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microsoft word

About Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the essential word processor, available everywhere from Windows PCs and Macs to Android and iOS phones and tablets. The sturdy productivity app comes with a broad collection of templates, handy design and formatting tools, and useful collaboration capabilities. For Windows and Mac, you can get Word as part of an Office 365 subscription, a one-time purchase, or free:

  • • Get Microsoft Word as a free download that you can try for 30 days
  • • Use Microsoft Word Online for free via your browser
  • • Subscribe to Office 365. starting at $6.99 per month
  • • Buy Microsoft Word 2016 as a standalone app

Microsoft Word is a free download for Android or iOS, but you can only view documents. To create or edit docs, you’ll have to pay for Office 365.

What does Microsoft Word do?
Word offers more than two dozen templates and themes for building compelling-looking documents, easy-to-use formatting and design tools that help you add a professional look to your work, and powerful collaboration tools for working in real time with others. Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud service lets you view, edit, and store your Word documents online from any Mac, PC, or mobile device. See all that Microsoft Word for Windows or Mac can do.

Can you get a free download of Microsoft Word?
You can download a free one-month copy of Word as part of an Office 365 trial. The trial version gives you full access to all the Office 365 apps and features.

You can also use the free Word Online. which is available through your Web browser and is similar to Google Docs. Word Online provides many of same capabilities as the desktop version of Microsoft Word. Use it to edit, share, and store your documents in the cloud.

Other ways to get Microsoft Word
If you don’t want the time limit of the Office 365 trial or the feature limitations of Word Online, you’ll have to pay. The best option is an Office 365 subscription, which also gives you access to Excel. PowerPoint. OneNote. and other apps, plus the Web version and 1TB of online storage. Office 365 starts at $6.99 per month.

If you don’t want to subscribe, you can buy the Office 2016 suite as a one-time purchase, which also lets you edit and store your files in the cloud. But check out the cons of buying vs. subscribing.

If you don’t need an industrial-strength word processor but still want to create and share documents, you have a handful of choices that should meet your needs.

  • • Google Docs, part of the Google Drive suite of tools, lets you write, edit, and collaborate in the cloud for free.
  • • OpenOffice and LibreOffice offer free productivity apps with similar features to Microsoft’s Office tools.

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Play online games: chess, checkers, backgammon, Battleship, Othello, Connect4, and more! FREE turn-based multiplayer Internet board games #free #music #download

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#free chess games

# is a unique concept in online games.

  • It’s Free! Play for free for months or years if you like (paid membership is optional).
  • It’s simple: No Java, no Flash, no downloads needed
  • Turn-based games with thousands of human opponents
  • Players don’t have to be logged on at the same time– choose when you want to play, and who you want to play with
  • Runs quickly on any browser

Games available include chess, checkers, backgammon, Battleboats, Jamble (a word game), Boatzee (a dice game), Reversi, and Stack4. Over 80 different games and variations.

What makes us different from the other 200 bazillion game sites on the Internet?

Free ItsYourTurn iPhone app available!

Go ahead, take a look around. You don’t need a userid to check out who’s in the waiting room right now. We have thousands of tournaments in progress, and over 500 different ladders to sign up for. If you like board games, we have something for you!

Create new userid

CRM-Express Free – Free download and software reviews – CNET #free #kid #games

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CRM-Express Free

Publisher’s Description

From PGCSoft: CRM-Express Free Edition is a free high quality CRM program. CRM-Express can be used to manage your contacts and customers. Furthermore, the latest version now allows you to do email marketing. The program has a built-in email client. This means that you can send out newsletters, program updates, etc. to a list consisting of a section of your contacts. You can use up to 5 lists in the Free Edition. Unsubscribes and bounced emails can be managed by using the emails received. The email manager also allows you to send out email to a single person or a group. The program also has an address book, task manager, notes and email campaign manager. The address book allows you to manage contacts. All correspondence with a contact like notes, tasks, emails are connected to the contact. If you look-up a contact all this information is immediately available. The Free version never expires.

What’s new in this version:

Email campaigns has been add. You can now.

