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Microsoft WordLatest version 15.0.4517.1510

Microsoft Word 15.0.4517.1510

After the Windows operating system itself, the most widely known and widely used piece of Microsoft software is probably Microsoft Word, in one version or another. Easily the most common Word Processor since its first inception, over 30 years ago, few offices and even homes today would be without it. Although no longer free with Microsoft’s operating systems (only a free trial is bundled now due to newer competition laws), its familiarity to the public and businesses (not to mention past-compatibility with archives of billions of documents) ensures that those requiring a Word Processor (and who of us in the modern world doesn’t?) return to Word like an old familiar friend.

Software Review

Software for professional word-processing

Microsoft Word is Microsoft’s flagship word-processing software for Windows. It is by far the most widely used word processor in the world, and it can be found almost everywhere, making Microsoft Word’s .doc and .docx file formats practically ubiquitous.
Microsoft Word includes many features that make word-processing an easy and fulfilling process. The layout is simple and intuitive, putting the document itself centre-stage. This program is very functional and easy to use. The many features and functionalities of Microsoft Word are easy to access through several menus and by using the ribbon. For example, it is remarkably easy to format the text, to change fonts, letter sizes, and to add special features to the text. It is also very easy to organize long and complex documents, set up different sections, and include tables, graphics, images, etc. The user can also create their own layout templates, use macros, password protect and print their documents.
Microsoft Word is regularly updated and has known many versions throughout the years, ever since its inception in 1983. It is obviously compatible with the several versions of Microsoft Windows, but there are also Mac versions available. As it is used by almost everyone, Microsoft Word basically defines the field of word processing and sets itself as the essential tool to create, change and read text documents.


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