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Welcome to the UK’s leading online laptop, tablet & PC specialist

Laptops Direct is the UK’s largest specialist supplier of laptops, netbooks, tablets and portable accessories. Every single year, we supply over 10 million laptops and accessories to customers. As well as new pristine products, we also supply a range of fully checked refurbished laptops and refurbished netbooks. Our current range consists of thousands of products, from all the premium manufacturers including Acer, Apple, ASUS, HP, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba. If you’d like help finding the best package for you and your family, call us now and we’ll be happy to advise you.

Our latest range of laptops continues to offer the widest range of features. Laptops enable you to use office type applications (word processors, spreadsheets, e-mail, etc), provide internet access as well as offering gaming and entertainment. Laptops can be used in exactly the same way as a home or office desktop PC – except you can take it with you easily. Laptops run the same version of Windows or Mac OS as a desktop computer and so will also run all the same applications.

Netbooks are smaller, low-powered laptops that are more portable and have much longer battery life – ideal for using on the move and when travelling. Due to their low power usage, they’re less suited to gaming and their smaller screens are not always suited to everyone.

Tablets are relatively new and differ from laptops and netbooks by not having a keyboard. This makes them very portable and extremely easy to use. The current range of tablets use Android or iOS operating systems (similar to that found on smartphones) and so whilst they won’t run the same applications as a laptop or netbook, you’ll usually find many other applications, which aren’t available on laptops or netbooks.

Finance – buy now & pay later

Next day delivery available

Head Office: Unit A, Trident Business Park, Neptune Way, Huddersfield, HD2 1UA. Registered Number: 04171412

Buy It Direct Ltd acts as a broker and offers credit from PayPal (Europe) S.à.r.l. et Cie, S.C.A. 22-24 Boulevard Royal L-2449, Luxembourg. PayPal Credit is a trading name of PayPal (Europe) S.à.r.l. et Cie, S.C.A. 22-24 Boulevard Royal L-2449, Luxembourg.

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Play Free Games Online and Chat @ Blitz Gamer #free #pool #games

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Welcome to BlitzGamer!

Play nearly 3,000 Free Flash and Shockwave Games. Enjoy arcade, action, racing, shooter, adventure, sports, and puzzle games! Register to chat, send messages, review games, rate games, upload an avatar, edit your profile, and add games to your favorite list! We add new free games to Blitz Gamer every day. Please bookmark and share Blitz Gamer. Don’t forget to rate and review games to earn points!

Vinnie and the team will get a surprise visit from a returning clan and discover that a new duo is on their tail.

Turbo rally is a top down rally flash driving game. Race across all the continents in different conditions to try and become the world rally champion. Race in deserts, snow, mud tracks and road. Win races in order to u…

A zombie is only a zombie when they are dead, Agree? Be a hero and save the planet by killing all of the zombies and anything else that moves. You are on the planet Zombotron and you are running out of weapons and ammuni…

American racing is back with American Racing 2. This time with more events, bigger crashes and even more cars to race against. See if you can get first place and the fastest time with each racing event. Pass each level, …

Forgotten Dungeon 2 is a hack-and-slash action RPG in the vein of Diablo. Slay skeletons, zombies, and other monsters as you explore dungeons. You will gain experience for each kill, and sometimes, enemies will drop item…

Heavy Weapons is the ultimate Flash shooter. 21 unique weapons and 60 levels of destruction. See how much you can blow up! After success in the Jupiter wars, the company has been contracted to defend the mining moons o…

Exhillarating race with 16 opponents over insane roller coaster tracks.

A Wacky Races style racing game with amazing stunts, cool missions and crazy AI cars. Race 12 different vehicles across 18 challenging levels featuring 6 visually stunning environments. Features include: 12 different ve…

You are a victim of an experiment conducted by a secret military lab. You head has been detached from your body. Your mission is to return your body. Remember that you are free to smash the entire lab into pieces!

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iTunes. Your music, movies, and TV shows take center stage.

iTunes is the best way to organize and enjoy the music, movies, and TV shows you already have — and shop for the ones you want to get. It’s home to Apple Music, which gives you unlimited access to millions of songs, curated playlists, 1 and Beats 1 radio, hosted by Zane Lowe and a team of acclaimed DJs. Enjoy all the entertainment iTunes has to offer on your Mac and PC.

Never stop playing.

