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How to Get Free Cloth Diapers

It is completely possible to get free cloth diapers. Yes, folks- it is, and I have done it myself MANY times. Getting free cloth diapers is easy, you just need to know where to look.

I ve received 99% of my baby s cloth diaper stash from good-hearted parents at Diaper Swappers. The site is a virtual garage sale where moms and dads put new and used cloth diapers and other mom baby items up for sale. You simply log in and message the seller with questions and interest and pay via Paypal. It s simple. The site also offers forums for questions and answers about any and all cloth diaper topics, postpartum advice, and more. I used those forums before my first child was born to decide which types of diapers would best suit our lifestyle and how to launder them properly. Even if Diaper Swappers didn t give me the chance to get free cloth diapers, it would still be my number one recommended resource to anyone considering using cloth diapers.

Learning how to get free cloth diapers requires good timing and a little patience.

There are two ways to score cloth diaper freebies .

Free for Shipping

Diaper Swappers has a Free for Shipping thread, where people give away new and used cloth diapering items daily and require you only pay shipping. Sometimes generous folks will even ship the items to you for free. All you have to do is browse the forum from time to time and check out what s available. When you see a freebie that s on your list, contact the seller immediately and if you re the first one to ask for the item and you ll most likely have scored your free diapers.


Many parents choose to give away brand new or gently used cloth diapers and other baby freebies by raffling them off in the lottos section. Most of the time you just have to let the moms know you re interested and comment on the thread to be entered. Sometimes they will make a request, like offering a dinner suggestion or telling them your best cloth diapering tip. It s never difficult and to be honest, I ve won some pretty swell lots of diapers from these lottos. In fact, I won one that nearly covered half of my newborn cloth diaper stash. Lottos may require you pay shipping, but often the moms are so happy to share the fluffy diapers that they even foot the bill for shipping.

Now that you know my little not-so secret for how to get free cloth diapers, share this post be sure to check out more of my cloth diapering tips here:

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