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Criminal Defense

Family Law Divorce

Personal Injury

A Boutique Athens Law Firm, Providing Professional Advice and a Powerful Defense to Individuals and Families in Georgia

Defense attorneys Kim T. Stephens and Michael S. Brown represent individuals with criminal. DUI. and family law cases, including divorce. in Athens and throughout the state of Georgia. The lawyers at Stephens and Brown have a winning reputation representing clients in front of judges in federal, state, and local courts. Criminal cases and family disputes can have a profound effect on your personal, professional and financial well-being, so it’s important to seek the help of a law firm that will aggressively fight for the justice you deserve.

Representation For Your Unique Needs

When you come to the law offices of Kim T. Stephens and Michael S. Brown. you receive the benefit of the firm’s:

  • Experienced counsel: Athens defense attorneys Stephens and Brown have more than 45 years of combined experience practicing law and have established an outstanding reputation for winning challenging and complicated cases, giving them the necessary knowledge to understand the nuances of your case and provide you with a powerful defense.
  • Defense philosophy: Stephens and Brown aggressively advocate for every client, thoroughly investigating, and utilizing their expertise in the legal field to achieve the best possible outcome for each individual.
  • Focused services: No two cases are alike and that is why Stephens and Brown pay attention to the unique needs and circumstances of each client.

Handling a Range of Cases

Stephens and Brown represent individuals needing assistance in the following areas:

  • Criminal defense: Athens defense lawyer Kim T. Stephens is an award winning criminal defense attorney with extensive experience representing clients charged with a range of misdemeanor and felony crimes, including DUI. assault. robbery. fraud , theft. embezzlement. drug offenses. domestic violence. sex crimes. and murder. Kim T. Stephens defends individuals charged in federal court as well as superior and state courts, and he has been recognized by numerous legal organizations for his skills as a litigator.
  • DUI defense: Kim T. Stephens has a winning reputation when it comes to DUI defense, and he aggressively fights to get the best possible outcome for each client. A DUI conviction can cost thousands of dollars in fines, result in higher insurance rates, license suspension, and can even jeopardize client s academic and professional careers. Athens DUI lawyer Kim T. Stephens will fight to protect your future.
  • Family law: This is a broad area of the law that includes divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support and protective orders. In addition to assisting clients with their original cases, family law attorney Michael Brown also represents clients who need to modify existing family law agreements, such as support amounts and custody provisions .
  • High-asset divorce: With a high profile background in investment fund management and securities regulations, attorney Michael Brown is uniquely qualified to help clients with divorce cases involving extensive assets, properties, significant retirement accounts, and investments. These high-asset divorce cases are often more complicated and require a thorough examination of the financial records on both sides. Family law attorney Brown thoroughly investigates each case and aggressively advocates for his client s rights.

Contact an Accomplished Team of Attorneys in Athens, GA today

For professional advice and a powerful defense, call the offices of Kim T. Stephens and Michael S. Brown at 706-548-3933 or contact them online to schedule a free consultation.

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Divorce Help and Divorce Attorney Advice Center

An experienced divorce attorney will litigate to the fullest extent on your behalf to make sure that you get what you deserve.

One of the most difficult decisions in your life is deciding that your marriage has ended and that it is time to consider getting divorce help. Whether children are involved or not may make this decision even more difficult. What is absolutely necessary is having a professional and compassionate attorney that understands that you have not come to this decision lightly, and that will treat you with the respect, dignity and compassion that you deserve. That s what we do here, by providing 100% free consultations and listening to your needs.

Avoiding the Pitfalls in Divorce

It is too easy to become a victim of the pitfalls of going through the divorce process without seeking the proper divorce help from an expert divorce attorney. Dividing up of the marital and/or pre-marital assets is stressful without the help of divorce attorney. And when children are involved, the stress and difficulty compounds itself. Working with one of our expert attorneys will put your mind at ease, knowing that you not only have a compassionate counselor at law, but a fierce advocate who will fight for your best interests as well. No one will fight harder for your rights!