Apple Music makes it easier than ever to play the music you love and the music you’ll love next. Choose from millions of songs, including exclusive releases you can’t get anywhere else. Once you sign up for your free, three-month trial, 2 you can add all the music you want to the collection you already have, like purchases from the iTunes Store and songs you’ve imported from CDs. So you never have to miss a beat.

The movie and TV collection you always wished for. Granted.

With over 85,000 movies and more than 300,000 TV shows to choose from, there’s always something great to watch on iTunes. 3 Catch up on episodes of your favorite TV shows or hit movies you’ve been meaning to see — anytime, anywhere. Just tap to play, or even download if you’re going somewhere you won’t have Wi-Fi.

A universe of entertainment.
Available wherever you are.

The iTunes Store is available on all your devices, which means you can buy that catchy song you just heard or rent that movie you’ve been meaning to see, anytime you want. All the music, movies, and TV shows you buy are immediately available, no matter how you want to play them.

Gift Cards

Send friends and family an iTunes Gift Card or Apple Music Gift Card from your iOS device or computer. 4 You can buy gift cards in a range of denominations, and recipients can choose whatever they want, including an Apple Music membership or anything from the iTunes Store, 5 App Store, iBooks Store, and Mac App Store.

Already have an iTunes or Apple Music Gift Card?

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Minecraft Games for Free Download #free #grocery #coupons

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Minecraft Games

Minecraft is mostly a game about breaking and positioning blocks. At the beginning, people produced constructions to protect against nocturnal enemies, but as the online game expanded online players worked together with each other to make incredible, inventive things.

It could also be about adventuring with other players or enjoying the sun rise spanning a blocky coast. It’s beautiful. Bold players combat horrific things from the Nether, that is even more creepy than beautiful.You may as well go to the land of mushrooms if this appears more to your liking.

You can get the free Minecraft Download for PC/Mac here, Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta on the Microsoft Online Store and Minecraft: Xbox One Edition and Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition on the XBLA Marketplace and Minecraft: Playstation 4 Edition, Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition and Minecraft: Playstation Vita Edition on the Playstation Network. The Minecraft: Pocket Edition is available for Android, iOS, Amazon Kindle Fire and Windows Phone.

Minecraft Servers
Minecraft has the ability be played online with other game players, use our Minecraft Servers list choose the best one for your needs.

Appdata Minecraft
The most common issue users have with Minecraft is locating the file directory in windows so we created a page (Appdata Minecraft ) about how to resolve this problem.

Minecraft Maps
What are Minecraft Maps? Minecraft maps are custom made built worlds that are saved in your Minecraft game. They are anything from an amazing role playing journey that immerses you to an impressive story, to a tricky puzzle map that tests a person s problem solving abilities. Read more about this on our Minecraft Maps page.

Minecraft Wiki
Minecraft is mainly a sandbox standalone video game title initially made by Swedish developer Markus Notch Persson and later on established and issued by the Swedish company Mojang. The artistic and developing areas of Minecraft enable online game players to put together buildings from textured cubes within the 3D procedurally made environment. Different actions in the game consist of exploration, resource gathering, crafting, and combat read more on our Minecraft Wiki page.

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Free Sheet Music Downloads at #free #games #for #girls

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This month’s freebie, was commissioned by the bubbly libation company in 1903, touting their “Budwise” product and playing on the last name of the company’s co-founder, Adolphus Busch. Download this turn-of-the-century waltz as our gift, and enjoy a little (all-ages) Oktoberfest fun!

Download arrangements for solo piano, instrumentals with optional accompaniment and guitar tab for free through October 31, 2016, and be sure to share a recording of your performance on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #MyMusicnotes !

If you use the latest version of our FREE Digital Sheet Music Player for iPad you can enjoy audio/visual recording and social network sharing right within the app.

“Under the Anheuser Bush” Harry Von Tilzer

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What is Music Freedom?

T-Mobile is setting music free. Stream as much music as you want on your smartphone from top streaming services, including Apple Music, SoundCloud, Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Google Play Music – and it won’t count towards your 4G LTE data plan. Data charges do not apply!

How does Music Freedom work?

It couldn’t be easier! You don’t have to do anything to get the Music Freedom offer as a Simple Choice customer. Stream as much music as you want on your smartphone from top streaming services, including Apple Music, SoundCloud, Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Google Play Music – and it won’t count towards your 4G LTE data plan. Music Freedom is included in your Simple Choice rate plan at no extra charge.