  • Import contacts from ASCII files
  • Create mailing lists from sub-sections of your contacts
  • Send customized emails to the contacts in the list
  • Handle unsubscribe and bounced emails
  • There is no limit on the number of emails you can send as you use your own email account

2013-11-28 22:30:40 | By OttoAcuna

| Version: CRM-Express Free 2012.8.6

– Relatively low cost licensing
– Works well if you are able to install it
– Low Hardware Requirements

– Terrible Support: wont answer your emails and no phone where to call.
– I paid 5 licences and never was able to install it correctly. Eventually Support stopped answering me and after more than 5 emails to support, sales or anyone in the company. No Answer.


If I were to do it all again, I would buy something else from a better known company. the ‘runners up’ were a bit more expensive, but not in retrospective. they were not only programmers. they were CRM advocates too, and that at the end is important when thinking about the support you get.

Reply by LMWashcoll on June 12, 2014

Who are some of the runner ups that you’ve explored?

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Home page of: The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation s official History and Citizenship site #free #video #editing #software

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#text to speech free

# The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation’s Official History and Citizenship Website

CW Foundation navigation

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Plan your visit to Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area. Special Events, Lodging, Dining, and more.

Find history, education, museums, kid’s games, citizenship, publications, multimedia.

Learn about current research, including archaeology, architecture, digital history, the Library.

A resource exploring the causes, character, and consequences of the American Revolution.

Students and teachers research current issues and discuss on the Virtual Republic.

Our mission, annual reports, newsroom, CW jobs, what’s new, productions, contact us.

Become a donor and preserve Colonial Williamsburg for the future.

Shop WILLIAMSBURG online! Elegant Home D cor, Bed, Bath, Spa, Garden, Gifts and More.

Shop at the Official Colonial Williamsburg Retail Stores and Historic Area Shops. Home Page

This magazine offers articles, photography and insights into Williamsburg’s history and restoration.

In Colonial Williamsburg’s 301-acre Historic Area stand hundreds of restored, reconstructed, and historically furnished buildings. Costumed interpreters tell the stories of the men and women of the 18th-century city black, white, and native American, slave, indentured, and free and the challenges they faced. In this historic place, we help the future learn from the past.

Footer – site information

Free Spyware Detection, Prevention and Removal: Get rid of Adware #pacman #free #online

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Free Spyware Detection, Prevention, Removal

Prevent spyware, adware, trojans and hijackers from infecting your system

Free Spyware Detection, Prevention, Removal

If you ever had programs unexpectedly installing on your system, popping up advertisements, saying voice advertisements or playing music, changing (hijacking) your home page (or start page), modifying your search results, displaying search results when you hit a 404 file not found page, dialing out, and so on, your system has probably been compromised by some spyware, adware, trojan, hijacker or dialer.

Loosely speaking, when this page refers to spyware. it means some program that has been installed on your system that reports something back to the software writer (or website that installed it) – whether it be websites you visit or your activities on the computer or the like. Adware means a program that displays advertisements on your computer; and I don’t mean the usual advertisements you see on web pages that you visit: adware pop-up advertising windows (or in some cases, say some voice message) on your system are not generated by the websites you happen to visit. Dialers are programs that get installed on your system and try to dial up to some telephone line somewhere, sometimes incurring you expensive phone bills. Keyloggers record the keystrokes you type on your computer (some are more sophisticated in capturing screen shots, etc), and either log them or report them to the person who installed them.

This page lists some sites and software that you can use to detect such spyware, adware, trojans, hijackers, dialers, keyloggers and what-have-you on your computer. Some of them will also remove them, and others when installed and run will prevent some of these nasties from being installed in the first place.

Update. This page was created in the early 2000s, back when antivirus software only cleaned up viruses and you needed separate programs to protect you from other types of malware. Nowadays, most (if not all) standard antivirus software also clean up spyware, trojans and the like (although not necessarily adware). As such, if you have a commercial antivirus program like Norton Internet Security or even a free antivirus program. your system probably already has some sort of program that protects you from spyware and the like. If you do not have any antivirus software on your system, please visit the Free Antivirus Software page instead.

