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Lets you play the classic board game digitally

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Monopoly Here and Now is an updated version of the classic board game that can be played on the PC.

If you are a fan of Monopoly, Monopoly Here and Now provides you with a PC game of which you won’t be able to get enough. You can acquire property, compete against friends and try to make the most money.

Instead of sitting around a board game, you will be able to play on the PC. Various versions of Windows are supported, allowing you to have fun at any time. This is capitalism at its best, and the game has been growing considerably since the 1980s.

Monopoly Here and Now provides an update of the classic. You will find new locations, situations and utilities. Instead of railroads, they are now popular airports, such as JFK and O’Hare International. This helps to bring the game into current times and allows you to recognize some more of the properties.

Other things on the board have changed with the times as well. You are going to deal with cellphone services, credit card interest and various other things. You also will find that property no longer sells for $60. All of the property has been updated dramatically to reflect prices closer to what you would pay now. The good news is that the money that you are given at the beginning of the game is considerably higher as well.

The overall layout of the Monopoly game is similar to what you would expect from a board game. The interface is very easy to use and attractive. Some of the new elements include animated characters as well as pieces. You can still be the car, but there are other characters for you to choose from as well.

The animations can add a lot of fun to the game, but there is no option to turn them off if you find them annoying. The music and the sound effects can be deactivated or you can let them play in the background.

You always have the ability to play against the computer, which ensures that you always have someone with whom to play. Working in auctions works similarly to what you are used to within the game. There is an alert window that tells you what you need to do, and when it is the computer’s turn, the window still shows up, which can cause a little bit of confusion.

Overall, if you are a fan of Monopoly, Monopoly Here and Now is a game that you simply cannot be without. It is a fast-moving game that allows you to gather up as much property as you can afford, build houses and hotels and ultimately try to be the last person standing. Each time you play, the situations may be different simply because of the role of the dice.

  • Fun properties
  • Simple interface
  • Game-play history is shown
  • Trial version
  • Animations cannot be turned off

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