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Free Image and Photo Editing Software

Free drawing and painting programs, photo manipulation tools, image and animation creation software

Free Drawing and Painting Programs, Image/Photo Manipulation, Photo Editing, Animation Creation Software

This page lists free programs or tools which you can use to create graphic images, edit pictures, manipulate or modify digital photographs (photos), create animations (animated graphics), create logos for your website. and otherwise draw or paint an image. The tools often handle a variety of formats, such as GIF, JPEG (JPG), PNG, TIF, BMP, and others.

If you need something to stitch photographs together to create a particularly wide-angled panoramic photograph (or even tall photographs or 360 degree shots), you might find one of the programs on the Free Photo / Image Stitching Software: Make a Panorama from Separate Pictures easier to use than manually piecing the photos together.

NOTE: If you are here looking for the 3D graphics software that was previously listed on this page, please note that they have been moved to their own page, the Free 3D Graphics Software: Create 3D Content for Games, Videos, Film and Animation page.

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Free Drawing and Painting Programs, Image Manipulation and Photo Editing Software

Krita is a digital sketching and painting software for a number of systems. It has a wide variety of brushes including pixel, smudge, duplicate, filter, hairy, hatching, texture, chalk, colour (“color” in US English ) smudge, curve, deform, dyna, experiment (Alchemy), grid, particle, sketch and spray. Other features include the ability to rotate or mirror your canvas; vector tools like normal text, artistic text, calligraphy, selection, path, fill and gradient; raster tools like a number of shapes and lines (eg, ellipse, polygon, rectangle, star, etc), crop, move, perspective grid, the ability to select in different ways (eg, freehand, polygon, outline, etc) and act on that selection (eg to fill it), zoom, pan, etc; layer management; filters (eg, colour adjustment, brightness, contrast, desaturate, raindrops, oil paint, pixelize, motion blur, sharpen, gaussian noise removel, etc there are far too many to list here); support for different colour models (RGBA, Gray, CMYKA, Law, YCbCr, XYZ) and colour management; etc. It supports numerous file formats for import and export, such as PSD (ie Photoshop images), PNG, JPEG, JPEG-2000, Windows BMP, TIFF, PDF, PPM, PGM, PBM, EXR, OpenRaster document, etc. Supported platforms include Windows, Linux and FreeBSD.

This program, mtPaint, lets you create “pixel art” and manipulate digital photographs. It presents you with a pixel grid of your picture, at varying zoom levels, so that you can accurately paint or edit it. It works with pressure sensitive graphics tablets, supports multiple layers (up to 100, at the time this was written), has numerous brush patterns, user-defined gradients, undo, multiple image clipboards, gamma correction, a variety of effects (eg, invert, greyscale, isometric transformations, edge detect, sharpen, “unsharp” mask, soften, Gaussian blur, emboss, etc), crop, rescaling, screen capture. etc. The program works in Windows and Linux, and is open source, under the GNU General Public License.

Pencil is an open source (free) animation drawing software that runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. That is, you can use it to draw pictures that you can string together to form an animation or cartoon. This cartoon can be exported as a series of PNG images, in a Flash file format (which you can exhibit on your own website ) or as a QuickTime movie (the QuickTime movie export only works in the Mac OS X version at the moment). Sound can also be added to cartoon. The program supports both bitmap and vector graphics.

This is a photo and graphics editor that lets you work with multiple images simultaneously, edit and enhance those pictures, apply filters to your photos, use basic shapes and paint brushes to draw your pictures, use flood fill, apply simple gradients, apply special effects, print your pictures, etc. This is a Windows program.

This freeware paint program may be used to create and edit images on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Unix. Features include a pencil for editing pixels, a variety of lines (curved, straight, freehand), a paint brush with resizable heads, a spray can with resizable nozzle and a global spray facility, shape tools (star, moon, heart, regular polygon, freehand), paint can with colour bleed sensitivity, text entry, HSB/RGB/contrast/gamma adjustment, image filters (invert, grey, black and white, colour, sharpen, blur, edge feathering, edge detection, oil painting effect, emboss), image colour and transparency adjustment, zoom in and out, selection and moving tools (scissors, lasso, wand), undo and redo, printing with page auto-fit, etc.

