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FTP Storage – FTP Backup Services
Securely Host, Share and Send Large Files Online
FTP/FTPS/SFTP/HTTPS Protocols Supported

Providing full scale of online storage services, Transferum is ideal for daily backups, document storage and worldwide sharing capability. We do not think you should be limited in size, so with Transferum you will enjoy unlimited file size and unlimited bandwidth on all subscription levels. Your files are safe with our SSL-Encryption to protect your saved and shared documents. Transferum is the best choise for hosting and transfering big files online.

Reasons to Buy Online FTP Storage at Transferum


For file transfers to and from your Transferum account you can use any standard-compliant FTP client with standard FTP, SFTP or FTPS (FTP over SSL). You can also use our web based HTTPS (secure HTTP) interface to transfer your files. We do not allow connections and transfers via unsecured HTTP. ALL traffic to/from Transferum servers is fully secured and encrypted.

Resume Broken Transfers

You no longer need to worry about sending large files, or experiencing a break in your transfer. Trasnferum supports resume functions. If your Internet connection is interrupted mid-transfer you can resume your upload or downloads, regardless of your file size, without having to start over.

Affordable FTP Storage Plans

Large data is our business! Storage plans start at 500MB and go up to 50GB. You don�t need to worry about rationing access; all subscriptions allow an unlimited monthly bandwidth, which makes our service an incredible value for outsourcing storage. When necessary, we can configure your accounts capacity up to 10TB.

Specific Paths and Permissions

Each account is created with a primary user and root folder. You no longer need to worry about who you give access to, with administrative options you can assign other users and designate their permissions. You control what each user accesses and can authorize them to upload/download, delete/rename, add files or folders as necessary. You can add an unlimited number of users to your account.

Unlimited Bandwidth at Flat Rates

With Transferum all the subscriptions include unlimited monthly bandwidth. You can transfer as many files as you need with no extra cost or speed limitations. The primary user and each sub-user can simultaneously access the account and make uninterrupted transfers independently of each other.

Automatically Backup Your Files

Transferum together with BackUp Maker automatically stores your data and at the same time offers an intuitive operation: select your data, optionally set automatization for scheduled backups, select its destination and within an instant, your valuable documents are transferred in zip format to your account from Transferum.com. To ensure that your sensitive data remains secure at all times – BackUp Maker provides a highly secured encryption of up to 256 bits (AES). It also enables you to transfer protected backups to Transferum server through FTP/FTPS upload.

All Professional Online FTP Storage Plans Include

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Data Backup Software #backup,recovery,data #backup,backup #and #recovery

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NetVault Backup

The NetVault Backup Plug-in for VMware leverages the VMware vStorage APIs for Data Protection (VADP), allowing you to restore complete virtual machine images or individual files faster and more reliably. An intuitive, easy-to-use GUI gives you a single, centralized console to configure backup and restore policies for your virtual environments.

The NetVault Backup Plug-in for Microsoft Hyper-V allows you to restore complete virtual machine images or individual Windows-based files faster and more reliably. An intuitive, easy-to-use GUI gives you a single, centralized console to configure backup and restore policies for your virtual environments.

Xen and KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machines)

NetVault Backup can protect file systems and application data within Xen and KVM virtual environments by installing the appropriate clients and application plug-ins.

Application plug-ins complement the native solution, helping you save time on integration. While supported for increased flexibility, no scripting is required to run backup and recovery jobs.

Message Collaboration – Microsoft Exchange Server

The NetVault Backup Plug-in for Exchange gives you granular control to restore complete information stores, individual storage groups, or individual databases. Through automatic integration with a wide range of backup devices, the plug-in gives you the confidence that recovery data is protected and stored offsite to ensure business continuity.

Recovery Manager for Exchange provides comprehensive support for granular recoveries down to the object level including individual mailboxes, messages and attachments.

The NetVault Backup Plug-in for SharePoint offers granular control that minimizes downtime by allowing you to restore complete farms, individual web applications or individual content databases. Through automatic integration with a wide range of backup devices, SharePoint data is protected and safely stored off-site to meet your disaster recovery and business continuity goals.

