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There is nothing constant in this world except change. Love can fade. The one who always loves and protects you might be the one who will hate and hurt you. The person who looks up on you might be the person who will loo k down on you in the future. Read more

The inconstancy of friends and friendship. We are motivated by different things – and friends are no less different. But when these actions disagree with your own, you try to hang on as a friend, even knowing what they a re doing is foolish – paper wings. In the end, we see that person change, and we (in our role as friend) cannot bear seeing this torment to keep happening – train leaving, it’s not waiting for you; neither am I. Read more

X Ambassadors Unsteady

I have a son with mental illness and to me this song sums up what it does to a family. So to me this would be sung from the perspective of my son. He knows he does wrong. He is constantly apologizing. We go through hell. He knows he IS unsteady but he also knows he needs us. We do feel alone because his issues make friendships hard and they affect the relationship between me and my husband. I know there are other meanings but this is what it means to me and it breaks my heart. Whenever I am so mad at him for the things he does I think of him begging for us to not let (him) go. Making it more sad is the progression of time with it starting out calling the parents mama/daddy and then mother/dad, showing nothing has changed over time. Read more

Them Crooked Vultures Dead End Friends

This can be taken in many ways. I took it like this: The narrator does not know what he is in life, hence the “I follow the road, blind, until the road is dead end,” “Dead end” meaning he draws a blank to his ideas. He thinks some laws are just meant to “herd us over the cliff,” or are harmful instead of helpful. He wants to know “what puzzle peice fell out” of him, meaning he wants to know where it all went wrong. He has friends that are “dead ends,” and he is reluctant to join them in their mischief. He “aches for the touch” of them, meaning he wants them to be back to normal, away from trouble. He slowly realizes that he is just like them, a dead end, becuase of a “look in your eyes.” It is unclear who this “your” is, possibly one of the friends, or a girlfriend, as he says “hold me real close then do it again,” meaning they might have had sex. He states that he is becoming a dead end in the following line: “I can tell, by that look in your eyes. We’re the same, my dead end friends and I.” He then starts accepting the fact that he has become a dead end when he states: “We drive all alone at night, A never ending begin. Sweet as a curse just out of reach, Awakens the dead end part of me and oh, No more wandering. Just me and my dead end friends again.” He knows that he has become a dead end and accepts it. He knows he WANTS to be a dead end when he says “No more wandering.” He has accepted it and loves being with his friends again, even if they break some laws doing it. In all, this song is about a man who wants to find out who he really is. He finally finds it when he joins his friends in mischief. Read more

Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball

My favorite song by Turisas, and one of my favorites of all time. It may be sometimes overlooked because of its length, but it deserves as much recognition as possible, The song tells the story of the fall of the Byzanti ne Empire, and expands upon this to work on the definition of history itself. The stars and moon, feared by the singer, are common Islamic symbols, and refer to the overthrow of the Byzantine Empire by the nascent Ottoman Empire, a “new power on the rise.” The “walls” referred to as falling are the Theodosian Walls, which protected Constantinople for 1000 years before falling to the Ottomans. Personally, my favorite lyric in this song is “As long as you spend / There is more for you to lend / Someone always saves us in the end.” This represents to me the fiscal disaster that the Empire became during the last few emperors after the Sack of Constantinople in 1204, and the apathy that they sank into. As a student of history, this apathy is familiar as that of the Western Roman Empire, Venice, and numerous other once-great powers that were either abandoned by their allies or simply pummeled to a pulp, and at the end simply resigned themselves to their fate. Other lyrics throughout the song express disbelief at the fact that the Empire has fallen, and that their time “ended so fast”–in fact, the Ultimus Romanorum was the last vestige of one of the longest-lived empires in history, and its fall showed that everything must end. The final choruses, soaring and majestic, are incredibly powerful as the last gasp of a dying empire, and the silence that follows them carries enormous symbolism. The End of an Empire is a tragic, majestic thing, and I think Turisas has done an amazing job conveying this in their song. Read more

Mylene Farmer Comme J ai Mal

This song talks about what a woman is feeling when she’s too deeply in love with someone (“Je m’abîme d’être moi-même – “I damage myself to be myself”). She wants to have a new start before the wind tears her and her feelings apart, not wanting to show how she suffers. She wants to leave the world she’s living in to reach a better place, knowing what the others literally see in her eyes. In the 2 verses, Mylene sings it all, and the very dynamic chorus is very interesting too. In my opinion, this song is one of her musically best successes, along with “Stolen Car” and “City of Love”. Read more

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