This image editor lets you create and modify JPG, PNG, BMP and other types of raster images. It supports layers with effects, has many drawing tools that can do gamma-blending and color gradient interpolation, has sub-pixel accuracy, the usual assortment of tools (magic wand, transformation, brushes, rectangles, ellipses, polygons, etc) and filters (drop shadow, blur, bevel, colour corrections, etc), supports PhotoShop plugins as well as customizations using JavaScript, etc.

Dia is a diagram creation program inspired by the commercial “Visio”. A drawing program rather than a painting one, it has many facilities to help you draw diagrams, including special objects for drawing entity relationship diagrams, UML diagrams, flowcharts, network diagrams, etc. It saves files to a custom XML format, but can also export to other formats like EPS, SVG, XFIG, WMF and PNG. Other features include the ability to print multi-page diagrams. Dia works on Windows and Linux. Source code is also available.

IrfanView is primarily an image viewer that can double as a simple image editor that can perform tasks like resizing of images, converting images between formats, renaming of files, etc. It is able to perform batch conversion of images and pictures as well as batch renaming of files, which is a handy feature when you have many files you need to process.

GIMP, often touted as a Adobe Photoshop replacement by its fans, allows you to create and edit images and photos. It has the usual facilities found in many commercial paint programs such as a variety of paint tools (Brush, Airbrush, Pencil, Clone, custom brushes and patterns, etc), full alpha channel support, layers and channels, transformation tools (rotate, scale, sheer, flip), multiple undo and redo, selection tools (rectangle, ellipse, free, fuzzy, intelligent, bezier, polygonal), animation support (including MNG), numerous file formats (BMP, GIF, JPEG, MNG, PCX, PDF. PS, PSD, PNG, SVG, TIF, TGA, XPM, etc) including conversion between different file formats, and so on. Supported systems include Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD and Sun Solaris. This is an open source program.

Tux Paint is a drawing software designed for young children. It has cute looking buttons, sound effects and a mascot that encourages children as they use the program. Supported systems include Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD and NetBSD.

Paint.NET is an image and photo manipulation program that supports layers, unlimited undo and redo, special effects, drawing tools (tools for drawing shapes, splines, Bezier curves, etc), etc. It runs under Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista. It requires the Microsoft .NET Framework (hence its name).

Inkscape is a scalable vector graphics (SVG) editor. It is open source, and versions are available for Windows 2000, XP, 2003, and OS X.

MyPaint is an open source painting software that comes with a large number of brushes, including pencil, charcoal, smudge, ink, etc; support for creating your own types of brushes; unlimited canvas; layer support; support for pressure sensitive graphics tablets; and so on. Windows and Linux versions are available, as well as a plugin for GIMP (see elsewhere on this page so that you can open and save MyPaint native files with that software.

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Free Burning Software and DVD Copying Software #free #scrabble #online

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Introducing BurnAware, full-featured disc burning software.

BurnAware is a family of full-featured and free burning software to create CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs of all types. Home users can easily burn bootable discs, multisession discs, high-quality audio CDs and video DVDs, make, copy and burn disc images. Power users will benefit from BurnAware’s advanced options, including control of boot settings, UDF partition and versions, ISO levels and restrictions, session selection, CD text for tracks and discs, data recovering, disc spanning and direct copying.

BurnAware v9.4

Read release notes for latest version or view complete changelog.

All Media Storage

Support of a wide range of optical disc data storage, including CD, DVD, Blu-ray discs, Double Layer discs, rewritable and extra large capacity DVD and Blu-ray media.

Various Tasks

BurnAware covers all daily burning tasks such as disc burning, backup, verification, image creation, copying, erasing, data recovery, audio track extraction.

Three Editions

We offer a full range of burning software with something for everyone, it can be full-featured free burning software or commercial software with extra tools.

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Audio and Web Conferencing – Online Web Meeting #free #games #download #for #pc

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Web, Audio Video Conferencing

Easy, worry-free webinars

Audio and web conferencing services

Easily schedule and conduct collaboration sessions, sales demos, remote support and training sessions with ReadyTalk’s online meetings. Its intuitive interface lets you poll your audience, control audio, share your desktop applications, chat with participants and more.

Learn more about our audio and web conferencing.

Conduct webinar events

Generate leads and train without breaking your budget with ReadyTalk’s webinars. Easily host polished webinars and leverage your recorded content for an affordable price. Event packages include everything needed to host a flawless web event at a fixed price.

Learn more about our webinars.

