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Free Tarot Reading

Life is a wheel that is constantly spinning, and each day is a new start. Alternatively, we can interpret it as: Life is like the mist the mountain cavern breathes.

We live without being certain about what we are or who we are, event until our last minute. We put a stop to our perception to what we join, and thus, we identify ourselves with something, someone or a certain group of values and tastes.

But if we are not certain about what we are, the most clever and comforting idea can be to take life as a simple game where we interact everyday with different events and people that go by and we share the road with them.

Even so, it is no easy task. The reality of the world we have to live in barely leaves room to play, and a game without an objective must be interpreted as such.

Since this is not possible, because as adults it would be impossible to have an interrelation amongst peers, hence, the game is subject to rules and standards, and from this point of view, different senses are added to it like learning, growing, developing intelligence, etcetera; they are all needs to live in a globalized society.

But this reality is not the one that always fulfills and satisfies our spirit our soul, since our essence is different: more playful, spiritual, free, etcetera.

Our life should have simple goals that at the end of the road would get us close to the impossible to what we thought it would not be possible, and, however, small achievements adding up can make us win the great trophy of life that for many of us is HAPPINESS and the FULLFILMENT OF OUR SOUL.

Several sciences such as psychology, parapsychology, philosophy or aesthetics have considered and studied the function and meaning of the role we each have in this space time and how it influences on our close environment, and, in turn, on all the universal energy.

Thus, we can see the dynamic, exploring and creative power of the people in the configuration of the universe.

This is the reason why through different tarot spreads, arcana, horoscope and runes we can easily find how fulfillment and happiness are nothing less but the great accomplishment of our lives on earth.

That is why we encourage you to ask the cards and find out who the universal energy will always be with the goodhearted people who share and care about others, both through thick and thin.

Have your free tarot reading now and you shall see how the power of the cosmos and the higher forces of the universe are walking with you on these wonderful path that is life, and you will quickly notice how loneliness, uneasiness, apathy and darkness turn into harmony to be shared with the rest of the people around you.

Do it now, and those small significant steps to achieve the great success of life shall be closer.

At our website,, you will find many online tarot options to help you know, meet, discover and be in harmony with the universe. You will always find the most suitable option, according to your mood, from the Spaniard deck spread, tarot arcana and rune reading, clairvoyance, horoscope and numerology.

There are different kinds of card spreads, such as the angelic tarot which seeks for the guidance of angels in different aspects of your life.

We advise you to take some time before commencing to relax, practice deep breathing from the top of your body up to the diaphragm, so you can reach a level of concentration suitable to connect in a natural way with the cards.

It is used when a quick and decisive answer is needed for events of the day, and anything that involves interacting with people around you.

Three card spread

This spread is suitable when you need to know and interpret past, present or future events.

This will help you know what is a positive and negative, advantage or disadvantage, just like the yin-yang.

This kind of spread is really practical and useful whenever we need to make critical decisions about our lives.

As you may have seen, all of our online card readings and clairvoyance are FREE, available 24/7, customized and without need to register. By just providing your date of birth in the spread you have chosen, you will get the answers you need on a specific topic.

You can also ask the horoscope. As you may know, astrology is an ancient science that stems from different universal cultures like the Egyptian, which haves given us the most popular horoscope to date.

Nowadays, people who look for their fate and their immediate future have started looking in the different astrological points.

Astrological theories are considered unchangeable cosmic laws related to the energy of GOD; applicable to the different fields of life.

You will discover that the energy of God is always present; accompanying you on your life path, providing clarity and this leads us to be more honest every day. On the other hand, it accompanies those who are in need in difficult situations, and its company it’s always welcomed.

Within the community of friends of, you will find the support you have been looking for.

Ask the tarot now, and share your spread on Facebook, Twitter and Google+; and you will see how the positive energies and the grace of God join your life.

Recommend our arcana tarot, daily horoscope, Odin runes and lucky numbers to your loved ones.

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