Related Pages


If you find that the links to the free software below go to pages which require you to pay money to get software, it means that your computer is badly infested with spyware and adware. You can no longer trust any link you see in your browser. The malware or spyware loaded in your computer has modified the addresses of every page you visit so that you are redirected to the spyware site. You may have to revisit this page from a clean computer to get the real software that is listed on this page.

Free Spyware, Browser Hijacking (etc) Prevention, Detection and Removal

The free edition of this anti-malware software is an on-demand program that detects and removes malware on your computer. (“On-demand” here means that you have to specifically run it to check your system.) From their website, the types of malware targeted by this program include worms, trojans, rootkits, rogue programs, dialers and spyware. They also have a “Pro” version that has a “real-time” component, meaning that it runs all the time in the background and will alert you whenever it detects malware.

This is a free antivirus / anti-malware tool from Microsoft that is reported to be lightweight and generally unobtrusive. It works on XP, Vista and Windows 7 (both 32 and 64 bit). It handles viruses, spyware, trojans, rootkits and other types of malware. Note: the above leads to the Security Essentials main page, from which you can download a stub downloader, which will, in turn, download the actual antivirus software. If you prefer to download the complete software instead of going through the intermediary software, try the download page. (If the download page link is broken, or even the main link above, please let me know. The webmasters at Microsoft frequently change the addresses of their pages without automatically redirecting users to the new locations.)

Spybot Search and Destroy is a spyware detection and removal utility for Windows. It can detect and remove spyware, adware, trojans, hijackers, dialers, malware, keyloggers and numerous other nuisances. The free version is supposed to be nagware (ie, it nags you about buying the paid version).

This anti-spyware program scans your hard disks, removable drives, memory, and registry for adware, spyware, malware, trojans, dialers, worms, keyloggers, hijackers, etc. Besides being able to detect these threats, it is also able to remove them if they are found to have infected your system. You can also exclude certain files or folders from scanning if you wish.

This program prevents spyware ActiveX controls from being installed on your computer by adjusting your system so that these malicious controls are prevented from being installed or run. For the technically inclined, it sets the “kill bit” for these controls, causing IE to refuse to run them. It also blocks cookies from certain websites or companies that are known to use these cookies to track a user’s surfing habits.

Related Pages

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?

Search the site using Google.

Newest Pages

Popular Pages

How to Link to This Page

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All mixed up: play free online games, chess, checkers, othello, ataxx, connect 4 and other board games #free #city

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all mixed up. free online games

There is no better site than No Deposit Codec for free casino bonuses. These bonuses are curated daily from online casinos that are evaluated and ranked.

The advent of mobile casinos has led to a surge in real money gambling on smart devices. You can play Australia’s most popular mobile pokies. yes pokies on your phone, in HD due to major improvements in phone technology. Try it soon.

For the person who wants to play at an online casino a very good place to start is, it offers reviews on games and bonuses on the top casinos.

There are also plenty of online casinos available to Australians such as GoWild, AllSlots and Spin Palace but it makes sense to reference expert reviews before you play. The same goes in Canada where will guide you to the best online casinos.

As an exciting alternative to free games, you can raise the stakes and play online on real money casinos for USA players that are safe and trusted to payout fast. There are a variety of games including Slots, Blackjack, Craps, and Roulette. According to, CoolCat and Bovada are currently the best, but there are hundreds more.

You can follow the odds of your favorite teams and players and bet on sporting event outcomes for international teams playing football, basketball, baseball and more.

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Sources for free symbols, photos, PECs, boards and social stories #kids #games #free

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Free Communication Boards, Symbols, Social Stories & More!

Here’s a collection of free materials we’ve found or created to help kids with speech disorders communicate at home and in the community. When you’re ready to make your own materials, be sure sign up to receive our special offers and announcements via email and our Facebook page.

Featured Free Resource of the Month:

Free Autism Care Plan developed by the Lurie Center at the Mass. General Hospital for Children to share with your child’s healthcare providers.