Stream live video at your meeting

Unrivaled technology makes it easy to create and broadcast video presentations and speeches using ReadyTalk’s webcasts. Now you can host town halls, keynote speeches, training sessions, or marketing webinars with customized branding, streaming HD video, shared slides and more.

Learn more about our webcasts.

Easy, impromptu video meetings

Make instant, spontaneous video meetings a breeze. Your remote employees will feel engaged again. And it’s easy to do. How easy? If you can click a link, you can meet and collaborate.

See FoxDen and FoxDen Connect, both powered by ReadyTalk, in action.

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Slots – Play Free Online Slots and Slot Machines! #free #catalogs

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Introduction to Slots and Free Slots in SlotsMama

Unlike other traditional table games such as blackjack or poker, slots don’t require any gambling knowledge, we don’t have any slots guide to teach you how to play the slots, anyone can get in the slots game with a very small bet. No skills required to play the slot machine, no slots tips or winning strategies .

All the slots game in are free and just play for fun. We work on these slot machines as a labor of love, with the hopes that people will find it useful, and in turn share it with their own friends and family. We welcome you to join us to test the new online slots, Jurassic Park. Penny Slots. Loose Slots. Super Slot o bot. Cash Cruiser. Million Dollar Rally. Jungle Adventures Slots. Snow Mountain Slot. or our first Bonus Slots .

This is a Free Slots site, all the Slot Machine games here are no download required, most of the games in Slots Mama have higher payout than the Las Vegas Slots or other real money casino slots, so you get a better chance to beat these Las Vegas style casino slot machines. Winning slots is really a fun .

Today’s slots game are programmed by computer to continually select a set of numbers at random, most of the slots games are programmed using C language or Java, and more and more providers are moving to online browser based version which allows you to play the game without download or install game software on your desktop.

Software such as Macromedia Flash and Java Applet are usually used to develop the no download casino games, but you will need to have the Flash plug-in pre-installed in your browser to display the flash slots.

Like the traditional Slot Machine, online slots is a random game, regardless what programming language used to build the online slots games, a random-number generator is always placed in the slots software. When the player click the Spin button or pull the handle, the computer spins the reels, and finally stops at the various symbols correspond to the number series generated by the random number generator.

The technology of slot machines has also changed a lot over the years. The classic mechanical slots have been almost completely replaced by the slot machine box controlled by computer chips. The slot games have been remained the same, but everything has been changed in the back. The player pulls a handle to rotate a series of reels (typically three) that have pictures printed on them. The reels will stop where the computer chip tells them to stop. The pictures combination stays with the pay line, a line in the middle of a viewing window determine winning or losing.

The slot machines are programmed to return the player’s percentages explosively. That is, sometimes nothing comes out (more often than not) and sometimes a hell of a lot comes pouring out (rare, but heart-throbbing exciting). It is the lure of a great windfall (or even a little breeze) that excites the slot player. After all, inside the belly of that computerized beast are sequences that can make you rich and richer and even richer than that – and the heart pounds with that knowledge. And thus the casino can return its 92 cents on the dollar because it is giving us more than eight cents worth of anticipatory thrills with every dollar we plunk into the machine’s maw.

Free Gambling for fun is always our choice, and we would like to keep you as long as possible in this free slots site, however, if you cannot find the information you need here, please visit our links page.

Slots News from our Weblog

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WordWeb: Free English dictionary and thesaurus download #free #mp3 #songs

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WordWeb is for Windows PCs. For the Mac OS X please see Mac Dictionary Software

WordWeb is for Windows PCs. For Android please see WordWeb Dictionary for Android

  • One-click lookup in any almost any Windows program
  • Hundreds of thousands of definitions and synonyms
  • Updated with the latest international English words
  • Works offline, or reference to Wikipedia and web references

Millions of people from all over the world use this top-rated software.

Get WordWeb Pro. full audio + add Oxford and Chambers dictionaries.

WordWeb 8 for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (desktop)
Free *. No SpyWare. No AdWare. No viruses. Works off-line.

The software has a full dictionary and thesaurus for American, British, Canadian, Australian, Indian, and global English.

* WordWeb is fully functional, and free if you satisfy the licensing conditions. All users may also try out the free version and then buy WordWeb Pro .

Copyright WordWeb Software. All Rights Reserved.

