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Resume Examples and Writing Tips

Resume template free

Do you need to write or update a resume to apply for a job? A resume is a document, used to apply for jobs, which includes descriptions of your education, experience, skills, and accomplishments. Your resume offers a window into your professional history and is one of the most important documents in your job search, since it provides the vital first impression upon a hiring committee.

Choose the Right Resume for Your Work Experience

Before you start writing your resume, choose a type of resume that highlights your strengths and achievements, review what information to include in your resume and examples of each part of a resume, and then select a typical resume format.

When reviewing the templates and examples, choose the format that s best for your situation. While all resumes should provide information on your work and education experience, as well as your skills and accomplishments, there are different ways to present this information.

For instance, if you have a significant gap since your last position, you may want to use a functional resume rather than a chronological one.

100 Free Professional Resume Examples and Templates

Review the following templates that fit a variety of employment situations for inspiration for writing your own resume. Remember, your resume needs to impress the hiring manager enough so you get the interview. That means it needs to be perfect.

Basic Resume Samples

  • Resume Examples Listed by Job(listed by job and type)
  • Chronological Resume #1(most frequently used)
  • Chronological Resume #2(most frequently used)
  • Combination Resume(lists skills first, then work history)
  • Functional Resume #1(focuses on skills and experience)
  • Functional Resume #2 (focuses on skills and experience)
  • Resume Templates (free resume templates)
  • Microsoft Word Resume Templates (free Microsoft templates)
  • Resume Format(the proper format for a resume)

Resumes to Promote Your Qualifications

Resumes for Special Circumstances

Review these samples below for help handling specific situations, such as a career or a name change.

Resume Samples: Listed by Type of Candidate

The resume of an entry-level employee generally looks quite different from the resume of a mid-career professional. Review examples of both.

More Resume Examples: Listed by Job

Take a look at these sample resumes, organized by job title and field.

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International Resume Samples

How to Get Started: It’s well worth the time and effort it takes to create a professional resume. My articles, Build a Resume in 7 Easy Steps and Top 10 Resume Writing Tips, help to take the mystery out of the process and will give you the tools you need to present yourself, your experience, and your job skills in the very best light.

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