Communicating at Home – Free communication boards to use at home

Health Visual Supports � Free visuals about health concerns

Hygiene Visual Supports � Free visuals about personal hygiene

Picture Symbol Resources � Over 200 free pre-made picture symbol supports

School Visual Supports � Free visuals to support your child at school

Social Stories – Over 150 free social stories on a variety of topics

Toilet Training Visual Supports � free visuals for toilet training your child

Visual Recipes � Free picture symbol recipes

Free social stories, pre-made cards, boards and more:

Gateway to Jewish Education Resource Bank – Picture and symbol supported holiday stories and social stories about celebrating Passover, Purim, Shabbat.

Print Version of Talk to Me 100 – Download a free print version of the portable and affordable Talk to Me 100 voice output device for early language learners.

Slater Software offer free picture-supported social stories offers free printable emotion and behavior cards

Sandbox Learning – Sign up for their email newsletter to receive free sample personalized social stories

Visual Aids for Learning – Download free pre-made picture-based boards for school, early childhood, home, toilet training

Free Boardmaker Downloads from the Prekindergarten Program for Children with Disabilities in Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Comix Stories – Free comic strip generator that’s great for creating scripts to teach communication, behavior, social skills and more. Fab idea!

Breakfast Menu – Half page menu of kids breakfast items.(click on the link to download a PDF)

Therapeutic Horseback Riding Choice Board – Full page topic board with riding choices and feelings.(click on the link to download a PDF)

Boardmaker Share – Mayer-Johnson’s board sharing/community site, must have Boardmaker to use the files

List of links to free Boardmaker activities and materials from Kate Ahern’s blog, Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs

Free Picture Cards from – Including self-help, activities, home and school, social, safety and calendar

Kids Can Dream website – free social stories and PECs stuff gathered by a sister of two brothers with autism.

Photosyms – free software to make PECs symbols from digital photos.

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Best Free Spyware and Malware Removal Software #free #baby #samples

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Best Free Spyware and Malware Removal Software

Your computer is probably the most valuable asset in your home, even though it s not the most expensive. Gaining access to your computer can make a lot of money for creators of spyware, malware and ransomware. For example, a new ransomware called CryptoWall has been going around lately that encrypts everything on your hard drive and won t give you the decryption key until you pay them money.

A lot of systems become infected when someone opens an email attachment that appears to be safe, but in reality is malware. To protect yourself from those type of situations, you really need a real-time monitoring program in order to stop the malware from installing itself immediately.

I m going to mention a couple of great free anti-malware programs, but most of them do not include real-time monitoring in the free versions. Whether you should purchase the premium or pro versions depends on what kind of computer user you are. If you haven t gotten a virus or malware in many years, you probably know how to avoid these types of scams, but if you re uncertain about whether something is legitimate or not, it s probably a good idea to have more protection.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

One of the best tools for repairing malware infections is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. The free version includes anti-malware, anti-spyware and anti-rootkit protection. The big downside to the free version is that it does not include real-time protection or automated scans, so malware would not be blocked from installing itself onto your system and would only be removed once you ran a manual scan.

Overall, it s a great product and can really help you remove any pre-existing malware on your system. However, the real value of the program is in the real-time monitoring and protection available only in the premium version ($25).

Spybot Search Destroy

Spybot has been around for a very long time and has a very good track record of finding and removing spyware and malware. It s trustworthy and regularly updated.

When installing Spybot, you ll be asked whether you want to be protected automatically or whether you want more control and feedback from the program, so pick the option that suits you best.

Once you run the program, you ll need to click the update button on the second window to download the latest signatures.

Once complete, you can go back to the main window and perform a system or file scan. Again, there is no live protection in the free version. Also, the free version only has malware and rootkit protection, not virus protection. They have a Home version for $14 and a Professional version for $26.

It does have a feature called Immunization. which basically is website blocking of known malware sites. It s not enabled by default, so you have to manually enable it.


Ad-Aware has also been around for a very long time and is one of the best antivirus programs out there. When installing the program, make sure to uncheck the two boxes for SecureSearch as that is not really worth it. Google does just fine protecting your searches.

The best thing about Ad-Aware is that it supports real-time protection in the free version! Just about all the other programs require a paid version for real-time monitoring. They do have several paid versions ranging from $24 to $50, but you get a lot of protection without having to pay anything.

In the paid versions, you can also get email protection, which is really useful to avoid those nefarious attachments that can infect your system.