We will guide you through the process and avoid the pitfalls of divorce by helping you:

  • Protect your rights to your children
  • Fight for your rights to your share of the marital property
  • Making sure child support is correct and no one is taking advantage of the system
  • Working out a visitation schedule for your children with your spouse
  • Counseling you compassionately
  • Speaking out and standing up for you when its hard to do on your own
  • Providing you the resources to be the ultimate decision maker

Divorce Help from a Position of Strength and Heal

A successful divorce not only means protecting your rights, but doing so in a way that allows you to heal properly as well. In some instances, out of court settlements can be reached between the parties. In many cases, this is possible and can limit the time, heartache and legal fees involved in the divorce process. Only an expert attorney can provide you with the tools necessary to allow you to heal while getting you what you deserve. We believe in dealing from a position of strength by letting your spouse know that you are serious and you mean business while attempting to avoid confrontation on your behalf. This gets you what your family needs, and many times, lets the opposing party know that you mean business!

Of course, if the particular facts of your case make this an impossibility, you need an advocate that can fight on your behalf. An experienced divorce attorney will litigate to the fullest extent on your behalf to make sure that you get what you deserve—that is what we strive to provide for each of our clients. We are focused solely on divorce rights, and our results prove it.

You ve already taken the most important step in the process of seeking out a qualified attorney that is right for you. Go on, fill out the form on this page and you will be able to obtain your 100% free consultation. During this difficult time you should at the very least rest assured that you have hired the right attorney—we make sure you have. Get started today, your family is counting on you to take advantage of the free evaluation we provide, and they deserve it.

Top Five Reasons to Hire a Divorce Lawyer

Even amicable divorces can be tricky. If you are about to get a divorce, you are surely researching whether or not you really need to hire an attorney. While there is the benefit in saving some money if you try to do this yourself, there is also the danger of falling into a trap set by your spouse’s attorney or missing some technicality that can literally cost you more in the settlement than the attorney would have cost you.

There are numerous reasons you should hire an attorney, even if you think the divorce will be amicable and uncontested:

  1. Is your settlement fair? Honestly, how do you really know if your settlement is fair or not? Do you have the capability of evaluating your retirement accounts over the next 20 years to see what the actual value of the account will be during that time? Financial concessions are one of the areas that divorcees regret the most and that can cause problems for them in the future.
  2. Do you really want to communicate directly with your spouse about these issues? Regardless of whether or not you and your spouse are getting along, negotiating the final details of child support, alimony, or any of the many other points in the divorce can be emotional and lead to very intense arguments. All it takes is one small point that makes either of you feel as though the other person is trying to get over and the divorce ends up in front of a judge. Let the family law attorneys hammer out the fine details and then bring it to you for approval. You will be surprised how much aggravation and stress that will save you.
  3. Do you understand your parental rights? This is one area, especially for fathers, where parents fall short. In an amicable divorce. exercising your rights may not be an issue, but that is not always the case. In a contested divorce, children are sometimes used as negotiating points and are even prevented from seeing their mother or father during the divorce. When things get ugly, especially when it comes to the children, your attorney can handle it legally, which will help you in the eyes of the court.
  4. Do you understand all the legal paperwork? Imagine coming to an agreement, or at least thinking that you have come to an agreement, and then finding out that you misfiled something or filled the paperwork out wrong. This factor alone is reason enough to at least consult with an attorney before moving forward with getting divorce help.
  5. Divorces can be emotional, which can create problems. Couples that are getting along reasonably (considering the circumstances) can often come to a standstill because something was said or done during the process that hurts their feelings. Honestly, in a divorce, there is no room for emotions. Acting or saying something driven by emotions can cause a major setback in the case and may even cost you financially in the settlement.

Our Service To You provides you with helpful Family Law information to use at your own discretion. We provide a Free Case Evaluation which is performed by an attorney in your area. This is completely free and there is no obligation. By using qualified advice from our affiliated attorneys you can then make decisions based on your own circumstances. Our goal at is to get you started in the right direction by providing information and qualified advice from our affiliated attorneys.

All information provided on is to be used at your own discretion. By filling out the Free Case Evaluation Form you will be contacted by an affiliated attorney from our company. You are not obligated in any way to form an attorney client relationship. If you desire to move forward and establish an attorney client relationship with one of our affiliated attorneys, you do so at your own risk. will not have any legal obligation with you and your attorney.