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Advanced Word to Pdf Converter Free – Free download and software reviews – CNET #free

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Advanced Word to Pdf Converter Free

2009-04-20 06:10:03 | By Tom_1942

| Version: Advanced Word to Pdf Converter Free 5.0

The free version provides a partial, altered sample so you can see what the purchased product would do.

Free version puts an advertisement at top of a partially converted document. You have to link the document to the application in its directory. The uninstall is incomplete, leaving a directory with files in it.

The free version is nothing more than a sales gimmick for the paid version. It slowly does an incomplete conversion inserting an advertisement at the top of the document. The resulting file didn’t look all that great either. I have no idea as to the quality of the paid version as I found the free version’s operation onerous. The uninstall was incomplete. I had a message about running a DLL that I found disquieting. MS’s control panel uninstall gave a message of an error on uninstall. After uninstall it left a directory with files in it that I manually removed. I have yet to run a registry cleaner but shall do that and run a virus checker soon. Not recommended.

What a Waste of time.

2009-03-20 00:07:26 | By roycmathew

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Best Online Plagiarism Checker and Similarity Detector #free #online #dating #sites

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Online Plagiarism Checker

5000+ happy users in Ukraine,

already check for plagiarism online via Noplag.

No obligation, no credit card required.

Check for similarities in billions…

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Whether you are a student overwhelmed with lots of academic writing, or a teacher overwhelmed with even greater amounts of writing to check, you certainly have to deal with plagiarism. You know it may be hard to find a plagiarism checker that is efficient, works fast and provides easy-to-understand results. Sometimes, one may feel like shouting, “A good plagiarism checker! My kingdom for a good plagiarism checker!” Contrary to the common assumption, a high quality plagiarism checker doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg – or your entire kingdom – but using a poor quality one really might. Accidentally lost or mismatched sources of research material, lacking or improper citations and attributions, and/or poor paraphrasing may cause you lots of trouble, but an efficient plagiarism detector that uses the latest multi-way scanning algorithms can alert you to these problems.

Accurate checks at a reasonable price – is this possible? It is, if you aim at creating a product that meets the needs of a variety of users, not just the ones with a considerable budget and lots of documents to scan for plagiarism on a regular basis. That’s why an innovative Noplag online service was created with maximum effectiveness in mind, based on advanced algorithms of checking your texts against the Internet, public repositories and Noplag extensive database of academic papers. It is very fast, as compared to other plagiarism scanners, and provides a detailed plagiarism report that you can send and share. So don’t let plagiarism issues slow you down any more, deal with them in the fastest and most effective way that modern technology provides!

  • Plagiarism checker for universities/colleges/schools;
  • Plagiarism checker for students/teachers/academics;
  • Plagiarism checker for freelance writers, website owners, bloggers/journalists;

and anyone else wishing to find out if their written work contains plagiarism.

Everything that has once been problematic about plagiarism or its detection can be easily avoided today. Many people continue to carelessly think that plagiarism may be a problem, but it’s not THEIR problem. We can agree, but this definition is missing one main component: a high quality plagiarism checker. If you are using a reliable, efficient and accurate service such as Noplag to check for plagiarism. and it provides fast, detailed, easy-to-interpret results, you can rest assured that plagiarism is not your problem.

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# – The Leading eBook Store Online

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    New York Times bestsellers

    The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo Amy Schumer #1 New York Times Bestseller “Amy Schumer’s book will make you love her even more. For a comedian of unbridled (and generally hilarious) causticity, Schumer has written a probing, confessional, unguarded, and, yes, majorly humanizing non-memoir.

  • Sting Sandra Brown When Jordie Bennet and Shaw Kinnard lock eyes across a disreputable backwater bar, something definitely sparks. Shaw gives off a dangerous vibe that makes men wary and inspires women to sit up and take notice. None feel that undercurrent more strongly.

  • X Sue Grafton X is the New York Times number 1 bestseller and thrilling, twenty-fourth book in the Kinsey Millhone Alphabet series from Sue Grafton. In hindsight, I marvel at how clueless I was. What I ask myself even now is whether I should have picked.

  • Rogue Lawyer John Grisham ‘The best thriller writer alive’ – Ken Follett Sometimes you have to fight dirty to get clean. Sebastian Rudd takes the cases no one else wants to take: the drug-addled punk accused of murdering two little girls; a crime lord on death row; a.

  • The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Marie Kondo Transform your home into a permanently clear and clutter-free space with the incredible KonMari Method. Japan’s expert declutterer and professional cleaner Marie Kondo will help you tidy your rooms once and for all with her inspirational step-by-step.