SUPERAntiSpyware is another spyware/malware removal program that has a long history. A lot of these older programs have gotten better and better over the years and that s why you keep hearing the same names over and over again.

Again, the free version does not include real-time protection, scheduled scans or automatic updates. The paid version is $20, but it s a yearly fee. I m willing to pay companies like Kaspersky a yearly subscription fee because they do an excellent job, but I really don t think SUPERAntiSpyware is worth $20 every year. If you plan to purchase an anti-spyware program, it s best to pick one of the above-mentioned ones instead.


AdwCleaner is probably the only program you may not have already heard about. Basically, this program focuses on toolbars, browser hijackers, adware, etc.

The program is very simple to use and there aren t any options to configure. Just click Scan. then go through the tabs to make sure everything checked is unwanted and then click Clean .

The program catches a lot of malware that other programs sometimes miss, so that s why I have mentioned it here. In my opinion after using malware programs for the last 15 years, these are the best options in terms of freeware. I would highly recommend, though, purchasing a full version of one of the programs for real-time protection. Enjoy!

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Best Free Antivirus 2016: Windows Defender vs AVG, Avast, Avira, Panda and Qihoo #free #football #games

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#best free antivirus


Best Free Antivirus: Windows Defender and 5 free alternatives

Antivirus doesn’t have to cost the Earth: we have five free alternatives to paid-for antivirus in our brand-new guide.

Even if you consider yourself to be a responsible web user, you should be using security software. Thanks to the proliferation of contaminated advertising iframes, opportunistic malware-laden spam and drive-by downloads that can affect even the most legitimate, upstanding and popular of websites, nobody is completely safe.

However, expensive anti-virus suites aren’t your only option if you want to stay protected. While these paid-for packages often include a wealth of useful extra features, the core protection – real-time and on-demand virus blocking and scanning – is offered by their free counterparts too.

Windows 10 comes with Windows Defender anti-virus already installed, and we’ve included it in our group test as a point of comparison for all the other software on review. While paid-for anti-virus software is beyond the scope of this group test, we hope to provide you with the information you’ll need to make an informed assessment on whether or not a pre-installed commercial package, such as those often bundled with laptops, will be more or less effective than its free competitors.

Detection engines

The key part of any anti-virus software is its detection engine, which uses a combination of a database of known threats and analysis of an unknown program’s behaviour, known as “heuristic analysis”.

Detection engines are at the core of most anti-virus companies’ business, and you’ll generally find that a company’s free products use the same engines as their paid-for products, although the latter may be equipped with additional features, such as firewalls and system optimisation tools that boosts performance further.

Some companies license their engines to others. For example, in this group test, Qihoo 360 Total Security can optionally use both Bitdefender and Avira’s scanning engines in addition to its own. Multiple scanning engines, whether licensed or produced in-house, typically increase the likelihood that an anti-virus product will successfully pick up anything nasty trying to attack your system. However, it’s also very likely to slow down your PC due to the sheer number of engines running at once.

Similarly, while most software defaults to an optimised scan mode that checks the files most likely to have been compromised, running a more thorough scan will take longer but might find infected files that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. Running a deep scan on a semi-regular basis would be sensible.

Testing performance

In this group test, we’ve relied on results produced by the respected AV-TEST security lab to assess the performance of each anti-virus program in correctly identifying malicious files and websites and avoid false positive detections of benign software as malicious. AV-TEST also assessed the impact of anti-virus software on system performance.

We’ve used test data on a per-engine basis, rather than an identical product basis. So, for example, we’ve used results from AVG Internet Security 2016 to help draw conclusions about the AVG Free 2016 – which uses the same engine – and used other test resources to confirm comparative performance. We’ve therefore had to make assumptions that the free and paid-for versions use identical engines, but given most paid-for software simply adds extra features instead of a whole new engine, this is a reasonably safe assumption to make.

Related: Windows 7 versus Windows 10

The test data we’ve published was collected by AV-TEST during March and April 2016, using the most up-to-date versions of the anti-virus software available. AV-TEST carries out both real-world testing, in which systems are exposed to live contaminated websites and emails, and reference-set tests, in which several thousand malicious files collected in the previous four weeks are introduced to the system.

