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Preview Sheet Music
by Pianist David Nevue.
Listen to 1-2 minute samples of David’s beautiful piano music. Sheet music for each song below is available either here or at David Nevue’s web site !

David Nevue – Solo Piano Music – Pianist and Composer

The player above uses Adobe Flash. which is
standard issue on nearly every computer.
If you don’t see the player, click here to get it.

Colin Kirkpatrick Free Piano Music Shop
Instrumentation for: Piano
Categories: Original
Catalog Size: Medium (25-50)

A very nice collection of original piano music made available as free sheet music downloads. Most of the music is very easy to play, and many of the songs are only a page or two long. The sheet music is in PDF format, and MP3s of each song are made available to give you a chance to preview the music. A great source for folks looking for new sheet music to play quickly. Added 06/30/2009

Instrumentation for: Piano, Guitar, Violin, and many other instruments.
Categories: Classical, Christmas, a few others.
Catalog Size: Huge (900+)

Cantorion is a welcome addition to our directory. A very easy site to use to find free sheet music, which is all in easy-to-read PDF format. Every piece of music is free. You’ll find all the favorites, from Canon in D to Ave Maria, Moonlight Sonata, Fur Elise, Clair de Lune, The Entertainer and more. Added 05/27/2009.

Instrumentation for: Piano Guitar, Violin, and a dozen other instruments.
Categories: Pop, Movies, Television and More..
Catalog Size: Huge (1400+)

You’ll find sheet music here for virtually any instrument, even more obscure ones like the harp and accordion. The emphasis is on popular and contemporary music, and you’ll find scores here from many popular television shows (Stargate, X-Files, Prison Break), movies (Star Wars, Titanic, Transformers) as well as artists like Linkin Park, Metallica, Britney Spears and many more. Added 01/12/2009.

Suggest a Site for the Free Sheet Music Guide.
If you would like to recommend a site for inclusion in the Free Sheet Music Guide, suggest it here .

Top 30 Best Sellers.
The most popular sheet music sold from sheet music plus :

Top 10 Sheet Music by Genre.

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Trace An IP – Our IP Address Locator – Tracer Can Track Any Location #free #wallpaper

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# – IP Tracing and IP Tracking

Want to trace or track an IP Address, host, or website easily? With our highly reliable IP Address Location Database, you can get detailed information on any IP Address anywhere in the world. Results include detailed IP address location, name of ISP, netspeed/speed of internet connection, and more.

When you hear the term IP Tracing or IP Tracking it usually means the exact same thing to the user attempting to search for an IP address.

Really what this means in both searching, tracking, or tracing forms is that you are trying to locate or hunt down a specific IP address use an Internet tool like found on our site.

We are happy to say that we provide free IP tracing and tracking to assist you searching for an IP address. It is our specialty!

Tracing please wait

IP Tracer? What is the benefit?

Using the IP tracer or IP lookup tool on will allow you to trace the origin of an IP address back to the original source.
The IP locator tool helps to identify the IP address in question by searching for it with our online-based IP tracing tool.
Our IP lookup can help trace an IP address anywhere in the world and provide further details for your query.
No matter what you call it, an IP tracer, IP locator, and IP lookup are referencing the same tool like the one we provide here on our website. The tool is easy to use and has a very high accuracy rate for tracing an IP address online, no matter the location you are searching for.
Learn more here

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Free Fonts! Legit Free – Quality #free #translation

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Free Font Utopia

Free fonts have met their match. We know how hard it is to find quality freeware that is licensed for commercial work. We’ve done the hard work, hand-selecting these typefaces and presenting them in an easy-to-use format. Here are some of our favorites:

Commercial Desktop Use – this free license allows you to create commercial graphics and documents.’>Z NOT allow font-face embedding.’>Y NOT allow eBook or portable document embedding.’>M NOT allow you to embed the fonts in applications and software. ‘>m Nexa Rust Fontfabric 5 Styles