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Corrigan | Welbourn | Stokke

Orange County, Newport Beach Criminal Defense Attorneys

Corrigan | Welbourn | Stokke is Orange County’s premier criminal defense law firm. Martindale Hubbell has consistently awarded CWS with an “AV preeminent rating” among all California criminal defense law firms, and has also registered the firm in the “Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers.” Our expertise and dedication to client satisfaction are the keys to our success. CWS has extensive experience and success defending individuals and entities that are under investigation and accused of state and federal crimes. As criminal defense attorneys, we are dedicated to defending our clients by using our vast experience and strong credentials in both state and federal courts. CWS has successfully defended clients charged with a wide range of crimes including:

Our leading criminal defense attorneys, Kate Corrigan, Edward Welbourn and Allan Stokke, bring over 75 years combined criminal law experience as both defense attorneys and former prosecutors. This range of experience uniquely qualifies CWS to handle a wide range of cases. Corrigan | Welbourn | Stokke has successfully defended hundreds of clients charged with misdemeanor and felony crimes in state and federal courts throughout the United States. Our strong trial and advocacy skills, negotiation ability, integrity and client service are the keys to our great success.

Corrigan | Welbourn | Stokke attacks each criminal defense case with an aggressive enthusiasm that is unsurpassed. CWS understands that being accused of a criminal charge can have an intense emotional impact on any person’s life. We are sympathetic to our clients’ needs, and make ourselves accessible to our clients whenever we are needed. We regularly provide our personal cell phone numbers and email addresses to clients, to ensure that they are comfortable and able to reach us whenever they feel necessary.

Newport Beach, Santa Ana, Fullerton, Westminster Lawyers

CWS Defense has the experience and skills to help build a strong criminal defense on your behalf. We regularly appear before judges throughout Orange County, Newport Beach, Westminster, Santa Ana and Fullerton. Our reputation as an aggressive and effective criminal defense law firm in Orange County, Newport Beach, Westminster and Santa Ana is unparalleled. We are active members within the legal community, and are all members of the Orange County Bar Association. Edward Welbourn is a current Board Member of the Orange County Criminal Defense Bar Association. Kate Corrigan is the former president of the Orange County Chapter of the Federal Bar Association and the Orange County Criminal Defense Bar Association.

Areas Of Expertise

White Collar Crimes

Federal Crimes

State Crimes

DUI / Reckless Driving

Drug Crimes

Gang Crimes

Burglary / Robbery

Theft Crimes

Domestic Violence

Murder / Attempt

Health Care Fraud

Three Strikes Law

Sexual Offenses


The materials on this site and information provided are not intended to create an attorney-client relationship. The use of this website is for informational purposes only & does not provide legal advice or form an attorney/client relationship without the written agreement of all parties.

Contact Us

4100 Newport Place
Suite 550
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Texas Personal Injury Lawyer – board certified – personal injury trial law – medical malpractice

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Welcome to the Personal Injury website of

Sarnie Randle has been an attorney since 1975 and board certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1984. He is highly regarded as a competent trial lawyer with over 30 years experience representing injured victims in personal injury claims. Many of them have had auto accidents, truck accidents or motorcycle accidents, as well as injuries from pedestrian accidents, premises liabilities, products liabilities, slip-n-falls, breach of contract, deceptive trade practices, construction accidents, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse\negligence, and wrongful death cases. Sarnie Randle is committed to fighting for the rights of individuals, and their families, who have suffered injuries and wrongful deaths due to the negligent conduct of others. Attorney Randle will handle the insurance adjusters and work hard to obtain the maximum for your injury.

Personal injury law is complex and negligence can be difficult to prove. Only an experienced personal injury attorney can effectively establish and present the facts of your case to ensure that you receive fair compensation. If you have been hurt because of another person or company’s negligence, you may be entitled to recover damages from those responsible. Sarnie Randle will thoroughly analyze your case and offer advice as to your best legal options. Whether he is working with you to reach a fair and equitable settlement, or is aggressively pursuing litigation, he acts in your best interest.