IBM Lotus Domino Server

The NetVault Backup Plug-in for Domino ensures continuous availability by providing fast online backup and recovery of Lotus Domino environments. Support for full and incremental backups gives you the flexibility to choose the preferred backup method, and granular control minimizes downtime by allowing you to restore the Lotus Domino Server Databases or individual user mailboxes quickly and reliably.

Microsoft SQL Server

The NetVault Backup Plug-in for Microsoft SQL Server provides increased application availability via fast, online backup of SQL databases in Windows environments. Features include hot backup, a variety of backup methods to choose from and advanced logging capabilities.

The NetVault Backup Plug-in for MySQL consolidates the backup and recovery of multiple MySQL storage engines into a single job without complex scripting. In addition to performing full, incremental or differential MySQL backups while data is online and accessible, the plug-in offers improved point-in-time functionality to perform more granular restores – which lets you restore to a precise point, and therefore significantly reduce data loss. The plug-in supports MySQL databases running in Windows and Linux environments.

The NetVault Backup Plug-in for Oracle provides increased application availability via fast, online backup of Oracle databases in UNIX, Linux and Windows environments. The plug-in is designed to speed up restores while maximizing IT staff efficiency through flexible backup and recovery options. In addition, the plug-in supports important Oracle features such as Oracle RAC, Data Guard, Automated Storage Management (ASM), Flashback Database and Transparent Data Encryption and offers users advanced backup and recovery options in case of hardware failure or data loss.

The NetVault Backup Plug-in for DB2 increased application availability via fast, online backup of DB2 databases in UNIX, Linux and Windows environments. Features include online backup and multi-instance support using multiple backup modes such as full, incremental and delta backups, as well as backups of the transaction logs. The plug-in also supports granular restores of an entire tablespace, archive logs or an individual tablespace.

IBM Informix Dynamic Server

The NetVault Backup Plug-in for Informix increases application availability via fast, online backup of Informix databases in UNIX, Linux and Windows environments using native application interfaces. Major features include: multiple residency support; level 1 and 2 incremental backups and flexible operations that allow administrators to back up the whole system, individual data spaces or Informix binary large object ( BLOB ) spaces and logical logs.

The NetVault Backup Plug-in for PostgreSQL offers a simple and easy way to perform routine backups for one or more PostgreSQL database in Solaris, Linux, and Windows environments. The plug-in provides support for database cluster backups, individual database and table backups in different backup formats, such as plain-text SQL script, TAR archive, and custom archive formats. The plug-in also offers granular control over restores and minimizes downtime by allowing you to restore an entire database cluster, individual databases, or individual tables more reliably.

The NetVault Backup Plug-in for SAP R/3 increases application availability by providing fast, online backup of SAP R/3 databases in Linux, UNIX, and Windows environments. This plug-in supports such important features as hot backup, integration with SAP R/3 tools, parallel backup support, and selectable backup operations.

The NetVault Backup Plug-in for Sybase provides increased application availability via fast, online backup of Sybase databases in UNIX, Linux and Windows environments. Features include hot backup, support for multiple database servers on a single machine, advanced logging capabilities and a low-level backup API for maximized throughput.

The NetVault Backup Plug-in for Teradata provides high performance backup and recovery capabilities while allowing NCR Teradata warehousing environments to remain online. The plug-in supports Teradata databases in UNIX, Linux, and Windows environments.

NetVault Backup is extremely flexible, allowing you to pick the right options to match your unique environment and recovery objectives.

Bare Metal Recovery

Data Protection | NetVault Backup’s bare metal recovery (BMR) option allows you to perform image-level backups, so you can quickly get a server up and running again after a catastrophic failure – even when there is no functioning operating system.

NetVault Backup integrates with the DR family of disk backup appliances. Rapid Data Access technology delivers tight integration between NetVault and the DR4300 for significantly faster backup and restore rates. Customers using the solution can now transfer backup data up to three times faster.

NetVault SmartDisk delivers disk-to-disk backup and data deduplication that significantly reduces the storage costs associated with your data protection strategy. It uses powerful, byte-level, variable block deduplication, and advanced data compression that packs more protected data in the same storage area than competing solutions.

Meet regulatory requirements and protect data while being transported and stored offsite without sacrificing backup windows or deduplication performance with an encryption plug-in module. NetVault Backup supports CAST-128, AES-256 or CAST-256 algorithms. You can easily select how and which data to encrypt using either the standard or advanced data encryption plug-in options.

Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP)

The NetVault Backup Plug-in for NDMP is an advanced data protection solution for information stored in NAS devices running NDMP. It provides you with optimal operating efficiency and minimal impact to users while reducing your NDMP-based network storage backup window. The plug-in supports all five NDMP data transfer methods and provides support for advanced NDMP features such as browsable volume, and Direct Access Restore (DAR) support

NetApp NAS Support

We have years of experience supporting vital supplementary NetApp solutions with an optional NetApp bundle that includes:

  • SnapMirror to Tape – Working in conjunction with the NetApp s SnapMirror technology, NetVault s SnapMirror to Tape enables full volumes on filers to be mirrored and backed up to tape to lower overall data protection costs and provide the ability to store data offsite for improved disaster recovery support.
  • SnapVault Manager – SnapVault Manager provides a graphical interface that is integrated with NetVault Backup to provide a single point of enterprise-wide control and improve the management of NetApp s SnapVault solution. This allows you to back up changed data from multiple storage platforms to a common Snapshot target on NetApp appliances, enabling faster tapeless restores.
  • Snapshot™ Manager – The NetVault NDMP Snapshot Manager allows you to generate, automatically schedule and recover snapshots through NetVault s GUI – a key factor in simplifying NetApp Filer snapshot management as part of your overall data protection strategy.

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San Diego IT | Fixed Cost Network Management

Get your office s technology systems running like a top. Backups, system updates, storage, security, firewalls, remote access, technical support, server maintenance, system monitoring and a whole lot more. Did we mention all for a affordable fixed monthly cost.
Read more

San Diego IT network maintenance lets me focus on my business

Our systems have never operated so smoothly or efficiently. The number and severity of problems and we have with our computers has decreased. I finally have a sense of relief knowing that we have an expert team on our side.
Read more

San Diego IT network support is always there when I need them

Whether it is a simple issue that can be resolved remotely or something more complicated requiring onsite repair, they get it taken care of promptly every time.
Read more

Expert IT management for your business and unmatched support for your users. Fixed cost computer and network support for your business has never been more affordable.

You aren’t still using tapes are you? Get the latest in backup technology in the cloud and onsite for the ultimate in backup and recovery.

Instant support online or over the phone. Click here to connected with a technical support representative.

San Diego IT Services

Changing IT providers or hiring your first IT consultant can feel like a daunting task. Are they reliable? How much will it cost? Can they solve our computer issues promptly? We ll you re in luck, we can do all that and quite a bit more for a fixed predictable monthly cost. Call us now for a free no obligation onsite network assessment.


Virtual tape libraries vs, disk-to-disk backup.#Disk-to-disk #backup

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Virtual tape libraries vs. disk-to-disk backup in small business storage environments

This Article Covers


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Disk-based backup is popular in small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) for data backup and recovery. SMBs have several disk options to choose from for their data backup environment such as virtual tape libraries (VTLs) and disk-to-disk (D2D) backup.

Disk-to-disk backup

Disk-to-disk backup Disk-to-disk backup

Access this all-encompassing 82-page guide to DR/BC strategies

Discover the top considerations you need to know when developing a business continuity and disaster recovery plan, learn about the top DR products on the market today, get tips on how to budget and prepare staff for various DR/BC exercises and much more.

By submitting your personal information, you agree that TechTarget and its partners may contact you regarding relevant content, products and special offers.

You also agree that your personal information may be transferred and processed in the United States, and that you have read and agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.

Both virtual tape libraries and disk-to-disk backups are frequently packaged together with data deduplication. The difference between the two disk-based backup technologies is that a VTL has additional technologies in it to emulate the physical actions of tape, such as tape drives or tape media. Whereas a disk-to-disk backup platform acts as a network-attached storage (NAS) device that can be mounted with a storage of backups. Both will typically attach to a backup media server and be managed by that media server.

But what’s the more popular disk-based backup option for small business storage environments, virtual tape libraries or disk-to-disk backup? What are the pros and cons of each? And how does data deduplication differ between VTLs and disk-to-disk backups?

Jeff Boles, senior analyst of validation services at the Taneja Group, answers these questions in the podcast below.

