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fonts – Download Free fonts

fonts. the biggest free font archive! �fonts hosts 151,703 free to download TrueType, OpenType, Web Open Font Format and Embedded OpenType fonts. Each font includes full previews and you can preview your own text.

Download fonts to use in your documents, presentations, print work, create titles or logos. With more then 151,703 FREE FONTS in a variety of styles and types, any font from the fonts collection is just a few clicks away.

Embed fonts into your webpages, using .woff and .eot fonts. Now your website can look just the way you want it to, without your visitors needing the font pre-installed on their computer.

Not only does fonts have the biggest selection of free fonts, fonts also has a huge clipart collection. Download high resolution royalty free clipart images to use in your documents, presentations or print work.

fonts now also has a huge MIDI archive, perfect for ringtones or background music for your web page or presentation. Thousands of free MIDI files are just a click away.

Like Computer games? Try the fonts Arcade. Play thousands of free online games. No downloading, just click and play.

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15th October 2015Are you Looking for Hallowe en fonts?

Download free TrueType and OpenType fonts

Try these free fonts

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