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October 03, 2016

Handling personal photos is really easy these days. Thanks to technology, we have come a long way since film cameras. Back in the days, taking a photo was about – clicking with film cameras, developing films, drying, waiting for days to get it framed and finally having them hung on our walls. Today, taking a photo is simple – grab your Smartphone, snap your favorites, upload it on facebook, tag your friends. All done with one device, in a few minutes and the picture is ready to view for everybody!

We upload our pictures, while friends can tag us into theirs on facebook. But there is a problem – although facebook allow users to download videos and photos, it doesn’t allow you to download the ones you are tagged in. This way, if a friend unfriends you, untags you, or deletes their account, the pictures you were tagged in are also gone forever.

But the fact is – we all are lazy, especially when it comes to backing up each and every photo or video we have on our facebook. This is the common reason why most of us leave our images and videos at the risk of loss on the social media platform. Acknowledging this common problem, IDrive has made backing photos and videos from your facebook really easy.

IDrive’s Facebook Backup

IDrive’s Facebook Backup is the safest way to backup your Facebook data, so you don’t have to worry about losing your memories. All your videos and pictures on FB (including the ones you are tagged in) will be backed up into your IDrive account. Once you do an initial backup, incremental backups will backup any new videos or pictures that have been newly added.

This is a feature that you will not find in other online backup services, and is the most convenient way to make sure that your photo and video collection remains intact and safe forever. This is a great choice for people who put a lot value in the files they post on Facebook.

By backing up with IDrive, you get to.

Share Your Memories

You can share your backed up FB photos and videos with anyone you wish, over a single secure link. With a secure password and a ‘can edit’ option, you can ensure that only your recipient can download the file, edit them and upload it back again. This brings in extra security in the way you share confidential information.

Military Grade Security

Your entire data transfer to your cloud account is protected with 256-bit AES encryption with an optional private key. On sign up, you can choose a private encryption key, known only to you and not stored anywhere on our servers. This way, you can be sure that your data, no matter where they are, will be transferred and stored safely in the cloud.

You get a gallery view of all your FB videos and photos backed up to your IDrive account. You can easily move, copy, or delete any image or video.

Protect your Instagram Account

IDrive extends its online storage services to Instagram accounts too. You can transfer your photos and videos from multiple Instagram accounts to a single IDrive account, making it easier to access them from an unlimited number of mobile devices and computers.

Auto Camera Upload

By enabling the ‘Auto camera upload’ on your phone, you can automatically continue to upload all the photos and videos you have on your phone. You don’t have to manually do anything! All live captures are also automatically backed up to your cloud account.

What’s More?

You can manage data backups, restores, application settings etc, on your far-away computers via web-based console?

Multiple Device Protection

You can protect all your devices like PCs, Macs, Servers, Android, and iOS devices to your single cloud account, at one price. While most other cloud services charge per device, IDrive protects multiple devices, as long as there is enough storage space on your cloud account.

Sub-accounts for Easy Management

You can create unlimited Sub-accounts, within your storage space and monitor them using a centralized administrative console. The console gives you the overview of all your Sub-accounts at a glance! Here, you can allocate space, monitor activities and view storage reports without having access to any of your Sub-account user’s files. This ensures privacy of your data!

Cloud Solution + Local Storage

Hybrid feature is a perfect complement to cloud solution. You can locally store your important files to IDrive One – a storage device that combines the security of cloud and the convenience of local connectivity. Your data is encrypted and stored locally (IDrive One) and on cloud. Local storage helps speedy recovery of your data when compared to cloud!

IDrive can assist companies to comply with HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, SEC / NASD, mandated by the government while storing electronic data.

Since your data is on the cloud, resizing your data storage space is effortless. The cloud is capable of taking in volumes of data, as your need grows.

Multiple Express Transfers

The IDrive Express service provides faster cloud transfer and restore of business data, up to 3 TB, in less than a week via physical storage shipment, ensuring no bandwidth usage. With business accounts, this feature is available three times a year – absolutely free!

for iPhone and Android

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Cloud Storage Unlimited Online Backup


  • Automatic online backup for all of your computers, from just £5.00/month
  • Fast, secure, easy to use & instant setup
  • See your backed up files on the web, iPhone, iPad Android

Free Trial More Info


  • Sync files online and across all your computers
  • Work on the same files on your PC and Mac
  • Share files easily and access everything from the web
  • 2TB of cloud storage space as standard
  • Faster, more secure and more feature rich than competing products

Free Trial More Info

Pro Suite

  • Get Backup and Briefcase in one integrated easy to use product
  • Automatically backup all of your computers safely online
  • Sync files between all your computers
  • Includes a massive 5TB of Briefcase space and unlimited space for your computer backups
  • Plus extra features only available in Pro Suite

Free Trial More Info


  • Backup all your office PCs and Macs to the cloud
  • Share files professionally
  • Access your data on all your computers
  • Easy to use, easy to manage and quick to setup
  • Completely safe and secure
  • Ideal for professionals and small business

Free Trial More Info

Resellers – sell online backup and more!

