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ooVooLatest version

oovoo enables users to hold HD conference calls and video chats. Its main advantage lies in the fact that it can connect several users simultaneously: up to 12 people in its free version. However, developers state that it can be adjusted to accommodate even more users, per demand. oovoo supports all platforms: PC or tablet, smart phones, any Internet browser and even Facebook.
In addition, oovoo allows users to send friends video messages and instant messages, to record calls and upload them onto Youtube and to watch them together. Amongst oovoo’s features are the option to share documents or photos during video conferences, the ability to send files of up to 25 MB each and privacy control options which enable users to limit or block their availability to certain users.

Software Review

Chat and video software for multi-participants

oovoo allows you to connect to anyone, anytime, using a free text chat or video. oovoo enables users to send and receive video messages, phone calls, immediate messages, etc.
Use oovoo to get together with friends and family you can’t meet for coffee and enjoy a face to face conversation with.
oovoo’s features:
– oovoo PC video calls – download software for PC or MAC and hold video conference calls consisting of up to 12 participants
– Video channel – a simple way to embed video calls into any website, blog or social network
– Screen sharing – make your video conference calls more effective by sharing your documents or photos
– Phone calls – land line or cell phone in case your partner doesn’t have a PC or a smart phone
– Add a phone to a video call – oovoo allows you to add up to 6 phones to video calls
– Instant messages – send messages simultaneously to up to 12 recipients
– File sending – send files of up to 25 MB each


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