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A History of Service: Bringing Musicians Together
Helping people with shared interests connect to one another is no new thing for Pepper. Technology has advanced such that we can communicate across the globe in a matter of seconds. Much like the corner stores of yesteryear, the best companies are active and dedicated members of the social media community. J.W. Pepper has sought to be just that.
Bringing Jazz to the Next Generation
Jazz has long been known as the first all-American art form. It is, in many ways, both a metaphor for and an example of the blending of culture and knowledge that has taken place in the United States over the course of its history.
The Inside Voice: An Interview with Brian Balmages
Brian Balmages’ sheet music can be found in music rooms across the nation. His ability to touch on raw emotion with his music is akin to many of the most notable composers throughout history. Read the blog and watch the video to learn more about this versatile and successful composer.

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