Sell online backup, cloud storage sync products to your customers. Custom brand your product and manage it on the web. Instant setup!

Create as many Backup accounts as you can, no charge per account; space used is charged separately.

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Online Backup Review – Top 10 Best Online Backup #kids #free #games

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Online Backup Reviews

Our whole lives are now stored on our computers, our photos, music, movies, files and more. But what happens if your computer crashes or is lost or stolen? It is now more important than ever to start backing up your hard drive so you never lose those priceless wedding photos, or MP3s you have been buying as you no longer have full CD or DVD racks with a physical copy. By choosing a online backup provider you can easily store all your files online so you are never without your files, and if your pc crashes you wont lose your files as with a few clicks you can download a full restore of your files and documents. So we have put together this website using over 7 years of experience in the file hosting industry to provide independent reviews of over 30 online backup providers. Use this website to compare over 30 online backup providers. If you have used any of the online backup providers listed please share your experiences with our visitors. Let us find the best online backup provider for you.

The ratings and reviews expressed on this site are the opinion of and are subject to change due to popularity, price, current events. We work hard to offer our visitors reliable, valuable and unbiased information about all of the products and services we feature and review. In order to provide you with this free service some of our links allow us to receive commission for referring you to the sellers website.

Online Backup Comparison

Compare features and specification of over 30 Online Backup Providers. See providers side-by-side to make it easy to see which provider has the features you are looking for.

Choose a Provider To Suit You

Use our online backup selector questionnaire to find the best companies which have the features you are looking for. Just answer a few simple questions and we will find you a provider.

Featured Online Backup Articles

Below are some articles to help you understand online backup and cloud storage. Different companies offer slightly different products which all claim to be online backup and cloud storage. But there are some subtle differences which you will discover by reading the articles below. Remember to check out our cloud storage and online backup lists.

An Easy Guide to the Features of Online Backup

If you ve spent any time browsing the internet for online backup providers . one thing will have become clear: there are many, many out there!

Yes, online backup is a highly competitive and thriving market which is constantly growing, so much so that start-ups often pop up out of nowhere, sometimes on a daily or weekly basis. They all offer you the bread and butter features of backup and access, of course. but what are all those other extras?

Automated Backups This is one of the most common features of online backup nowadays and is the bare minimum you should expect. With this invaluable feature, you ll never have to threat about manually backing up again; backups can be set to run weekly, daily, or even hourly.

File Sync Short for synchronization (OK, that was kind of a given!). If you have multiple devices linked to your account, there s a good chance you have some commonly used files, such as music and photos, which you d like instantly accessible via a single folder. File sync makes this possible!

Drag Drop Just like dragging dropping files from one location to another on your computer, you can do the exact same thing with online backup. If there s a file you want to backup from your desktop, you can simply drag it straight into your provider s app.

File Sharing It sounds simple, and. well, it is! Far simpler than sending countless email attachments and writing files to CDs to share with friends and family. With this feature, you can send a small document or even a large photo album in the click of a button.

File Versioning File versioning saves a lot of storage space and time. Once you ve completed the initial backup of your computer, for example, only future changes to files will be backed up. For instance, to save the same report being backed up over and over, only future changes will be. There s even the option to recover different versions of the file later.

Mobile App Compatibility Many providers offer you not just online backup for your PC and notebook, but also for your mobile devices. Apps can be downloaded and installed onto your smartphone and tablet, for example, allowing you to manage your online backup world on-the-move.

Device Locator This is a feature which providers such as JustCloud offer. Any linked devices, such as your smartphone, PC or notebook, can be located in the event of them becoming lost or stolen.

Remember, when you re considering an online backup provider, make sure to check their list of features. Not all providers supply the above, and some only supply a small number. Figure out how you plan to utilize your provider s services, and this will make your decision a lot easier.

Is Online Backup Secure?

Successful companies in the competitive market of online backup understand that their customers are looking for more than just automated backups and recovery. Of course, this other aspect that is usually at the top everyone s list is security.

And rightly so, because security should always be paramount when it comes to user s data.

Data is secured upon upload and download with high levels of software encryption such as 256 bit AES and SSL for storage within the data center. The data centers themselves are also of particularly high standards; MyPC Backup, for example, uses Amazon s well known S3 servers.

In terms of the integrity of online backup companies, it should not be questioned in regards to them sneaking a peek at your data. Their philosophy is to protect data not to invade privacy.

It is, however, always worth checking out the websites of your potential providers to make sure you are happy with the level of security they are offering, as providers can vary from one to the next.

What to Look for in a Backup Provider

This is all down to what you as a user are looking for. Obviously not all online backup companies offer the same in terms of their services, so it is of course worth checking out their websites.

Online Backup vs External Hard Drive

External hard drives came about because of the increased popularity of downloading both music and movies. They offered large external storage solutions that could be used in addition to a user
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