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Meet the real people behind Movies Based on True Stories.

2016 Movie Reading!
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Is the book always better than the movie? Browse our list of books that are being adapted for the big screen.

WORLD WAR Z ( 2013 ) (Zombie, Horror, Apocalypse, War, Outbreak, Adaptation)

PLOT: A decade after the Zombie War, Gerry Lane ( Brad Pitt ), an agent of the United Nations Postwar Commission, travels the world trying to find a way to stop the zombie pandemic that is collapsing governments and wiping out armies. AUTHOR: Max Brooks

Michael Myers – Tony Moran’s agent apologized to him for not having anything more to offer than the part of a psycho in a low-budget horror movie. It was a film that would go on to gross over $75 million and make Moran an elusive legend among horror fans everywhere.

Darth Vader – The ultimate movie villain unmasked. Meet the actors underneath the suit. Learn more about Sebastian Shaw, the face of Darth Vader. Watch Star Wars movie trailers and short films, buy posters, and more. [ Meet Darth Vader ]

The perfect attire for movie lovers, our handpicked selection of movie and TV show Ts let you bring home a piece of your favorite movies. From Harry Potter to Scarface. we scour the internet to find the best Ts available, with new galleries added weekly.

Check out some of our great TV and movie Ts listed below:

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