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DAEMON Tools Lite

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DAEMON Tools Lite offers two important features, emulate virtual disc drives and create disc image files.

DAEMON Tools Lite can emulate up to 4 DVD, CD or Blu-ray virtual drives on your computer. Virtual units will be present in your system the same as real ones. After you select the virtual drive you want, you will choose a disc image (iso, nrg, cue, bin, etc.) you want to mount. Go to My Computer at the Devices with Removable Storage section and you will find the disc image mounted on the virtual drive, so you can start working.

The feel is like you are using a real removable disc drive but the speed is much higher.

You can also use DAEMON Tools Lite to transfer your discs content to image files. It is possible to create ISO, MDX and MDS/MDF images from the real discs inserted in your real DVD, Blu-ray or CD units.

You can protect your virtual disc images from unauthorized access by setting passwords that will be required when someone tries to mount the image to get the contained data.

DAEMON Tools Lite has a Compress option you can enable before the start of image creating process to save some hard drive space.

The disc images created with DAEMON Tools are compatible with other programs. A variety of image types like iso, nrg, cue, bin, mds, mdf, cdi, ccd, b5t, b6t, bwt, isz, mdx, ape, flack, etc. built with other software are also supported by DAEMON Tools.

You are allowed to use DAEMON Tools Lite only at home personally, it is not built for commercial use. DAEMON Tools Lite is a free software.

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