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Proctor Gamble executives estimate as many as 80 percent of new offerings don t perform as well as expected. That s just one example of a hard truth too many innovators discover: A new product can be solidly conceived, solidly designed, solidly constructed and a failure.

Quite often, the difference between brand-management success and failure comes down to the full-contact sport known as branding. Companies must build their brand up, even as competitors are doing everything they can to knock it down.

Another hard truth: in research done by Kellogg Professor Tim Calkins. more than 80 percent of respondents said they defended their brand at least occasionally. Half of respondents said they had to mount a defense frequently or constantly.

Today s branding executives must always be innovating, creating, experimenting and learning. Management means repeating successes and learning from missteps both their own and those of competitors.

Kellogg s branding experts and faculty offer cutting-edge research and observation in foundation-level brand-management best practices and lessons gleaned from the latest doings, triumphs and failures of the biggest and most talked about brands.

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Kellogg faculty guidance, opinion and research on branding and brand management

Restoring the polish

When a brand overextends itself, the pressure will eventually weaken it. But with a little patience, it’s possible to rejuvenate it.

Missing the mark

AirBnB’s heart-warming brand campaign inspires you to explore the world and learn about mankind. But will it prompt people to book more stays?

What s in a name?

Google’s Alphabet rebrand may seem like a crazy idea, but according to Tim Calkins, the “house of brands” strategy is a strong move.

Porsche, Porsche, Porsche!

Tim Calkins shares how Porsche’s interactive, highly targeted marketing events put the brand on buyers’ radars and treat customers like kings.

Swift Vs. Apple

When brands listen to each other and have conversations, positive change can ensue. Tim Calkins weighs in on how Taylor Swift and Apple did just that.

Mascot madness

Fast food brands are bringing back their iconic mascots to reconnect with consumers and take the spotlight off the food itself, says Derek Rucker.

Foul play

News of corruption within FIFA puts sponsors in a vulnerable position, but Tim Calkins doesn’t think any of those brands will penalize the organization.

Recover and return

A Houlihan’s restaurant made a mistake, but its quick recovery shows how brands can retain their equity if they act fast and apologize sincerely.

Brave New CMO

P i

The Apple Watch and Apple Pay promise big things, but Tim Calkins isn’t sure either product has compelling enough benefits to be true game-changers.

Jump starting the brand

Reviving a brand takes more than imagery—you have to tell its story. Tim Calkins explains how Cadillac can best maximize its brand turn-around plan.

Ready for takeoff

With clear skies ahead for a great branding strategy, Spirit Airlines has the potential to soar above the competition once it pinpoints its top priorities.

The politics of branding

When marketers go from the commercial to the political world, they provide a unique perspective on how candidates engage with their different audiences.

Uber adorable

Uber is trying to rehabilitate its tarnished image using puppies and kittens. Tim Calkins thinks the company needs a stronger story to achieve its goal.

A new India

India’s Prime Minister is showcasing the country’s advantages to drive industrial growth. Will the global business world take note?

Optimism overload

Eighty-one percent of marketing leaders think share growth is likely, and few fear for their jobs. Is an overly sunny outlook dangerous for brands?

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