Who can get Music Freedom?

New and existing customers with a Simple Choice Plan.

Will you add more streaming providers over time?

Absolutely! Any lawful and licensed streaming music service can work with us for inclusion in this offer, which is designed to benefit all of our Simple Choice customers. And we want to hear from you! Who do you think we should add next? Vote at #MusicFreedom and be heard!

If you are a streaming service provider Click here. send us an email and we’ll get back to you to begin the process.

I want to know if my favorite application is eligible to be added, how do you define ‘Streaming Music Services’?

Commercial music streaming services provide licensed content from various sources. Sources may include some or all of the following platforms: platforms serving digital rights management-restricted content from record labels, aggregated live radio platforms, or other commercial platforms offering streaming music content.
Excluded services include but are not limited to:

  • Music streaming sources from private or unlicensed sources.

What if my audio app also streams video – is the video streaming also free?

This offer is available for audio streaming only. Other content types, including video streaming, from any application is excluded from this offer. Click here to learn more about our new video streaming program Binge On™ .

Is my Tablet (Mobile Internet) eligible for unlimited streaming through Music Freedom?

Yes, tablets are included so long as you have a qualifying mobile internet plan with T-Mobile. Customers with free data through the “Tablet Unleashed” offer are not eligible.

Will my music streaming be slowed to 2G speeds after reaching a certain data limit?

No. Music Freedom is just that, the freedom to stream all of the music you want to your smartphone without affecting your 4G LTE data bucket while you are on our blazing fast network. If you reach your 4G LTE data limit through other means your on-network data will be slowed to 2G speeds but music streaming through included services will not be slowed down. If you stream music when you’re off our U.S. network (i.e. roaming) your domestic data roaming allotment will apply.

Does Music Freedom apply to music streamed on tethered devices or through a hotspot?

Music Freedom provides unlimited music streaming on your device while on our network. Streaming music via a Smartphone Mobile Hotspot (tethering) will count against your 4G LTE data and is not covered by this offer.

Can I stream music for free when I am not in the United States?

If you are on a Simple Choice rate plan the music streaming services that are part of Music Freedom still do not count against your data allotment while traveling in Mexico or Canada. International availability of streaming services does vary, so make sure to check with your streaming service provider before you go.

Still have questions?

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One Laptop per Child #screensavers #free

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One Laptop per Child

OLPC Tablet

The OLPC Tablet is an Android tablet designed for children 3-12 years old that brings OLPC’s expertise to both the educational retail markets. It features a 7-inch screen and over 150 applications. Now available online at Amazon. Target and .

OLPC Tablet

The OLPC Tablet is an Android tablet designed for children 3-12 years old that brings OLPC’s expertise to both the educational retail markets. It features a 7-inch screen and over 150 applications. Now available online at Amazon. Target and .

OLPC Tablet

The OLPC Tablet is an Android tablet designed for children 3-12 years old that brings OLPC’s expertise to both the educational retail markets. It features a 7-inch screen and over 150 applications. Now available online at Amazon. Target and .

Half of the OLPC schools in Afghanistan are for girls. They and their teachers have been particularly eager to explore new ways to work with laptops in the classroom.

Afghanistan: Inspiring young women

4,500 children have XOs through OLPC Afghanistan. including schools in Kandahar and Herat. The laptops have a dual Dari-Latin keyboard. All software is localized into Dari, and some is in Pashto as well.

Afghanistan: Inspiring young women

The Afghan government has digitized school texts and produced new materials for the XOs. Even in urban schools, students often have limited access to books. They love the chance to share great images and texts they discover with one another.

Kenya: Joyful collaboration

This class of students in Takaungu, Kenya has been working with their XOs for a year. They have an XO study hall, with seats rearranged in groups, to explore what interests them. You can see students working on recording video, programming in Turtle Art, and playing favorite Sugar activities.

Kenya: Joyful collaboration

These boys are learning how to record video, watching and listening to the results of their latest effort.

Kenya: Joyful collaboration

Others read and practice by the door to the yard. The sunlight is strong in Takaungu year-round, and they are considering using solar power to charge their batteries.

Kenya: Joyful collaboration

Mapenzi was often the most outgoing student in class, and helped make classes with the XO a joy for everyone. Here she is recording herself singing her song into the laptop, which her friends will try to play back later.