This time around, the software was exposed to 164 live malware attacks and 22,795 reference samples. AV-TEST publishes percentage scores showing how effectively each anti-virus suite performed in these tests, which are then used to produce a score out of six based on how successful the software was at defending a system compared to the industry average.

We’ll directly quote the percentage of malware successfully defended against. It’s worth noting that there can be fairly dramatic performance differences from month to month. This depends on a given anti-virus package’s ability to detect the malware that’s prevalent at any given point, and the speed with which its signature database and heuristic detection rules are updated to reflect current malware. Our ratings therefore reflect a suite’s recent form, which may not be representative of future performance.

AV-TEST’s performance tests time the impact of different anti-virus suites on a number of common desktop tasks, such as downloading and installing applications, launching programs, copying files and visiting popular websites. Once again, AV-TEST publishes percentile scores indicating how much of an impact on performance each program has, and produces an overall score in relation to the average performance of all anti-malware suites. We’ll quote this overall score and draw out any particularly interesting performance elements.

Finally, usability tests assess how many false-positive incidents each program produces when tested against 41 popular programs being installed, hundreds of legitimate websites visited, and more than a million examples of already-installed legitimate software and files.

You can see AV-TEST’s raw data on its website and draw your own conclusions if you’d prefer (Excel spreadsheet).

The price of free anti-virus

While you don’t have to hand over any cash to use free anti-virus software, you can bet your bottom dollar the company that markets it is making money somehow. This manifests itself in a number of ways. Some products, including Avira and Qihoo, show unobtrusive adverts, while others are paid to bundle software from other companies, which might sneak onto your PC if you’re not paying attention during the installation process.

Any product that’s available in paid-for, as well as free, versions, will encourage you to upgrade with varying degrees of persistence, with some including buttons for features that are active only for paid users in their main interface.

Some free AV software, such as Avast, requires you to register, even if you’re only using their free incarnation, while others strongly encourage you to do so by providing online monitoring tools that you can use to manage and secure other devices associated with the same account – phones and tablets, for example.

Our reviews detail any obtrusive advertising or promotional features in each free anti-virus suite and, where possible, tell you how to avoid them.

Anti-virus software also reports back to its manufacturer by default when it encounters unknown malicious and even benign files. This means that the databases it relies on are kept constantly up to date, helping to protect all its users and making both paid-for and free versions of the software more accurate.

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Bitrix24: Free CRM With Invoicing, Call Center And Email Marketing #games #for #free

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#free crm


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Free CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

The CRM in Bitrix24 provides a platform to organize and track interaction with potential or existing clients, partners, agents and other contacts.

Bitrix24’s CRM forms a contact base where the interaction and the history of contacts are managed and stored. All new events (phone calls, messages, meetings) connected with a contact or company are easily logged and further interaction can be planned, including by using integrated tasks.

Fully customizable self hosted editions of Bitrix24 with source code access are available .

Managing Interaction

The CRM contains instruments to create reports, import/export contacts, carry out analysis, and to perform segmentation of the target audience as precisely as needed. Incoming contacts or leads can be divided among sales managers, marketing campaigns can be analyzed, and access permission to any deal or lead can be varied depending on its status or other parameters.

The interface in the CRM is convenient and intuitive, and it includes a CRM-only activity stream. This stream is a universal interface that enables actions (notes, emails, tasks, meetings and phone calls) to be initiated on any object or objects in the CRM from a single point. Most importantly, Bitrix24 lets you decide whether to store data in cloud or on your own server .

Reports and Sales Funnels

A quick look at the sales funnel gives an immediate account of transactions in progress and their respective stages. Stages can be added easily and each one appears in a separate line and different color. The length of the line corresponds to the total sum of the deals at that stage, and a table with the numeric values is displayed below the funnel. Importantly, Bitrix24 lets you have unlimited sales pipelines and build multiple sales funnels if you have several product lines or profit centers.

