Sep 22 2019

Trade books, trade books.

#Trade #books Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth: Science of 9/11 Evidence Videos Volunteer BUILD A BETTER WORLD WITH SOUND SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH INTO THE DESTRUCTION OF THE WORLD TRADE CENTER Ron Brookman, S.E., Structural Engineer Richard Gage, Architect, AIA Daniel B. Barnum, Architect, FAIA Robert McCoy, Architect Niels Harrit, Ph.D, Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen Prof. Lynn Margulis, National Medal of Science Winner Jeff Farrer, Ph.D., Chemical Engineer Kathy McGrade, B.S., Metallurgical Engineer Scott Grainger, F.P.E., Fire Protection/Forensic/Civil Engineer Roland Angle, P.E., Civil Engineer Stephen Barasch, High-Rise Architect Frank Cullinan, Civil Engineer Steven Dusterwald, S.E., Structural Engineer Rick Fowlkes, S.E., …