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Hyper-V Saved State and Live Backup Requirements Explained #backup #hyper-v

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Saved State: Why some Hyper-V Virtual Machines are Paused when a Backup is Started

What is the Hyper-V Saved State?

Some Hyper-V virtual machines briefly go offline into a Saved State at the initial phase of a backup. While the backup is running, they usually come back online after a couple of seconds.

Background Knowledge

The decision to pull Hyper-V virtual machines offline into a Saved State is done solely within Hyper-V Management Services. Backup utilities have no way to force a live backup when Hyper-V determines it can’t and shouldn’t be done.

There are many factors that are considered by Hyper-V when it decides whether to take a VM offline or not:

Hyper-V Live Backup Requirements

To achieve zero downtime live backups of virtual machines, you need the following conditions met:

1. The VM guest needs to have Integration Services installed, enabled, and running (COM System Application Service, Distributed Transaction Coordinator Service, and Volume Shadow Copy Service). Also review the VM settings in Hyper-V, the ‘backup’ option needs to be checked.

2. All disks involved need to be formatted with NTFS, including the disks within the VM.

3. The Volume Shadow Copy Service and related VSS services need to be enabled and running.

4. The shadow copy storage space for each drive must be available to Hyper-V VSS Writer and be located at the same volume. For instance, the storage space for drive C: needs to be on drive C: itself, and so on. Use the VSSADMIN command from the command line to check the settings. (Use: vssadmin list shadowstorage / vssadmin resize shadowstorage)

5. Ensure the VMs are partitioned using ‘basic disk’ formatting. At the moment Hyper-V does not support live backup for VMs formatted using dynamic disk partitioning or GPT.

6. Ensure you have at least about 20% free space on each drive involved, such as the drive on the host and the VM’s main system drive.

7. Ensure plenty of un-fragmented RAM is available on the host. If a machine is pulled into Saved State, Hyper-V may not be able to bring the VM back online if it can’t allocate a continuous block of RAM. Note that there may be sufficient total RAM available but not enough to place a single block. You should therefore aim to keep at least 512 MB to 1 GB of RAM free when all VMs are powered up.

What to Do Next

If the problem persists check all Hyper-V logs in the Event Viewer. Hyper-V may be logging the reason in the Hyper-V logs found in the Windows Event Viewer.

If you haven’t installed BackupChain backup software, give it a try today! The trial is fully functional!

Contact support ( 1-800-906-5150 or call your Priority Support number) if the problem persists.

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Enable SQL Server to backup on remote machines #sql #remote #backup

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Use the UNC path when specifying the destination– the SQL Agent doesn’t have a concept of “mapped” “drives”.

Also, SQL Agent typically runs as “Local Service” or “Local System” and, as such, doesn’t have rights to remote shares on other computers.

You have a couple of choices:

Run SQL Agent as a role account in the domain. Grant that account permission to write to the directory / share where you’d like the backups stored.

Run SQL Agent as “Network Service”. It will authenticate to the sharing server with the domain computer account of the machine the service is running on. Grant that account permission to write to the directory / share where you’d like the backup stored.

If you don’t have a domain, create an account with the same username and password on both the machine hosting SQL Agent and the machine hosting the backup files. Change SQL Agent to run as this “role” account, and grant that account permission to write to the directory / share where you’d like the backup stored. (The “poor man’s domain”. )

In addition to mentioning the UNC paths, I d recommend the user actually CONNECT to the UNC path. The quick/easy way to do this is to just pop open a web browser and type it in. You ll be prompted for a username/password and can usually say you want to REMEMBER that user/pass for the future. I ve seen too many people who were 99% of the way there and couldn t figure out why things didn t work. TEST YOUR CONNECTION! LOL. -) KPWINC Jul 13 ’09 at 15:49

That s what I was looking for (The poor man s domain part) 😉 Thanks! Martin Marconcini Jul 13 ’09 at 16:24

I totally agree with both answers about UNC path.

I would also like to add that even with mapped drives you have a simple workaround. You can execute a backup to any of normal drives of your server. And then you can add

SQL command to the job or SQL script you run.