Commercial Desktop Use – this free license allows you to create commercial graphics and documents.’>Z NOT allow font-face embedding.’>Y NOT allow eBook or portable document embedding.’>M NOT allow you to embed the fonts in applications and software. ‘>m Questa The Questa Project 1 Style

Commercial Desktop Use – this free license allows you to create commercial graphics and documents.’>Z NOT allow font-face embedding.’>Y NOT allow eBook or portable document embedding.’>M NOT allow you to embed the fonts in applications and software. ‘>m Questa Sans The Questa Project 1 Style

Commercial Desktop Use – this free license allows you to create commercial graphics and documents.’>Z NOT allow font-face embedding.’>Y NOT allow eBook or portable document embedding.’>M NOT allow you to embed the fonts in applications and software. ‘>m Questa Grande The Questa Project 1 Style

Commercial Desktop Use – this free license allows you to create commercial graphics and documents.’>Z NOT allow font-face embedding.’>Y NOT allow eBook or portable document embedding.’>M NOT allow you to embed the fonts in applications and software. ‘>m Aller Dalton Maag Ltd 7 Styles

Login to your account

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What Is My IP Address At – Whois, My IP, Free Tools! #free #internet #games

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IP-a d – What is my IP address and location
Free IP Address Lookup

Welcome to, where you can quickly and easily determine your IP address or the IP address of another device. An IP address (Internet Protocol address) is a logical address of a network adapter, and each and every network device has one. An IP address is a unique series of numbers that identifies computers on a network, so an IP address can easily be used to determine the location of a device or origin of an internet message.

Here, you can find your own IP address or use our Whois tool to discover the information of another internet user using their IP address. Maybe you want to figure out who sent you an email, or perhaps you’re curious as to who posted a message you read online. If you have the IP address of origin, you can easily use our free IP lookup Whois service to find out.

What is my IP Address you might ask?

If you ever find yourself wondering what your IP Address is, then think of it like this, your IP Address is your personal phone number to the Internet. It is the network protocol in the background that helps you communicate online using websites like Google, sending email, Facebook, and everything requiring an Internet connection. An IP Address is required to connect, and gives you the IP tools that can help you find your IP.

If you are wondering what “My IP” is, then look above. Your IP information is shown. Some of our other tools, like the proxy list, IP WHOIS, and IP lookup are all free online tools that you can use in your research and discovery. Bookmark, share, and get started with today!

Connect With Us!

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Free Coupons – Printable Coupons, Grocery Coupons & Promo Codes – Coupon Mom #free #voip

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Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half!with Stephanie Nelson, The Coupon Mom
As Seen On:

Cut Out Hunger

Save money on your own groceries and donate items to charity when they are free or practically free. We call that the “Cut Out Hunger” concept. It is easy to help others at no cost when you use the free Coupon Mom site to find free charity deals. The Coupon Mom’s weekly grocery deals lists will alert you when an item is good for charity with the note “This is a good item to donate to charity.” Watch the videos in the How to Coupon section and follow your grocery or drugstore deals list instructions to save big on your own groceries and to help others at no cost. If every shopper in the US donated one item a week to a local charity’s food pantry, their shelves would be filled and their clients would be able to get the assistance they need. At no cost!

About Coupon Mom

CouponMom was started in 2001 as a way to teach shoppers the best ways to combine printable coupons, sales and promotions to save at the register. Since then we have grown into a user base of millions seeking the latest printable coupons, online coupons and deals. We feature thousands of stores and brands from around the US and can help you save money in stores and online.

Sign up today and get the latest offers and printable coupons for you to use at your local stores. View our videos and blogs to get tips on how to save on your groceries with various coupon deals. When you become a CouponMom member, you will receive free coupons and updates on your favorite grocery or drugstore, including top stores such as CVS. Walmart. Target. and more. Sign up today and start saving money.