Because of the Statute of Limitations, it is important that you act quickly or you may permanently lose your right to file a claim. The sooner you call attorney Randle, the sooner he can go to work on your behalf. Remember, time is on the side of the insurance companies. The longer you wait, the weaker your personal injury case becomes. Witnesses forget or move, physical evidence is removed, and claims filing deadlines run out. You need to act now.

(713) 626-8600

The call is FREE and so is your initial consultation. In fact, YOU PAY US NOTHING unless we make a recovery for you. Our fee is contingent on securing a verdict or settlement for you.

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Take The Right Path To Legal Success

  • Criminal Defense We have represented individuals facing an array of criminal charges. and are known for vigorous representation. Learn More

  • Family Law Divorce is a time of emotional turmoil. You need a seasoned lawyer who understands the process and how it will impact your life. Learn More

  • Contact Us We take holistic approach to client service and work to ensure that you receive all of the necessary tools to move toward success. Contact Us

    Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers in Minneapolis, Minnesota

    At Groshek Law in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we understand that each case, and each person, is different. In order to represent each individual to the best of our ability, we listen intently to our clients’ problems, needs and concerns. We work closely with our clients to determine the best course of action for their legal matters.

    At Groshek Law, each client is viewed as an individual, not a legal problem. To set up a free initial consultation with an attorney, call us today at 612-424-5829 or toll free at 888-721-1056.

    Defending Clients Against Criminal Charges

    Our criminal defense lawyers take a holistic approach in representing our clients and work to ensure that they receive all of the necessary tools to move toward bright and successful futures. We have a broad depth of experience handling all aspects of criminal defense, including:

    • Violent crimes
    • Drug crimes
    • DUI/DWI
    • Juvenile delinquency
    • Sex crimes
    • White collar crimes

    Understanding Your Options After You’ve Been Arrested or Convicted

    Our attorneys have a deep understanding of the criminal justice system and possesses the know-how to quickly determine the best strategies for defending her clients. While we prepare every case for trial, we will negotiate a resolution when it is in our clients’ interests.

    Our lawyers have represented individuals facing an array of criminal charges. We are known for our vigorous representation and have built our practice on referrals from former clients. To learn more about some of the cases that we have tried, please visit the Successful Cases page.

    Family Law Practiced With Compassion

    Representation in Child Protection Cases

    Our law firm has extensive experience working with the state of Minnesota in child protection cases. We are committed to helping parents who are facing serious allegations of neglect or abuse. From accusations of shaking a baby to child molestation, we will work hard to ensure that you receive the compassionate support and aggressive representation you need.

    Defending Your Professional License

    Workers in many professions rely on their licenses in order to make a living. When you are facing license revocation, it is vital to have an attorney by your side who can help protect your livelihood. Our defense lawyers work diligently to protect the licenses of clients in a wide range of professions, from nurses to real estate agents, who may be facing administrative action or criminal charges.

    Contact Us for Help With Criminal Defense or Family Law Matters

    Groshek Law is conveniently located in downtown Minneapolis. Contact the firm online today to schedule a free initial consultation or call 612-424-5829 or toll free at 888-721-1056.

    All of the attorneys at Groshek Law PA believe in a holistic approach when it comes to practicing law. We delve deep into your story to give you the best representation possible. Meet Our Team

    Schedule a Free Consultation*

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    Pennsylvania Divorce Law – Attorneys #divorce #attorneys #in #milwaukee

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    Divorce can be the most trying period in a man s life. Cordell Cordell, a family law firm dedicated to protecting fathers rights in Pennsylvania, hopes to make it easier for you and your children. Our divorce attorneys focus entirely on men s divorce, child custody, paternity, modification and other Pennsylvania divorce law issues.

    Cordell Cordell offers legal representation throughout the state with offices in the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia metro areas, including locations in New Jersey. Our divorce attorneys are committed to delivering the best result possible, and we fight to be a partner men can count on.

    To schedule an appointment, call 1-866-DADS-LAW or the numbers listed to the right to your local office.

    Pennsylvania Divorce FAQ

    What are the grounds for filing for divorce in Pennsylvania?

