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IDrive BackTrack

November 27, 2017

Consider a situation where your crucial data is infected by malware or crypto-virus like CryptoLocker and you are demanded a huge ransom by the culprits to decrypt the encrypted files. Will you pay the ransom while being doubtful about retrieving the original data or would you rather be В ready to tackle such a situation beforehand with a proper data recovery plan in place? IDrive BackTrack is one reliable solution to avoid any data loss via ransomware or crypto-viruses.

IDrive cloud backup retains up to 10 previous versions of each backed up file at no extra cost. So, in case of a virus or malware attack, IDrive enables you to restore the earlier file versions regardless of the latest backed up file version being corrupt or infected. You can also restore an earlier version of multiple files at once.

IDrive cloud backup lets you restore up to 10th most recent version of all files within a folder. You can right-click on the required folder and choose any of the ‘Restore Versions’ as mentioned under:

  • Most Recent: Restores the latest version of all the files in the folder. If a folder has 5 files, the latest version of all 5 files will be restored.
  • 2nd Most Recent: Restores the file version prior to the most recent backup. If a file in the folder has 3 versions, the version prior to the last backed up version (file version 2) is restored.
  • 3rd Most Recent: Restores the third most recent version of files in a folder. If a file in the folder has 3 different versions, the first chronologically backed up version will be restored.
  • More: Provides an option to restore from fourth to tenth most recent version of files in a folder.

What Else Do You Get With IDrive Online Backup Solution?

Backup your mobile device contacts, photos, videos, calendar events on iOS. Also, you can backup SMS, call logs and apps, on Android to your IDrive online backup account.

  • Choose IDrive Cloud Backup To Share Your Files Easily:

    Most email clients do not allow you to share files beyond a maximum size limit. Through IDrive online backup, you can securely share files of any size between devices.

  • Enjoy Continuous Data Protection With IDrive Online Backup:

    IDrive cloud backup recognises small files (the files you usually work on throughout the day) for modifications at regular intervals and backs them up to provide real-time protection.

  • Look Forward to Round-The-Clock Assistance and Support at IDrive:

    To make your IDrive online backup experience better we provide 24/7 monitoring. Reports generated at regular intervals for online backups, ensure your data is safely stored. We also provide FAQs to answer almost all your queries.

  • So, stay safe against viruses and malware with IDrive BackTrack and quickly recover a clean version of all your account files in no time. Sign up for an IDrive cloud backup account today!

    IDrive Snapshots

    Best defense against ransomware

    Free online backup

    Historical view of your data to perform point-in-time recovery.

    The Dashboard

    Manage backups of all your remote computers

    Free online backup

    Push changes to backup sets, settings to all devices in near real time response.

    IDrive BMR

    Protect your business critical data

    Free online backup

    Onsite bare-metal disaster recovery with Snapshots and Virtualization.

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