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Intelliconnection Full Service Lead Generation Company

Increase sales and revenue. Save time and money. Enhance overall sales team efficiency. With IntelliConnection’s managed lead generation service, our priority is to allow your sales team to focus on what they do best…close leads, not find them. As an affordable lead generation solution, IntelliConnection seamlessly integrates into your team’s structure and process, making the use of your team’s time more efficient and effective.

With 30 plus years of sales experience, our lead generation solution allows you to outsource your outbound sales efforts to us (the experts), freeing up time for your team to focus on sales and retention. We differ from other lead generation companies by focusing on providing our customers with Qualified Prospects that lead to real closed deals.

IntelliConnection has the capability to develop professional calling lists and sales prospecting for any client in any industry. From small businesses to large corporations, we have the resources, personnel, and expertise to ensure our clients are provided with fresh and accurate records. Give us your specifications and we’ll put together a database that will do wonders for your campaign.

Value and Benefits


Experience a quick ROI. Dramatically increase the number of sales opportunities and in-bound leads for your reps. Create a larger amount of opportunities for your sales team.


24/7 availability to export leads, call logs & recordings from your client portal. You are granted access into all call recordings and conversations to better equip your team to make the final sale.


Into every call and lead contacted. You have full control. Choose whether you want us to handle all of the appointment settings or if you prefer to have your reps be the only individuals that speak to the key decision makers.


Deliver more live conversations in much less time without additional sales staff. Generate a steady flow of conversations, eliminating dialing & providing accurate, real-time activity reports to sales managers.


Our Lead Generation Service provides B2B (business-to-business) companies with a complete sales pipeline at a fraction of the cost.


Schedule calling sessions based on your preferences and/or availability. Seamless integration into your calendar and / or CRM solution.


Remove the burden of prospecting from your sales team. Qualified appointments are delivered directly to your team, allowing them to spend their time selling, versus on the phone building their pipeline.


100% US based reps that deliver qualified prospects directly to your sales team. All accounts are assigned a rep who is an industry and lead generation expert, ensuring a fluid and seamless integration into your team, industry terminology, and more.

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