With xp_cmdshell you can do even more – for example run an external archive command line tool, like 7z to compress the file before you will copy it to the mapped drive (when remote connection is too slow. )

P.S. Forgot to mention that xp_cmdshell can be enabled and disabled by using the Surface Area Configuration tool and by executing sp_configure (and by default it is disabled)

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Symantec System Recovery (formerly Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery) Download #symantec #system #recovery #(formerly #symantec

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Symantec System Recovery comes across as an all-in-one backup and recovery solution targeting medium-sized to large businesses. It provides a proactive protection level for desktop systems, laptops, virtual machines and even servers while avoiding disruptions in productivity.

A versatile disaster recovery platform

The program combines the power of multiple backup and restore technologies in order to speed up the process of recovering important data in minutes. The idea behind the product is to offer an alternative to tedious manual backups, providing all that is needed for automation through scheduled tasks.

Administrators can carry out restorations from bare metal with a low risk of encountering errors and with significantly fewer efforts than in more traditional approaches. With the aid of the off-site copy feature, restore points are transferred to an outer location, such as a FTP server or an external drive.

Centralized management solution

Symantec System Recovery is built upon a scalable platform where the management of the servers and clients is done in a professional manner. A central server can handle up to 20,000 clients, allowing administrators to deploy and control policies, installations and backups remotely.

Other tasks that can be performed through the central component include recovery monitoring, environment tracking, as well as maintenance for both Linux and Windows servers.

An industry-leading product

Symantec System Recovery consists of a powerful set of tools that makes sure important data is always kept under supervision and backed up on a regular basis. Backups are efficiently compressed, which makes restoration operations faster.


  • 60 days trial


    • Processor: Dual Processor Dual Core with 2.53 GHz or faster
    • RAM: Minimum 2 GB, recommended 4 GB or more
    • Available disk space: 20 GB or more
    • NET Framework 4.0

Symantec System Recovery (formerly Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery) was reviewed by Andreea Matei

Simple Data Backup #remote #data #backup, #simple #data #backup

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Simple Data Backup is free, easy and efficient backup software that creates non-proprietary backups. It can back up folders/files from one drive to another anytime you want on-demand (including with an optional direct shortcut on your desktop to run the backup), on a schedule, or at logon. Back up to another hard drive, network drive, flash drive, the ‘cloud’ (Internet server) via FTP (FTPS/FTPES) or SSH (SFTP), CD/DVD (if packet-writing software is installed) and more. It can create identical folder/file structures on the backup drive, or can compress the data as .ZIP or LZMA-compressed .7z files. It can back up “in use” files, monitor and alert you to any errors, and it automatically handles the whole full/incremental backup thing that other programs make you deal with. Simple Data Backup is powerful, stable, and secure, but also simple – just pick the folders you want to be backed up and a few settings and you’re done!

With over a decade of development behind it, Simple Data Backup is trusted and stable.
Contains NO spyware, adware, viruses, or malware of any kind.

Download Simple Data Backup v8.2 (Free Edition, 5 MB)
Supports: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista (SP1+), XP (SP3), Server OS’s
The Free edition is perfectly functional, contains no ads, and will not nag you. However, some advanced functionality is disabled.

Purchase Pro Edition – The inexpensive Pro edition adds advanced functionality such as backing up to the ‘Cloud’/remote servers via FTP/SFTP/SSH, backing up even if not logged in, and the ability to create multiple backups.

Testimonials (real & unsolicited):

“This is the backup program I was looking for. I like the user interface, which is easy to understand, and it has all the options that I need. I also like the small size of the program, much smaller than any of the other backup programs that I’ve tried. Thank you for providing the program.” – Frits Westra, Netherlands

“Thank you so much for the SDB program. All the other whiz-bang, expensive backup systems make you jump through hoops to do simple backups. Yours is legendary. I’m 73 years old and found it exactly as you described – Simple, Smart, Easy.” – Lorraine Larment, Australia

“Thank you for your software (Simple Data Backup). I have used it for many years and always found it very good software.” – Henry Welman

“[Simple Data Backup] is great, and just worked [as opposed to] the problems I was having getting the WD bundled backup that wouldn’t fire properly from the scheduler.” – Nick Broome

“I picked your programm after a week of testing of 3 ‘top-rated’ free backup apps I found. And [yours] was the absolute leader for me because of it’s REAL simplicity and reliability. Thanks A LOT for it’s development and my very best wishes to you. Thank YOU. It has already saved and continues saving lots of efforts, time and nerves for me :)” – Vladimir Fofanov