Peru: Learning how to learn

Peru’s education system is built in part on project-based learning. When they decided to introduce OLPC across the country and digitize their classrooms. the Education Ministry developed dozens of longer projects and activities that could be done with nothing but an XO.

Peru: Learning how to learn

In the most rural areas, schools often meet only a few days a week. Most learning takes place among the children, or with their parents, many of whom are not literate.

Peru: Learning how to learn

Half of the over 500,000 students in OLPC Peru live in rural areas. They are exploring new ways to make laptops an engaging part of life and education, including in the traditional classroom. These young students are learning how to read and type in Spanish, which for many their second language.

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Yoga Journal

Elena Brower on How Meditation Brings Her Closer to Her Family

After Elena Brower s mother passed this year, she found a deeper connection to her meditation practice and with her family.

5 Ways You re Draining Your Energy Level (Plus, Quick Fixes)

Are you struggling to stay awake during the day? It could be the culprit is not so much what you re doing wrong as what you re NOT doing. Here are 5 ways you may be draining your energy level—and quick fixes to feel your best every day.

6 Ayurvedic Practices That Boost Energy

Feeling a little sleepy or sluggish today? Revving up your energy levels can be as simple as drinking more water, relaxing with a cup of tea, or soaking in a hot tub (count us in!).

7 Myths About Yoga Alignment

With so many yoga methods and lineages to choose from, confusion about asana alignment is common. Here, Yoga Medicine teacher Dana Diament uses smart anatomy to debunk some common alignment myths.

“How a Yoga Mentor Revolutionized My Teaching in 4 Days”

One yoga teacher discovers how much more there is to learn about teaching yoga beyond the 200-hour YTT.

Yoga Etiquette + Philosophy: Do You Practice By the Rules?

We asked Coral Brown, a teacher trainer, holistic psychotherapist, and longtime student of Shiva Rea, for 5 points of etiquette that come up in yoga classes (ahem, cell phones) and how they relate to yoga philosophy.

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A complete engine for your website !

CMS / content / blogs / photos galleries / community / forums / email marketing.
b2evolution includes everything you need to run and maintain modern websites.
Plus, it’s optimized for low maintenance with easy upgrades effective antispam. And it’s Bootstrap RWD too!

Please enable JavaScript to enable navigation.

Your site powered by b2evolution


Start with a homepage

Once b2evolution is installed on your own web server or web hosting account, you might want to introduce your website with a home page.

Change the photo, the title, the intro text. and you’ve got your very own homepage.

When you’re done with the home page, you can start adding more sections (a.k.a. Collections) to your site. They will automatically appear in the main navigation bar at the top.

b2evolution runs your site on your own domain.
It can also run on a subdomain. in a subfolder or on multiple domains .

This optional site-wide header can be used as a top-level navigation menu for your site.

Front Page Container
You can configure which widgets appear here and in which order.

Add a blog

With 3 additional clicks your website gets a blog section.

Write something. Hit “publish”. It’s live!

You may also immediately start customizing your site design:

  • Choose a different Skin: Example 1. 2. 3. Bootstrap
  • Customize your skin with skin settings
  • Add, remove and re-arrange skin widgets
  • Optionally customize your CSS
  • If you fancy, dig into the open-source PHP code

You can configure the URLs for each of your collections. In this case we chose a sub-folder.

Header Container
Though this will typically display the Blog title, you can configure which widgets appear here and in which order.

Menu Container
You can configure which tabs appear here and in which order.

Sidebar Container
You can configure which widgets appear here and in which order.

When you write an intro post. it always appears before regular posts. You can write a global intro but also specific intros for your categories or tags.

Same Content, Different Skin
Changing skins doesn’t change the content. I just gives a different look to your site (or a section of your site).

Same Widgets, Different Styles
When changing skins, your widgets remain in the same order, but each skin may style them differently.

Multiple blogs done right!

Multiple blogs can be used as different sections of your website.

You could also have loosely connected blogs by letting each member of your organization, community or family customize their own space to their own taste.

b2evolution was designed for multiple blogs from day one and makes management really easy:

  • All skins and all plugins are compatible with multiple blogs ;
  • Each blog can run in a different subfolder, different subdomain or different domain ;
  • You can easily move posts and comments from one blog to another ;
  • You can cross-post into multiple blogs at once !

Configurable navigation
Each of your blogs or collections may or may not appear in your main site navigation. You have total control.