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Free Slots – Play Online Casino Slots Games For Free #free #sewing #patterns

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Free Online Slots

Play Free Casino Slots Games Online

Gamers are always looking for ways to try out the casinos and play online slots without have to risk own money which is where the free slots come into play, and why not it is a great way to see the games in action. That is why it is pretty easy to locate free slots bonuses to begin your online experience in gambling. For more than fifteen years online casinos have been available to play at, over the years they have changed quite a bit to where they are today which is so similar to live casino establishments without the noise, the smoke, or annoying people. It is just relaxing to play online slots from your own computer within your home. Today free online slots casinos offer 3d graphics, multiple pay-lines and huge jackpots, plus hundreds of machines to select from. Players normally find their favourite machines and want to play them every time they go to a casino. How annoying is it when you walk into your favourite casino to find out they have removed you preferred slot machine? To me it is quite annoying but online casinos tend to keep the slots games forever so you never have to worry about it being gone then next time you log in. As well as having the old machines they are always adding new games to keep things fresh. Pick from 100 pay-lines down to traditional 3 reel machines it is all there, but the progressives are massive where many players have already have become millionaires. When you view the online slots game choices qqqqera you will see they have set them in categories to make it easier to find what appeals most to you. The free slots deals for new users varies, from free casino spins to straight credits added to your player account. Just join up as a real user to collect the slots bonus today.

If you would like to engage in free slots games simply join up as a fun player by registering under guest mode. Once you get a feel for the machines and realize how much money can but possibly won on the slots you can elect to play for real instead of continuing as a free slots player.

Popular Online Casino Slots

Since the mid 90’s Microgaming slots have provided users with the largest selection of video slot machines and the overall best graphics to keep users interested in the games. With each month that passes they increase the selection of games by uploading more online slots to their casino partners portfolio. Which means that the casinos can add free online slots play on many different machines now. Some of the players choice games include the Break the Bank Again Video Slot since this particular machine has decent payouts. You can also play games themed after popular movies like Lara Croft Tomb Raider which offers twenty five pay-lines on a five reel game. Some nice features are the free spins, extra wilds to make higher wins on bonuses. The very first slot machine to offer players a hundred pay lines was Cashapillar, now you can find many of the 100 line machines within the casinos.

One of my personal favorite games is the dark knight which is a progressive online slots game where you receive random bonuses, some of which is the joker that will increase your wins up to 5x, then there is the batman that will make up to 3 extra reels wild, however this has been removed now. The overall action with this game is quite fun plus the wins can be quite high. You can view some newer slots games such as Basketball Star, Cool Wolf and Breakaway, the neat features with these are that when hit something a win on the reels they will clear the matching icons and more will drop down which means higher winnings. Just last month the casinos added Bridesmaids with has 5 bonus features and laughable movies to give you a bit of entertainment, of course you can be awarded free spins while your playing. All the video slots have features like that users enjoy, examples are wild symbols to increase win, featured bonus rounds, scatters which normally trigger free spins and usually come with multipliers, random bonuses are being added to some of the games making them extremely interactive and not to mention very exciting giving users overall amazing gaming.

Some of the best slot machines that you can find in the casinos are multi reel games for example the Lord of the Rings and Cashanova where you begin play on this 30 line slots game where you start by pushing the button to begin spinning the reels and with luck hit a bonus round where you could win decent size prizes by picking objects to reveal cash amounts all the while trying not to wake up the sleeping dog, if you happen to wake him that will end the bonus round immediately. If you manage not to make it through without waking him up and find the key, then you will continue on to the next level. In this level you will have some free slot spin symbols that you will need to match up, matching those up correctly will move you again to another bonus feature where you will need to pick boxes and reveal the prizes to complete the round and with luck you have won a large amount of cash. This is where you will get multipliers and free spins and with each spin you are credited with a amazing cash bonus .