CRM Dashboards

Dashboards in CRM are instant snapshots of the most important sales activities. Each agent can see how many deals they’ve won, how many clients haven’t been invoiced yet, agent’s rating in comparison with other sales team members and so on. Dashboards are currently available for deals, leads invoices and are in the process of being added to all other CRM entities (Contacts, Companies).


  • Customizable fields
  • Customizable statuses
  • Add items from product catalog or manually
  • Flexible taxes and discounts
  • Convert quotes to CRM documents (invoices)
  • Print or email quotes

Invoices inside the CRM

The CRM in Bitrix24 allows you to create personalized invoices instantly. Client data from the Bitrix24 CRM are automatically inserted into an invoice – just select the appropriate Contact or Lead.

Products and services that are included in an invoice can be selected from existing items, or you can create new ones on the fly. When done, you can send the invoice directly from your CRM to the client’s email address, save the invoice as a PDF file, and even print it out right from your web browser!

CRM Website Forms

Free web form builder inside Bitrix24 can be used to create any form. Templates for most popular form types are already included. The forms are entirely customizable, including using custom CSS and images, and can be embedded into websites or hosted with Bitrix24 public pages. Bitrix24 forms support field rules (conditional logic), post submit redirects, product catalog and online payments. Information submitted via these forms ends up in Bitrix24 CRM as leads, contacts, companies, deals, quotes or invoices, depending on settings selected.

Open channels

Open channels connect most popular social networks and messengers with Bitrix24 CRM. Client messages from Facebook, VK, Telegram, Skype and other platforms are distributed among Bitrix24 CRM users according to the set rules. Even though your employees use Bitrix24 to communicate with clients real time, the clients will see all replies in the social network or the messenger they initiated the contact with. Open channels work with mobile, desktop and web versions of Bitrix24 apps.

Mobile CRM

The CRM is accessible in the Mobile App so you can find the information you need while on the move. Bitrix24 Mobile CRM allows creation or editing of CRM entries and invoices directly from a mobile device. You can use the product catalog, browse client records, and even make calls from your Mobile CRM! Find out more about the Mobile App.

Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Market and install it on your phone or tablet.

Emails to clients

Email marketing is free in Bitrix24 CRM. Send individual or group emails to a list of leads, contacts, or companies. Each CRM manager can use a separate email account or you can assign a single email address to be used by all.

Message templates, mail merge and integrations with most popular email marketing platforms are available as well.

Whether you use Bitrix24 CRM, email client, webmail or mobile email app to send emails, all messages will be synced with the CRM and appended to the appropriate CRM object.

Calls to clients

Calls to clients can be made directly from the CRM using IP telephony via Zingaya VoxImplant. The built-in integration with VoxImplant.Com allows you to make web phone calls directly from a browser or Desktop App at prices that are lower than Skype’s. You can also record phone calls that you make from the Bitrix24 CRM.

Additionally, it is possible to use IP-telephony applications (Skype, Lync, or other).

Access Rights and Roles in CRM

You can assign access to CRM elements in a very flexible way, dividing them among company employees at any stage of the customer engagement process. Any group, department or individually selected user in the intranet may be assigned a ‘role’ such as sales manager, team leader, administrator, etc. These roles can then be allowed access to elements of the CRM.

Bitrix24 keeps a detailed log of which employees accessed your CRM records and what they did with them. As an administrator, you are able to view this information and restore previous values if necessary.

Business processes in the CRM

Leads and Deals can be processed with substantial automation using business processes. A business process can contain any and all possible actions with CRM elements: sending email, assigning responsibility, setting tasks, etc. Business processes can change the status of elements, fill in fields, and create new elements such as deals.

Check out our video on Business Processes in Bitrix24 CRM. Business processes in the CRM and document library are the best way to make Bitrix24 fit the unique operations of your company. This video shows how to set up a simple, automatic action that sends a notification to a user located based on the properties of the CRM object itself.

Apps Integrations

Integration with your Website

If you receive leads from your website (if there is an order form or some kind of feedback form), you can feed the leads generated directly to the CRM.

REST API allows you to deliver data into your Bitrix24 CRM from other websites, which was acquired for instance though submitted web forms.

Connect your internet store based on Bitrix Site Manager to your CRM and your sales managers will be able to process orders from your website directly in the CRM.

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