“Thank you so much for the program. I have used it several years now and really like the simplicity and utility of it.” – Todd Dufrene

“I googled “simple data backup” because I was fed up with software that was so configurable it felt like you were programming it yourself. Simple Data Backup. is about as good as it gets (in simplicity terms). I love [it] and use it every day. I regularly recommend [your] software and will continue to do so.” – Chris Finn

“I’ve been using your simple data backup for a couple of weeks and it’s great.” – Lindz

“I have installed your backup program. and I like it very much.” – Ben Laridon

“I am using your program to back up our Church data. It was easy to set up and has performed manual backups perfectly.” – Kent Wilson

“I downloaded your Simple Data Backup utility, and it’s just what I was looking for. Thanks, and best wishes.” – Al

“I love your simply elegant backup program.” – Ken Russell

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Template for an Operational Level Agreement (OLA #backup, #recovery, #restore, #ola, #sla, #operational #level #agreement,

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Operations Level Agreement (OLA) for Backup and Recovery / Backup SLA

This Operating Level Agreement (OLA) specific for Backup and Recovery is not just a template containing a generic OLA-structure, it does contain backup and recovery specific content!

This template supports the creation of an OLA with the Backup Team about

  • Backup
  • Retention and
  • Recovery

Filesystem Backup and Restore and Database Backup and Restore are covered in separate chapters.

In addition to basic backup and restore service this template addresses advanced backup and recovery methods and tape cloning and offsite storage.

In case of outsourced Backup and Recovery Services or partially outsourced. e.g. the related Sub-Service of tape storage at offsite location – the section about “Right to Audit” is of high importance.

This Mercury template contains a comprehensive list of services provided / tasks done by the Backup Team.

Usage Tip: In case that the project team does not request (and pay for) certain (extended) services, the author suggests to rather check the checkbox “NO” (best with an explanation) than to delete those from the agreement. This avoids discussions about “we were not aware that this is not included” which usually start after some unpleasant things happened.

For more details about the content of this template please check the Table of Contents

OLA’s are agreements between different IS/IT-departments,
the SLA is the overall agreement between IS/IT and the business department.

Background Information: An introduction into Operations Level Agreements (OLA) and the difference to Service Level Agreements (SLA)

The four terms “Operations Level Agreement”, “Operational Level Agreements”, “Operating Level Agreements” and “Organizational Level Agreement” are used equal in relevant published literature.

Online Data Backup #backup #your #files #online

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Computer backup and data storage made simple.

Account password with private password and private encryption key options let you rest easy.

  • Ultimately, I trust CrashPlan to do a better job safekeeping my data than I can because that’s its business. I’d rather spend my time taking pictures.
  • CrashPlan is used by some of the biggest tech companies, including Adobe and Cisco. But it’s also for everyday consumers.
  • CrashPlan. helped my wife and me recover some very important family documents we lost to the weird whims of Windows.
  • I highly recommend CrashPlan for peace of mind and security of files, and as a bonus, access to all of your backed up files from your iOS device!
  • Everyone should back up their computer, and CrashPlan is the best tool around to make it happen.
  • . I’m not kidding when I say that CrashPlan is the most important, valuable add-on service that you can buy for yourself.
  • We like CrashPlan because it’s cheap, automated, and works on every operating system.
  • CrashPlan+ Unlimited is. simply the best online backup plan out there.
  • . unlike other players, [CrashPlan] does not delete your data from its server even if you delete it from your PC.
  • CrashPlan edges out the [competition] thanks to its extensive customization options and OS compatibility, and. also offers the best iPad option.
  • CrashPlan does onsite and offsite backups, running on multiple computers and devices, so you get secure backup stored at multiple destinations.
  • . you set it and forget it. You can grab [your files] via a Web browser or your mobile phone.
  • The software is simple yet powerful. CPU usage can be restricted when I’m busy and run rampant when I’m not.
  • . you can back up external drives, even if they are not attached to your computer 100 percent of the time. [The competition] charges additional.

Stories from real people who are really glad they got CrashPlan.

The best reasons to subscribe to CrashPlan come from our customers. The tales of sheer joy they tell of CrashPlan rescuing their photos, documents and movies inspire us every day.

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