Overall there is so many ways a user can win playing casino slots within this particular software that no others have even close in comparison. This is the reason why Microgaming has been voted the best gaming choice in free online slots games. they have exceeded all gaming software providers with all the advanced features.

Free Slots Bonuses

We know you would like to get into action with some online casinos and they know it too, this is where you can gain some slots bonus spins in order to get a close up view of the online casino software in action. It is totally free to sign up and claim some money all that is required is clicking on a banner which have some exclusive no deposit casino promotions, fill out the registration and start playing. All these promotions are totally legit with no gimmicks. With risk free to give you the chance to check the games out and see if you can win a bit of money. After which time if you enjoy the machines and want to continue on playing you will qualify for a bonus with your first purchase that can be used on the pokies as called in Australia or in other words the slots.

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Free Magazines – Free Catalogs – By Mail and Online #recovery #software #free #download

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Free Catalogs

Check here to see the publications by Name Aphabetical List A to Z

How to Get Free Magazines and Catalogs :

Request Instructions:
*Simply enter your shipping address, where you wish to receive free catalogs / magazines.
*Provide your Company Name in full, the name of organization or the company where you work, plan to work or would like to work. This is very important because if you write there for example milatary officer you will not be able to get the megazine related to fashion , your work place or occupation needs to be close to the contents of the magazine.
*Answer ALL of the questions on the form, having in mind to give answers related to the contents of the desired magazine.
*You can subscribe to multiple magazines.
*After that you are guaranteed to receive free Catalog / Magazine.

Most Frequently Asked Question:
Q: Are magazines / catalogs really free and why? A: Yes, they are really Free even shipping worldwide, because Trade publications and their advertisers want to give you information you need to do business. It’s worth to them to give you the free magazine or free catalog because you have a genuine need for the information and products described therein. Advertisers need a vehicle to deliver their message to you which justifies spending advertising dollars to give magazines for free.

Some Notes:
Reading is a kind of hobby that has fascinated millions of people. Young or old, men or women are caught up with various reading stuff. In the world of hectic schedule and stress, reading has given people extreme comfort and entertainment. Two of the most popular reading materials are magazines and catalogs. Magazines deal with various topics from business to politics to general news to economics to home stuff and food. On the other hand, catalogs give people ideas about different products to end up making the smartest buying decision. However, very often this reading stuff comes with a price.

But if you love reading magazines and catalogs and you want to save the cost, there are many ways to purchase them for a lesser cost or perhaps for free. Getting magazine subscriptions and catalogs for free is very easy. A lot of publishing companies offer these kinds of reading materials every now and then especially for new customers and as you can see is one of the best examples of the websits, where tons of free magazines and catalogs are listed.

The first thing you have to do is look for a source of free magazines / free catalogs. Where do they come from and whether are they really free or not? On there is not listed any material which is not free or has any hidden costs. You can request for your free reading material to be sent right in front of your doorstep.

Aside from requesting free catalogs and magazines on paper. you can also check for e-magazines, this way you will not have to wait for the postman to bring them to your address. A lot of websites offer electronic magazines. On CatalogsPlanet you can find the best selection of them. This means you don’t have to get a hard copy to read the latest issue of the magazine or browse a catalog. You can just view the entire article on your computer screen. There are e-magazines that offer printable articles if you want to compile your magazines and catalogs.

Another way to get free magazine subscriptions and free catalogs is to take advantage of the rewards and promo actions of various companies. From time to time, these companies offer limited subscriptions of magazines and other publications. A lot of this kind of free subscriptions are listed on this website too. So if you search well you can find here literally 100s of free magazines and catalogs as well as on paper and electronic versions.

Check here for a lot of Free Magazines and Free Catalogs. They are listed by Country for your convenience:

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Free games online – free pool games – free multiplayer games online #free #coupons #for #groceries

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Game Room 2000 Features Free Games Online:
Bienvenido a Gameroom2000 – Gracias por jugar con nosotros features free online games. You can play free casino games, multiplayer games, Flash games and more. There are currently over 100 Games you can play free and new games are continually being added.

The most popular games at Game Room 2000 are the Multiplayer Games. We feature the best multiplayer games by Flyordie and other game developers. You can play games with or against people from all over the world. These games include multiplayer Chess, Checkers, Pool, 8 Ball, 9 Ball, Snooker, 301 and 501 Darts. and many more.

Our free Casino games include Blackjack (21), Roulette, Slots, Video Poker, and Craps. You cannot gamble for real money on Game Room 2000. The casino games are Just For Fun .

Check Out Some of Our Newest Games

Jet Ski Racer High speeds, dangerous environments, crazy jumps and water hazards make the Jet Ski Racer game like something you have never played before.

8 Ball Multiplayer pool is the world s largest and best free Online Pool game available. Play against friends, and compete in tournaments against millions of live players.

This is a great Demolition Derby game
Crash Car Combat has all of the excitement of a real demolition derby. Last car running wins.

Go Fishing – Catch fish in this awesome fishing simulator! In Super Fishing you choose your lures and go fishing for 68 different types of fish.

No registration or downloads needed to play the games on our website.

Play Games Online Free
all of the games on this site are free to play

No Registration Required to Play
just click on the game you want to play and have fun

Nothing to Download
no software to download required to play our free online games

Free Multiplayer Games
play pool, chess, checkers, reversi and more. Play against other players in real time.

Free Casino Games Online
play these games just for fun on our website: Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, Video Poker, and Craps.

Flash Games
all of the best online Flash games plus many original games

sing along with your favorite recording artist. photo gallery, music, music videos, lyrics

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Gamesville – Free Online Games – Bingo, Solitaire, Poker and More #keylogger #free

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Welcome to, the web’s premier destination for FREE online Game Shows for REAL prizes!

Like TV game shows, Gamesville game shows are free to play, give winners prizes. and are supported by sponsors.

But unlike TV–where only a handful of players play while the rest of the world watches–at Gamesville, everybody plays .

Sit down, relax, and have a good time! But whatever you do, don’t poke the penguin.

Fruit Frenzy

Complete each board as quickly as possible in this sudoku game; play through two difficulties and infinite variations! Play Now


Like the Keno game you know and love, you play by selecting up to 10 of your favorite numbers in the hopes that Ethel will call all of them — or even just enough to earn you GVs! Play Now

Hot Streak Solitaire

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Movie-O – Movie Trailers, DVD Releases, Reviews, Showtimes #online #free #games

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#sims 3 free download


Meet the real people behind Movies Based on True Stories.

2016 Movie Reading!
Browse the list here .
Is the book always better than the movie? Browse our list of books that are being adapted for the big screen.

WORLD WAR Z ( 2013 ) (Zombie, Horror, Apocalypse, War, Outbreak, Adaptation)

PLOT: A decade after the Zombie War, Gerry Lane ( Brad Pitt ), an agent of the United Nations Postwar Commission, travels the world trying to find a way to stop the zombie pandemic that is collapsing governments and wiping out armies. AUTHOR: Max Brooks

Michael Myers – Tony Moran’s agent apologized to him for not having anything more to offer than the part of a psycho in a low-budget horror movie. It was a film that would go on to gross over $75 million and make Moran an elusive legend among horror fans everywhere.

Darth Vader – The ultimate movie villain unmasked. Meet the actors underneath the suit. Learn more about Sebastian Shaw, the face of Darth Vader. Watch Star Wars movie trailers and short films, buy posters, and more. [ Meet Darth Vader ]

The perfect attire for movie lovers, our handpicked selection of movie and TV show Ts let you bring home a piece of your favorite movies. From Harry Potter to Scarface. we scour the internet to find the best Ts available, with new galleries added weekly.

Check out some of our great TV and movie Ts listed below:

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