    In Pennsylvania, divorce is divided into two categories: “fault” and “no fault.” A divorce on fault grounds requires that the plaintiff prove that he or she is the innocent and injured spouse and that the other spouse is guilty of one of six categories of marital misconduct: adultery, desertion, cruel and barbarous treatment, bigamy, imprisonment for a crime, and indignities. A divorce based on no-fault grounds must assert that the marriage is irretrievably broken.

    How much will my divorce cost?

    It depends. The cost of divorce is entirely case specific. If the parties have many assets and debts to evaluate for distribution, it can be a fairly long, complicated and expensive process. Additionally, Pennsylvania employs a trifurcated system, meaning that divorce, custody and support can be handled at different times. If your case involves all three, it will be more expensive to litigate.

    Can I annul my marriage?

    Yes. In Pennsylvania, annulment is the manner in which invalid marriages are terminated. A marriage is invalid, for instance, if either party was incapable of consenting to marriage by reason of insanity, or if either party was, at the time of the purported marriage, validly married to another person. Not finding the answer you are looking for? Browse our entire Pennsylvania Divorce FAQ.

    Pennsylvania Child Custody Questions

    Who will get custody of our child?

    Long-standing law in Pennsylvania is that the most important consideration when determining custody is the best interest of the child. To determine the child’s best interests, the court must look at all factors that legitimately impact the child physically, intellectually, morally and spiritually. The court will take many factors into account to make this determination, including but not limited to the child’s preference, custody arrangements of sibling, which party has typically been the primary caretaker, etc.

    Can I modify custody?

    Custody can be modified at any time at the initiation of either party, keeping in mind that the paramount consideration for determining custody is the best interest of the child. A change in circumstances is not required to modify a custody order, however, it may be unlikely to obtain a change in the schedule if there has been no change in circumstances. Not finding the answer you are looking for? Browse our entire Pennsylvania Child Custody FAQ.

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    Lee W, dallas divorce attorneys.#Dallas #divorce #attorneys

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    dallas divorce attorneys

    Lee has over 30 years’ experience in all facets of family law cases and has headed the firm’s family law practice for the last 20 years. Since 1999, Lee has also gained extensive experience in the areas of real estate, title insurance, commercial transactions and has represented numerous local developers regarding shopping centers, commercial buildings, subdivision developments and joint ventures.

    Lee was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana, on April 26, 1957. Lee is the father of two children and enjoys saltwater fishing and hunting.

    Admitted to bar, 1984, Louisiana; admitted to bar, 2001, Texas; U.S. District Court, Western District of Louisiana. Education: Louisiana State University (B.S., 1979; J.D., 1983). Served as law clerk for the Honorable Edwin F. Hunter, U.S. District Judge for Western District of Louisiana (1984). Member: Southwest Louisiana Bar Association; Louisiana State Bar Association; American Bar Association; the Federal Bar Association for the Western District of Louisiana; Southwest Louisiana Title Examiners Roundtable; Notarial Committee for Calcasieu Parish (Chairman, 1998 and 2003); The Texas State Bar Association and Southwest La. Family Law Section (Chairman, 2011 and 2012).

    • Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Big Brother of the Year (1997)
    • Young Men s Business Club
    • Youth Hockey League, Pirate Kids
    • South Lake Charles Dixie Youth Baseball, Coach Ducks Unlimited
    • Coastal Conservation Association
    • Crime Stoppers of Lake Charles, Inc. (Chairman, 2002)
    • Literacy Council of Southwest Louisiana (President, 2007)
    • Wheels of Hope charity bicycle ride to benefit the St. Nicholas Center (Event Coordinator, 2012-present)
    • Thomason vs Thomason, 776 So2d 553 (3rd Cir. 2000)
    • Litton vs. Litton, 879 So2d 907 (3rd. Cir. 2004)
    • Findley vs. Findley, 937 So2d 912 (3rd Cir. 2004)
    • Comeaux vs. Comeaux, 7 So3d 110 (3rd Cir. 2009)
    • King vs. Moton, 09 821 (3rd Cir. 2010)
    • Trahan vs. 2010 Beglis, LLC, 81 So. 3d 192 (3rd Cir. 2011)

    Dallas divorce attorneys

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    Tax Attorneys Bethesda #investment #fraud #attorneys

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    JDKatz: Attorneys at Law

    JDKatz: Attorneys At Law

    JDKatz Areas of Expertise

    Why do clients choose us?