  • Me Before You Jojo Moyes THE NEW YORK TIMES NUMBER 1 BESTSELLING NOVEL THAT IS LOVED AROUND THE WORLD, NOW A MAJOR FILM STARRING EMILIA CLARKE AND SAM CLAFLIN Lou Clark knows lots of things. She knows how many footsteps there are between the bus stop and home. She knows.

  • The Girl on the Train Paula Hawkins THE RUNAWAY SUNDAY TIMES NO.1 BESTSELLER AND THRILLER OF THE YEAR ‘Really great suspense novel. Kept me up most of the night. The alcoholic narrator is dead perfect’ STEPHEN KING Rachel catches the same commuter train every morning. She knows.

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  • The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Marie Kondo US$ 12.41

    Me Before You Jojo Moyes US$ 9.01

    The Girl on the Train Paula Hawkins US$ 9.02

    A Man Called Ove Fredrik Backman US$ 10.99

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  • The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo Amy Schumer US$ 13.99

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    Light Stalking: Photography Blog and Community #clothing #boutique

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    We cover how the iPad 4 Mini for photographers, really stands true. Use the iPad mini for quick edits, a portfolio viewer, video monitor, planner more!

    One of the greatest shows in the photography world Photokina 2016. This year s been no exception to generating loads of buzz with exciting announcements!

    Toad Hollow Photography have only been away one week and look what they ve come up with for you to sit back and browse over some incredible photography links!

    The Professional Instagrammer requires gear for their smartphone, photography no crosses borders across many mediums of camera. Here s a guide!

    Set loose your creative soul, and start experimenting with the unique opportunities fisheye lenses offer! This guide will teach you the what, why, how s of using these fantastic pieces of gear.

    Not only is motion in photography fun, it s also challenging and rewarding too! We ll show you how simple techniques can produce beautifully crafted images.

    Digital photography requires memory storage for your images, so having a reliable guide to buying an SD card is really important before you go out and buy. Make sure you ve researched brands, price, types of SD card and retailers just like with any purchase of camera equipment, do your homework and you can t go wrong!

    As a traveling photographer, weight is often of primary concern (especially with budget airlines these days). So, here s a laptop-less trip reviewed to see how I got on!

    Connecting with your audience isn t exact, just being present and available they will sense this. Be open to feedback and be a transparent photographer because your audience will instantly pick up on this and engage far more. Even if you re a pro and often produce stunning work, a side of personality or even vulnerability speaks volumes

    Wow, Toad Hollow Photography have done it again, bringing another great collection of photography links to sit back, relax and enjoy

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    EclipseCrossword – the fast, easy, and FREE way to create crossword puzzles in minutes #free

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    Welcome to EclipseCrossword!

    EclipseCrossword is the fast, easy. free way to create crossword puzzles in minutes.

    It’s never been simpler—just give EclipseCrossword a list of words and clues, and it does the rest. In seconds, you’ll have a crossword puzzle with just the words you want. EclipseCrossword has been downloaded more than five million times by people just like you.

    Who can use EclipseCrossword?

    • Teachers and parents: Use crosswords to review vocabulary and lessons for all subjects. Students may actually even enjoy doing the assignment! Crossword puzzles encourage logical thinking and correct spelling. Crosswords can be printed or uploaded to your website.
    • Webmasters: You can easily create interactive crossword puzzle web pages with EclipseCrossword crossword puzzles are a great way to get people to stay on your site, and come back in the future. Your visitors can play the puzzle right on your website, or you can post a printable version so they can solve it at their leisure.
    • Newsletter editors: Nobody reads your newsletter? Try adding a crossword puzzle next time, and maybe people will look at it before throwing it away. EclipseCrossword lets you easily save files that can be used in your word processor or publishing software.
    • You! Anybody can use EclipseCrossword to produce great-looking crossword puzzles. If you re not sure what you d make a crossword about, check out these ideas .

    New on

    We added step-by-step instructions on how to get a free website on Neocities and upload your crosswords there.

    EclipseCrossword and © 1999-2016 Green Eclipse . [ legal info | privacy policy | donation box | link to us ]
    EclipseCrossword is a free product for Microsoft Windows and includes no spyware or ads. It is not a trial version. (You’re responsible for your own internet fees.) Need help with EclipseCrossword?

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