This blog has been configured to have a special Front Page with a global intro for the blog.

Share your photos

Photo Albums

Organize your photos into Albums and show them off in a neutral design that lets your art shine!

Albums open into contact sheets of thumbnails of customizable size. Each thumbnail can be viewed in full screen through a lightbox which allows zooming in to the highest available resolution of your photos.

Slideshow mode keyboard navigation included.

Photo Blogs

If you prefer a linear story with added text, we also have skins just for that!

Albums View
This page shows your albums. Clicking on an album will open the Thumbnails View .

Thumbnails View
This page shows thumbnails for all photos in an album. Clicking on a thumbnail will open the photo in a lightbox .

Zooming in on details
If the original image is of higher resolution than the viewer’s screen, the mouse cursor will turn into a spyglass allowing the user to zoom in on any part of the image.

Connect your community

By adding forums a.k.a. Bulletin Boards to your website, your community can stay in touch with each other by sparking conversations on the topics they care about.

b2evolution s forums can be enabled on your site in 3 clicks. No plugin necessary. No integration issues.

  • File attachments in discussion threads
  • User profiles directory
  • Private messaging between users
  • Advanced multi-level moderation
  • Efficient spam killing features

b2evolution includes full community features, including customizable user profiles and private messaging.

Publish with structure

Manuals, books and documentation often require a structured hierarchy of chapters and sub-chapters. contrary to blogs, which are typically organized by date.

Each manual can have its own assigned contributors. Each page can have its own attachments (images, videos, downloads) as well as a feedback/comment feed if needed.

Manuals can be navigated hierarchically or searched in full-text. You can also easily create transverse hyperlinks from one page to another using easy Wiki-like markup.

Tree-View Browsing
The most distinctive feature of a Manual-type collection is that its contents are organized into Chapters and Sub-Chapters rather than a linear “by-date” ordering.

Why b2evolution is the smart choice for your website .

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FTP Rush – a Free FTP #translate #french #to #english #free

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Welcome to FTP Rush, a Free FTP/FXP/SFTP/TFTP client

FTP Rush is the most powerful and free FTP/FXP/SFTP/TFTP client sofware for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Win7. It is designed to fit any transfer need, it allows you to quickly upload or download files in all directions: from FTP Server to local, local to FTP Server or FTP Server to FTP Server. The client supports secure transfer including SSH and TFTP and it is really easy-to-use, Also FTP Rush takes into account all peculiarities of internet file transfer and management by presenting a great choice of features, creating comfortable working experience.

Skilled users and IT specialists can take advantage of the built-in Script Designer and Command Designer. A few lines of code will help you teach the FTP Rush to execute lots of routine work automatically. This feature allows you to reach spectacular efficiency in no time. Another advantage is the support of synchronize folders, so the client can look after the identity of folders and contained files in upload and download directory. Identification of files that have been modified, added or deleted since the last update will no longer be a problem.
Try the Free FTP client now and never look back!

Key Features:

Supports FXP – Site-to-Site transfers
Tabbed interface and multiple connections
Supports FTP. FTPS. TFTP and SFTP (FTP over SSH).
GUI Customization and Integrated Docking
Drag-And-Drop files via Explorer-like interface
Automated transfer by writing FTP scripts
Built-in Task Manager including Synchronize
Supports HTTP Proxy, Socks 4 5
Fast SFV checking on client side
Supports Unicode/UTF8 charset
Supports UPnP Port-mapping
On-The-Fly Mode Z Compression
High performance Disk Buffer
Caching folders speeds your browsing
Keep alive your FTP connections
Smart Skip Allow transfer
Row color and highlights
Super fast file search

I am writing this message with the extra time I have saved by using FTP Rush, the ultimate FTP/FXP software. I am very pleased with this product. I’ve tested many other FTP clients and found yours to be the easiest to get started with and still have the most powerful features I needed to automate the FTP client. With an intuitive and clean tabbed two-panel layout, FTP Rush makes file transfer simple. It’s easy to setup and if configured right simplifies FTP/FXP transfers to merely a couple of mouse clicks. I am also very pleased with the quick responses to my feedback and suggestions. Keep it going, FTP Rush!

“The best and most flexible, advanced and versatile FTP client, it has all you could ever dreamed of. TRY IT, you wont be able to say no”

“It has a friendly and fully customizeable user interface, makes it easy to get in and use. And it is much more powerful than other similar FTP clients”

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