    At JDKatz, P.C. we believe that listening to your legal needs are what drives your solutions and experience.

    Because we’re driven by your needs, not ours, our staff works harder to understand your requirements. Our attorneys, in-house CPA’s, and staff are flexible, proactive problem solvers. We use law and accounting as tools to provide innovative and tailored solutions that deliver a better outcome for you, or for your business.

    You don t need a lawyer—you need a solution Our people are our greatest asset, and we’ve assembled a team of innovative thinkers who are problem solvers first and lawyers second. We apply “game theory” where appropriate to devise solutions which are specifically designed to keep our clients out of court, when appropriate.

    We don t want “clients” We believe that the individuals, businesses and groups that we work with come as our partners, and leave as our friends. We aim to become an extension of your team, and ultimately be thought as part of your extended family.

    There s no i in JDKatz We believe that to put your needs at the heart of everything we do, translates into your success, and we believe that your success determines ours. We do our best to be easy to contact, using state-of-the-art technology so our clients can access us whenever they need us.

    Award winning – We are a top-rated firm, with award winning recognition from our clients and our peers, as determined by SuperLawyers. Avvo, and The Daily Record, But we don’t measure our success in trophies or accolades but the accomplishments of our clients The trophies themselves aren t important, but the dynamism and work ethic that won them is.

    Don t just take our word for it – We believe that the best recognition we receive are referrals from our satisfied clients. Our current clients travel in good company knowing that the vast majority of our referrals are from other attorneys, accountants and financial advisors, as well as former clients, many of whom have read our articles and publications from Dow Jones, BloombergBNA, WJLA-TV (ABC-7,) International Business Times, Thomson-West, Lexis-Nexis, and the Washington Business Journal

    We have local law offices in both Bethesda and Washington, D.C. and from there we are able to serve the mid-Atlantic region with personalized, straightforward law services. Contact us now, our team is available 24/7 and ready to help.



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    TBI: Injury Brain Car Accident #automobile #accident #lawyers,auto #accident #lawyers,car #accident #lawyers,traffic #accident #lawyer,accidents #lawyers,accidents

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    Car Accident TBI

    Over half of all reported traumatic brain injuries are the result of an automobile accident. A traumatic brain injury can occur as a result of any force that penetrates or fractures the skull; areas which are susceptible during an auto accident.

    Trauma to the brain can occur during an automobile accident when the skull strikes, for example, an object like a steering wheel or windshield. There may or may not be an open wound to the skull due to the accident, however in automobile accidents, the skull may not necessarily need to have been penetrated or fractured for a traumatic brain injury to occur. In the case of an automobile accident the sheer force of the accident can cause the brain to collide against the internal hard bone of the skull. The reason why this can occur is that when a moving head comes to a quick stop, the brain continues in its movement, striking the interior of the skull. This can cause bruising of the brain (referred to as a contusion) and bleeding (brain hemorrhage) which may not be visible at the time of injury.

    Blunt trauma is a more serious type of head injury that can occur in an automobile accident when a moving head strikes a stationary object like the windshield, where the head is impacted causing an open wound which can be sustained from a variety of sources such as roof crush or occupant ejection in a car accident. At impact the brain opposite the site of impact is pulled away from the skull, injuring the brain there.

    When a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury or any type of severe injury in which the occupants of a motor vehicle have sustained serious, debilitating injuries severely affecting their way of life, there are a number of factors that should be evaluated. In some cases the extent of the injury may have been more severe due to outside factors that contributed to the accident.

    Crashworthiness is a term used to define the ability of a structure, such as an automobile, to protect its occupants during an impact. The crashworthiness of a vehicle is a term used commonly when testing and investigating the safety of vehicles. In the case of an automobile accident which has led to a more severe injury such as a traumatic brain injury, you may want to discuss your case with an experienced attorney to find out if your injury was caused by factors outside of the types of injuries that one may see in a motor vehicle accident.

