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Palladium Software, South Africa’s most Technologically advanced accounting software vendor is pleased to offer its limited functionality, single-user, unlimited company, Individual software version to businesses absolutely free of charge. This version offers clients the ability to invoice customers, remit statements, process and pay suppliers, pay their taxes and print compliant financial statements. In addition, the data is retained for life so users don t need to access old backups or copy companies to access their data history. Palladium will add a release every year so that the application stays current with new enhanced features.


Free accounting software

Financial Reporting History for Life

Need a little more than what our Palladium Individual Version has to offer?

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A simple yet powerful solution that is absolutely free of charge!

So what’s the catch?

There is no catch! The software offer does not time out with transactional volume nor does it time out after a specific date. What it does do is offer sufficient features for a small business to get up and running and of course profitable without an added and unnecessary software cost.

What’s in it for Palladium?

At Palladium, our hope is that you will like our software so much that as your business grows so will your demands for your software, and in doing so upgrade to the Business or Enterprise versions. It’s that uncomplicated. If you would like to check out our Business and Enterprise versions, you can click here. Free accounting software

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