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Adblock for Internet Explorer

What is Simple Adblock

Simple Adblock is the easy approach to adblocking. Select your country and the adblocker will automatically retrieve the latest filterupdates from the various adblock communities to ensure an adblocker always up-to-date.

With the development of Simple Adblock we focus on:

  1. Simplicity
    Adblocking can be complex and the filterformats are not easy for everyone to define. With Simple Adblock we try to make it simple. Everything is configured automatically and the user should never edit any adblock filters.
  2. Adblockplus filterformats
    Simple Adblock uses the popular Adblockplus filter format for blocking ads. We follow the development of Adblockplus for Firefox to make sure we use the same filter formats. That way the filterlists maintained by many online communities can be used. Learn more about the adblock filters used.
  3. Performance
    Simple Adblock runs as a plugin within Internet Explorer. The ultimate goal is loading webpages faster. With Simple Adblock we keep the plugin lightweight and the adblock algorithms optimized, so you get the fastest pageloading possible.

Internet Explorer Integration

Upon installation, a welcome page will appear, when you open Internet Explorer. The basic configuration is made on the welcome page and because Simple Adblock is automatically updated, Simple Adblock can actually run within Internet Explorer without any further configuration.

Simple Adblock ads a menu icon to the status bar within Internet Explorer. From the Adblock menu you can disable adblocking on a domain, completely or access the settings.

Illustration: Simple Adblock Integration with Internet Explorer

If you want to see how Simple Adblock is integrated within your IE browser, check the links below:

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