    Depending on the nature of the impact and the vehicle involved, different criteria are used to determine the crashworthiness of the structure. In a crashworthiness case, it doesn t matter whose fault the accident was, and it doesn t matter how the accident occurred; the real question in the case is, Did the vehicle protect the person driving and the passenger(s) as it should have in the crash, according to attorney Joel Rosen of the law firm of Cohen, Placitella and Roth.

    There is a duty known as the crashworthiness doctrine which states that although a collision may not be the normal or intended use of a motor vehicle, vehicle manufacturers must take accidents into consideration as reasonably forseeable occurences involving their products. The design and manufacture of products should not be carried out in an industrial vacuum, but with recognition of the realities of everyday use The manufacturer must evaluate the crashworthiness of his product and take such steps as may be reasonable and practicable to forestall particular crash injuries, continues attorney Joel Rosen.

    In the case of an automobile accident, a traumatic brain injury may have occurred due to an automotive defect. Cases of an automotive defect have recently been featured in the news such as sudden acceleration, in which the vehicle suddenly accelerates due to a manufacturing defect. In these types of cases, there is a pre-existing defect in the vehicle, which may have actually caused the accident to occur. An automotive defect or defective part, can include anything from defective seatbelts, defective airbags, defective seatbelts, child seat safety failures or product recalls, tire failure or defective tires, improper window glazing, laminated versus tempered glass on windshields, side and rear windows, faulty door latches, improperly designed roofs which can crush in a car accident which results in a rollover, or defects in the vehicle which lead to rollovers.

    When these types of automotive defects contribute to the accident, it can lead to more severe injuries for the victims.

    No one expects to get hurt. But if you or a loved one has been injured in an automobile accident, you need to someone who can stand up for you, protect your rights and fight for what is fair.

    You ll want to contact an attorney who has the experience you and your family need. The lawyer will be able to assist in determining if you are entitled to compensatory damages for your injuries from those responsible due to at-fault, negligent, reckless or aggressive drivers or by other means such as defective parts, defective or recalled vehicle, or automotive design defects. These include the cost of medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Victims may also be entitled to punitive damages, which are designed to punish the defendant for their reckless behavior in the case of automotive negligence/ liability claims. Click here to contact an experienced attorney now.

    The following sections explain:

    SAC Attorneys: San Jose Business & Immigration Lawyers #san #jose #attorneys

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    Attorneys in San Jose

    The SAC Attorneys LLP Advantage

    Being faced with a difficult legal matter requires retaining veteran and skilled legal professionals who will work tirelessly to help you through every step of the process. Clients who come to SAC Attorneys LLP can appreciate our accessibility and responsive nature, our client-focused approach, and our extensive legal background that is necessary to successfully tackle any obstacles you may encounter. We understand various complex legal fields, inside-and-out, allowing you to come to us whenever you need legal assistance, counsel, or representation.

    For strong, effective, and winning legal solutions, contact our San Jose attorneys at SAC Attorneys LLP online or at (408) 797-3332 .

    Serving Silicon Valley and Beyond

    At SAC Attorneys LLP, we have successfully represented countless clients throughout Silicon Valley. Our San Jose attorneys primarily focus on five intricate practice areas: business and corporate law. civil litigation. immigration law. intellectual property law. and trusts and estates. We have built a proven reputation upon trust and open communication we believe our clients should be aware of their rights, so we take the time to sit down with them and discuss all legal options. Ranging from diverse backgrounds, our team has more than 50 years of combined legal experience to put to good use and seek comprehensive solutions for our clients.

    Dedicated Help is a Phone Call Away

    Navigating the legal system is no easy feat, no matter the details of your case, claim, or situation. Speak to our San Jose attorneys to ensure you are headed in the right direction. From initial filing processes to appeals to court hearings, we will be right by your side, start to finish.


    What Our Clients Say About Us

    I will be happy to recommend SAC Attorneys LLP to colleagues and friends.

    – Prof. A. Sotomayor

    Mr. Cai Is a Diligent Attorney

    He Is Simply One of THE Best.

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