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Free Online Language Translation

Is an online translation the best solution? Read the guides to find out!

Translate a whole paragraph of text to or from of a variety of languages.

You can also translate web pages – just enter the URL.

Try these usage tips for better results.

Make your selection:

Free translation

Free translation

Not sure what language you are trying to translate? Click here for FREE Language Identification.

Please be patient at busy times of day.

Translate an individual word.

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Usage Tips

Some writing styles get much better results from machine translation software than others. Ideally you want to keep things as simple and unambiguous as possible. Pretending to write for a child can help.

  • Reduce ambiguities. Computers don’t understand context so often make mistakes if a word has multiple meanings or is slang.
  • Use short sentences. Limit to one idea per sentence if possible.
  • Be specific. Try replacing words like it and that with the thing you are talking about. “I stepped on it” would become, “I stepped on the mat”.
  • Spelling and grammar are important. Always run your text through a spell checker before translating it.
  • Avoid abbreviations and acronyms. Say cannot rather than can’t and it is rather than it’s.

For high quality translations, you need a professional translation company. This is a much quicker and easier option than most people expect, and the result will be greatly superior to anything a computer can do. Click here for details.

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