content from any other site or print media as this can be considered plagiarism and is illegal in most jurisdictions.

Items you will need

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Free Makeup Samples: How to Build Up Your Stash #movies #for #free

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#free makeup


Free Makeup Samples

Updated August 15, 2016

Free makeup samples are a great way to try out new products and stretch your wallet a little bit further on your favorite makeup brands.

This guide to getting free makeup samples will help you try out your favorite high-end makeup as well as the drugstore brands. You can get some of these free makeup samples by mail and some of them you ll have to head out to the store to get. There are even a few ways listed below that will get you free full-sized makeup!

Of all the free samples out there, free samples of makeup are one of my favorite to get. It s so fun to try out a new product. Plus, I can totally spoil myself without the guilt of having to spend my hard earned cash on more makeup.

Before you know it, you ll have your mailbox filled with free makeup samples of mascara, lipstick, foundation, eye shadow, blush, and more.

Free Makeup Samples in the Mail

Photo: Andrew Bret Wallis / Getty Images

The easiest way to get free makeup samples is to request them and receive them in the mail.

Check my daily free sample page where you can find a list of free samples that are updated every day. These include free makeup samples as well as free samples of perfume. food, magazines. and just about anything else.

Makeup samples are really far and few between but they do happen. For your best chances at scoring some, check the sample page every day.

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General – Bob Moore Construction, a commercial construction company located in Dallas #general #contractor, #commercial

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Video: 70 Year Anniversary – A Leader In Texas Construction, With The Legacy To Prove It

Nationally Recognized in the Construction Industry

Bob Moore Construction is nationally recognized for our leadership and expertise in the construction community. Our employees serve in leadership positions with top industry organizations, including the AGC, TEXO and the American Concrete Institute. Through our involvement we have positively influenced the quality and safety of construction practices in Dallas / Fort Worth, around Texas and across the United States.

Our recognition as a construction leader has been accompanied by a variety of awards, to include the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) General Contractor of the Year Award. the TEXO / AGC Distinguished Building Award. The Texas Building Branch / AGC Outstanding Construction Award. the Outstanding Small Business of the Year Award. and the Best of Award from Texas Construction Magazine. Our employees have been cited as general contractor experts by various industry publications on a wide range of construction topics.

Leadership in Tilt-up Construction

Bob Moore Construction is proud to be a sustaining member of the Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA). Founded in 1986, the TCA is the country’s largest organization for the advancement of site-cast Tilt-Up construction, a method in which concrete wall panels are cast on-site and tilted into place. Sustaining members of the TCA are major industry leaders who have committed to an advanced level of involvement with the organization and the tilt-up industry. Bob Moore Construction employees have served in top positions with this prestigious association, including president and member of the board of directors. In August 2013 Bob Moore Construction became the first general contractor in the United States to earn the prestigious TCA Certified Company accreditation from the TCA.

Making Construction Safety the Normal Way of Doing Business

Thanks to our superior safety program we were accepted as a member of the OSHA Local Partnership program ; we were one of the first general contractors in Texas to achieve this elite level of recognition. We have led the way on a wide range of safety initiatives, collaborating with AGC and OSHA to improve the safety, security and productivity of jobsites all around the state. Bob Moore Construction employees take our own jobsite safety very seriously; the standards we require of our employees and subcontractors frequently exceed OSHA requirements. Through training, monitoring and motivation we are making safety the normal way of doing business at all Bob Moore jobsites, and our safety program is considered one of the best in north Texas. Our program has been formally recognized with numerous safety awards from TCA and AGC.

To learn more about our safety program, please visit our Construction Safety page .

Diverse Portfolio of Buildings

We have decades of experience with a wide variety of commercial buildings, including:

We have delivered buildings that met strict regulatory standards for food processing, security standards for the control of classified or highly controlled information, developmental needs for the manufacture of medical products, clean room environmental control systems, etc.

Our Clientele

America’s Top Companies.

Our client list features some of the most recognizable businesses in America, including American Airlines, American Eagle / Harley-Davidson, Best Buy, ROOMS TO GO and United Parcel Service (UPS). We have also worked with some of the leading architectural and engineering firms in the United States, and for some of America’s largest real estate developers who are responsible for more than one billion square feet of commercial construction.

and Small Businesses as Well

While our client list includes Fortune 500 companies and renowned commercial developers, the majority of our projects are built on behalf of smaller companies and individual business owners. We have the experience to help guide small business owners through the construction process. Whether the client is a Fortune 50 Corporation or a family-owned small business, the client wants the same thing: a construction company like Bob Moore Construction that they can trust to deliver quality and value.

Now Building Multifamily Housing

Along with our diverse selection of commercial buildings, Bob Moore Construction now builds apartments and senior and assisted living retirement facilities.

Our team is experienced in all aspects of the multifamily industry, leveraging more than a half-century of experience building garden-style, mixed-use, wrap and podium projects, with thousands of units successfully delivered throughout Texas and the southern regions of the United States.

Under construction now is Everton Apartments, a 230-unit, podium-styled apartment building in Dallas, Texas for CMC Commercial Realty Group (pictured left). Everton will be a five-story, luxury multi-family housing facility with a multi-textured exterior and finely finished interiors. It will feature a gated parking garage, clubhouse with coffee lounge, fitness center, a dog run and a large atrium courtyard with a swimming pool.

Featured Project: