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What Is Spyware / Adware?

The term spyware itself explains what it does. It is a software that spies and collects personal information from the user s computer without him having any knowledge of it. This information is then passed on to the spyware creator through the Internet. Spywares are one of the main causes that relate to identity theft, which involves stealing of sensitive information.

Dangers of Identity Theft From Spyware

The identity theft may include stealing credit card numbers, tapping into the user s bank account, etc. Not all spyware are this dangerous though, some spywares take the form of softwares that are specifically designed to keep track of the websites that the user is visiting. For instance, usually cyber cafes and some companies do not permit users to surf pornographic websites. If the user is found visiting one, the activity is immediately reported to the spyware creator.

Spywares that are seen to be harmful usually slows down the computer and sometimes also results in your computer crashing. However, spyware cannot be confused with viruses. Even though viruses harm the computer in almost the same way a spyware does, unlike viruses, spyware cannot multiply. Spywares are known to change the layout of your webpage and in some instances, even changing it. That s because when a computer is affected by a spyware, it is partially or totally controlled by the spyware creator.

There are many ways of installing a spyware, most of which is done accidentally during the course of downloading/installing some other software. The main objective of a spyware is conceal itself long enough by gathering as much personal information as it can before the user can realize that some spying activity was involved in his computer.

Some known websites can install spyware that can eventually lead into a Trojan virus .

Spyware Programs Operate In The Following Ways

  • A spyware never asks for the user s consent before the installation process.
  • Acting like a typical spy, it never provides details with regard to what information it gathers and where it sends it.
  • A spyware replicates itself as any other normal program that deceives the user. Some spywares are also know to successfully replicate themselves as anti spyware softwares.
  • Spywares are known to install additional spyware programs that are usually of the same type and by the same creator.
  • Getting rid of spywares are not that easy since they involve complex uninstalling processes.

Spyware is a serious problem threatening to leak your personal information to a third parties so it is advised whenever you install any software, always read the user agreement and the terms and conditions that come along with the software. This ensures the safety of your computer and your personal information.

Best Anti Spyware Reviews

Did you know that spyware has become the internet’s number 1 threat? Find out if your computer suffers from spyware with our review on the best spyware removers.

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