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Templates for CV

Resume template free

Beautifully Designed Free CV Template

TemplatesForCV Offers Free High Quality CV Template

Our website is loaded with dozens of CV template s and CV examples. Each CV template was uniquely created to fit the subject of the job application. Our group of artists and graphic designers helped create and design those high quality templates to fit most tastes especially those of job recruiters and HR. You can see that we have both traditional black and white templates and lots of creative ones with graphics and colors added.

The Importance of a Well Designed CV

A CV Template will Save up Time and Work for You

Ready made templates will spare you lots of work. Instead of wasting time designing and planning out a format for your resume, you can take one of ours that has already been planned out and made by our designers and by ex-Hrs. So grab your free copy and start filling out your CV template.

A good CV is one that conveys information and data about its applier, But a great CV is one that grabs the recruiters attention right away. Our CV templates were designed to be both appealing and informative. They are guaranteed to grab your recruiters attention due to their unique design and format.

Finding the best CV template is just the start

you need to know what to put in them!

The most important aspect is to ensure that at first glance your CV conveys why you are the perfect candidate for the job. Avoid adding unnecessary personal details, such as your family situation, religion or other nonessential details. Everything on your CV should focus on why you are the best candidate, so do not add details unless they are relevant. Most potential employers prefer your work history to be in chronological order, starting with the most recent. While it may be tempting to start with your most relevant experience, it can be confusing if you jump around in your work time line.

You can still highlight your relevant work experience with better descriptions and examples, and you should look for key elements in a job posting to see what they are looking for specifically to highlight in your CV.

Resume template free

What Makes Us Different

Our CV template s are set apart from other CVs out there by both their design and their functionality. In other words, our products are fully editable and customizable, meaning that all you see on a CV template can be edited and changed to fit your job. Everything can be changed, the color, the figures, the pictures, the icons, and of course the text. In addition and most importantly, our CV template s are completely for free. You can simply press the download button and there you have it a free CV template ready to use.

Impress your new boss the moment you send your CV by using one that has been professionally designed.

What to write in a CV?

Well, we thought you would ask this question. So, we took the time to write a CV example for each template offered. For example, under the Fashion Designer CV template you will find that we also offer a resume example and a how to write a fashion designer resume walk-through. Make sure you read each resume sample before filling out yours. This will help give you an idea of the content of a CV and what it should include under each section. You can use the words already written in the resume sample to inspire you into filling out your CV.

Resume template free

Choosing the Best CV template

We have dozens of templates each is under a certain job application name. For example, Front-End Web Developer Resume, Graphic Designer Resume Lets say you were searching for a front-end web developer CV template. If the CV template over there didn t suit you, it s not a problem, you can check another job application resume template, like the executive resume, download it and edit it to fit your needs. Remember that every part of CV template is editable.

Checkout Our Latest CV Template

Resume template free

Resume template free

Resume template free

Resume template free

Resume template free

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